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The Heartbeat of Green Country

We are so grateful that the two year drought seems to be behind us. Grass is green, trees are fluffy and people are mowing, so we are celebrating everything even if its small. The rains have done more than bring pollen and flowers though, they also have saved many local farmers from another year of buying feed for their stock, watering crops (or going dormant) and many of us get the luxury of floating the Illinois or playing in the waters of our local lakes (as soon as the waters recede anyway). Last month, we gave you an intro to some of what Green Country lakes have to offer. Due to the huge response, weve decided that we are keeping it going for as long as we can this summer, and we added the Illinois River this month. If you know of fun events, concerts, golf tourneys, kids activities, whatever it is, we want to hear about it. Its really hard for us to continually reach out across 18 counties and countless towns and cities repeatedly; it leaves a lot of room for error (and it takes forever to make all those calls). Help us help the rest of Green Country know about everything going on by telling us whats up. We also found out an interesting tidbit did you know there are over 240 golf courses in Oklahoma? Boy, thats a lot of golfers! One of the biggest towns for courses is here in Broken Arrow. That got us thinking that if there are that many golfing fanatics, we should be doing our bit to cover some of it while the weather is warm and the fairways are full. Let us know your favorite greens to play and why. Hook-up to us on Facebook (mypulsemag) and tell us the best places for driving ranges, best putting greens, best 9-hole, 18-hole and who has the best pro shop. This month, we want to remind you that even though its vacation season, that doesnt mean you should take a break from safety. Many folks go away and treat their vacation destination as a reason to behave differently. There have been many horrible accidents resulting from people not taking safety precautions while on vacation and we really dont want to hear about anyone getting hurt this summer. Wed also like to reach out to those affected by the tornadoes in May in Moore, Norman, Shawnee and elsewhere west of our reaches. You are in our prayers. We have suggestions on how you can help our westerly neighbors on our Homegrown Heroes pages. Please help your fellow Oklahomans who are going through a really rough time. Even a small token can go a long way to getting their lives back to some semblance of normalcy. Have great and safe summer and keep it here with The Pulse while we keep you filled with ideas on how to spend those happy summer days. God Bless, The Pulse

Do you have an event we should know about? Contact us at editor@mypulsemag.com or on our website and tell us about it. We want to hear from you. Find us on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/mypulsemag www.mypulsemag.com Share your knowledge with all of Green Country If you are a professional in your field, the Pulse Pro is accepting submissions for articles on many topics. Please contact our office and let us know what you do.

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The Heartbeat of Green Country June 2013 - Vol. 2, Issue 6

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6 Illinois in Oklahoma 8 June Lake Events 10 Celebrate your independence 12 Theater, blues and beasts in Tulsa 13 Around Tulsa doins 14 Washington County gets historical 15 Osage County celebrates the cowboy 16 McIntosh leaps into June, and Lake Eufaula 18 Cherokee charms are more than the Illinois 20 June is Jumping in Muskogee County 22 Pawnee praises Bill, vets and fast turtles 23 Ottawa gets out and crazy 25 Ornery Okmulgee is at it again 26 Sequoyah County has new surprises 27 Mayes is more than you expect 28 Jumping into Creek County 29 Wagoner County rolls Lucky 13/ Adair still the place to be 30 Delaware has heritage on the line 31 Pulse Pro - River and Lake safety


34th Annual Calf-Fry Festival

Vinita brings the heat, but thats not all going on in Craig County.


Wrangling Big Cats in Claremore

Rogers County gets deep and the Battle of the Big Cats is just the start.

Going Out/Staying In

33 Childrens museums 34 Pulse Pro - Prepping your home to sell 36 Pulse Pro - Bridging the golf 38 Things that go vroom 39 Worth the drive 40 Reasors rides the the Big 5-Oh! 41 Fathers Day - What he really wants 44 Theater 45 Movies 46 Rodeo Round-Up 47 Powwow season gets warmer 48 Homegrown Heroes - Camp Loughridge/ Lets help Moore get their normal back 50 Dining Out - Quick Bites 53 The Pulse Supper Club 54 Music in Green Country 58 Recipe Corner - Summer fun foods 62 Coming in July


Get Up Get Out Get Busy

There are plenty of outdoors events including the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show.

Month at a Glance

56 Live Entertainment Calendar 60 A calendar listing of fun stuff to do The Pulse - June 2013 - Page 5

Illinois is in Oklahoma!
As everyone knows, the Illinois River is one of the best times you can have; whether you want to spend a lazy day floating the river, enjoy a day fishing on the banks or just hanging out and doing nothing, its one of best places to spend a hot summers day. There are some little known facts about the Illinois River we found and they are: The Illinois River is 145 miles long, it is a tributary of the Arkansas River and the Osage Indians named it Ne-eng-wah-kon-dah which translates to Medicine Stone River (thank you Wikipedia). As many already know, it plays a significant role in the book Where the Red Fern Grows. The Illinois starts its journey in the hills of the Ozarks in Arkansas just southwest of Fayetteville near Hogeye and has a drainage area of 900 square miles. No one knows who the French explorer was who named the Illinois after the group of Native Americans that lived in the area for many years. Most of the Native Americans around the Illinois were descendants of the Caddoans who were the same people who built the Spiro Mounds. The Illinois was a major thoroughfare for the Cherokees in 1828, but the Peoria, Miami, Wei and Kaskaskia tribes all used the Illinois. The damming of Lake Tenkiller began in 1947 and was completed in 1953. Ed Fite and Bill James have been the overseers of the Oklahoma Scenic Rivers commission for the Illinois River since 1970. Thanks to them for all their years of service and dedication. If you have specific questions pertaining to the river itself, call (918) 456-3251 or check out www.okahomascenicrivers.net for water information. So what else is there to do on the Illinois besides take a float trip? Well, theres so much to do, we could fill this here mag front to back, so were going to give you the quick Cliffs Notes version, starting with where to go for your necessities to have a good float trip: Arrowhead Resort: 7704 Hwy 10, (918) 456-1140, www.arrowhead-thunderbird. com: Bunkhouse sleeps 42, group lodge sleeps 64, both with kitchen and A/C, but the cabins along the river sleep 2-26 people and are open year-round with plenty of choices for all kinds of variety including a retreat. Tent and RV sites have full hook-ups, fire rings and picnic tables are available. They have plenty of sports playgrounds for volleyball, basketball along with a general store, ice cream fountain and a shower/bath house on site. They are a full service float outfitter: floats, kayaks and rafts for rent along with transportation are available. Arrowhead is a family resort. Diamondhead Resort: 12081 Hwy 10, (918) 456-4545, www.diamondheadresort.us: With plenty of canoes, kayaks and rafts, Diamondhead can accommodate your trip of six, 12 or 35 miles as well as make for a pleasant overnight stay with campgrounds and lodging. Electrical and bathrooms or primitive camping is available but if your preference is air conditioned cabins or bunk housing, they have that too. They have a general store, nine-hole disc golf course, game room, volleyball and horseshoes too. Their summer entertainment line-up is looking good as well: June 8: Cruize Control, June 15 Ben Miller Band, July 5: Red Eye Gravy and July 6 Randy Crouch & Flying Horse with their annual Fireworks show. Eagle Bluff Resort: 9800 N. Hwy 10, (918) 456-3031, www.eaglebluffresort.com: With two options for camping, you can go quiet or party the evening away but they also offer lodges or cabins along with shower houses and they offer volleyball, basketball, a playground and snack shop. They have 17 foot canoes or kayaks, six-man rafts and tubes but you can arrange for a longer float if you plan ahead. They offer free safety training before your trip, just ask. With shuttles every 15 minutes, you are never waiting long to get back to your point of origin either. Elephant Rock Nature Park: 22049 E. Elephant Rock Rd., (918) 456-4215, www. elephant-rock.com: What about a whole new stay in a yurt? They are a round house, almost tent-like but with all the amenities of a house with A/C, kitchens, bathrooms and plenty of sleep space for six people along with plenty of deck and outdoor space to relax. You can choose to camp or use a cabin too. Hiking trails, private river access and guided float trips are also offered by Elephant Rock as are eight, 14 mile float trips in six-person rafts, two-person canoes or kayaks for one. Plenty of choices and a nice place to stay make this a luxury destination for the person who wants something special. They offer 10 percent off for military members on their Website. Falcon Floats: 16326 Hwy 10, (918) 456-8058, www.illinoisriver.net: Trips from 90 minutes to two days are okay at Falcon floats and they can work with the canoes, kayaks or rafts. Trips of 12 or 16 miles take you around Sparrow Hawk Mountain, then return to your riverside campsite or the air conditioned bunkhouse. Round it out with a pool, horse shoes, volleyball and visit the gift shop before you go home. Hanging Rock Camp: 7453 Hwy 10, (918) 456-3088, www.hangingrockfloats.com: For your six mile float trip with a nice place to unwind in a room (or camp) Hanging Rock has it. Their eight-room motel or RV/camp sites are ready for your return. They also have Moes restaurant if cooking is too much work or grab some dogs at Hanging Rock Convenience Store and cook them over the pit fire. Hanging Rock is scheduling Owen Gilmore and Friends June 1, and more is coming over the summer. Well do all we can to keep you in the loop for information as we know it. Peytons Place: 10298 Hwy 10, (918) 456-3847, www.peytonsplace.com: You cant miss the A-frame cottages, perfect for a cozy night for two or stay in the group lodge that sleeps 48. They also have primitive camping and RV sites. One of the oldest float outfitters on the Illinois, Peytons has picnic tables, rafts, kayaks, canoes and you can go for a couple of hours or days, you pick. Peytons can help you decide what you want and how to make it happen too. Good people who can help you first timers too. Riverside Resort: 5116 Hwy 10, (918) 456-4787, www.riversideresortok.com: Rafts, canoes, kayaks offer six or 13 mile trips and they can have you overnight no matter the size of the group. Cabins sleep one to four people but the lodge will hold 42 guests and has all you need for a big group. Campground has electric or primitive and walks to river. They offer a camp store with supplies as well as courts for basketball, volleyball or horseshoes. Sparrow Hawk Camp: 21985 N. Ben George Rd., (918) 456-8371, www.sparrowhawkcamp.com: Located near the Sparrow Hawk Primitive area, Sparrow Hawk is notorious for the breathtaking views and remoteness. If you need a real getaway from the insanity, These people can get you gone. Campgrounds have plenty of space for primitive as well as amenities or use the bunkhouse. A playground, volleyball court and peace and quiet make this a good place to regroup. Sparrow Hawk has two big concerts per year: the River Rat Fest and the River Stomp Festival. We couldnt find anything about the River Rat but the River Stomp is slated for September 27-29. Keep it here and well have more in Septembers issue. Spencer Ridge Resort: (918) 597-2269 War Eagle Resort: 13020 N. Hwy 10, (918) 456-6272, www.wareagleresort.com: All kinds of canoes, kayaks and rafts from one to nine people are available but the camping is pretty spectacular too. Private campgrounds with electric or the bunkhouse that sleeps 60 are there along with a three bedroom rock house for up to 16, but they have a HOTEL! Thats right, the War Eagle Motel has 32 full-sized beds! Shower houses, picnicking supplies, shelters with grills, ice, drinks, a pool and plenty of courts are all on-site but the big draw is the super water slide. Be sure to call ahead before you visit, and check Websites, as many float outfitters offer specials for large groups. Floating after 1 pm will give you a better time if you prefer to have a family getaway. Many of the younger set floats earlier in the day. Let someone know you are going so they know when to expect you back.

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Illinois River safety considerations (from the folks at Elephant Rock): First and foremost: Pack out what you pack in. If you brought it with you, take it out. Trash along the river is not welcome and even if you dont care what you do to the environment, you could get a big fine. Even if the rangers dont catch you, it only takes another to report you to get that fine! Be sure to inform the commercial flotation device operation if you or anyone in your party are a first-time or novice floater(s) so that they may pair you with an experienced paddler/floater or float you in a raft so there is a lesser chance for capsizing; Wear a personal flotation device at all times; Never swim or boat alone. Stay within sight of companions; Do not float when river levels and discharge flows are higher than normal or at flood stage; If you capsize, stay with your flotation device on the upstream side. Resist the urge to grab a fixed object dont get pinned between the flotation device and a rock or tree; When tired, take a break on a gravel bar to relax; Take a shorter length float trip (especially in rafts and inner tubes) when river levels are at Summer-time lows and winds are out of the South greater than 10mph; Do not dive into the river from bridges, bluffs, stream banks and trees; Do not swing on rope swings and jump into the water as there may be submerged logs and tree branches that could cause bodily harm; Be sure to bring sunglasses, extra cover up clothing, hat and suntan lotion. The sun reflecting off the water will give a person without sunglasses a headache and the extra clothing gives an opportunity not to sunburn; Be sure to take water, tea, Gatorade, other thirst-quenching drinks and peanut butter crackers or similar snacks. Try to avoid beer and soda pops as they tend to dehydrate the body and alcohol impairs judgment; Be sure to wear river wading shoes to ensure no cuts to your feet; Never take anything on your float trip that you dont want to lose. Check your car keys with the commercial flotation device operation for safe keeping; Respect the rights of fishermen and private property owners; Camp only in designated areas. Avoid being trapped by rising water against bluffs or on gravel bars; Do not tie flotation devices together as it against the law and violators are subject to fine; Do not use profanity; Do not use glass and Styrofoam containers; Do not litter; Shower with soap and water after swimming; Wash cuts and scrapes with clean water and soap after swimming; Wear ear plugs; Wear swim goggles; Take children to the restroom frequently; Use swim diapers on infants; Do not swim after a heavy rain; Stay away from any area that has floating debris, oil sheens or dead fish; Do not swim in water with a temperature greater than 80F; Do not swim if you have cuts or scrapes; Do not swim near storm drains; Do not swim in stagnant (unmoving) water; Do not swim in water with a green surface scum; and, Do not ingest water. Some words to the wise: If you are not a strong swimmer (if you have to think about it, you arent), wear a life jacket. Its always better safe than sorry. Be sure to put them on the kids no matter what. Many people recommend river shoes. Bare feet are dangerous. The river bed is rocky in spots and you can cut your feet. Flip flops arent going to protect your feet. Sunscreen! No matter how well you tan, the water acts as a reflective surface, thus doubling your exposure to the sun. This can really burn even the most tan-prone people. No sense spending the next three days miserable. Get the best sunscreen and reapply regularly. Bring light clothing to cover your skin too. You may also want to pack some high protein snacks in baggies to keep you nourished. Keep important things in baggies in case you tip over. Drenched cell phones dont work very well. Leave valuables at home or locked in your car. Lock your car! Do not leave your car open or unlocked and dont leave anything valuable in sight. Its just too tempting to those who see opportunity. There is a chance that there will be some people floating who are acting in ways that you dont care for. Just get away from them. Confrontations are not a good way to deal with it. When you see a park ranger, you can report it then. If you are planning on having a few beers, be warned that the alcohol can really get to you in the sun and heat. Dont start guzzling beer. Be considerate of others. Everyone deserves to have a good experience on the river. Be thoughtful of your language and what you do. Some people take offense to things you may not find offensive. The Illinois is not Disneyworld. There are safety considerations you should always be aware of. People have been seriously hurt by not thinking about this fact.


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Lake Events in June

Good grief, where to BEGIN?!?!? We have so many events in our little corner of NE OK we might have to forego everything else just to cover all of the fun on the waterways this summer! There are plenty of places to go to get your water fix, but you dont have to be a boat owner to play in the water. Plenty of places have boats and water equipment for you to rent for an hour, a day or longer, you just need to do a bit of looking, but you need to decide what it is you want to do first. Heres a list to get you started. If you cant find something here to entertain you, we just give up. Weekend of May 31 - June 2: Grand Lake Anglers for Christ, June 1, 6 am 3 pm, Grove City Ramp, www.glafc.net Wake Surf Competition, June 1, Cedar Point Marina, 11 am -? (918) 435-8250 Anglers in Action, June 2, 7 am -3 pm, Grove City Ramp, info@ midwestfishtournaments.com Fishing Clinic & Derby, June 2, Greenleaf State Park, Braggs, (918) 487-5196 Kids Fishing Derby, June 1, Okmulgee State Park, Okmulgee, (918) 756-8700 Fishing Derby, June 1, Sequoyah Lodge, Hulbert, (918) 772-2046 Keystone Catfish Festival (May be cancelled, call first), June 1, Feyodi Park, Cleveland, (918) 260-6226, www.chamberofclevelandok.com Weekend of June 6-9: Wooden Classic Boat Show, June 6, Arrowhead Yacht Club, Keels, Wheels, and Wings! (918) 782-2628 Golden Eagle Poker Run, June 8, Lake Eufaula Association, (918) 689-7751 Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Festival, June 8, Arrowhead Yacht Club, (918) 693-1855, www.southgrandlakeairport.com Weekend of June 13-16: Women on the Water, June 13, 1-4 pm, MarineMax at Harbors View, RSVP contact Carla at (918) 782-3277 or carla.nelson@ marinemax.com. Thunder on Wolf Creek, June 14, Wolf Creek Park, Grove City Ramp: hydroplane racing short course national championships, www.racenbra.net

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1st Annual Grand Escape Puttin on the Wish Poker Run, June 14-15, Shangri-La Marina, (918)257-4898, marina@shangrilaok.com Boat Ride/Fundraising Auction: June 14-15, Shangri-La Marina, (918) 257-4898 Fishin Pals Youth/Adult Tournaments, June 15, 6 am - 4 pm, Martin Landing, fishinpals22@cox.net Catfish Cook Off, June 15, 11 am 4 pm, Muskogee Civic Center Parking Lot, (918) 684-6363 Nichols Marine Tournament Series, June 16, 6 am 3 pm, Martin Landing, nicholsteamseries@cox.net Weekend of June 21-23: Anglers In Action, June 22-23, 7 am -3 pm, Wolf Creek Park, Grove City Ramp, info@midwestfishtournaments.com USA Bassin Team Tournament, June 22, 6 am 3 pm, Skiatook Lake, Tall Chief Ramp, (580) 554-0106, my.outdoorsok.com Grand Lake Shoreline Clean-up, June 22, 9 am-2pm, shore of Grand Lake (918) 256-0644 Weekend of June 28-30: Grand Lake Anglers for Christ, June 29, 6 am 3 pm, Grove City Ramp, www.glafc.net Big Thunders Bob Morgan Memorial Run, June 28-29, Ugly

Johns Thunder Bay Marina, (800) 354-9145 ext. 252, coordinator@pokerrunsamerica.com For fishing tournaments coming up over the summer, check out: www.grandfishingreport.com/tournaments Youll find out all the details as well as links to registration information and contacts for more.







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Celebrate your independence like you mean it

There are so many places to go for a great fireworks show, parade or party; it only takes a bit of planning to make sure you get to more than one show. We found so many places offering shows and fun for you and yours that we got a little panicked that we might run short of space, so lets get down to business and let you figure out how many you can hit before your Fourth gets gone. Before you make your final selections, be sure to check with our Web page at www.mypulsemag.com for the late comers and well do our very best to keep the list filled with everything sparking in Green Country. July 3: Vian: St. Johns Stadium football field at high school, Dusk, donations welcome, (918) 773-8110 Grove: Wolf Creek July 4: Tenkiller: GTAA Fireworks Extravaganza: South end of Lake Tenkiller at the dam, Dusk, donations welcome, (918) 457-4403 Sallisaw: Freedomfest, Sallisaw high school complex, Dusk, 918775-2558 Grove: Har-Ber Village Museum Independence Day Celebration, Ron Young performs; Thomas Jefferson speechifies; kids parade; hand-cranked firecracker ice cream; lawn games, 10 am noon, (918) 786-6446 Vinita: Independence Day Fireworks Display, Vinita High School, Dusk, (918) 256-7133 Jay: Fireworks, at J.B. Earp Stadium, at 9:30 pm, 918-253-8698 Duck Creek: Duck Creek Fireworks, Ketchum, flyovers, fireworks synchronized to patriotic music, 3 pm 10 pm, 918-782-3292 Bernice: 4th of July Blow-Out at Bernice Nature Center, Bernice

State Park, 10 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, hikes, activities, crafts and adventures last into the weekend, (918) 257-8330 Bartlesville: 4th of July Freedomfest, Downtown 2nd & Johnstone, 6-10pm, parade, live music, food, treats, patriotic programs to honor the veterans, flyover and fireworks, (918) 3360572, www.bartlesvillefreedomfest.org Independence Day at Woolaroc, www.woolaroc.org Claremore: Claremore Lake Park, (918) 342-2522, www.visitclaremore.org. Cushing: Cushing Fireworks, City of Cushing Municipal Airport, (918) 399-6112: plane and helicopter rides ($25) antique plane walk-through, festival and fireworks in the eve. Drumright: Summer Oil Patch Festival, Sellers Ranch, all day: music, food, fireworks, skydivers and helicopter rides, (918) 352-2443 Eufaula: 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, Dusk, (918) 6892791, www.eufaulachamberofcommerce.com Grove: Arts, Crafts, Music & Cajun Festival, Grove Civic Center: Music, arts and crafts and Cajun food along with Americana fare, free to attend, 9 am 4:30 pm, (918) 786-8896 Jenks: Jenks Freedom Fest, Bluegrass, open businesses, street dancing, plenty of summer treats, 10 am 4 pm, (918) 299-5005 Miami: 4th of July fireworks Extravaganza, Riverview Park, food, turtle races, contests, fireworks finale, 5 pm 10 pm, (918) 5424481

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Nowata: Independence Day Wild Turkey Fest, Jack Gordon Park, silent auction, food, games, live music, fireworks at dusk, 4 pm 10 pm, (918) 273-2301 Pawhuska: Freedom Celebration Parade, Downtown & Cultural Park, non-motorized parade, food, honor to veterans, (918) 2871208, www.pawhuskachamber.com Pawnee: July 4th Games, Courthouse Square, Boot/egg tosses, turtle races, horseshoe pitches, old-timey games, starts at 8 am, fireworks at dusk, (918) 762-2108, www.cityofpawnee.com Tulsa FreedomFest, Tulsa River Parks, activities, concessions, three activity locations: River West Festival Park, Veterans Park and Elwoods Cafe. Fireworks at 21st Street Bridge choreographed to music, 6 pm 10:30 pm, (918) 596-2001, www.riverparks.org Hulbert: 4th of July Fireworks Celebration, Sequoyah State Park, dusk, (918) 772-2046 Duck Creek: Cherokee Yacht Club/Harbors View Marina, music by Moonlit Highway 6 pm 9 pm, fireworks start at dusk July 5: Disney: Grand Lake Fireworks, Highway 28, Dusk, (918) 435-4272 Monkey Island Fireworks, no contact information provided

July 6: Diamondhead Resort: Illinois River, Randy Crouch & Flying Horse and fireworks show Haskell: Fireworks and Family Fun Day, Haskell Lake, 4 pm, (918) 482-3222, pony rides, games, plenty of things to do, followed by fireworks Hulbert: 4th of July Fireworks Celebration, Sequoyah State Park, dusk, (918) 772-2046 Shows still TBD: Tahlequah: Red, White & Boom, 7:30 p.m. at the Cherokee County Fairgrounds, (918) 456-3742 Elsewhere but worth some mention: Edmond: LibertyFest, Citywide, June 27- July 4, (405) 3402527, www.libertyfest.org: true to the notion of go big or go home, LibertyFest has something big every day and lots of fun. Family friendly and an agenda to keep you on track. The leadup activities are almost as exciting as the Independence Day celebration. CNN and USA Today even noticed it! Oklahoma City: Stars & Stripes River Festival, Boathouse District, 725 S. Lincoln Blvd, 9405) 552-4040, www.oklahomariverevents. org: bring our your inner frogman with kayaking, canoeing and more. A 5K for the land lubbers too and thats just the beginning. McAlester: Stars & Stripes Celebration, Southeast Expo Center, July 4, (918) 420-3926, www.cityofmcalester.com: live entertainment, inflatables, rides and fireworks at dusk


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Tulsa: Theater, blues and beasts - and some healthy activities

By Jennifer Jones
Tulsas May madness has been replaced with a bit more sedate June but that doesnt mean that the June events are any less exciting, they are easier to choose from. We like the choices June in Tulsa has to offer as well as the variety and we are sure youll love them too. We start June with a weekend of dirt. And LOTS of it. The TATUR Mud Run is going on June 1 at 118th and E 31st and its not for the OCD clean freaks. If you cant stand getting dirty, this event is not for you, but if you like your life a little on the wild side, then TATUR is where you need to be. Details are at www.tatur. org/MudRun or call (918) 244-6918. If you prefer dirt in someone elses yard, then how about a water garden tour? The Green Country Water Gardens Tour is going on June 1-2 and for only $5 you get some detailed knowledge of how to get your own little backyard oasis. This is their 22nd one so its sure to be quite informative and quite spectacular. Get more info at www.GCWGS.com. We covered it before, but were covering it again, its the Oklahoma Chautauqua at OSUs Tulsa Campus June 4-8. This year, the Roaring Twenties are brought back to life through re-enactors portraying Bessie Coleman, Babe Ruth, Will Rogers, Henry Ford and Zelda Fitzgerald. Get your info at www.okchautaqua.org or call (918) 549-7492. This event runs noon to 9 pm each day and is free to the public. Starting June 4 and running until July 7 is the theater production of The Lion King. The famous animation is brought to the stage at Tulsa PAC, but we are sure that tickets will be hard to find if you wait too long, so dont procrastinate on this one. Get all you need at www.celebrityattractions.com or call (918) 596-7109 for more. Hungry? How about for some blues? Then Hungry for the Blues is just your ticket on June 7-8 at Mohawk Park. It doesnt end with blues; its arts and crafts, kids stuff, food and a car show as just the beginning. While you are there, check out all that Mohawk has to offer for amenities and find a new exercise hot spot for your summer walks. Mohawk is located at 5701 E 36th St. N. You can find out the line-up and more by visiting www.csaudio.com/ hfb or by calling (918) 378-0567. Think youre tough? Well, put your tough where your bike is and check in with the Tulsa Tough Ride & Race June 7-9 in Downtown Tulsa. Designed by St. Francis Hospital to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles, this three day cycling festival has lots to keep you interested and active; even if you want to cheer from the sidelines and work up to compete next year. Its all kinds of fun, but be prepared to get sweaty. Find out about the different courses, events and activities at www.tulsatough.com or call (918) 582-1414 for all you need to know. To compete, you must pre-register. If you prefer a car to a bicycle, then go east to the QuikTrip Center June 7-9 for the Leake Car Show & Auction where all kinds of rides will be on display and over 700 will be on the block for a great price. Leake is where discriminating shoppers go for that special ride, so if you are looking for that car that youve daydreamed about, then Leake is where youll probably find it. Get more at www.leakecar.com or call (918) 254-7077. If you love Pinto horses (and who doesnt they are just so darn cute), then Expo Square is awaiting you June 10-22 to check out the Pinto World Championship Horse Show running 7 am - 7pm each day. Theyll have pinto horses, ponies and miniatures and they will be putting them all through their paces to show you what these magnificent creatures can do on any given day. To go along with the show, there will be a trade show and plenty of vendors. Best part is that all of this is free to attend. Get more at www.pintoworld.com or call (405) 491-0111. Beware the Beast! Thats right, the Beast is coming this way and if you arent prepared the Beast might get you on June 22. The Beware the Beast Obstacle Race is a new idea of an obstacle course unlike any you have ever seen. Foam pits, a Minotaur, 12 foot wall and Ares, the god of war, pelting you with who-knowswhat will all be part of the fun. You only get so many lives to use but if you keep one or more, you get prizes. Sounds like fun for the wild side in all of us, doesnt it? Get all you need to know, including registration forms at www.bewareofthebeast.com or call (918) 258-9238 with specific questions. If you want to be more on top of your health, then check out the Tulsa Day of Health at the Promenade Mall June 22 11 am 3 pm. There will be all kinds of health pros there to get you that screening that has had you wondering all this time and they can point you in the right direction to take care of your business so you get back to the business of being well. Want to know more? Contact Beverly Moore at (918) 494-9870, but stop procrastinating on your future. Celebrate your freedom with the Tulsa Freedomfest at Tulsa River Parks on July 4 from 6 - 10 pm. With activities, entertainment and plenty of food (did we mention a really big fireworks show?), it cant be beat. Bring your lawn chairs, snacks and drinks and get ready to say oooh and aaah a LOT. Epicenters of fun include: River West Festival Park, Veterans Park and Elwoods Cafe. Fireworks are launched from the 21st Street Bridge. Get more at www.riverparks.org or call (918) 596-2001 with questions. Wed be remiss in our duties if we didnt tell you about all the fantastic music coming to Tulsa in June and while we have it covered on our Music pages, it bears repeating here. Be sure to check out some of the fantastic new acts coming to The Joint, Cains Ballroom and elsewhere, but suffice to say, youre bound to find something to make you want to get out for a night of fun. Check out pages 54-55 for more.


Page 12 - June 2013 - The Pulse


Around Tulsa Doins

By Jennifer Jones


Even though Tulsa always seems to be the hot spot for entertainment, we tend to believe that theres even more to be found in the perimeter areas. Places like Bixby, Jenks, Glenpool and Broken Arrow always seem to have at least one really cool event per month worth a look and June is definitely worth more than one return trip. We have a lot to tell you about: June starts with Tuesdays in the Park at Central Park in Broken Arrow. Dates are June 4, 11, 18 and 25. All concerts are free. Bring your lawn chairs and picnics for a fun evening with some good music. We tried to contact organizers for their line-up but maybe youll have better luck. Find out more at www.artsba.org. Bixby Chamber is offering up their chefs best on June 13 with Taste of Bixby at the SpiritBank Event Center. Try some new restaurants before jumping in with both feet and support the Bixby Chamber at the same time. Find out more at www.bixbychamber.com.

For anyone who loves the smell of fresh wood, the feel of a tool in their hand or the simple joy of whittling on the back porch on a hot summers eve (or if you have a complete shop full of the best tools for woodworking money can buy), theres a festival dedicated to you! Thats right, the Wood Carvers World is headed this way and for only two days, you can meet like-minded whittlers and turners who love the simple joys of wood and their tools. Learn more and talk about your passion with people who get as much out of it as you do, attend seminars, demos or see the displays of the beautiful pieces (or just walk around and smell the wood). These are national and international woodworkers, so you are sure to learn something good. Find out more by emailing Bill Payne at wudcrvr@cox.net. The show will be held at 6501 S. Garnett Road in Broken Arrow and runs 10 am 6 pm Friday and 10 am 5 pm Saturday. Admission is $4 for adults and kids 12 and under is free with a paid adult. Glenpool pulls out all the stops the following weekend with Black Gold Days June 20-23 and as this is one of their biggest events of the year, we expect big things. BGD is the celebration of the discovery of oil in the Glenn Pool oil field, named after Ida Glenn and found in 1905. To commemorate the discovery, they will have all kinds of music, food, a carnival, vendors and fireworks topping it all off. It doesnt stop for four days and many have claimed its one big long family-friendly party. It all happens at Black Gold Park at 95 W. 145th S. Contact Kim Webb at kwebb@glenpoolchamber.org for more. We round-out the month of June with corn, but not just any old corn, GREEN corn! Thats right; the Green Corn Festival pops up at Charley Young Park in Bixby June 27-29. Its an old-timey funin-the-sun family festival with plenty of games, rides, a rodeo, along with plenty of arts and crafts and food to keep you moving through it all. It never stops being fun for three whole days, so what more can we say to make you want to go? Visit www.bixbyoptimist.org or call (918) 366-1408 for all you need to know that we didnt cover. Want to celebrate your freedom but hesitate to deal with all the crowds in Tulsa? Well Jenks is pulling out all the stops with their own Freedomfest July 4 at Jenks Main Street 10 am 4 pm. Bluegrass music, downtown shopping, festy food and plenty of dancing in the street make it a day of good old-fashioned Americana. Want more? Then call Renee Regitz at (918) 299-5005 with your questions.

An example of some of the beautiful wood carving that will be on display at the Wood Carvers World Festival in Broken Arrow.


The Pulse - June 2013 - Page 13

Washington County celebrates history with antiques, an old-timey train, circus and OK Mozart
By Dakota Jones
Its always busy in Washington County, and its not only in Bartlesville. In June, places like Dewey and Woolaroc are ready to roll out the red carpet with all kinds of fun for you and your family to enjoy the last bit of nice weather before the high temps of summer head our way. We told you in May, but we wanted to remind you that Dewey is the unofficial Queen of the Antiques Roadshow and they celebrate this fact every chance they get. On June 1 they have an Antique and Collectible Fair & Sale at the Washington County Fair Building where anything you can dream of in your antique fantasies will be there, awaiting your arrival. Over 100 booths from four states will all be indoors. Get more info at (918) 3335200. While you are there, check out all the great antique shops Dewey has to offer you might just be pleasantly amazed. If you have a little kid (or a big kid) who gets excited every time a train rolls by, then the Bartlesville Oil Flyer will be just the ticket. On June 8, take a ride at 10 am, 1 pm or 3 pm. Rides last about an hour and boarding begins 20 minutes before departure at the Bartlesville Sante Fe Depot. Tickets are $10 for adults and children under four ride free if they sit on an adults lap. Get more info at www.bartlesvillelocomotive.org or call (918) 336-8708. The Depot is located at 201 SW Keeler Avenue. Its bigger, its badder, its at Woolaroc too, its the OK Mozart festival and this year, they are trying to revamp it a bit from years past. Works from Mozart and the Masters, along with contemporary classical are only part of what they have to offer. With over 75 concerts, historical talks, childrens activities, teas, luncheons and other performances, you cant miss. Many of them are FREE, so what are you waiting for? Its not just classical, but its also a great way to break into this musical genre if you have wanted to learn more but never knew where to start. With a new management staff, they are working hard to entice you to attend, so visit www.okmozart.com or call (918) 336-9900 for details or more information. Many of the other performances are at the Bartlesville Community Center at 300 SE Adams Blvd. Woolaroc has other events to keep you there if OK Mozart runs out and one of them that caught our attention is the Cherokee Women in Art wrapping up June 14 at the Woolaroc Bunkhouse. Five Cherokee artists will showcase their works and each brings a different specialty to the forefront. Its quite a sight to behold. Find out more at www.woolaroc.org or call Woolaroc at 888966-5276 for more. Turn back towards Woolaroc June 29-30 for Kidsfest where the old-timey circus comes back to life. Pony rides, games, jugglers and plenty of wholesome family fun all await your gang and for less than the cost of a movie ticket, you get a lot more than 90 minutes of staring at a screen. There will also be games, crafts, food and more. Contact Nikki Harrald at (918) 336-0307 with questions or visit their Website for more: www.woolaroc.org. Independence Day is all over Washington County with Freedomfest in Bartlesville and Independence Day at Woolaroc, both on July 4. Both are a pretty big deal and attract folks from other areas and towns due to the fun and excitement, so check out all they both have to offer. Freedomfest has games, water sprays, inflatables, a kids parade (with prizes!) along with food and drinks and the grand finale fireworks at 9:45 pm. Get more at www.bartlesvillefreedomfest.org or call (918) 336-0572. Woolaroc will also be open for Independence Day, so see what they have up their sleeve on their Website. OK Mozart Concert Friday, June 14th at 8 pm at Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve, Clyde Lake


Kays Vintage
918-534-9937 Antiques & Collectibles
323 E. Don Tyler Mon - Sat: 10:00am - 5:30pm


Mimis Antique Market

402 E. Don Tyler Mon - Fri: 10:30am - 5:00pm Sat: 10:00am - 5:30pm Sun: 12:30pm - ?


Linger Longer

Antiques & Collectibles

814 N. Shawnee Avenue Mon - Sat: 10:00am - 5:30pm Sun: 1:00pm - 5:30pm

Page 14 - June 2013 - The Pulse


Osage County celebrates the cowboy

By Dakota Jones
June hasnt quieted for our western reaches and they have a lot of great times for everyone, no matter what your favorite good time entails. We have so much for Osage County that for a minute we thought we had the data for Tulsa. Get on over to Osage County and see what the fuss is about. We start June where we left May with the Tallgrass Music Festival in Skiatook at 3020 W. 133rd St. N where theres a bounty of bluegrass boogie down along with plenty of camping for tents and RVs. They will also have arts and crafts, food and scenery to relax your weekend away. Its a great time for all, but times a-wastin, so get your tickets and get going before you regret it. Find out more at www.tallgrassmusicfestival.com or give organizers a call at (918) 261-3443. Attention ranchers, cowboys and rodeo-ers! If taking care of your own cattle ad farm isnt enough for you (and we all know that ranching is a bit of a calling), then the Cattlemens Convention is headed for the Osage County Fairgrounds in Pawhuska June 14-15 where you can meet others in the biz and have a bit of a get-away while you call it a business trip. They have plenty of events, a western trade show, street dance, BBQ and the best part of the convention: the Ben Johnson Memorial Steer Roping on June 15. Ben Johnson Memorial Steer Roping is open to the public, but it is serious roping by serious ropers. The top ropers in the country will be there and saddle bronc events will be held between roping rounds. They promise to amaze you, and weve heard its pretty spectacular so check it out and enjoy a bit of a getaway from the everyday while you take a business trip. Find out more by calling (918) 287-4170 or contact Jeanne Strom at jeannestrom@okstate.edu for details. For a great celebration of your independence, check out Pawhuska on July 4 as they celebrate with their annual Freedom Celebration Parade on July 4 at Downtown and Cultural Park. If you are looking for a Fourth that brings you back to the way things used to be and the way you remember them as a child, Pawhuska will take you there with this non-motorized parade. Plenty of prizes will be awarded for entries and they will also offer hot dogs, balloons, flags and watermelon. It doesnt get any more old-timey than that! It starts at 10 am and goes for quite a while. Get more at www.pawhuskachamber.com.



The Pulse - June 2013 - Page 15

McIntosh jumps into June (and Lake Eufaula) with both feet
By Trent McDaniel
With the warmer temps brings lots of fun in McIntosh County and they didnt let us down for 2013. In fact, theyve ratcheted things up quite a bit, so if you left them alone last year, get on down to McIntosh County this year and see all the changes theyve made while you enjoy a day at one of the festivals theyve organized. Checotah is just so cute, we want to squeeze its chubby little chipmunk cheeks. The folks are sweeter than pecan pie and if you go once, youll wish you could move there. Everyone is just so dang nice and they have some really good food to boot. What might entice you to check it out is their Old Settlers Day & Parade June 8 in Downtown where they celebrate their 47th year of being proud of being Checotah. With a carnival, parade, antique cars and tractors, arts and crafts, games for everybody along with some yummy fare to fill your tummy, youll be looking for a way to make it a regular destination in no time. It all starts at the eyecracking time of 6:30 am but we arent sure why; just check it out. Get more at www.checotah.com or at (918) 473-2070. One June 14-15, Checotah also has a Relay for Life where you can do your part to help raise funds for heart disease and all kinds of other life-threatening ailments that need our attention. Check out www.checotah.com for info on that as well. If you mosey on down Highway 69, youll find the cozy little town of Eufaula where theyve been busily gearing up for a crazy summer of fun and due to all the rain and cooler temperatures, maybe they knew something the rest of us didnt? On June 8, the Golden Eagle Poker Run kicks it into high gear, and what we really love about this is that you dont need to be a biker, a boater or anybody exclusive to play; you just need to be there. They love us all and want to welcome everyone with open arms (and with lots of cards). With over $40K in money for the taking, what more do they need to do to get you to play too? Even if you get NOTHING, they will enter your name for a drawing where you could win one of THREE $500 prizes! How cool is THAT? Consider us there! Rules are five card stud and it should be a great day of fun. Enjoy some of the great food while you are there. May we recommend Charlies Chicken? Or perhaps I Smell Bacon perhaps? Wherever you go, you will find some great food, so super sweet people and a fun day that will make you want to come back again and again. Contact the Lake Eufaula Association at (918) 689-7751 for more. If you are looking for a way to spend all that loot you won at Golden Eagle but still get a lot of bang for your buck, then Eufaula has a plan for that too. They have a 10 Mile Yard Sale on June 15 hosted by the Hwy 9 Merchants Association. Youll get all kinds of deals and steals. Find out more by contacting the Association at (918) 452-2278. Eufaula is ready for the Fourth too with not one but TWO fireworks shows sure to knock your socks off. The first is on July 4 at Eufaula Cove and while we couldnt find much about it, we bet that you can probably contact the Chamber at (918) 689-2791 and they will be able to point you in the right direction. BUT on the very next night, July 5 (which is a FRIDAY), they light up the night sky again with another fireworks show that we understand to be pretty wonderful and this one, they will definitely know all about and will probably chat up a storm with you. So call the same number and get all you can. Whatever you do this summer, dont leave the biggest lake in Oklahoma out of your summer destination plans. Or youll be sorry you missed all they have waiting for you.


Page 16 - June 2013 - The Pulse


Craig County crazy cool times with cars, chrome and a calf fry cook-off
By Laraine Larimar
Its Lake Season, so you know what that means; its getting a little crazy in Craig County. Theyve got all kinds of fun like no other fun anywhere else in our parts. So get your car gassed up and get on over to Craig for fun. We start on June 8, the Worlds Largest Calf Fry Festival and Cook-Off at the Craig County Fairgrounds makes for some interesting good times and plenty to talk about for your friends who are here from other parts of the country. Not to be forgotten are the arts & crafts, kids activities, cowboy games and the rodeo. Even if you are a little hesitant, give the calf fries a shot because they are quite tasty and you might be surprised at how much you like them. Fifteen cooking teams are vying for the top honors, so be there early to taste and place your vote. Taster kits are only $8 and the competition begins at 11 am. They also have all kinds of other foods if you are still too squeamish, so get over there no matter what. Find out more at www. bigcountryweekend.com or call (918) 256-7133. The festival runs from 9 am 5 pm. Dont leave Vinita without checking out the Hookin A Ranch 3rd Annual Freestyle Bullfight also on June 8 at the American Legion Rodeo Grounds. There will be entertainment for the whole family and a concert at 7 pm with the bullfight starting at 8 pm. Get more from the Vinita Chamber: (918) 256-7133, chamber@ vinita.com. While you are in Craig, why not give the Mahogany & Chrome Antique & Classic Boat Festival a shot also on June 8 (9 am 4 pm) at Arrowhead Yacht Club in Ketchum? With all kinds of refurbished shiny boats coming in from all over the area and elsewhere its quite the spectacle. Many people come just to watch the pretty shiny boat parade go by. Get more at (918) 270-0617 or logon to www.heartland-classics.org for more.


Big ol plate of Calf Fries The Vintage Gala will make a stopover at South Grand Lake Regional Airport in Ketchum on June 15 where you can enjoy a dinner, dancing to big band and show off your swing dancing prowess, so where your swingy skirts, saddle shoes and red lipstick for a night of fun and flirting good times. Just dont throw your back out! The party runs from 7 11 pm. Find out all you need to know at www.southgrandlakeairport.com or call (918) 693-1855 for specifics. Be careful and practice those steps before you go. As with everywhere else, Vinita is getting in on the action for the Fourth and if you get to Vinita High School, you can get all the fireworks you can handle on July 4, but as of the printing of this magazine, we have no time specified. All we can say is that if you went before, its probably being held the same time this year. Check with www.vinita.com to see if the time has been added. Duck Creek is not to be outdone for your Independence Day, so they also have fireworks, but they have sweetened the deal with food, music, dancing, vendors and more before the big to-do. It all starts at 3 pm and runs until 10 pm on July 4. Get more details at www.duckcreekfireworksok.com or call Donna at (918) 782-3292 for details. For more on places to go and things to do while you are at Grand Lake, check out www.grandlakefun.com/events.


The Pulse - June 2013 - Page 17

Cherokee charms are more than on the Illinois in June

By Amy Addams
Its the time of the year in Cherokee County when Route 10 gets crazy with cars and the float companies can barely keep the sanity under control, so it must be summer. Everyone in Cherokee County is well aware when it strikes. The good news is that there are other things that warrant your attention and we think you might want to check them out just as much as a float on the Illinois. We told you wed give you more in June for Arts on the Avenue and we werent kidding around. This is a very big deal and if you havent been before please take a look at your schedule then throw it away and get away for a day (or two). Arts on the Avenue is a wonderful, relaxing getaway where your senses get to partake in luxury all at the same time. With good music, food, art, wine and good people ready to help you have a great time, its a perfect way to spend a warm day in Oklahoma. They spend large amounts of time looking for just the right artists to participate and this year they really looked hard at the candidates. There are none of the junk sellers at AOTA, just beautiful happy times with the family in a nice town with plenty of good food, so leave the Weight Watchers points counter at home (but dont forget your wine glass!). Free to the public and sufficient parking make it a great way to relax and regroup. Get more at www.artsontheave.net or call (918) 453-5728. First Baptist Church in Tahlequah is hosting not one but TWO really free events in June; a carnival June 12 from 6-8 pm in the church parking lot with games, inflatables and free carnival food and on June 21, a band from New Zealand will be there to perform a concert free to attend as well. The band is called The Lads and they are similar to what The Monkees were in the 1970s. Get more on The Lads at www.theladsband.com. First Baptist is located at 201 Commercial Road in Tahlequah and if you need more data, contact Jayna at (918) 456-0668 or at jayna@fbctah.org. If you have Cherokee blood running through your veins (or you think you do), then check out the Cherokee Ancestry Conference June 14-15 at the Cherokee Heritage Center. They will have many speakers and presenters on hand to discuss all kinds of topics, so find out what your history might really be at www. cherokeeheritage.org or give a call to (918) 456-6007 and get specifics. Pre-registration is required. One event that draws folks from far and wide to the tiny town of Cookson is the Cookson Jubilee going on this year June 21-22 right off Hwy 82 in downtown Cookson. Signs will get you there once you are on 82 coming north or south so fret not about making errors in directions. We love that no matter what you search for, Cookson Jubilee has it and you never have to cover the ears or eyes of your little ones; they keep it all clean and you are sure to find fun things to do, buy, wear and chow down on at the Jubilee. It all happens at 32247 S. 540 Road 4 11 pm both days. If you own a crazy hat, be a part of the festivities and also get in on the drawings for plenty of giveaways for all kinds of special goodies too. Get more info on their Facebook page (TACO Cookson) or give a call to (918) 453-1711 for specifics. They have plenty more than we covered here especially if you have talent and think you should get a shot in the limelight (thats a hint). Say hello to the Bill Payne Radio Group while you are there and grab a tee to


Page 18 - June 2013 - The Pulse


commemorate your day of fun in Cookson. While you are in the area, two great places not far away are the Cookson Bend Marina just down the road toward Lake Tenkiller (19506 W. 905 Rd, 918-457-5161), and Princess Restaurant, located just north on Route 82: (918) 457-4270. The owners

and staff at both places are sweeter than sugar and the food is the best. Keep it here for July because well have more to tell you about both of these places but its a secret for now. We have lots more for Cherokee County elsewhere: see our Illinois River Pages for floating fun and check out their options for fireworks on pages 10-11.


Zach Swon and Colton Swon performed at last years Cookson Jubilee.

$ .50

Youll FLIP for our FLOPS!

30% OFF

(918) 458-0454
110 North Muskogee Tahlequah, OK


The Pulse - June 2013 - Page 19

June is Jumping in Muskogee County

By Jonita Mullins
Well weve settled into summer in Muskogee County and weve scoped out some great events to keep everyone busy. The kiddos have been set free from school and parents are searching for things to keep them busy. Muskogee has some great ideas for summer fun. If playing in the mud is your idea of fun, youll want to check on the Mud Volleyball Tournament. Its an annual youth fund raiser and draws big crowds to Three Forks Harbor to watch teams compete in a pit of mud. On Friday, June 7 a Bedlam Battle called Mudlam will pit fans of OU against fans of OSU for bragging rights. The volleyball game will start at 5 pm and will be followed by a concert later that evening. On Saturday a full day of tournament play starts at 10 am. The belly flop competition into the mud is a crowd favorite. Wear clothes that you dont mind getting muddy the dirt will be flying! That same weekend, bikers can gather at Greenleaf State Park for the Indian Nations Motorcycle Rally. Held at beautiful Greenleaf State Park in northeast Oklahoma, members and nonmembers are invited out to partake in plenty of fun times. Rows of bikes will be lined up in the group camping area, which comes equipped with everything you need for this two day rally. The Indian Nations Rally is sponsored by the Northeast Oklahoma BMW Motorcycle Club at the historic WPA-built lodge overlooking Greenleaf Lake near Braggs. The rally will feature a bike show, pancake breakfast, scenic


rides, historic site tours and trail rides. There are dormitory-style accommodations for those who prefer not to camp. The public is welcome to come out and enjoy the bikes and the beautiful scenery at this gem of a park. To get all the dirt on this rally go online to www.neobmwclub.com. Therell be so many motorcycles in Muskogee County on Saturday June 8 folks may be able to hear the rumble over in Cherokee County. The Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center will hold its annual Ride for the Vets Bike Rally at the west parking lot of the Muskogee Civic Center. This evening event will start at 6 pm and will include competitions, live music, a scavenger hunt ride around town and plenty of food vendors and biker camaraderie. This fund raiser helps provide assistance to veterans who are seeking care at the medical center. For more information contact the Muskogee Civic Center at (918) 684-6363. The Three Rivers Museum in Muskogees Depot District will host its summer Coffeehouse Night with a special Americana tribute called See the USA! These Coffeehouse events are always great musical fun. The event starts at 6 pm. Call the museum at (918) 686-6624 for details. Kilharens Lodge, located on Muskogees Fern Mountain Road, is a popular wedding reception venue. Kilharens will be hosting a Muskogee Bridal Extravaganza on Sunday, June 9. Those happy couples planning a wedding will want to scope out this event for great ideas and vendor options. The Extravaganza starts at 1 pm but you can call Kilarens if you need more details at (918) 913-1313. Love you some country? Then youll adore the annual Hank Williams, Sr. Tribute Concert offered by Muskogees stellar musician Jim Blair. This night of nostalgia is on June 13; exactly 64 years after Hank Williams played his first Muskogee concert with exactly the same ticket price ($1). The Historic Roxy Theater will host the event and proceeds will benefit the local Red Cross. This concert is always a sell-out so get your tickets like right now! Call

Page 20 - June 2013 - The Pulse


(918) 684-6363 to reserve your seat at this great event. Fort Gibson is the location for more motor fun. The 19th annual Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show will bring dozens and dozens of shiny engines to downtown. The event will kick-off with a loud pipe contest and burnout contest at 7 pm Friday evening at the corner of Lee and Ross Streets. Remember when you used to cruise Main with your sweetie? Well pull your car into the annual Car Cruise after the burnout competition and follow a lazy course around town. The cruise is open to everyone. The fun continues on Saturday, June 15 back downtown with a car show, prize awards, DJ Chris Manns 50s and 60s classic cruise music and great live entertainment starting at 11 am. Contact the Fort Gibson Chamber of Commerce for entry information at (918) 478-4780. June just seems made for going fishing and there are some good fishing holes in and around Muskogee. And every fisherman thinks he knows the best way to fry up that fresh string of catfish. Thats why the Muskogee Civic Center is challenging all the fisher folks to a Catfish Cook Off on Saturday June 15. Bring your best recipe or your best appetite and find out just who is the best catfish cook around. The event runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the west parking lot of the Civic Center. Details are available at (918) 684-6363. Just as June starts heating up, the sounds of the tropics will fill the air at Three Forks Harbor for the Night at the Tropics fund raiser for the Kelly B. Todd Center in Muskogee. On June 22, Center supporters will offer a buffet dinner, wine, mixed drinks

cash bar, a full roasted pig cooked by Cowboys BBQ, a steel drum band for listening and dancing pleasure, a draw down raffle plus live & silent auction of a lot of interesting items including a ski weekend in Snowmass, Colorado and a Quail Hunt in Missouri among other things. For tickets call (918) 682-4720. Generous folks support kids in Muskogee. Another fund raiser that promises fun for the family is the Murrow Childrens Home Benefit Powwow. It will be held on June 29 on the Bacone College campus. This colorful, cultural event is a great educational experience for the kids. Call (918) 682-2586 for details. And dont forget that all the Muskogee County libraries will continue to offer special summer programming through June for the kids. Critter Tales on June 25 sounds fun for the Muskogee Public Library. Check your local library for a full schedule and keep the kiddos occupied with fun learning events. And finally its time for some fireworks! The Town of Haskell will host its annual Fireworks and Family Fun Day on Saturday, July 6 at the Haskell Lake. The event starts at 4 pm and includes fun competitions, pony rides, kids games and food vendors. At dusk the fireworks begin. Bring out your lawn chairs and enjoy this spectacular display reflected in the water of Haskell Lake. Take Haskell Lake Road from Highway 64 west of Haskell. You can learn more about this event from the Town of Haskell at (918) 482-3222. Get your summer fun on in June because you know its liable to be hotter than a firecracker in July. This is Oklahoma after all!


3600 Arline Muskogee

M-F 11am-6pm Sat 11am-8pm Sun 1pm-6pm Memorial Day Weekend Thru Labor Day Weekend
Adult: $7.00 Child: $6.00 Twilight (4-6pm, M-F) Adult: $4.00 Child: $3.00

Questions... call Water Park Office at




The Pulse - June 2013 - Page 21

Pawnee celebrates Bill, Native American Veterans and fast turtles

By Amy Addams
Pawnees biggest month of the year approacheth. Yep, its June already and that means its time for the Pawnee Bill Wild West Show right at the Pawnee Bill Ranch, in, you guessed it, Pawnee. Its quite a sight to behold, and if youve never been, it might be worth a drive to try it because we highly recommend it. Its not the usual rodeo, nor is it a horse race. Its part old Wild West show, part trick shooting, roping and festival, but no matter what you call it, it is a circus that only Oklahoma could drum up. What makes it even more exciting is the opening parade consisting of the cast of the show, but what tops off the entire thing is the historical accuracy of this event. Chariot races, trick riders, performing cowboys and American Indians, musicians and more make it a feast for the eyes. The hard part is that its only three nights, so skedaddle on over to Pawnee Bill Ranch and check it out before its over for another year. Get your details or tickets at www.pawneebillranch.com. Shows start June 15, 22 and 29 at 7:30 pm and the ranch is located at 1411 Pawnee Bill Road in Pawnee. Because Pawnee represents America at its finest, we werent surprised to find a big plan for the Fourth and they didnt disappoint. As a matter of fact, Pawnee is filling your Independent Spirit (and Day) with all kinds of fun. It starts with the July 4th Games at Courthouse Square at 8 am (turtle registration). They have turtle races, egg, shoe and boot tosses (separately of course), water balloon battles, coin digs, tug-of-war and more. Its so much fun we cant fit all that fun in one page, so youll have to go to see


for yourself. The parade starts at noon, the restaurants will be open and serving up some dang good grub and they will, of course, top it all off with FIREWORKS! Yeah! Right on the bridge along Agency Road is where the colors will light-up the night sky so stick around for the fun. Fireworks begin at dusk. Get all you need to know at www.cityofpawnee.com or call (918) 762-2108 for more. Okay, then it gets time for the real settlers of this great land of ours, the 67th Pawnee Indian Veterans Powwow is taking place at 615 Denver Street in Pawnee July 4-7 and you are welcome to attend. This is serious powwow and tribute to the tribe. Free primitive camping is available, but dont dawdle as this is a big event. Call organizers at (918) 873-0499 to reserve your space. Make Pawnee part of your plan for June and see what Americana is really all about.

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Ottawa County gets out and celebrates our American freedoms in all kinds of ways
By Dakota Jones
As if we didnt see it coming, Ottawa County never seems to let us off our toes, and June is as big as ever with lots of outdoor activities, family fun and entertainment and plenty of things to do that will rock your socks off. We start where we left off in Mays issue with the OReilly National Monster Truck Rally at the Miami Fairgrounds June 7-8. If you like it loud, youll like it there. All the crazy, bright lights and loud noise you can handle, so get ready to rumble. Get all you need to know at (417) 887-9400. As if the Rally werent enough, right on the heels of it comes the Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Event at D-Day Adventure Park in Wyandotte June 10-16 and this is a serious way to play. Re-enacting D-Days Battle of Normandy, its great fun for players and spectators alike. Pre-registration is required to play, so get online now if you are serious about your battle strategy. You must be 15 or older. Find out all you need to know at www.ddayadventurepark.com or call (918) 666-3411 with questions. The battle begins June 10 at 9 am. If your battles are more the kind that require the teeny pencils with no eraser, then maybe Peoria Ridge is more your thing. The Adams Golf Pro Tour Series will be going on June 12-15 and they will be playing 72 holes of competition to benefit NEO A&M College. Find out more by calling Annette Black at (918) 540-2535, ext. 15. The great outdoor events dont stop yet. The Oklahoma Freewheel Bike Group will be in Miami June 14-15 and while thats all we know at the moment, you can call (918) 542-4435 and find out more. Would you like to see a big black Limousin? Not the car, but the cow? Well, celebrate the majesty of these animals June 14-16 at the Miami Fairgrounds then have some burgers afterwards. Give a call to (918) 541-5482 for details. The 8-Man All Star Football Week kicks off June 16-22 at Commerce High School as NEO College Arena is under construction, so please note the location change. The selection of best players from all over the state havent changed, however, so come root for your favorites and see the action up close and personal. For more information, contact the Miami CVB at (918) 542-4435. The Peoria Powwow makes presence known the weekend of June 21-23 and you cant miss it done in full regalia and there are so many different dances, we cant cover them all here. Sufficed to say, there are enough dances to show any novice the styles as well as show off the beautiful dress. It all happens at 60610 E 90 Road in Miami and you can get all you need to know at www.peoriatribe.com or by calling (918) 540-2535.


They have not one but TWO car shows and since weve talked them to death on our Things that go VROOOM page, we thought wed at least let you know they exist here, but mark your calendar. The first is Route 66 Car Show on June 14 and the next weekend, the Revvin it Up on Route 66 Car Show & Cruise will be on Main Street in Miami 8 am 8 pm and the Route 66 Cruise Night starting at 6 pm on June 22. Get more on page 38. We also tell you about the Tractor Pull on June 22 but youll have to go to page 38 for more. Ugly Johns is rolling out the red carpet with the Big Thunder Bob Morgan Memorial Run in Afton June 28-29 and its a Poker Run, a ride and its also listed as an APRA event, so its got us thinking its also a rodeo? Hmmm. Its enough to make us wanna go to see what else they have planned Get more at (800) 3549145, ext. 252 or e-mail coordinator@pokerrunsamerica.com. Okay, we found something truly Okie. Are you ready? Its the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show in Wyandotte June 22-23 and we have it covered in big detail on our Get up, get out, get busy pages (42-43) so see whats up, but dont leave this one be! If you need to celebrate your independence, then Miami has you covered. Their annual 4th of July Fireworks Extravaganza is a rocking good time at Riverview Park with concessions, games, things to do and of course, fireworks. It runs 5-10 pm on July 4. Check in with Chassie Summerlin at (918) 542-4481 if you still have questions. We saved the best for last: the Quapaw Powwow July 5-8 at 5681 S. 630 Road in Quapaw where the Quapaw tradition of dancing, food and tradition is alive and well. Check in with the Quapaw and get a bit of culture while you are there, but be sure to enjoy the delicious food and watch some of the dancing. Its a good time for all. Call (918) 542-1852 for more.


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Rogers County has a Route 66 ride, rodeos and a new take on catfish
By Dakota Jones
Once in a while a city does something that makes us sit up and take notice. They break out from the usual music/arts/crafts/ games event and go in a whole new direction. This month, we had to grab onto our chairs when we saw what Claremore dreamed up. You might want to grab some rope before you read their crazy idea, but afterwards, you might want to make a promise to yourself that you are going to Claremore for this one. We are talking about the Battle of the Big Cats coming to Claremore Expo Center June 14-15. We arent talking about the lions, tigers and leopards. Were talking about Okie CATS. Yep, the fish that sometimes got away - the ones that those crazy people grab by the mouth and drag out from under a rock in a muddy lake bed. THATs what we are talking about here, Green Country! Only in Oklahoma would there be a Showdown devoted to anglers who want to get out there and risk life and limb to fish with their bare hands and we commend you all. Battle of the Big Cats starts June 14 at noon, and runs til 9 pm, then picks back up Saturday, June 15 at 10 am and goes until 6 pm. Its two days of crazy good times for all. Even if you want to get in on the action, you are encouraged to do so. They have plenty of shopping, demos, challenges, prizes and lots of food (guess whats on the menu?) as well as music and its bound to be a wicked good time. It might be too much fun for two days, so get plenty of rest, take your vitamins and eat right the week before so you are ready to get in on everything. All you need to know is in the mind of our sweet sage keeper of information at Claremore, Tanya at (918) 341-8688, Tanya@visitclaremore.org or check out their Website: www.visitclaremore.com and see some pics that are bound to impress the most hardened of fisherman. Send us your pics of your noodlin prowess too wed love to see them! We told you about Hogs N Hot Rods in Collinsville on June 8, but with the fun at this event, it bears repeating. They have a great town, plenty of great food and lots to do to fill the day. We love how no one is left out; everything from the big motorcycles to the cute and cuddly inflatables and everything in between are all there, but if you call yourself a grease monkey, you have to go and see what they have on tap. Some of the biggest and brightest chrome is all there so wear your best sunglasses and get ready to be dazzled by the brilliance of Hogs N Hot Rods. Its all over Main Street Collinsville, so you cant miss it. Follow 169 north from Tulsa, go west on 20 and its all there. Follow your nose to the good food smells. Plenty of prizes for the prettiest rides, so if you think you can compete, get out the Turtle Wax now. Get more at www.collisnvilledowntowninc.com/hogsnhotrods.html or call Mary at (918) 371-5530. If youve ever wondered if there is a style for riding Western, then check out Claremore Expo Center June 8-9 for the Stormwalker Ranch Cowboy Dressage where western riding is combined with the fine art of dressage. Who knew? Be the first to tell your friends all about it on Monday morning. Get all the info at www.visitclarmore.org or call (918) 342-5357. Something new, but headed into a regular thing is happening at the Nut House and it begins on June 14-16. Its their monthly Route 66 Nut House Trade Days each month on the third weekend. Its arts & crafts, antiques and of course, nuts, but its also a good way to fill your day with more than sitting at home watching the telly. Its going on 10 am 6 pm and promises fun for all. Check out www.route66nuthouse.com or call (918) 266-1604 for details or if youd like to be a vendor. On June 15, the Claremore firefighters are looking for your help with a Car Show & Poker Run at the Expo Center, going on 11 am 6 pm. The Hot Rods & Heroes Car Show is a great way to have some fun and show our local heroes that we love all they do for us while risking their lives almost daily. Show up, give them a hand and support a great cause. Find out more by checking in with www.claremorecity.com. Your local firefighters need you now more than ever. Dont let them down and maybe win a few bucks. On June 22, the OBHA Buckskin Horse Show will be in town with awards for all kinds of categories, so if you are a fan of the Buckskin horse, show up and support your local buckskin gang. They have a big to-do going on at the Expo Center (where else?) and it looks like it should be fun. Find out more at www.oklahomabucksin.org or call (918) 342-5357 with questions. Okay, our friend who supports our right to bear arms, Super Dave is on your side and hes ready to help you keep those zombies out when the apocalypse happens, so on June 29-30, have those pennies cashed in and get over to Super Daves Gun Show at, say it with me: CLAREMORE EXPO CENTER, where you can get firearms, ammo (thank GOD!), gear and all kinds of goodies. Tix are only $10, but considering what some of our local retailers are asking for ammo, its a small price to pay, so long as he has some for sale. Check out www.superdavesgunshow.com for a discount coupon two weeks before the show. Call (918) 3425357 if you need specific information. Hes claiming 400 tables of stuff, so keep your fingers crossed. Get back to Claremore, but steer away from the Expo Center and go towards Claremore Lake Park for July 4 because they are planning a big to-do. The day begins with a fishing derby at 8 am and free fishing poles go to the first 400 kids (thats a LOT of poles). Spend the day puttering around the town, have a nice lunch, do a bit of shopping, but starting at 6 pm, they will have live music, kids fun and inflatables and food. Fireworks begin when its dark. They will have bus service from Will Rogers Stampede Arena to the park, so parking is not a problem. Get more from Claremore Parks & Rec at (918) 342-2522 or check out www.visitclaremore.org.


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Ornery Okmulgee is at it again

By Jennifer Jones


We all keep a keen eye on the goins-on in Okmulgee because they slip something in every so often that you just might not want to miss. Seems like this year, they have more going on than in years past, so we are watching them like hawks and the list grows every month. Lets get to covering First, they have a great Kids Fishing Derby June 1 at Okmulgee State Park where kids can compete for fun and prizes. They are offering plenty of entertainment but it is learning while they have a great time (away from the TV and technology), and its also fun for you to see your kids enjoy a good skill they can always use in life. Heck, maybe the staff will teach you a little something too, hmmm? Get more info by calling (918) 756-5971. We have to let you know that Okmulgee County is so full of rodeos that they have bested all the others for June, so we figured that instead of repeating the info in two places, wed just tell you that if you need a rodeo fix, Okmulgee is the place to be and for more, turn to page 46 (not yet!) and get all the inside scoop. Okay, next, we have to let you know that the Muscogee/Creek Nations HQ resides in Okmulgee and every year they have a bit of hoe-down and this years looks like quite the thing June 20-23. With cultural exhibitions, a RODEO, concerts, dancing, sports, games and a festival longer than your arm, you really need to pay it a visit. The fun is good for a full day and the whole family gets a good time. Its also the largest festival in Okmulgee County and its free to attend. Side note: we also have word that the food is pretty spectacular too, so get a bite to eat while you are there. What really sets this apart from the humdrum every day festival is the amount of stuff they have to offer: artists from all over come to show off their wares, musicians are playing their hearts our just for your enjoyment and there are so many games for you to get caught up in, you will never want to go home. Even the grandparents are encouraged to participate and we applaud their thoughts for the

elders. Be sure to check out the parade through downtown while you are there. Find out the schedule, times and directions to the Claude Cox Omniplex by checking out www.tourism@mcn-nsn.gov, www. muscogeenation-nsn.gov or call (918) 732-7992. The party runs 8 am until midnight every day, so no excuses! Henryetta is hosting a carnival June 19-23, so if you need a bit of a break or if the kids want to get out and ride some rides, let them go crazy at the Pride Amusement Carnival. It all happens in the evenings at the carnival grounds next to Cameron Stadium. Check out the Chamber Website at www.henryetta.org for more. If you need some Independence Day excitement, then get the family loaded up and check out Harmon Stadium July 4 where the night sky will be all ablaze with colors and beauty. It starts at dusk and as before, its always a great time for the whole family. We couldnt find a contact for it, but we are certain that youll be fine as long as you are at the stadium before it gets too dark outside on July 4. Well have more on the Jim shoulders Living Legends National Junior Rodeo in Henryetta July 6-7 in our July issue so stay tuned to The Pulse.


The Pulse - June 2013 - Page 25

Sequoyah County has new surprises for you

By Amy Addams
Summer in Sequoyah County is a quieter time than elsewhere, but they do that on purpose. The idea is to get you away from the noise and chaos of the big city and into a new state of being. This June, give Lake Tenkiller, Robert S. Kerr Reservoir or any of the number of little towns dotting the lakes a try and see what they have to offer as a new summer destination. Sallisaw is celebrating summers arrival with Diamond Daze May 31 - June 1 at Sallisaw High School Complex. With the rides, games and food, its a sure bet to welcome summer with the whole family. Two of their biggest draws are the car show and their new event - the High Steaks Rollin steak cook-off. Theres nothing better than a good steak and with a trophy on the line, you can bet the steaks will be spectacular. Check out www.sallisawchamber.com or call (918) 775-2558 for more. The Festival is at the High School Complex right off I-40 (2301 W. Ruth). Movies in the Park gets back at the Library Lawn on June 8 and its a great way to enjoy a warm summers night with the sweet local folks while you see a free movie. Bring your lawn chairs, some snacks and get ready for a great time. Check out www.sallisawmainstreet.com for more. Sometimes there is an event that we find out about quite by accident and the Webbers Falls Arts & Crafts Show on June 8 caught us by surprise, but you get to claim that you knew about it all along. Held at Webbers Falls River Park, they have more


than the usual arts and crafts; a tractor pull, live music and food round-out the day to keep you going and keep the hubby and kids entertained too. Get more at (580) 748-0561. If you are looking for a great place to get away while keeping your budget on track, get in a bit of camping at Robert S. Kerr. They have nice camping spots where you can hook-up your electric and boat, enjoys some beach time, do a bit of swimming and camp instead of looking for a hotel room. Two of their more popular spots are at Applegate Cove and Cowlington Point. For information on what you need to know, check out the Army Corps of Engineers Website at http://corpslakes.usace.army.mil and search for Robert S. Kerr or call (918) 489-5541. Fin & Feather is also fully functional this time of year and theyve started offering their buffets on Thursday nights effective June 1. If youve never had a F&F buffet, now is the time to try one. With all they offer, you will find at least a few things to make you come back for seconds (or thirds) and they keep your drink filled the entire time. With all they offer, F&F cant be beat for a grand getaway at a great price. Check out their Website at www.finandfeatherresort.com for everything they are doing this June and July, but start saving your pennies for their Fall Festival NOW because it cant be beat! We cant gush enough about all the fantastic at Fin & Feather and one bite, youll know of what we speak (that chocolate gravy stays in your dreams for weeks after you try it; it really beats all). Even if you dont hit F&F for the buffet, check out Soda Steves and get yourself one of their scrumptious burgers with some fried zucchini - now THATS some dang good food! Trust us on this one, youll be back.

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Mayes is more than you expected

By Laraine Larimar


Mayes County is known for the lake fun all summer long, and while there are plenty of lake activities, we wouldnt be doing our job if we left out the pretty towns that have other things to do that arent quite lake front property, so we decided to give the lake events their coverage where it belongs: in the Lakes pages and keep the events in the towns where they belong. We start in Pryor where the recovery from Rocklahoma was short-lived. They got right back to business with some fun things for your June and we are sure youll want to sample them all. First, we have the Missoula Childrens Theater June 3-7 performing The Secret Garden for children of all ages. It is a tale of Mary, an angry, unhappy orphan who must leave India after her parents die to live with her cantankerous uncle who has a key to a secret garden his long departed wife used to keep up. It peaks Marys interest and changes her life in many ways as well as the lives of people around her. Its happening at the Hershel Avra Performing Arts Center. The Pryor Arts Council doesnt stop with theater, they also have a summer arts camp June 17-21 and they are hosting an Art Walk to kick off their annual membership drive June 20. Find out about all three events by contacting Karen, president of PAAHC at (918) 373-0666, ww.pryorarts.org or via e-mail at nextlifecreations@hotmail.com. Something that is near and dear to our hearts is the subject of helping those who are fighting breast cancer like a girl. While there are many orgs out there that claim to be doing good things with your money, you might be shocked to find out that only a teensy bit goes to the actual cause they stamp their claim to. We found an organization that is true to their word and is fighting the good fight and giving it all to Breast Cancer Assistance Program or BCAP. BCAP gives funding to help women fighting breast cancer to pay their day to day living expenses while they are dealing with chemo, radiation and all the other medical procedures that come with it. The folks at BCAP keep exactly nothing and we salute their cause to help. You can do more than salute them by showing up at the Adair Community Building in Adair on June 8 and checking out the BCAP fundraiser where over 30 (and growing) artists and crafters will be selling their wares. While you are there, feast on the concessions because all of the money from the concessions, raffle tickets and 10% of the sales from the Happy Smoker are being donated to this noble and worthy cause. Put your money where your mouth is and eat up in the name of helping women who are fighting the girl fight. To join in as a vendor, you can get in as late as June 7 for outdoor spaces if you contact Lisa at (918) 292-9537. The fundraiser runs 9 am 6 pm and is worth your time to join pink fight. Lets show cancer the door. Get some raffle tix too and join in to give to BCAP. While the girls are shopping, the guys can get in a few holes of golf in at Cherokee Golf Course in Langley for the Adair Area

Golf Tournament also on June 8. Do we need to expand on this? I mean, come on, golf, Cherokee Golf Course, sun, beers, what more do we need to say here? Heck, the name speaks for itself. If you really want more on the deets, then give a call to (918) 785-4242 or (918) 232-1293 Also worth noting is the First Saturday Trader Days in Pryor going on all summer, but dont wait until the end of summer as all of the good stuff could be gone. Its a plethora of gun traders, garage sale items and artists/crafters looking to sell/trade their wares so check it out and see what the fuss is all about. It all happens at the corner of South Coo-Y-Yah & Park Street. Call the Pryor Chamber for more, but it is first come, first served, so just show up if you want to sell. (918) 825-0157. They have multiple dates: May 31- June 1 and July 5-6. Call (918) 825-0157 for more. We want to remind our readers of something that mixes theatre, learning and morals all at the same time and they are throwing in dinner to make it even more special. The Picture in Scripture Amphitheater in Disney is hosting The Elijah Factor for four nights only and you really need to see it to believe it. They dont do anything in half measure and this is no exception. Complete with live animals, flaming chariots and pyrotechnics, The Elijah Factor will entertain while it inspires you to be a better person. Performances are June 21, 22, 28 and 29 6:30 10:30 pm. See our Theatre page (page 44) for more. To shake things up a bit, Pryor always has to throw a rodeo into the mix and they didnt let us down with their annual 4-Way Rodeo IPRA/ACRA July 5-6 at 2200 NE 1st St in Pryor. As always, we have no doubt they will rodeo your socks off. Get more by calling (918) 637-5603. Of course, Mayes County is on board with the fireworks and they have them in multiple places and times for your viewing pleasure. Duck Creek is firing July 4 and Disney and Monkey Island blows their top July 5. See our Fireworks pages for more (pages 10-11). There are many repeat events happening in the Mayes County area all summer long, and we dont want to cover them over and over, but wed hate to have you miss them, so we decided to avoid any issues, we put them on our Website. Find out the fun in the sun as well as some of the educational opportunities that Mayes County has to offer at www.mypulsemag.com. We will tell you that the Langley Library and GRDA are each hosting educational opportunities that are fun, interesting and they offer the added enticement to get you out of the heat when the 100-plus days come-a-knockin. Also, check our Lakes pages (pages 8-9) for some more fun in the waterways activities as well as page 43 for more outdoors things to do this June.


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Jumping into Creek County (and cars) in June

By Jennifer Jones
Weve told you about so many Creek County events in May, we thought they might slow down for June, but they threw us a curve ball. Creek County took things up a notch for June and has decided to get even crazier. Here we go again! We also want to wish Deb Bayton, our Creek County expert all the best in her new job. We hope to have her back at the helm for Creek County soon. We told you in May that the Route 66 Blowout in Sapulpa is happening June 1, but we have to remind you about it. Anyone who likes cars has to be there, but if you LOVE cars, you need to reserve your spot by camping out the day before so you will be there to see everything they are offering. Classics, hot rods, sickles, trucks, you name I t, they will all be there, dressed up and looking pretty. Add to it a Kids Zone, plenty of food, a juried art show and plenty of live music and you have a great day out. Get more at (918) 224-5709 or www.route66blowout.com. On June 8, there are TWO events for you to discover: Drumright Discovery Days and Kellyville Heritage Day. Drumright Discovery Days celebrates Oklahomas rich oil history with a festival dedicated to our love of this black substance. Arts and crafts, local musicians, antique car and tractors along with plenty of food make it a fun day to get outdoors and celebrate your Okie heritage. Take a horse drawn buggy ride while you are there. Find out more at www.drumrighthistoricalsociety.org or call (918) 352-3002. Kellyville also celebrates being an Okie on June 8; with a parade, arts and crafts, food vendors, antique cars, childrens activities, a dunk tank, raffle and a rodeo to keep your entire family entertained and occupied all day and evening long. Get all you need to know by calling (918) 770-2231. Drumright Black Gold Days celebrates Okiedom in a new way June 2023 in Glenpool and it is the quintessential Glenpool tradition of oil and Glenpools founder, Ida Glenn. With music of all kinds, a pancake breakfast hosted by the Lions Club, plenty of wholesome games and tournaments along with lots to keep the little ones entertained and engaged, its multiple days of fun in the sun at Black Gold Park. They also have a 5K run for all you runners, so check out www.business.glenpoolchamber.org/events for more on what you need to be a part of the action. We knew Creek County would celebrate our countrys independence in a big way (especially since they celebrate our being Okies in a big way) and they didnt let us down. They have events lined-up for July 4 that are more than just fireworks, so lets get to it. Drumright gets back into the spotlight July 4 with their Summer Oil Patch Festival at Sellers Ranch. Music, helicopter rides, skydivers, food and, of course, fireworks makes this the place to be for a Fourth youll be talking about until next July 4th. Get more at info@keystonegas.com or call (918) 3522443. Sellers Ranch is located at 52594 W. 101st St S. As we know of more events in Creek County, well keep you posted at www.mypulsemag. com so keep an eye there and well let you know what we know.


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Wagoner County celebrates with Summerfest, Lucky 13 and a scavenger hunt

By Amy Addams
Last month, we went crazy over Coweta, and it appears that June offers plenty for both Coweta and Wagoner City for June. Lets jump right in. Wagoner is gearing up for Summerfest and while we werent sure that they were hosting this lively event, we actually saw it a bit too late for our May issue, but rest assured, if you show up on May 30, 31 or June 1 at Maple Park, youll still have a shot at a dang good time. Get all you need to know at www. thecityofwagoner.org. Carnival armband night is May 30, there are vendors and a car show on Saturday and they also have live music every day of Summerfest. Check their Website for more. Turn back to Wagoner on June 7 for their Movie Night. We dont have details, but how can you beat a free movie? One event Coweta is repeating for June is the Music in the Park, happening June 14 with The Ridge performing. Live entertainment is free to the public, but before you go, stop at either Good Fellas Pizza or The Good Dog and grab some grub for a picnic treat while you kick back and listen to the sounds by The Ridge. Both restaurants are accepting to-go orders on June 14, so call ahead so you can relax and enjoy your night. An additional offering for June 14 is a scavenger Hunt. While details are sketchy as of printing, everyone knows that a scavenger hunt is a great way to enjoy a few hours of diversion from the everyday and we hope that youll check in with the Coweta Chambers Website to find out the plan and make an effort to attend. Get all you need at www.cowetachamber.com and check out their Events page. On June 29, Wagoner slips back into the spotlight with Billy Parkers Lucky 13 Fishing Tournament at Taylors Ferry North. Get to bed early the night before because flights begin at 5:30 am, but this fishing gone big time. Find out how to get in on the action by calling the Chamber at (918) 485-3414. Keep it here for the rest of the summer fishing and fun and well keep our eye on Wagoner County because we are betting they have more to come.


Adair County is the place to be

By Ronnie And Edna (Fields) Hopkins
There is a store I find very interesting: its called Fluffy Compleat Boutique. The owners are Kathy And Dennis Tibbits and it is located on 11 North First Street in Stilwell. They are open 10 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday (phone number: (918) 797-5016). I was amazed to see all the different varieties of beautiful designs on T-shirts, scarves, and quilts. Kathy is very intelligent, has a good sense of humor and a very warm personality that keeps me coming back to her shop. Kathy has mastered the skill of tiedye and she sews for GEO coaching and cheerleading teams. She has T-shirts in every size to make the designs to customers desires and she is willing to teach anyone that wants to learn the art of tie-die. Teresa Fishinghawk is the founder of Jeremiah 29 Foundation located on 116 W. Division St. in Stilwell. Its a non-profit that does charity work for the needy. It is open 7 am to 4 pm Monday thru Saturday. The lovely ladies that volunteer and devote their time and efforts are Shannon Phillips, Angel Edem, Mary Girdner, Dee Meissner and Nancy McLemore. Shannon tries to find homes for homeless people and she allows people the use of her computer to find jobs. Jeremiah 29 has a resource center where they donate coats and clothes to burn victims, domestic victims and the homeless. They have community bingo, yard sales, bake sales and an Angel Tree at Christmas fund raisers, but whatever you can donate that people can use until they get back on their feet will be most appreciated. I like to visit the Stilwell Farmers Market located at 5 North 6th Street in the Library parking lot. They will be open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 am until noon to the end of October as the weather permits. It is a place to meet friends and to socialize as well as getting to know the vendors who want to make your shopping enjoyable. There is a variety of scrumptious vegetables and produce to your liking, almost too pretty to eat. So indulge yourself - all the better for your mind and body. The Farmers Market provides the perfect opportunity to plan something new and different for your eating pleasure if you are out of ideas and they are willing to suggest ways to prepare the produce they offer. See The Pulse Dining Out pages for a good stop for a Quick Bite in Westville.



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Delaware celebrates Heritage (and fishing?) all over June

By Amy Addams
Delaware gets a gold star for lots of things to keep you busy throughout June; weve got a lot to tell you about, so away we go. First, Grand Lake Anglers for Christ wants you to join in on the fishing fun June 2 and 22 at Grove City Ramp 7 am 3 pm, but if you tend to use the bad words when you lose your lures or lines, youd be wise to clean up your language before you go. Find out how to get involved at www.grandfishingreport.com. Bernice Nature Center has plenty to keep the kids busy this summer, so be sure to check out all they are offering because its a summer full of fun and education (just dont tell the kids that theres learning involved). Activities held at 10 am, 1 pm and 3 pm Saturdays and Sundays through September starting June 2. They are also hosting a Fathers day nature present making seminar for the little ones June 16. Find out everything at (918) 257-8330. Lets not forget the American Heritage Music Festival June 6-8 where folks from all over the rest of the country all converge on little old Grove to make their mark, so it behooves you to see what theyve been practicing at. Its a big deal and we are so lucky to get to be so close to all the action! Be sure to check out that clogging - makes one sweat just to watch them dance. Dust off that old banjo and pick along if you like. Get more on what, where and how at www.grandlakefestivals.com or call (918) 786-8896. The festival is at the Grove Civic Center (1720 S. Main), but there are little fiddling spots popping up all over town all weekend. While American Heritage is playing, the Grove Merchants are growing old with an Old Maid Crawl that is. Well leave you guessing what they are doing, but knowing how much fun they are, we bet itll be a hoot. Call (918) 786-9109 if you just need to know more about what they are up to. One of our favorite places is Har-Ber Village and on June 8 they are having Cherokee Heritage Day - a special day of storytelling, games and music and other special things that they are keeping secret for now, but if you go, youll be in the know. Watch us for more over the summer because we are keeping an eye on Har-Ber and you should too. Find out more at (918) 786-6446, but dont leave them off your map of places to stop! On the very tail end of the American Heritage is the Cedar Oaks RV Resort Music Festival where no matter how good you are (or arent), you are welcome to come and hang around for a relaxing week away from the insanity of the rest of the world. Their name tells you all you need to know. Its all happening June 1015, so thats plenty of time to attend at least a day or two. (918) 786-4303 gets you more data. Ready to rock it? Then check out the Thunder on Wolf Creek June 14 at Wolf Creek Park. This is where the big racers are coming out to show they arent playing, but are in it to win it. Hydroplane racing short course national championships makes you kinda jumpy just to dream about it, doesnt it? Get more at www. racenbra.net. They take it down a notch on June 15 with the Fishin Pals Youth/ Adult Tournaments June 15, 6 am 4 pm at Martin Landing, but its a great way to show Dad some love for a Fathers Day hell always remember. Nobody talking and lots of fishing - cant beat that. Dont run off after Fishin Pals, because Michols Marine Tournament Series is June 16 at the same place 6 am 3 pm. Make dads special day a special weekend. Hell wonder when the other shoe is going to fall for weeks to come. Find out the details for both fishing gigs at www.grandfishingreport.com. What about a Poker Run for a good cause to make your June 15 even better? The FIRST EVER Grand Escape Puttin on the Wish Poker Run will be held at Shangri-La Marina June 14-15 with music, silent auction, parties, parties and more parties. Best part is that you are helping not one, but TWO worthwhile charities: Oklahoma Special Olympics and Juvenile Diabetes Research. Get some more on all their plans at (918) 257-4898. Best part is that in 10 years, youll get the honor of saying you were there the first year! July comes in hot and heavy, both figuratively and literally for Delaware with all they have planned. The Arts, Crafts, Music & Cajun Festival is slated for July 4 at the Grove Civic Center and every year it grows. What we love is that they think of what will entice everyone to want to attend and this year is no different. With plenty of cook-out fare, lots to shop for and plenty of musical fun, youll make it next years destination too. ACMC Festival runs 9 am 4:30 pm and you can find out the particulars at www.grandlakefestivals.com or by calling (918) 786-8896. Its free to attend too. Dont run off from Delaware after ACMC! Just meander down to Jay where the J.B. Earp Stadium awaits you for their fireworks at 9:30 pm July 4. They do a great job every year and the folks in Jay are super sweet. We think it could be a top 10 place to live in America if more people knew about it, but that would defeat the purpose. Stick with Jay for July because we all know that the Huckleberries are coming into season and any minute now, well all be hankering for some of the sweet pies, jams and yummy goodies coming this way. Hang on, July 6 is almost here! Well have more to say in Julys issue. See our Theatre page for info on Grove Community Playmakers rendition of Hearts Desire & A Number coming in June.


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River and Lake Safety

By Amy Addams with special thanks to Arlyn Hendricks

Last month, we got a few phone calls from our ever-vigilant readers who were on their toes and called us on a few photos we used. Honestly, we didnt think too hard about the material in the images but as per usual, our eagle-eyed audience caught some faux pas that we made and called us on them and so that got us thinking about what does safety on the water really entail? Next thing we knew, we were talking with an expert at the Army Corps of Engineers, Arlyn Henricks, who has been working at keeping vacationers, fishermen, swimmers and boaters safe for over 35 years. He gave us a lot of information about what we all need to know to stay safe and come home from our lake and river trips hale and hearty. Arlyn is the sweetest thing; hes got eight grandchildren who he loves dearly so hes a good man who only wants your children to stay safe too. Hes been a part of the waterway safety management system since 1975 and he truly cares about keeping people safe. We are his neighbors and friends; he wants us all to have a good time but in a safe way. Arlyn was adamant that people know that the people who patrol the waterways are looking to help us, not hurt us. Heres what he had to say: Many people act as though the rules for driving a boat are different from those that we live by when driving a car, but they are in fact the same. You can get a DUI/DWI for using a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also, the rangers and patrolmen who keep our waterways safe are as interested in rewarding good behavior as they are in punishing bad behavior and they want to be sure that you go home from your trip the way you came, not in a box. We asked Arlyn what some of the things people need to know about boating and some of the misconceptions. Arlyn didnt even hesitate when he responded with the following: 1. People dont think a life jacket is necessary. Things can change in an instant (and oftentimes it has nothing to do with you but someone else being a fool or weather conditions), people overestimate their ability to rescue themselves. Assuming you will have the time to grab a jacket is a recipe for disaster. 2. Overestimating swimming ability. Many people think they are stronger swimmers than they really are. Learn to swim well and ALWAYS swim with a buddy. 3. Underestimating how quickly something can go wrong (see number 1). If youve ever been in a car accident, you might recall that it seemed like things were happening in slow motion but you felt powerless to do anything to change it. You might also freeze-up and be unable to do anything from paralyzing fear. Never assume youll have everything under control. 4. Not watching the kids closely enough. It takes 20 seconds for child to drown. If you count that amount of time on your watch, its not very much time. How many times have we turned our backs on the kids to find something, answer the phone, read a book, etc.? In a very short amount of time, your child can go under with no warning sounds or signs. ALWAYS watch your kids in the water. 5. Alcohol and drugs weigh in on many problems encountered on the water. Weve all heard of beer muscles. Well, people also get beer brains and stoner stupidity. Even if you are as sober as ever, there are people out on the water who are not. Keep your wits about you at all times. Better safe than sorry. The idea is to act as if everyone else is an idiot. If you see people acting foolishly, its best to get away from them. Some things that may shock you to know are: Last year, most of the drownings in Oklahoma were grown men and none of them were wearing life jackets. Over 90 percent of the deaths would have been avoidable if they had been wearing a jacket. Many people who drowned never intended to be in deep water; they fell out of a boat, stepped off a ledge while wading or fishing or had some other mishap that led them into the deep water. Just about everyone who falls into deep water, no matter what the reason, will survive with a life jacket on, hands-down. Only 1011% of the deaths in water are due to trauma or hypothermia, all the rest are drowning, and all are avoidable with a life jacket. Ninety percent of the people who die in boating accidents did not take a boating safety course. If you take a boating safety course, you can reduce your boating insurance by quite a lot. The Corps of Engineers is the largest provider of outdoors recreation across the U.S. and really wants to keep people safe, not pick on anybody. They want your children to grow up to adults and you to be there to raise them. Alcohol and drugs can be dangerous no matter your skills as swimmer or your tolerance. People fall into water and become disoriented. You may swim down, your reaction time is slower, coordination and judgment is lessened and the vibration from the boat, along with too much sun and wind can impact your ability to react. Similarly, rescuers oftentimes become victims themselves while trying to save the person they are trying to save. A person in distress is panicking, having an adrenaline rush and is very strong. The golden rule is Reach, throw, row, dont go. Stay in the boat and help them out of the water from there. NEVER go in and become the second victim. When a person falls into the water, many times, it is what is referred to as a moving fall. The person falls out of a boat into cold water, they are surprised and confused at what has happened, the water is cold, they are unprepared, and they gasp and take water into their lungs. It takes cup of water to drown a person, even less to drown a child. If it is 80 degrees outside, chances are that it is 50 degrees in the water. At this time of year, the water is still pretty cold as summer heat has not warmed the water surface enough. Think of how fast all of this happens. A person can drown in less than a minute in this scenario. Can you turn a boat around and save them in that amount of time? Chances are that your reaction time would take 30 seconds to realize that something has happened in ideal circumstances. Even more if youve been drinking or using drugs. Lastly, we dont mean to sound mean, but the bluff jumping, bridge jumping and jumping off anything that people do is just plain dangerous. Many of the places that people go to do it are not part of the patrol areas for the park rangers and that means that if you get hurt, help is a long time in getting to you. Just dont do it. There are so many reasons it could hurt or kill you, we cant even list them all here. There have been numerous fatalities from this activity over the years; please dont let yours be one of them. Your family does not want to watch while the lake patrol skims the lake bed for your body with a big hook. For more on boating safety courses and how be a safer boater, check out: www.boated.com for lots of safety tips and ideas, visit the Coast Guards Website or check out the Oklahoma Lake Patrols Website for Oklahoma-specific information on rules and regulations. Have a safe summer and please keep yourselves and each other safe out there. You can have fun safely. We want you here in the fall.


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Not anymore! Instead of letting your kids spend another summer on the couch becoming anti-social vampires with game controllers attached to their hands, make a schedule for trips to take as a family to get away for day trips, weekend getaways or even as part of a week-long vacation. Many of these stops can be the perfect escape for a day of fun instead of staring at a television or computer screen. Perhaps you can make it a goal to catch all of them before the end of summer. Be sure to check hours and days before you venture out as some places are closed on particular days. TIP: To save some money, pack a cooler of lunches, check for group discounts and take a group of kids from the neighborhood. If you plan well, you can have a day trip of fun that will make you the coolest parent ever. Thanks to www.travelok.com!

Im so bored!

ville. Crystal Bridges has planned plenty for the little tykes with crafts, adventures and all kinds of outdoor fun to let them burn off all that excess energy along with food options at their restaurant that no kid will turn away from. All of their works are Americana, making it a great place to celebrate your American pride this Independence Day. Get more at www.crystalbridges.org. Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium The Tulsa Air and Space Museum features several full-size fighter jets, hands-on exhibits about Tulsas aerospace heritage, interactive exhibits for children including a T-37 cockpit trainer, wind tunnel and more. The new planetarium is only the second of its kind in the world and allows audiences to experience the wonders of our universe close-up and personal. www.tulsaairandspacemuseum.org Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks If an underwater adventure is what your family craves, check out the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, just across the river from Tulsa. Children will marvel at the magnificent displays of color and the mystery of the more than 200 exhibits of marine and aquatic animals, many of them from around the world. Walk through the gigantic shark tank tunnel and bubble which is home to the worlds largest captive bull sharks, enjoy the touch tank where youll find starfish, anemones and urchins and even try your hand at feeding turtles, manta rays and small sharks. www. okaquarium.org Leonardos Discovery Warehouse & Adventure Quest in Enid Leonardos Discovery Warehouse is a hands-on museum with experiences for youngsters in the areas of arts and science. Touch a real dinosaur egg, slide down a three-story slide, build your own castle in the carpentry shop, get lost in a variety of bridges, tunnels and mazes, experiment with different scientific principles, tell time on a sundial, travel to the moon in a simulated space shuttle, and lots more. All day admission also includes Adventure Quest, an outdoor science playground featuring a three-story castle. www.leonardos.org Jasmine Moran Childrens Museum in Seminole The Jasmine Moran Childrens Museum is one of the worlds largest childrens museums, where thousands of children come each year to experience the grown-up world from a kids perspective. They can try out career choices from being a doctor to a judge or even a broadcast journalist. Outdoors there is also a miniature train ride and a large maze to navigate. www.jasminemoran.com Science Museum Oklahoma in Oklahoma City A massive complex featuring hands-on exhibits, one-of-a-kind displays and a planetarium, this amusement park for the mind provides hours and hours of fun and educational entertainment. Science Museum Oklahoma is home to more than 350 hands-on exhibits and educational programs. Catch the Science Live shows where explosive demonstrations of scientific principles will blow your mind and watch a movie in the large-format dome theater where the educational movies literally surround you. www. sciencemuseumok.org

Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum Trek to the tropics, feed feathered friends from your hand and be part of the crowd oohing and ahhing over the adorable penguins at the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum. The zoo is located on 78 acres within Mohawk Park and is home to more than 1,500 animals. Plenty of new exhibits have opened for 2013, making this a must-see for this year. www.tulsazoo.org The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art in Tulsa The largest Jewish collection of art in the Midwest and its right in Tulsa. Plenty of art, artifacts and educational materials make this museum a perfect place to learn about culture, history and religion while enjoying the beauty of art. A new exhibit, The Exodus: 3400 Years of the Jewish Diaspora opened on May 19, running through August, explores the many migrations undertaken by Jewish communities throughout history. From the biblical exodus to the ship Exodus, Jews have moved from empire to state, from country to continent as politics, economics, and prejudice affected their status and living situations. Visit www. jewishmuseum.net for times and directions. Kiddie Park in Bartlesville This special amusement park has been providing wholesome family fun since 1947. Kiddie Park provides 16 brightly painted rides that do not go very fast, far or high. Rides include a Ferris wheel, airplanes, carousel, bumper cars and many others. Each ride costs only 25 cents, so the kids can enjoy to their hearts content and parents wont mind. The park is open Tuesday through Saturday evenings during the summer months. www.kiddiepark.net Woolaroc Ranch, Museum and Wildlife Preserve in Bartlesville What better way to get out and enjoy than a beautiful hike in the sunshine? A 3,600-acre ranch and wildlife preserve open throughout the year as an educational and historical attraction, Woolaroc gets its name from the woods, lakes and rocks of the beautiful Osage Hills. The museum houses a world-class collection of Western art, artifacts and special exhibits, and more than 700 animals including water buffalo, elk, deer and longhorn cattle, graze freely in the natural surroundings. The folks at Woolaroc will show you a fun time and make your day a special one. www.woolaroc.org Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville While the Norman Rockwell exhibit just wrapped up, that doesnt mean there wont be anything more to get you going to Benton-


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Pulse Pro-Prepping a home to sell

By Edna Kimble, Realtor Associate, GRI, CRS, CHMS
Every seller wants their home to sell fast and bring top dollar. Correct? Well its not just luck that allows this to happen. It is a mixture of careful planning and professional know-how that will bring qualified home buyers hurrying to your door, ready to make an offer. Heres how to make it happen: living in the home, not trying to figure out what kind of family currently lives there. Buyers should not be aware of your knickknack collection of frogs/owls/figurines/baseball memorabilia, etc. 3) Pre-Pack: Yes, this is just a nice way of saying DE-Clutter! Typically, I will suggest that 30% of a homeowners personal dcor, clothing items, linens, miscellaneous dishes and kitchen items, etc. are packed and stored off-site. This will allow buyers to really see the space rather than the current owners personal design and tastes. It will also show the true size of closets, cabinets, and built-in storage areas (and your house looks bigger!). 4) Optimize Space: Lots of sellers ask if this is a necessary step. YES! Color coordinate hanging items in the closets, turn all hangers the same direction, line up all shoes, rearrange pots and pans, organize the pantry to size and face labels out, neatly stack dishes in cabinets, organize the medicine cabinet, fold those


1) Leave the emotions out of it: To be successful in selling your home, you will need to dissociate yourself from the home. Look at it from a buyers prospective. Buyers will not pay you what you feel it is worth. Buyers will only pay what the fair market value is. Remember, you are selling a product and it will be compared to other similar products that are available. 2) Make it appealing to as many buyers as possible: Some homeowners make the mistake of failing to depersonalize their homes. You should pre-pack ALL family mementos, family photographs, etc. You want buyers focusing on picturing themselves

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sheets and towels in the linen closet. Remember, you want to show BEST USE of SPACE! 5) Have a Yard Sale: Get rid of the extra! This is a time saving step, why pack and move it, if its not a needed item? Dont want to sell it? Donate it: several non-profit entities may even be willing to pick up household items that are in good repair. If its not saleable nor valuable, throw it away! Cleaning out the garage, shed and hall closets will help buyers see the true amount of storage space. 6) Fix IT!! If it leaks, squeaks, or blinks, deal with it now! Any of these can be perceived by a buyer as a potentially major repair. You will be risking losing a buyer over a minor fix. Leaks can lead buyers to worry about mold/moisture issues. Squeaks can imply delayed maintenance of heat and air units. Blinks, burned out light bulbs can be misinterpreted as electrical issues. 7) Light = $$: Buyers will not purchase what they cannot see! Entering a dark home affects the overall impact of the home. Open the drapes and blinds, turn on ALL lights/lamps when you are expecting buyers, including exterior front door and carriage lights. Low wattage/delayed bulbs may be good for the environment, but they are not the best for selling your home. Go with the highest wattage that is allowed for the fixture and clean the globes to allow light in. Light=Bright=Clean=Spacious =OFFERS! 8) Sparkle! Clean the house! Sounds simple, but it is often the one thing most overlooked. Buyers will be turned off from dirty baseboards, smeared light switch covers, grimy doorknobs, shower doors covered in lime deposits, stained grout, dead insects

on the window sill, empty and clean out the fridge, etc. Buyers truly want MOVE IN READY and paying a professional to deep clean is an excellent way to get the buyers attention. 9) Family Pets: These are members of your family and are very important to you; however, they can be a major deterrent when you are trying to sell your home. Pet smells often go unnoticed by the homeowner, but run buyers off. Barking, yapping dogs, cats that are vying for attention and reptiles that may repel buyers from viewing rooms are all ways to miss a sale! Have your carpets shampooed, purchase new doggy beds, clean the food dispensers and clean up pet hair from furniture. Remember, it can be very stressful for your pet to have strangers in the home and very distracting for the potential buyer, so its really best for all if pets are not present during showings. 10) First Impressions and Curb Appeal! The buyer may be standing at your front door a few minutes before enteringwhat will they see? Peeling paint on front door? Cobwebs? A light fixture full of dead bugs? A dead plant? Dirty windows? A ratty Welcome Mat? Not very welcoming, right? Remember, this is the buyers first impression: you want it to be a good one! If buyers are not excited by what they see from the curb, then you may not get a chance to impress them with the interior. So keep the lawn mowed, give trim/shutters/door a fresh coat of paint, plant bright flowers along sidewalks, and keep lawn watered for a picture perfect view. Home Selling Notes From The Pulse: Need ideas on what buyers like to see? Pay a visit to a model home in a new development. Youll notice that the homes are sparse, clean and move-in ready. The clean smells, new paint and minimal look of new homes are what draw buyers to them. Take a page from their book of ideas and you can sell your home in a quicker time frame. (If you need to, take pictures with your phones camera to help you remember what they did the payoff is huge.) You might also want to bake cookies (break and bake are fine) before the buyers come over. The smell of baked cookies is a good smell and makes people feel good (let them eat the cookies as an extra perk). Remember to engage all of their senses in the buying process. If you arent sure how your home stacks up, ask an honest obsessively clean friend to come over and give you the hard truth. Take notes on everything they say, but dont get offended you asked for their help! Remember, this isnt about your pride, its about getting the right price for your house.


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Edna Kimble
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Mastectomy and Fashion Products


Bridging the Golf

There are over 240 golf courses in the state of Oklahoma. When we heard that number, we were quite surprised. While the vast majorities are outside of Green Country, we arent hurting for them. There are so many in Broken Arrows vicinity, it ranks among the top three areas in Oklahoma with OKC and Edmond for golf courses. to get you all of the golf information and events we can find, but we would like to hear from you. In exchange, we will be covering some of the more popular golf courses in our area and why folks like them along with listings of events being held in Green Country. Please help us get that list complete by telling us about tournaments by e-mailing editor@mypulsemag.com. We need to know where, the date, why the tournament is being held, the number of holes, the fees and any other pertinent info, such as awards or trophies and who the proceeds benefit where applicable. We also found some Websites where you can save a few bills on tee times. One such site was www.thegolfcourses.net. We used their information for our initial listing of some of the more popular courses to get you started. All of the courses in this list are municipal or public. Tee costs are approximate. Call for specifics. Forest Ridge Golf Club, Forest Ridge Course, 7501 E. Kenosha St., Broken Arrow, (918) 357-2443, 18 holes, public, green fees $44-$64 (approx.), has driving range. Tees Par Yardage Course Rating Slope Back 70 7012 74.8 137 Forest Ridge Golf Club is an 18-hole regulation length golf course in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. This championship layout plays quite long from the back tees. The course is rated somewhat highly difficult, but low scores are still possible for the skilled player. White Hawk Golf Club, White Hawk Course, 14515 S Yale Ave, Bixby, (918) 366-4653, 18 holes, public, green fees $25-$41 (approx.), has driving range. Tees Par Yardage Course Rating Slope Back 72 6982 74.1 134 White Hawk Golf Course is an 18-hole regulation length golf course in Bixby, Oklahoma. This medium-length layout has 3 sets of teeboxes for a fun, but challenging golfing experience. Cherokee Hills Golf Club, Cherokee Course, 770 S Cherokee St, Catoosa, (918) 384-7600, 18 holes, public, green fees $50-$60 (approx.), has driving range. Tees Par Yardage Course Rating Slope Back 70 6635 72.7 126


If you are not a golfer, lets look at why people golf. We asked around and while people gave us funny looks for asking WHY they golf, the general response was the same. The overall reason for golfing is that every time you play, you are playing against yourself. Its basically a sports version of Solitaire. You dont have to be in perfect physical condition, you dont have to be good at something, it doesnt require a particular skill, and it is one of those sports that you can learn in a few minutes, but spend a lifetime perfecting. One of our favorite responses was, Its you against the course. Every time I go out, I never know what I will do. One day Im Tiger Woods, the next, Im Bozo the Clown, but I still want to know who I am that day - good or bad. So why are we saying all this? Doing our research for fun things to do led us to find many golf-centric events that were fundraisers, tournaments or just get-togethers meant to drive tourism, gain new customers or just bring people to an area for a good time. We decided that while we cant get you a list of all of the golf courses in Green Country right here (it would fill all of the pages and make us a golf mag, not an entertainment one), we can find out from other golfers what makes certain courses favorites over others. We also want to know what makes you come back to a particular golf course again and again and what one would you never go back to and why it left a bad taste in your mouth. What would you love to improve about your game but cant seem to get better at and what makes you stick with golf through thick and thin? Who has the best pro shop hands-down? Who has the best snack bar/restaurant for after the game and why? Who has the best carts? Why? What are your favorite golfing Websites and why do you use them? What are your favorite smart phone apps for your game? Instead of us always telling you where to go, well still do our part

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Cherokee Hills Golf Club is an 18-hole regulation length golf course in Catoosa, Oklahoma. This medium-length layout has 3 sets of teeboxes for a fun, but challenging golfing experience. Cobble Stone Creek Golf Course, 700 E. Smith Ferry Road, Muskogee, (918) 682-4845, 18 holes, public, green fees $24$36, has driving range Tees Par Yardage Course Rating Slope Back 72 6936 74 127 Cobble Stone Creek Golf Course is an 18-hole regulation length golf course in Muskogee, Oklahoma. This medium-length layout has 3 sets of teeboxes for a fun, but challenging golfing experience. Sunset Country Club, RR1, Bartlesville, (918) 336-4777, 18 holes, public, green fees $8-$33 (approx.), has driving range. Tees Par Yardage Course Rating Slope Back 72 6403 68.7 109 Sunset Country Club is an 18-hole regulation length golf course in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. This medium-length layout will reward good shots and provide a fun golf outing for everyone. Patricia Island Golf Club, 4980 Clubhouse Road, Grove, (918) 786-3338, 18 holes, public, green fees $35-$55 (approx.), has driving range. Tees Par Yardage Course Rating Slope Back 72 6815 72.2 122 Patricia Island Golf Club is an 18-hole regulation length golf course in Grove, Oklahoma. This medium-length layout has adequate length for a regulation course. Some holes are quite challenging and interesting, but overall it can be somewhat forgiving. Pryor Creek Golf Course, 724 E. 530, Pryor, (918) 825-3056, 18 holes, public, green fees $20-$26 (approx.), has driving range. Tees Par Yardage Course Rating Slope Back 72 6549 70.6 120 Pryor Creek Golf Course is an 18-hole regulation length golf course in Pryor, Oklahoma. This medium-length layout has 3 sets of teeboxes for a fun, but challenging golfing experience. Peoria Ridge Golf Course, 10301 S. 600 Rd, Miami, (918) 542-7676, 18 holes, public, green fees $20-$26 (approx.), has driving range. Tees Par Yardage Course Rating Slope Back 72 6960 71.2 116 Peoria Ridge Golf Course is an 18-hole regulation length golf

course in Miami, Oklahoma. This medium-length layout has 3 sets of teeboxes for a fun, but challenging golfing experience. Grand Cherokee State Park Golf Course, Below the Pensacola Dam, Langley, (918) 435-8727, 9 holes, public, green fees $22$27 (approx.), has driving range. Tees Par Yardage Course Rating Slope Back 72 6236 70.1 117 Grand Cherokee State Park Golf Course is a 9-hole regulation length golf course in Langley, Oklahoma. This short layout has adequate length for a regulation course.



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Things that go
As before, so again, we have a lot of car, bike and tractor shows for June, so while it might seem like a dj vu from May, thats only because it is. Lets face it, anything that makes noise and has lots of shiny chrome is fun. Thats just the way we are as Oklahomans, so rise up, grab your Turtle Wax, and be proud that you like it shiny and loud! Brookside Rumble and Roll starts the month on June 6 in the Brookside District where hundreds of motorcyclists give everyone a little parade and then you get a big street party afterwards. Plenty of food, fun, music and shopping too. www.rumbleandroll.com, (918) 260-7680 Indian Nations Motorcycle Rally happens June 7-9 at Greenleaf State Park in Braggs and its a great way to meet other riders even if you arent a member (yet). Great way to have a great time, meet new friends or connect with old ones. www.neobmwclub.com, (918) 236-3961 Leake Car Show & Auction, also slated for June 7-9 at Tulsa QuikTrip Center is a perfect place to get that dream ride for a great deal. You get the car youve always wished for while you keep some green in your pocket. Three days of special rides for a lot less than retail. Get caughtup in the bids and come home with something you never thought you could afford. www.leakecar.com, (918) 254-7077 OReilly National Monster Truck Rally lets your love of loud find likeminded folks in one place on June 7-8 at Miami Fairgrounds. All the greats of the Monster truck circuit will be there, ready to pound the dirt in each others eyes. Smell the diesel already? (417) 887-9400 Hogs N Hot Rods is happening in Collinsville June 8, and its the big D for the car nut as well as the rest of the family who gets tired of standing around while the nut drools on them. They thought of it all. Plenty of food, music, kids stuff and more. www.collinsvilledowntowninc.com, (918) 371-5530 Kellyville Heritage Days, while a bit further to the southwest of Collinsville, is also on June 8 and also has a car show, so if you plan your day right, you can check out both car shows while your better half gets some shopping in. Music, parade, vendors, food and activities round things out quite nicely. (918) 770-2231 The Annual Ride for the Vets at the Muskogee Civic Center is also happening June 8 and benefits the VA Medical Center. Starting at 6 pm, there will be competitions, live music, a scavenger hunt, a ride around town and FOOD! This fund raiser helps the vets residing at the Medical Center. Need more? Contact the Civic Center at (918) 684-6363. If your love of Chrome runs more toward the nautical, then the Mahogany & Chrome Antique & Classic Boat Festival in Ketchum will have you giggling like a schoolgirl in no time. Plenty of old-timey restored boats, nice people and a fun day with the family while you hang out at Arrowhead Yacht Club make this a cant miss. www.heartland-classics.org, (918) 2700617 Old Settlers Day in Checotah offers up antique cars and tractors for your viewing pleasure on June 8 and anyone who worked with these old-timey implements may get a tear in their eye walking around the old tractors and farm machinery. They also have plenty of food, arts and crafts, games for kids of all ages and lots more. www.checotah.com, (918) 473-2070 The next weekend, the fun continues with the Route 66 Car Show in Miami on June 14. Over 100 classic, vintage and modified cars will be there starting at 5 pm. Folks come from all over the four-state area. www.visitmiamiok.com, (918) 540-2471 We would NEVER forget our great friends in Fort Gibson! Heavens no! Theyve got one of the best car shows in these parts and you have GOT to set your alarms, write notes and set timers to be at the 19th Annual Fort Gibson Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show June 14-15 where the car is king and if you like your cars loud, youll be in hog heaven. More on our Muskogee Pages. www.fortgibson.com, (918) 478-4780 The Route 66 Car Show & Swap Meet in Claremore on June 22 is the place to be if you are on the hunt for that special part or if you need a fix of shiny metal. Let your better half have some cash but keep the credit card for the goodies youll be hiding under the blanket in the trunk. Plenty for her, but more for you. www.route66nuthouse.com Revvin it Up on Route 66 Car Show & Cruise returns to the longest stretch of Route 66 on a Main Street in Miami on June 22. Its plenty of dash plaques, prizes and lots for the whole family to get involved in along with lots of music, food and more. Best part is that it runs 8 am 8 pm. (918) 542-1590 Dont run off after Revvin it Up, because Miami Route 66 Cruise Night returns for June on the 22nd at Waylans Ku-Ku Drive-In right down the street from the festivities of the festival. It starts at 6 pm and they always have plenty of live music, plaques, prizes and giveaways. www.visitmiamiok.com, (918) 542-9693 Wanna shoot your car rather than restore it? Well theres a place in Ottawa County to do that too. Its a nationally known place to shoot cars as a matter of fact. Its the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show June 22-23 in Wyandotte and we cant think of a better place to get all that frustration, aggravation and constipation out than here. This is a crazy good time for anyone who loves their right to bear arms and wants to celebrate it in a big way. (918) 666-2788 If your ride is a bit less conventional and is used to bale hay or plow fields, dont hang your head in shame, just head in a new direction. Miami thought of your needs with a Tractor Pull (also on June 22, coincidentally) at the Miami Fairgrounds. Come cheer on the others who work like you do at this fun event. Find out more at www.miamiokchamber.com. If you like your ride to be off the ground and out of the water, then why not check out the Okie Flier Fly-In June 29 at the Claremore Regional Airport? Its a morning of food, talks and meeting pilots who might be able to point you in the direction of a pilots license or give you ideas on how to get there someday. Learn more while you can. (918) 343-0931 Jumping into July we know that Jay loves their Huckleberries, but they also sweetened the pie with a car show as a part of the festival and with so many other things going on, youll be able to duck away and drool on the cars while the rest of the family does whatever it is they do at these festivals. Just make sure you show up for lunch. www.jayokchamber.com, (918) 253-8698


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Sometimes there are things happening in our great state worthy of a tank of gas. Now that the usual increase in gas prices that come with Memorial Day will be dropping back to normal, we can all feel better about jumping in the family car and seeing something new. It might be a good idea to get out and check out whats going on around our great state before the crazy summer heat of July and August forces us all back indoors again. Here are some Oklahoma events going on in June to spark your interest: Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival: June 7-8, Seminole State College, Seminole, 918-864-9152 www.territorytellers.org: We as Okies all love a good story. If youve ever eavesdropped on someone talking in a restaurant, you know of what we speak. Its a part of who we are as a people and its woven into the fabric of the Oklahoma tapestry. Its as if Oklahomans cant control their love for a great story. Someone noticed this and decided to cherish it rather than hide it with a festival to honor those who have something great to say. Books, ghost stories, story swaps and more. Its all there, so bring your breath mints and get ready to speak and listen. Sunflower Art, Food & Wine Festival: June 7-8, 421 N. Main Street, Guymon, 580-338-4278, www.artsincubation.com Fine art and wine will bring just about anybody to a festival, but the blooming of the sunflowers makes the Sunflower Festival a hot spot for a big wine competition, unique shopping opps and live entertainment. Theres also a BBQ competition to wash down the wine as well as plenty to keep the kids entertained. Red Earth American Cultural Festival: June 7-9, Cox Convention Center, OKC, 405-427-5228 www.redearth.org: Looks like this could be the home of all things Native American; art, dance, dress and even a parade of over 100 tribes will converge on Cox Convention Center to celebrate the heritage of the first settlers of the Americas. If you call yourself a collector of American tribal art, you have to see what the fine artisans are serving up at this once-a-year treat. Stop by and watch the dancing and regalia. Its a visual feast. OK Mozart in OKC: June 9-15, Oklahoma City University, OKC, 918-336-9800, www. okmozart.com An extension of the OK Mozart in Bartlesville, this Mozart festival brings the love of the man and of classical a bit further west into the middle of the state to those who might not care to make the jaunt

into Washington County, thereby eliminating any excuses that Bartlesville is too far. Plenty of musical genius to be had in both locations so no worries that youve missed out on something at either venue. Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival: June 14-15, Oklahoma Contemporary Theatre, OKC, 405-445-1696, www.okcbur lesquesfest.com: We also thought that the art of burlesque was dead, but its not what we would consider kid-friendly. Get a sitter for this one, but dont worry that its risqu or vulgar. Burlesque is now an acceptable art form and it does not involve the dirty dancing of years gone by. Some of the costumes are quite elegant and very festive and the dancing is hypnotizing, but if you are a bit squeamish about these kinds of things, then by all means, skip it. Celebration of Quilts 2013: Take 2: June 21-22, State Fair Park, OKC, 405-812-3783, www.centralokquilters.org: With over 400 quilts, this makes for a quilters paradise. They also have all kinds of quilts, not just one particular style, but theyve topped it with vendors offering sewing machines, fabrics, tools and more to help your creative juices continue to flow when you get home. Tarzan: June 25-29, Civic Center Music Hall, OKC, 405-524-9312: Adapted from the Disney animated adventure, you get all the wonderful music from the man who made the music for the original score so legendary, Mr. Phil Collins. This is totally family-friendly and sure to keep all of the kids engaged for the whole time. SoonerCon: June 28-30, Reed Conference Center, Midwest City, 405-310-9255 www.soonercon.com: Okay, all you Trekkies, get your ears and phasers out of the closet because you have a place to go where others will understand your need to let your inner superhero fly. SoonerCon is place to be for all your comic book fantasy come to life fun. This not-forprofit venture is full of guest speakers, artists, musicians, performers and more. With plenty to fill the three days, you might want to work on costumes for what to wear the other two days.




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Reasors celebrates the big five-OH

If you live in Northeast Oklahoma and you grew up here, there are a few memories youll have that are uniquely Green Country. Who can forget Uncle Zeb, Gusty or the old commercials of Larry Reasor? Those commercials are pure nostalgia for most of us but those commercials say a lot about the kind of man Larry Reasor was, and the kind of business that he ran. He knew what his customers wanted: to laugh during the news and to find the foods they want in the grocery store they like to shop in. I was lucky enough to know Larry and some of my memories of him are that he always had a smile to share, he always had a new joke and he had a sincere love for people. When I was a child and saw him somewhere it seemed he always had a magic trick to show me. There is a card trick that I taught to my own children that I was taught by Larry Reasor. His humor and his love for people showed through. Most people only knew him by the commercials that showcased his humor but Larry was a sharp business man with an innate sense of how to please the customer. Such a simple concept but give them what they want really works. Larry opened his first grocery store in Tahlequah June 3, 1963 with two goals in mind. Put the customer first and sell them the foods they want to buy. Fifty years later, that vision is just as true. Larry passed away in 2004 but his memory is honored by his family and Reasors Foods has never deterred from Larrys original vision. Larrys son Jeff Reasor is now the Chairman and CEO of the company. The chain has grown to 17 stores and there are three more locations coming soon. The store employs more than 3,000 employees in Green Country and the family business made a big move in 2007 when it became employee-owned. Larrys son, Jeff and his brothers grew up working in the store, so Jeff learned early the concept of hard work and friendly service. He grew up in the business and learned important business concepts from his father. Business has evolved over the last 50 years, new technology and branding strategies have changed the market drastically, but Reasors has adapted with the changes. The things Larry taught Jeff that will never change is the strong work ethic needed to make a business grow and that the customer always comes first. Walk into any of the Reasors stores and you will find the best customer service, the friendliest staff and the best assortment of grocery items around. Reasors is known for its great quality meat and produce departments, but you will also find organic and gluten free options, great ethnic food finds, a well-stocked deli, bakery, floral and pharmacy departments, private label products (Red Bud Farms) with excellent quality and one of my favorite things about Reasors is that if there is ever a product that you cant find in their store, just ask them. Ive done this myself and what Ive found is the next time I shop, there the item sits on the shelf waiting on me. Reasors is continually introducing new programs to benefit its customers too. The Reasors Rewards loyalty program can save you a bundle on gas. They are partnered with Quiktrip and for every $50 you spend at Reasors, you get points to use at the pump. Their newest program, the NuVal Nutrition ranking system, takes the guess work out of reading labels. Get the details about reading NuVal the next time you shop. Its an eye opener for sure. In fifty years, the little grocery store on the corner has grown into an employee-owned company expanding throughout Green Country providing The Right Stuff at The Right Price and we at The Pulse couldnt be prouder to see a local and community minded business thrive. Dont miss the celebration specials being offered by Reasors this summer. Visit their website or Facebook for more information. Youll also find all the details and some of those old commercials, just for fun on our website www.mypulsemag.com and our Facebook page facebook.com/mypulsemag.

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Celebrating Fathers Day - Oklahoma Style

By Jason Pinnick
We asked our resident outdoorsman, Jason, what would a regular guy around these parts want for Fathers Day? His response gave us a bit of food for thought, but it also cleared up a lot of the misconceptions that previously filled our heads after reading those books on how women and men differ. Jason should write one of those books; it would be a bestseller. Ladies: as we all know, the first thing a man does when a holiday approaches, is ask us what we want. Our immediate response is, Surprise me. That tells him that he better know what we like but he better get something that is new and different from anything he bought before but it better still speak to who we are and it better be something we like. No pressure. What do women do when a holiday approaches? Women run out and pick something that appeals to them for him. Here are Jasons rules for the perfect Fathers Day gift:


1. Dont give us a tie or some desk top toy. Give us a manly gift like a welder or chainsaw so we can fix the grill then cut wood to fill the grill. Something that uses gas is always welcome. 2. We like manly things. Its what we do. One of our favorite pastimes is filling the grill with a whole bottle of starter fluid and a starting it with a flame thrower. We give ourselves points if the flames are higher than the gutters. 3. The faster we can get a job done the better. How about a cordless impact gun so we can change a tire in less than 7.3 seconds? Cant ask for more than that. 4. TOOLS: Always good. The bigger, the heavier, the shinier, the better. You never know when you may need that three inch box wrench but when I need it Ill have it. Having those toys is as much fun as using them. Being able to say I have them is even better. I dont expect you to understand, just go along with it. Put the receipt in the box in case I want to exchange it for something else and dont be offended if I do. Theres where were the same. 5. If your father is an outdoorsman, go with camo, something sharp, or something that makes a lot of smoke or fire (see number 2). This is not what you like, but what I like and I like camo. Thats why Bass Pro Shops have acres of camo clothes in stock all year. Camo is popular despite the fact you may not like it. This is the only time where buying clothing will excite me. I dont care what my underwear or my socks look like. Only you do. 6. Chances are that there is one thing I am really into: cars, guns, knives, motorcycles, video games, fishing, archery. You only have to look around the house or look at what I watch on TV to know what I am really into. Even if you cant decide on a gift, a gift certificate for a store/Website where I will actually go to shop for more than three minutes will work. 7. Fathers who like fixing things need things like duct tape and WD-40: I still havent figured why they havent made a WD-40 aftershave. Speaking of shaving; how bout a straight razor, mug and brush: I use one, but if your father wont (or youre afraid of the amount of blood loss) it will still look good (AKA tough) on the bathroom sink. 8. MOST IMPORTANT RULE: figure out what your dad likes then multiply it by 50. The bigger - the badder - the better. Remember Ladies, this isnt how we should shop for you; its how you should shop for us. Think inside the box for our gifts, not outside of it like we do for you. We are not looking to continually reinvent ourselves, we just want to go to work, come home, eat dinner and enjoy our hobbies. Unlike you, we are actually happy when something blows up, catches fire or makes a mess. It shows progress. Keep the Band-Aids handy and leave us be.

Happy Fathers Day from The Pulse.

p.s.- Fathers Day dinner ideas? Meat and potatoes. Thats all. No vegetables, no special dishes that you spent all day preparing. And youll know what to wear.


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Get up, get out and get busy

Its the last of the warm, but not sweltering temps and before we know it, well all be lamenting the wonderful rain weve had for much of April and May (lets just pray it stays a regular thing for the summer). What we were so happy to see was the long list of diverse activities that encourages everyone to get up off the couch and get outdoors to do something. No matter what your tastes lean towards, there is something right here in good old Green Country waiting to get you going. Pick one, two or more and have a ball! participate. www.ddayadventurepark.com, (918) 666-3411 Ottawa County still moves us with the Oklahoma Freewheel Bike Group June 14-15 and while we dont have a lot on the details, we are certain that if you have a kid that spends more time on the couch pretending at adventure with video games, bringing them out to see them in real life will spark them to get out and move more. (918) 542-4435 But WAIT! Theres MORE! If you stick around, Ottawa County will keep you going until the football preseason with the annual 8-Man All Star Football Week kicking off June 16-22 at Commerce High School (NEO College Arena is under construction). The best of Oklahoma football turn out for this once-a-year event. Miami CVB (918) 542-4435. We also have one more Ottawa County trick up our sleeve, but youll have to read on to know about it. Trust us when we say it will be worth the wait. Okay golf fans, you deserve some love too and we know you love chasing that teeny little ball all over the course, so we have two events (but we are sure there are more): one is the Adair Area Golf Tournament on June 8 at Cherokee Golf Course in Langley (918- 785-4242) and the other is Adams Golf Pro Tour Series at Peoria Ridge awaiting you June 12-15 (918.540.2535, ext. 15). Sharpen those tiny pencils! Turn back toward Tulsa on June 22 for the Beware the Beast Obstacle Race where a Minotaur, 12 foot walls, Ares, the God of War and all kinds of other crazy oddities are trying to keep you from the finish line. You get three lives and if you keep all three, you get a battle axe (a real axe, not mean old lady), but if you only have one life left, you still net a cool tee-shirt. Its all at Mohawk Park. www.bewareofthebeast.com, 918-258-9238 Okay, we kept you in suspense long enough, but we saw this next one on television years ago and luckily enough, we just happened to stumble on it the other day: the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show is returning to Wyandotte June 22-23


The TATUR Mud Run in Tulsa might not be for the gal (or guy) who gets their hair and nails done, but its just the thing for you if you have a bit of a wild side that yearns to breathe free. Part obstacle course, part mud pit, all muddy running fun, TATUR gets you out and dirty while raising funds for a great cause. www. tatur.org/MudRun or (918) 244-6918 If you still didnt get enough of a mud facial, then head down the Muskogee Turnpike June 7-8 for the Mud Volleyball Tournament at Three Forks Harbor where you can get down and dirty for the youth fund raiser. The highlight of the competition is the old OU-OSU rivalry, so if you are a die-hard fan of either U, get on over and cheer for your fave. Tulsa keeps the action going June 7-9 with one of the roughest, toughest bike events around. Its their annual Tulsa Tough Ride & Race in Downtown where St. Francis Hospital has created this event to promote healthier lifestyles. This event has also become quite the rage for spectators as well, so even if you cant remember the last time you were on a bike, come out and cheer on the contestants. If you want to participate, you must pre-register at www.tulsatough.com or call (918) 582-1414. Multiple courses with different skill levels await you. The annual OK D-Day Paintball battle lights up Wyandotte June 10-15 at D-Day Adventure Park and this years theme is the Battle of the Bulge from WWII. Plenty of paint, battle cries and even if you arent into that sort of thing, you might want to attend as a spectator this year because next year, youll be signing up. Pre-registration is required and you must be 15 or older to

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and we are actually <almost> at a loss for words. They have all kinds of weapons you might not get the chance to deal with in your everyday life (unless you are a sniper), so if youve dreamed about being a sniper, militia or just want to know what to do when you finally net that tank for the zombie apocalypse, check this one out. The big fun is machine gun rentals, tank rides and Kill the Car along with night shoots with tracers and Sniper Shoots on Saturday, but thats only a snippet of their offerings. Get more on their Facebook page or (918) 666-2788. Some other things worth getting up and out for June are all over our great corner of Oklahoma: we have so many fishing events, we couldnt list them in two places, so check out pages 8-9 to see which ones excite you and there are plenty Independence Day fun in the sun events to keep you entertained but we also have lots of car and motorcycle shows on or Things that Go Vroom page (page 38) that will get you out of the house and enjoying life in real time. There are all kinds of events for the kids with scavenger hunts, a Kidsfest at Woolaroc, plenty of festivals with rides, games and kid-friendly activities and be sure to even check in with the


local library to see what they have to keep your childrens minds engaged too. Stick with us all summer long because The Pulse will be bringing the action to you as fast as we know about it. Keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and on our Website at www.mypulsemag. com and if you hear of a cool outdoors event, we want to know about it! E-mail us at editor@mypulsemag.com and tell us what you know.

Dont miss Kidsfest at Woolaroc


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Theatre in June
The thrill of Theatre can be felt all over Green Country this June and we are happy to see that many of the local theatres are in on the action as well as the usual Tulsa ones. For space, we are going to give you some information on the shows we are most excited about here, but visit us at www.mypulsemag.com for additional information on some of the shows we have listed below. If you want to entertain the kids while opening their eyes to the joy of live theatre, then give them a thrill with Missoula Children Theater production of The Secret Garden June 3-7 in Pryor at the Hershel Avra Performing Arts Center. Get more at www.pryorarts.org. Its a captivating story of a little girls finding of a garden on her grumpy uncles land where she learns how to become a better person, thereby making her grumpy uncle a better person too. Cute story and should be a fun time. We found one event in Tulsa that gives the audience that rare treat of interactive theatre and while weve talked about it before, we want to remind you that Oklahoma Chautauqua is coming to OSUs Tulsa campus June 4-8 from noon 9 pm. Its more than interviews with Bessie Coleman, Babe Ruth, Will Rogers, Henry Ford and Zelda Fitzgerald, its also an evening performance and plenty to educate. Its also free to attend, making it even sweeter. Find out more at www.okchautaqua. org or call (918) 549-7492. One show that made us sit up and take notice is The Lion King coming to Tulsa PAC June 4-July 7, but dont let the long engagement lull you into the false sense of ticket plentifulness (is that a word?). This is a big deal, and there will be plenty of people who planned ahead and got their tickets, so dont let them leave you with the bad seats. Simba, Nala and Scar have to be seen up close, but bring tissues because we all know where the sad parts are. Get more info at www.tulsapac.com, www.celebrityattractions.com or call (918) 596-7109. Feeling a bit odd? Then pay a visit to The Female Odd Couple playing at the Broken Arrow Community Playhouse June 7-9 and 1416. Florence Unger and Olive Madison begin their story with a game of Trivial Pursuit rather than a poker game, but the overall story is the same. We all know that women are subject to the same crazy issues and it might make for even more hilarity. Find out ticket info and more by checking in at www.bacptheatre.com or call (918) 258-0077. Be sure to check out their upcoming season while you are on their website; it looks pretty peachy keen. Tulsa Spotlight Theatre will have a one-night-only performance of Treasure Island on June 14 at Tulsa Spotlight Theater at 7 pm. The Theater is located at 1381 Riverside Drive in Tulsa and you can get your tickets by calling (918) 587-5030 or check in at www.spotlighttheater.org. Grove Community Playmakers are back in action for June with Hearts Desire & A Number on the stage June 14-16, in what is a new and unique type of theatrical production. Its a psychological thriller about human cloning and the relationship between fathers and sons. Perfect for a Fathers Day outing. Check out www.gcplaymakers.com or call (918) 786-8950 for tickets and more. If your kids are theatre-prone, or not sports-minded, then give them a shot at Cinderella Kids Summer Camp June 17-28, 9 am 3 pm. Find the forms and more at www.cmtonstage.com/news-and-events. Our next theatre excursion is theatre and dinner, but its one more: its a great way to get the whole family out and learning something about the Bible. Its not a play; its chariots of fire, live animals and a strong message that all of us can always take a message from. The Elijah Factor is coming to the Picture in Scripture Amphitheater in Disney for a limited engagement June 21, 22, 28 and 29 6:30 -10:30 pm. We know that this will be a show for any age. Get your tickets now before its too late. Muskogee Little Theatre makes us proud with their Youth Camp production of Godspell, Jr. performances June 27-30. No matter who you are, this is a moving musical of www.muskogeelittletheatre.com, (918) 683-5332. Due to the quantity of shows Tulsa PAC has for June (and the fact that we want our readers to have all the information for all of the areas equally), we are listing some of the PAC shows below. If you want more information, check out www.tulsapac.com: June 2: Dual Pianos Ragtime Featuring Adam Swanson & Max Keenlyside, Liddy Doenges Theatre June 13-15: Old Red on the Head/Jesus for the Defense, Liddy Doenges Theatre June 14, 15, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29, 30: Hello Dolly!, John H. Williams Theatre June 15: Rebecca Ungerman in Queen Cleofis Comes Home, Charles E. Norman Theatre, Why Cyn Sings Jazz, Charles E. Norman Theatre June 16: Steve Lancasters Family Magic Show, Charles E. Norman Theatre, Side By Side By Sondheim, John H. Williams Theatre June 21-22: The Boys Next Door, Liddy Doenges Theatre June 21: Two of a Kind, Charles E. Norman theatre June 21, 22, 26, 29, 30: The Drowsy Chaperone, John H. Williams Theatre June 22-23: Wrong Way Broadway 2: Even Wronger, Charles E. Norman Theatre (Adults only) June 27-29: 84 Charing Cross Road, Liddy Doenges Theatre June 28-29: Slouching Towards Barnsdall: Wisdom & Whining from John Wooley & Barry Friedman, Charles E. Norman Theatre


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WAR Z JUNE 21, PG-13 MONSTERS UNIVERSITY JUNE 21, G WORLD Mike Wazowski has always dreamed of being a top scarer. But at In this apocalyptic thriller United Nations worker Gerry Lane
Monsters University he crosses paths with a hotshot James P. Sullivan. The competition between the two heats up and spirals out of control getting them booted from the elite Scare Program. Now Mike and Sulley must work together and join forces with a bunch of misfit monsters to get back on course. This prequel brings back Billy Crystal and John Goodman as the beloved duo from Pixars Monsters Inc., one of the most successful and beloved of Pixars outings. Guest voices are numerous and include Steve Buscemi (returning as Randall), Frank Oz (returning as Jeff Fungus), Nathan Fillion, John Krasinsky, Helen Mirren, and Alfred Molina just to name a few. Bonnie Hunt and John Ratzenberger are also returning but voicing new characters. It appears Pixar is ready to put out a sequel worthy of its predecessor. Either way, this one is sure to please the entire family and just in time for summer vacation for the kids. Cant wait to catch Mike & Sulley back in action. (played by Brad Pitt) searches the globe for information that can bring a halt to the zombie pandemic threatening to destroy humanity. Marc Forster directs and is the man behind Quantum of Solace, Monsters Ball and Finding Neverland. Based on the book of the same name by Max Brooks, son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft, World War Z has all of the makings to be a cult hit. The only thing standing in its way are the rumors behind the script rewrites and scene reshoots that pushed the films release date from December 2012 back to June 2013, as well as arguments over zombie appearances and behavior. Even so, previews look very promising especially if you like the zombiehorror genre and, even though it will not directly follow the novel, the book this is based on was quite entertaining. So get your best zombie skull splitting weapon and get in line for what will be a grand ride through a zombie war.


Also in Theaters in JUNE

June 7
The Internship (PG-13); Much Ado About Nothing (PG-13)

June 14
The Bling Ring (R); Man of Steel (PG-13); This is the End (R)

June 28
Byzantium (R); The Heat (R); Im So Excited (R); Redemption (R); White House Down (NYR)

June 4
Escape From Planet Earth (PG); A Good Day to Die Hard (R); Identity Thief (R); Warm Bodies (PG-13)

June 11
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (R); Oz The Great & Powerful (PG); Snitch (PG-13)

June 18
21 & Over (R); Gangster Squad (R); Jack the Giant Slayer (PG-13); The Last Exorcism Part 2 (PG-13); Movie 43 (R); Quartet (PG-13); Stoker (R)

June 25
The Call (R); The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (PG-13); Phantom (R)


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Rodeos are everywhere

If you take a moment to notice, many of the June rodeos are dedicated to the Juneteenth celebration and for any of you who did not know it, Juneteenth commemorates the ending of slavery on June 19 in 1865 in Texas. The actual freeing of slaves happened on January 1, 1863 but the message being delivered to Gordon Granger in Texas was believed to have been intercepted, thus delaying the freedom of many slaves for another two and a half years. There are numerous theories as to why this delay occurred, the most common of which is that the messenger was murdered en route. The reason that many of the rodeos honor Juneteenth is because many early cowboys were black; to the tune of one in four. Today, some theorize that the name cowboy actually is derived from the black men who drove the herds and did the hardest jobs on the earlier ranches in the American West. Despite doing the toughest jobs on the ranch, many of the black cowboys preferred that life to picking cotton on a plantation. Today, many rodeos honor their dedication to developing our land into what it is with the Juneteenth name, so without further ado, lets get ready to RODEO! Jim Shoulders Spring Round-Up Rodeo, May 31 - June 1, Jim Shoulders Living Legends Rodeo Arena, Henryetta Old Settlers Day, June 8, Downtown Checotah: Not just a rodeo, but so much more, Old Settlers Day offers a chance to get out and enjoy a quaint town in McIntosh County where the good old days are alive and well and still see a down N dirty rodeo while you are at it. Its a hot spot for rodeo and was home to many of the greats, so you know they are serious busters. Worlds Largest Calf Fry Festival & Cook-Off, June 8, Craig County Fairgrounds, Vinita: Food gets top billing, but the Will Rogers Rodeo gets the big love. This is part of the Big Country Weekend, so we all know that means big food, big hats and serious rodeo. What else do you need to know? Kellyville Heritage Days, June 7-8, Downtown Kellyville: With a two-day rodeo, they have to mean business, but they also offer some other fun for the not-so-rodeo goers. Good food, music and fun round-out the days, making it worth the drive. Cattlemens Convention/Ben Johnson Memorial Steer Roping, June 14-15, Osage County Fairgrounds, Pawhuska: The entire theme is the American Cowboy so its serious rodeo through and through. Steer roping and BBQ along with street dancing under the stars make it a cowboys dream getaway. The best in the U.S. will be there, so you should be there too. Pawnee Bills Wild West Show, June 15, 22, 29, Pawnee Bill Ranch, Pawnee: We werent sure if our die-hard rodeo-ers would cuff our ears, but we had to include this in with the rodeos only because its part of the Wild, Wild West theme and we Okies are all about that. Show them some love and tell em that The Pulse sent you. Green Corn Festival, June 27-29, Charley Young Park/Bixby Round-Up Club, Bixby: The rodeos are in the evenings, so let the kids run around all day and then check out what the rodeo has to offer both evenings, but be sure to watch the tractor pulls too!

Some other Rodeos worth your time to see:

Carl Rice Memorial Open Rodeo, June 5-8, Beggs, (918) 637-3819 Annual Juneteenth Rodeo, June 8, Owasso, (918) 402-5208, www.marcousfriday.com Stormwalker Ranch Cowboy Dressage, June 8-9, Claremore Expo Center, 918-342-5357, www.visitclaremore.org Annual Owasso Rodeo, June 10, Owasso, (918) 402-5208 Jim Shoulders Round-Up Rodeo, June 11, Henryetta, (918) 652-3331, www.henryetta.org Drumright Big Brothers Rodeo, June 19, Drumright, (918) 367-3507 Fort Gibson PRCA Rodeo, June 19, Fort Gibson, (918) 478-6217, www.davidbaileyrodeo.com Juneteenth Multicultural Rodeo, June 19, Tulsa, (918) 428-1138 Amaira Region 8 Tour Rodeo, June 22-23, Okmulgee, (918) 894-3854, www.rodeoz.com/amairaregion8.com Salvation Army Benefit Rodeo, June 25, Coweta, (918) 371-6694 Cher-O-Dair Shrine Club Rodeo, June 26, Tahlequah, (918) 623-3674 Westville IPRA Rodeo, June 26, Westville, (800) 639-9002 Amaira Region 8 Rodeo, June 26, Checotah, (918) 894-3854, www.amairaok.com M&M Custom Campers Tour Rodeo, July 3, Tahlequah, (918) 623-3674 4-Way IPRA/ACRA Rodeo, July 5-6, Pryor, (918) 637-5603 Owasso Round Up Club Open Rodeo, July 6-7, Owasso, (918) 637-3819, www.looserowelrodeo.com


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Powwow Season heats up a bit more

As temperatures rise, the powwow season gets busier. Its just a fact. We couldnt be more excited that we have more to cover for your powwow pleasure. Please be sure to keep those powwows coming to us for future issues at editor@mypulsemag.com and we want to thank all those who submitted information to us for this month. It helps us immensely. We start June (and end May) with the Miami Nation Tribal Powwow May 30-June 1 at the NEO College Arena. Its free to attend and they have all kinds of dancing to make you want to tap your toes and they will certainly keep your eyes glued to their moves. With princesses, color guard presentation, merchandise vendors and plenty of snacks to keep you there, its a great time to be a part of the fun. Come see this competition at its finest hour. Find out more at www.miamination.com or call 918542-1445 for more information. Lets not forget that Arts of the Avenue has many Native American artists on hand displaying their works as well as showing you their skills. Have a glass of wine, let the kids play and enjoy a beautiful day in downtown Tahlequah. More is found at www. artsontheave.net or call (918) 453-5278. If you have Cherokee blood or if you think you do, the Cherokee Nation is holding their annual Cherokee Ancestry Conference to help you to get a foothold to get back with your people June 14-15 at the Cherokee Heritage Center. With workshops, speakers, assistance with research and all kinds of things to get you that card, this is the place to be if you want to find out who you really are. Theres a lot to be learned. Get all you need to register at www.cherokeeheritage.org or call 918-456-6007. Pre-registration is required and the workshops run 8:30 am 4 pm both days. Come find out who you are. One of the biggest Tribal festivals in our state takes place in June and it also happens to be right here in Green Country. The Muscogee Creek Nation Festival going on June 20-23 at the Claude Cox Omniplex in Okmulgee is a smorgasbord of fun. With sports, a rodeo, concerts, arts and crafts, food, a parade and activities for the young and young at heart, this is a sure bet. It is also one of the largest and longest-running festivals in these parts, so what more do we need to say to make you wanna go other than well pick you up and drop you off? Its also well planned and executed fun for every age. Dont leave out a visit to the Creek Council House Museum either! Get directions, schedules and more by checking in at www.muscogeenation-nsn.gov or give a call to 918732-7992 . The Festival runs 8 am midnight each day WOW! The Peoria Nation celebrates their heritage June 21-23, so keep your Powwow gear on and hit them on the same weekend, thus making a big circuit of the Powwows. Their powwow is located at 60610 E. 90 Road in Miami, which might be a bit of a drive from Okmulgee but well worth it. Gourd, straight, grass, traditional and fancy dancing are all part of the festivities and we didnt even list them all! Everyone will be in full regalia so we all know that means lots of colors and beauty to behold. Singing, hand drumming. Arts and crafts and free camping all weekend make it even more special, but dont worry too much about packing a lot of food because they have plenty and youll be licking your plate clean. Get more from www.peoriatribe.com or call Frank Heckaher at 918-540-2535. Muskogee always seems to have a little sumpthin going on no matter what you want to do and they do have a powwow too. The Murrow Childrens Home Benefit Powwow will be going on June 29 at Bacone College campus is a perfect way to do your part to help local kids and give your little ones a fun day of culture and learning. (918) 682-2586 The Pawnee Indian Veterans Powwow is happening July 4-7 at 615 Denver Street in Pawnee and as this is their 67th year, everything will be done right. Plenty of dance contests, heritage programs and free primitive camping with rations on Saturday morning make it a complete package. Come honor those who served our country despite all that was done to them. Call (918) 873-0499 for more information. The Quapaw Tribal Powwow is going on July 5-7 at 5681 S. 630 Road in Quapaw. Come witness the proud traditions of this nation with dancing, contests, vendors and fun, but stick around for the yummy food too. Plenty of family fun for everyone. Get more from www.quapawtribe.com or call (918) 542-1853. Native news elsewhere in Oklahoma: Tinker Inter-Tribal Council Powwow: June 1, Joe Barnes Regional Park, Midwest City, (405) 739-1293, www.midwestcityok. org: Free and open to the public, this powwow is a great opportunity for your family to experience the vibrant and fascinating culture of the American Indian tribes that call Oklahoma home. Activities will include Native American traditional dance, singing, art, jewelry, food and a childrens tent. Red Earth Parade/Cultural Festival: June 7-8, Downtown OKC, www.redearth.org, (405) 427-5228: More than 1,200 American Indian artists and dancers from throughout North America gathering to celebrate the richness and diversity of their heritage with the world. For three exciting days, Oklahoma City will be at the center of Native American art and culture. Jim Thorpe Native American Games: June 9-15, Sports Venues, OKC, (405) 208-9253,www.jimthorpegames.com: Athletes representing Indian nations, bands and tribes from across the United States and Canada will come together in Oklahoma City to share their talents in the spirit of the Worlds Greatest Athlete, Jim Thorpe, who excelled at not only the Olympic Games, but major league baseball, college football and professional football as well. Iowa Tribal Powwow: June 14-16, Iowa Tribal Complex, Perkins, (580) 304-6731, www.iowanation.org: The Iowa Tribal Powwow, held in Perkins, will include traditional camping, social dancing, arts and craft vendors and plenty of food. Come to this annual powwow to view American Indian dancers in full regalia. Kiowa Gourd Clan Celebration: July 2-4, Carnegie City Park, Carnegie, (580) 654-2300: This event will feature the tribes Sun Dance, held in the middle of summer during the longest and hottest days of the year. Visit the Kiowa Gourd Clan Celebration to see gourd dancing, stunning shawls and drumming exhibitions, and celebrate Kiowa heritage at this traditional ceremony.



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Homegrown Heroes:


Camp Loughridge brings light and hope for kids with medical challenges
This summer, many parents are sending their kids off to summer camp to learn a new skill, ride horses, swim, play and make a new set of friends. There are many kids here, and across the nation, who spend their summer in doctors offices, hospitals and testing clinics dealing with a debilitating illness. Its not a good way to spend a life, never mind a way to spend summer vacation. Thats where Camp Loughridge steps in. Camp Loughridge is a Christian day camp for kids 8-16 to do all kinds of things, but they have one special camp called Hopes Crossing for kids who are fighting heart disease, cancer or muscular dystrophy to spend a week just being a normal kid. The program at Hopes Crossing is run entirely through the generous donations, fund raisers and gifts so the kids can attend entirely for free. These kids are integrated into the regular camp program and offered the chance at enjoying physical activity, arts and crafts and nature appreciation. Each child is partnered with a buddy for the week, giving them social interaction and a chance to make new friends while they enjoy being a normal child.

What really caught our attention about Camp Loughridge is the amount of dedication they give to the fund raising. Their Xtreme 5K in May was one of those fund raisers. It is all done in hopes of giving these special kids a week of normalcy. Another thing that touched us about Loughridge is the way that they encourage children to return to become counselors. Many of the kids who attended as patrons stayed with the program and later moved through the training program and later returned as counselors. The program is a stringent one with first aid, conflict resolution, lifeguard training and a whole host of skills taught to become a counselor. It is so amazing that there are places like Camp Loughridge that dedicate such large amounts of time and effort to help children to have a shot at a normal life, even if its only for one week. And while most of us go through life living normal lives, could you imagine what a child who lives with the constancy of doctors offices, hospitals and clinic testing would view that one week as being? The thrill of having a few days to be like everybody else must be the best thing in the world to child who deals with something they shouldnt have to face in the first place. Loughridge still needs your help. Your generous support can go

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Do you want to do more as a Homegrown Hero?

On May 19-21, tornadoes ripped through central Oklahoma, hitting Moore, Norman, Shawnee and other towns and cities just a few hours away from us. Many people, possibly your friends or relatives may live there, or you may not know a soul in any of these places, but what we do know is that the devastation is close to home. To see people suffering in an area that is only a few short hours drive from our homes is a scary proposition. We as Oklahomans should feel compelled to help them as if they are our friends and neighbors, because in essence, they truly are. We here at The Pulse remember when the news broke that these storms were going to be something to concern most of the state. Many of us were preparing ourselves for the worst. We started putting this magazine together a bit early, making some meals ahead of time, gathering insurance documents and doing the various things that would prepare us for the worst. Fortunately, the worst never arrived to our doorstep, but we do remember the fear we felt that weekend before the storm. It is nervousness like no other; you have no control over what is to come. You cannot do much more than plan and prepare as best you can, but you cannot avert the tragedy. Lets all be the good people we always planned on being by doing our part for our western neighbors. The Red Cross is making it easy for you to donate to the relief efforts. You can donate $10 by texting REDCROSS to 90999 or visit their website: www.redcross.org to see what other ways you can make a difference. Dont wait for tragedy to strike to make a difference. Be the change you want to see in the world every day. Some other ways you can help from the Red Cross: 1. Host a blood drive, volunteer at a blood drive or recruit donors. 2. Take a class in First Aid, CPR, or disaster preparedness. 3. Be an instructor. The Red Cross can groom you to become one. 4. Provide training for disaster preparedness to others: your office, your neighborhood, your church group. The Red Cross can show you how. Theres no better way to feel secure than to know you have a plan of action in the event of an emergency. Find out more about how to make a plan by visiting www.fema.gov and learn how to empower yourself. Whatever you do, doing nothing is not the answer. Imagine how you would feel if the roles were reversed and no one came to your aid during the worst time in your life. As Oklahomans we are always so proud of who we are and our independent spirit, but at times like these, we all need to pull together and lend a hand to our brothers and sisters who need us when they are at the worst point in their lives. Be a hand to pull them out; who knows when they might be there for you?


a long way to helping children who can benefit from a week of normalcy. Their Friends of Loughridge program has four levels of membership, or you can make a one-time donation by contacting Kayla at (918) 446-4194 or via e-mail at kmaynard@camploughridge.org. Loughridge offers more than summer camp experiences with retreat spaces for businesses, a wedding chapel and conference center for your reception and plenty of amenities for an outdoor wedding as well. They also have an outdoor amphitheater that seats 300 guests. With over 200 acres of space with lakes for fishing and canoeing, along with plenty of swimming pools, sports courts, archery ranges, rope courses, arts and crafts and nature programs all designed to inspire and educate, Camp Loughridge wants to help local children who need the opportunity to enjoy a little normalcy in their upsidedown lives. Find out more about the everyday miracles at Camp Loughridge at www.camploughridge.org or give them a call at (918) 4464194 or e-mail your questions to question@camploughridge.org and find out how you can help give local kids a chance at some fun this summer. Camp Loughridge is located at 4900 W. 71st Street in Tulsa.

Donate $10 by texting REDCROSS to 90999 or visit their website: www.redcross.org


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Its summertime and the livin is easy - except where cooking is concerned. We have no tolerance for spending any time in the kitchen or for waiting around for a three-course meal. We wanna grab our meal, scarf it down and get busy having fun! We looked around and found some places where you can grab a quick meal so your activities arent interrupted for too long. Some have multiple locations, some are stand-alone, but they are all pretty yummy. Pistol Pats: Highway 28, one mile from the Pensacola Dam spillway, (918) 435-8000, Facebook Pistol Pats is a Disney landmark; burgers, BBQ, jalapeno cheese balls and deep-fried pork tender sandwiches are all part of their charm, but what keeps people coming back for more are the chocolate-dipped cones. Apparently, theres always room for these little tasties, no matter how much sandwich youve stuffed down, and their ice cream selections dont stop there. Open seven days a week Memorial Day through Labor Day, give Pistol Pats a shot then take home a pound or two of their smoked meats to have another taste later on. Akropolis: 200 N. Muskogee Ave., Tahlequah, (918) 431-1988, Facebook While open for lunch at the moment (11 am 2 pm, M-F), Ak-

ropolis has big plans for evening music and they recently started outdoor seating, but what really grabs us is that they offer healthy, fast food at a reasonable price and the best part is that your taste buds will never know that you slipped healthy right on by them. Plenty of salad, gyro and hummus options, all healthy and tasty, make this a must try on our quick bites list. Good service and sweet staff makes them a good bet for a great lunch. They have plenty of salads and vegetarian options that top our list for the waistline watchers as well as their delicious gyros and hummus and tabouli. Dairy Bar: Hwy 62, Westville, (918) 723-5560 Plenty of quick and juicy burgers with a delectable cone to finish off your meal, Dairy Bar is a long-standing favorite for the locals of Westville as well as those passing through on their way to and from Fayetteville and Tahlequah. While not much to look at, its the kind of place that gives one a pleasant surprise when you find out how yummy the food is. Simply done but done right and fast. We like no frills when everything is done right. Soda Steves Market: 300 N. Main Street, Gore, (918) 4895948, www.sodasteves.com, Facebook New to Gore, Soda Steves Market has plenty of the usual stuff like pop, fantastic coffee to wake you up, newspapers, groceries and sundries, but the extra twist is that Soda Steves has the yum-


Eggplant Parmigiana Eggplant Rollantini Cheese, Meat or Spinach Ravioli Lasagna Manicotti Spaghetti Baked Ziti Pasta Sampler Tue - Sun: 11am - 9:30pm Stromboli Minestrone Soup Fri - Sat: 11am - 10:30pm Chicken Caesar Salad (Closed Mondays) Calzone Spinach Calzone 901 S Muskogee Tahlequah, OK

Italian Restaurant



Wine & Beer Served


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my sandwiches, ribs, chicken, more sides than youll know what to do with (youll think of something) and various specials often found at the Soda Steves at Fin & Feather Resort along with some new ones. One sniff and youll drool as soon as you walk in the door. The staff is super-sweet and the place is redone in the old Rainbow Mart spot, making it a nice place to take a load off and enjoy your meal or stay in the car and use the drive-thru. Hot and cold fare is all there, ready to take with you or enjoy at their tables inside. AND they have the famous bathtub for washing your hands, just like at the original Soda Steves! Beacon Drive-Inn: 1054 N. York Street, Muskogee, (918) 687-1761 Beacon has been around since, well no one seems to remember when Beacons wasnt around, so that says a lot about a restaurants quality. If its been around forever, it has the yum factor. Burgers, fries, the usual stuff that even the pickiest kid will eat without asking, Whats that? as well as being a great place for a fun date night without a big price tag. Reminisce while you consume a big ol burger or their coney and fries, enjoy an ice cream, then catch a movie at the Mall for a perfect night out to remind you of way back when. Americana at its finest. Cash only, just so you know in advance. Brownies Hamburger Stand: 2130 S. Harvard Ave. (Expo Square), Tulsa, (918) 744-0320 With Brownie in the name and hamburgers in the fare, this has got to be a win-win. Since 1956, plenty if pies, chili, cole slaw, and fish sandwiches to go round, along with an easy menu without too many choices to make you keep guessing. They also serve breakfast (apparently), but we cant speak to that. If the breakfasts are as good as the burgers, were sure theyll rock your

socks off. One thing you might want to try are the chili cheese fried, but bring Tums if you dont do them regularly; these arent wimpy guy chili fries, but they are really tasty going down. Wash it all down with their homemade root beer. Weve been warned that their hours are a bit sketchy, so you might want to call ahead if you are making a trip. Bill & Ruths: Multiple locations: Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Claremore, (918) 258-7827 Plenty of locations, but what makes Bill & Ruths stand out is their attention to ingredients. Freshly baked bread and good ingredients can make or break a good (or bad) sandwich and B&R got both parts right. Open since 2000, they seem to be opening new locations all over the place, so that says a lot about their ability to appeal to peoples palates. Try their gyros or a subwe highly recommend either. They also have a good selection for kids fare and plenty of basket specials along with drive-thru service if you are really in a rush. Charlies Chicken: Multiple locations all over Green Country, (918) 245-8188, www.charlies-chicken.com No matter where you are headed, were pretty sure you can find a Charlies Chicken on the way or near your destination. We like that you can get a bucket and sides to take home or eat your meal there and save yourself some clean-up. We also like that they have a nice assortment of sides that range from comfort food, like mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese or you can go a bit healthier with the veggie choices. Plenty of desserts to top off your meal along with plenty for the kiddos and their chicken has wide appeal because of its simplicity without too



in tahlequah

Best steak


Get Hooked on the Kitchen

1095 E 4th St., Tahlequah, OK (Off 4th & Bertha Parker Bypass)



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much pepper or spice like some other places. Dont forget dessert or grab a bag of sandwiches or just grab an assortment of combos or specials and let everyone pick their favorite. Waylans Ku-Ku Burger: 915 N. Main St., Miami, (918) 542-1865 Its a simple burger joint on Route 66 with fries, a nice variety of choices and sides and toppings, but what keeps people coming back is the quality of the meat. They dont skimp on that and it shows. Their prices are competitive and maybe even a bit better than the bigger guys, but much tastier. We love that we could get all kinds of specialty drinks too. They offer all kinds of good food done right for a good price and its always hot and fresh. Makes them worth the drive for us. Waylans has all kinds of car nights each month in the warmer months too making it a step back to a summer night in the 1950s. Old School Bagel Caf: 3723 S. Peoria Ave., Tulsa, (918) 7437400, www.oldschoolbageltulsa.com Healthy without making you wish you had just gone with something else, Old School has bagels that compete with New York. They also know how to make a dang good sandwich with them too and you can get a healthy drink or juice and be really proud that you had a tasty breakfast or lunch while still eating right. The place smells wonderful even from a block away and they serve their food pretty fast, but be warned that they get slammed in the mornings, so be ready to stand in line for a few

Se rv sin ing ce O 50 the klah s lat oma e

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minutes. Itll be worth the wait. Weezes Caf: 328 S. Dewey Ave., Bartlesville, (918) 337-0881, www.weezescafe.com, Facebook Lunch specials for under $7 says a lot to people and they also have breakfast that brings locals in regularly; especially for the biscuits and gravy. They are quite popular with the budgetwatching population but not because of their prices, but also because of how good the food is for what you get for what you spend. Plenty of good service also makes Weezes a return spot, but if you are looking for that special tabouleh with a side of northern Grecian feta marinated in extra virgin Athenian olive oil, Weezes is NOT that place. Its simple fare to fill your tummy and keep your wallet happy at the same time. Hot food, good portions served fast by a nice staff gives Weezes a gold star. They only serve breakfast and lunch - just so you know. Check their Website for this weeks specials. Pies & Such: 216 E. 2nd Street, Bartlesville, (918) 337-3620 Yep, we loved it already just based on the name alone, and the food was good to boot. Diner fare from a simple small menu, all served fast. They dont take credit, so come ready for that, but bring enough spare cash for a piece of their delicious pie because it really makes for a perfect end to a perfect meal. Lots of teapots adorning the place and its a small restaurant, but we think its just quaint. The food is like Grandma used to make; good old down-home fare, topped off with a piece of delectable pie and a cup of tea, you cant miss.





The Pulse Supper Club

Well, we finally found out about the gang that chances new places to eat from our magazine (no pressure there). What we found out is that this is big, happy group of retired and semiretired people who get out and enjoy life, but what we learned is that we all could take a page from their book of lifes secrets to staying active and happy. No matter how old you are, how many (or how few) friends you have, or where you live, where you go, how much (or how little) money you have, life is meant to be lived to the fullest. And that is what these people do. How many times have we all thought that someday we would do X, Y or Z? We all have a long list of our someday things and most of those things are not expensive or big, we just dont do them. A good saying to live by is, You dont take time; you make time to do things that are important to you. This summer, make time to enjoy the little things along the way and stop to smell (then eat) the good food at many of our local restaurants and diners. Even a hot dog and ice cream with the family can be a memory youll hold dear for years to come. Get out and enjoy life, because no one spends their last hours on earth saying, Boy, I wish I spent more time at work. We want to say a special thanks to the group that has been somehow nicknamed The Pulse Supper Club. We dont know how the name got started, or how it came to be, but we are honored that you read our magazine and we applaud your zest for life! Maybe the rest of us can learn a little something from the fun you all are having.

Photo: Back row left to right: Vernita Phelps, David Langton, Sandra Langton, EJ Pembleton, Jerry Pembleton. Front row left to right: John Phelps, Ricky Gregory, Linda Gregory. Missing from the photo, but included in the group: Dwayne & Pat Moffett and Mike & Roberta Edwards. www.mypulsemag.com The Pulse - June 2013 - Page 53

Music Festivals bring the

By Amy Addams

Tunes to June
The Cookson Jubilee takes center stage June 21-22 and with the family fun, music and food, you cant lose for a great way to spend a day. Plenty of great everything for all and it only costs for parking. Get more by checking in with their Facebook page: TACO Cookson or check on our Cherokee pages (pages 20-21). Make sure you get plenty of sleep, take your vitamins and eat right, then turn right back around for July 4 at Grove yet again for the Arts, Crafts, Music & Cajun Festival also at the Grove Civic Center where the theme is a good old fashioned Cajun hoe-down with plenty of jambalaya, hamburgers and hotdogs for all, and the music never runs low either. They also have some gorgeous arts and crafts for your buying pleasure so you have plenty of bling to watch the bangs that evening. It is plenty of family fun for all and the whole gang will have a great time and a full belly of good food and fun. You just cant beat good Zydeco! Get more from the same place you get info for American Heritage: www.grandlakefestivals.com or call (918) 786-8896. Some other, lesser-known events going on around these parts are happening at the local marinas. Be sure to check out our Lakes pages (pages 8-9) for some fun in the sun and local bands as well as lots of Independence Day musical entertainment at many of our local festivals as well. See pages 10-11 for places to go for your Fourth of July fun. Stay with us for July; well have lots of fun on the lakes still to come and we have word on some great entertainment on the Illinois River too. Well keep you posted.

With all the music going on in May, you might think that you should stop and catch your breath, but we suggest that you grab a change of clothes, a nap and a map and get back out there for June because the June line-up looks pretty spectacular and we need to make our July 4 plans now to get the most bang. We start with Tuesdays in the Park in Central Park in Broken Arrow June 4, 11, 18 and 25. Its a fabulous change from your usual Tuesday where you can throw a picnic in a basket, some blankets and a bottle of vino and have a pleasant change from the Tuesday evening in front of the television. Its all free too. Find out more on their line-ups and more at www.artsba.org or call (918) 207-6249.


If you are still hungry after Tuesday, then check out Hungry for the Blues June 7-8 in Mohawk Park in Tulsa. Its also a big arts and crafts show, cars, kids zone and plenty of jazz and blues to keep you full on music all weekend long. If the music doesnt fill your belly, the good food will. Find out more at www.csaudio.com/hfb or call (918) 378-0567. If you are headed toward the lakes, namely Grand Lake, then Grove has not one, but two festivals for your listening pleasure. The first is the American Heritage Festival June 6-8 at the Grove Civic Center where pickin and grinnin are a way of life. Cloggers, jamming, camping and plenty of fun make it a weekend you will talk about for years to come. Be sure to bring your instrument of choice along to pick along with the greats. No matter your skill level, theyll be sure to make you feel welcome and help you take it to the next level. Plenty to see, hear and do all weekend long. Its quite the thing and folks come from all over the U.S. to be a part, so what are YOU waiting for, eh? Get your details from www. grandlakefestivals.com or call (918) 786-8896.

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Its Summer in Green Country By Julie Wenger Watson

Let the Music Begin!

Lee Guthrie and her musician husband Johnny Irion close out the evening. For a complete listing of free activities, see www. guthriegreen.com In Bartlesville, OKMozart takes place June 9-15 with a spectacular lineup of performances. An Evening of Bluegrass on June 10 features an all-star group of musicians that includes banjoist Noam Pikelny (Punch Brothers), fiddler Luke Bulla (Jerry Douglas Band, Lyle Lovetts Big Band), and Ronnie McCoury (The Del McCoury Band). The Amici New York Orchestra and the jazz, swing fusion of Hot Club of Cowtown are all part of the week long musical celebration. For a full schedule, visit www.okmozart.com.

Summer has officially arrived and its time to get out and have some fun. For music lovers in Northeast Oklahoma, this month is packed with great concert opportunities, so grab your copy of The Pulse and hit the tune trail. If you like a side of gambling with your music, Oklahomas numerous casinos are the place to be in June. The Joint at Tulsas Hard Rock Casino features Grammy Award winning, Americana, singer songwriter, Sheryl Crow, on June 21 followed by 80s rocker Billy Idol on June 25. Crows music is a catchy blend of folk, rock, country and pop, while the British Idol is known for his attitude and punkinfluenced hits like White Wedding. Visit www.hardrockcasinotulsa. com for details. The River Spirit Event Center, near 83rd & Riverside in Tulsa, has a full calendar of all-ages shows this month starting off with The Bacon Brothers on June 7, featuring the folk rock of actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael. The heavy metal Queensryche hits town on June 21, followed by the Country flavored Lonestar, June 28 and past American Idol favorite Daughtry on June 30. More information at www.riverspirittulsa.com Cains Ballroom, Tulsas historic honky tonk is heating up for summer. Highlights include the electronic pop of Passion Pit on June 3, Gypsy punks Gogol Bordello June 4, and the beautiful, folk harmonies of Brit sister trio, The Staves, on June 5 and thats just the first week! Western Swing greats, Asleep at the Wheel, will fill the dance floor June 28, and the uber hip, multi-talented Todd Rundgren closes out the month on June 30. For a complete calendar, visit www.cainsballroom.com. Get your tickets early for The Monkees at The Brady Theater on August 3. The three surviving members of this internationally renowned pop band made famous through their 60s television show will play classic cuts and fan favorites like Daydream Believer and Last Train to Clarksville. Visit www.bradytheater.com for show details. Guthrie Green, an urban park in Tulsas Brady Arts District, continues its free outdoor entertainment with the Red Dirt Rangers 25th Anniversary show on Sunday afternoon June 2. The family friendly and very fun Trout Fishing In America play Friday evening June 7, followed by folk singer Terri Hendrix with multi instrumentalist Lloyd Maines. Woody Guthries granddaughter, Sarah


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June 9:
Check with the venue or venue website for specific information and ticket availability.

June 2013
June 1: June 2:

Social Distortion, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Tallgrass Music Festival, Skiatook

June 10: June 11: June 12: June 13: June 14:

Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Summer of Strange Tour 2013, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Lamb of God, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Old Red on the Head/Jesus for the Defense, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa The Cheril Vendetti Experience, Tulsa PAC - Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Hello Dolly!, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Jason Ferguson CD Release Party, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Old Red on the Head/Jesus for the Defense, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Xtreme Fight Night, The Joint, Tulsa

Dual Pianos Ragtime featuring Adam Swanson and Max Keenlyside, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Metric, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa West Side Story, Tulsa PAC - Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa


June 3: June 4:

Passion Pit, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Gogol Bordello, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Miss Oklahoma Scholarship Pageant, Mabee Center, Tulsa

June 5:

Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Miss Oklahoma Scholarship Pageant, Mabee Center, Tulsa Rockin for the Warriors, Buffalo Run Casino, Miami The Staves, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

June 6:

Adventure Club, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Miss Oklahoma Scholarship Pageant, Mabee Center, Tulsa

June 15:

June 7:

The Bacon Brothers, River Spirit Event Center, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Miss Oklahoma Scholarship Pageant, Mabee Center, Tulsa

June 8:

Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Miss Oklahoma Scholarship Pageant, Mabee Center, Tulsa

Butch Clancy, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Hello Dolly!, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Old Red on the Head/Jesus for the Defense, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Pistol Annies, Buffalo Run Casino, Miami Rebecca Ungerman in Queen Cleofis Comes Home, Tulsa PAC - Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa Why Cyn Sings the Blues, Tulsa PAC Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa

Old Red on the Head/Jesus for the Defense, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Side by Side by Sondheim, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Steve Lancasters Family Magic Show, Tulsa PAC - Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa

June 17: June 18: June 19: June 20:

Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Loretta Lynn, Buffalo Run Casino, Miami

June 16:

Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa

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June 21:

The Boys Next Door, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa The Drowsy Chaperone, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Queensryche, River Spirit Event Center, Tulsa Sheryl Crow, The Joint, Tulsa Turnpike Troubadours, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Two of a Kind, Tulsa PAC - Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa

June 25:

June 26: June 27:

Billy Idol, The Joint, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Hello Dolly!, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa The Drowsy Chaperone, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa No Justice, Downstream Casino, Quapaw 84 Charing Cross Road, Tulsa PAC Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Hello Dolly!, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa

June 28:

84 Charing Cross Road, Tulsa PAC Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Asleep at the Wheel, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Lonestar, River Spirit Event Center, Tulsa Penn & Teller, The Joint, Tulsa Side by Side by Sondheim, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Slouching Towards Barnsdall, Tulsa PAC Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa That 90s Party, IDL Ballroom, Tulsa

June 29:


84 Charing Cross Road, Tulsa PAC Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa The Drowsy Chaperone, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Hello Dolly!, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Slouching Towards Barnsdall, Tulsa PAC Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa

June 30: June 22:

The Boys Next Door, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa The Drowsy Chaperone, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Hello Dolly!, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Shirley MacLaine, Osage Casino - Tulsa Event Center, Tulsa Wrong Way Broadway 2: Even Wronger, Tulsa PAC - Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa

84 Charing Cross Road, Tulsa PAC Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Daughtry, River Spirit Event Center, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa The Drowsy Chaperone, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Hello Dolly!, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Todd Rundgrens Official State Visit, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

July 2013
July 1: July 2: July 3: July 4:
Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa

June 23:

Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Hello Dolly!, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Senior Star Round-Up, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Side by Side by Sondheim, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Wrong Way Broadway 2: Even Wronger, Tulsa PAC - Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa

June 24:

Disneys The Lion King, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa


The Pulse - June 2013 - Page 57

Quick dinners for summer


When the thermometer climbs, our desire to stay in the kitchen declines its just a fact of life. We have some ideas on how to make your summer a little more enjoyable so you can get out and be a part of the fun while keeping your kitchen cool. Some basic ideas: 1. If you have to heat up the oven: Try to get a few things in there instead of cooking one thing. They might take longer overall, but youll cook multiple meals, you wont be running the air conditioning overtime and youll have a couple of dinners ready for the week. Weve grouped some recipes according to how they are cooked to help you plan. 2. Rotisserie chickens, pasta salads, precooked meals are okay for a few dinners. No one lies on their deathbed wishing they spent more time in the kitchen! 3. Plan ahead. Make a shopping list for what you will serve each night and see whats already made. Its okay to cheat a little. Reasors has a great deli where you can get roast beef, chicken and sliced turkey to make some great meals. Well tell you what to do with them in a bit. 4. Try some grill ideas. Keep burgers, brats, hot dogs handy in the freezer (along with the rolls and extras) and throw them on the grill. Serve with a salad or some chips and everyone wins. You dont have to have a three course meal every night. 5. Dont put that slow cooker away! They wont heat up the whole house and youll have a hot meal waiting for you whenever you feel like eating it. OVEN MEALS: Burgundy Pork Tenderloin 2 lbs. pork tenderloin tsp. salt tsp. black pepper tsp. garlic powder onion, sliced thin 1 stalk celery, chopped fine 2 c. red wine 1 .75 oz. pkt brown gravy mix Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Place pork in a 9x13 inch baking dish, and sprinkle meat with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Top with onion and celery, and pour wine over all. Bake in the preheated oven for 45 minutes. When done baking, remove meat from baking dish, and place on a serving platter. Pour gravy mix into baking dish with wine and cooking juices, and stir until thickened. Slice meat, and cover with the gravy. Easy Meatloaf 1 lbs ground beef (lean is better) c. buttery round crackers (Ritz) c. shredded cheddar cheese 1 1 oz pkt onion soup mix

2 eggs, beaten c. ketchup 2 tbsp steak sauce Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Stir the ground beef, crushed crackers, Cheddar cheese, and onion soup mix in a large bowl until well combined. Whisk the eggs, ketchup, and steak sauce in a separate bowl until smooth. Mix the eggs into the meat until evenly combined, if the mixture seems too dry, add a little water. Press into a 9x5 inch loaf pan. Bake in preheated oven until the meatloaf reaches 160 degrees F (71 degrees C) and is no longer pink in the center, 45 to 60 minutes. Oven Fried Chicken 1 chicken cut-up (2-3 lbs.) 1 c. dried bread crumbs 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp salt 1 tsp black pepper 1 tsp thyme tsp paprika 1 c mayo Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). In a medium bowl or gallon size resealable plastic bag, mix together the bread crumbs, garlic powder, salt, pepper, thyme and paprika. Coat the chicken pieces with mayonnaise. Place chicken pieces in bowl/bag with bread crumb mixture and coat/shake until well coated. Place chicken pieces in a lightly greased 9x13 inch baking dish and bake for 45 minutes or until juices run clear. FROM THE DELI: Quick Hot open faced sandwiches (makes 4) 12-16 oz. roast beef, turkey, chicken, turkey from the deli counter 1 can/jar/packet of gravy to match the meat you bought Bread: better bread=better sandwiches (Texas toast is wonderful) Mashed potatoes Salad with greens Cut bread in triangles, place meat on bread, 3-4 oz. per serving and set aside. Heat gravy or prepare as directed on package. Heat meat and bread in microwave, add mashed potatoes and pour gravy over. Easy French Dip Sandwiches (makes 4) 1 (10 oz.) can beef consomm 1 c. water 1 lb. thin sliced deli roast beef 8 slices provolone cheese 4 hoagie rolls split lengthwise Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Open the hoagie rolls and lay out on a baking sheet. Heat beef consomm and water in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat to make a rich beef

Page 58 - June 2013 - The Pulse


broth. Place the roast beef in the broth and warm for 3 minutes. Arrange the meat on the hoagie rolls and top each roll with 2 slices of provolone. Bake the sandwiches in the preheated oven for 5 minutes, or until the cheese just begins to melt. Serve the sandwiches with small bowls of the warm broth for dipping. ON THE GRILL: Marinated Grilled Flank Steak (you can slice this for dinner tonight and use it another night for fajitas) 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1/3 cup soy sauce 1/4 cup red wine vinegar 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 1/2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 1 1/2pounds flank steak In a medium bowl, mix the oil, soy sauce, vinegar, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, garlic, and ground black pepper. Place meat in a shallow glass dish. Pour marinade over the steak, turning meat to coat thoroughly. Cover, and refrigerate for 6 hours. Preheat grill for medium-high heat. Oil the grill grate. Place steaks on the grill, and discard the marinade. Grill meat for 5 minutes per side, or to desired doneness. Bacon wrapped Burgers c. shredded cheddar cheese 1 Tbsp grated Parmesan cheese 1 small onion chopped fine 1 egg 1 Tbsp ketchup 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper 1 pound ground beef 6 slices bacon 6 hamburger buns Preheat a grill high heat. In a large bowl, mix together the Cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, onion, egg, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Crumble in the ground beef, and mix together by hand. Form into 6 patties, and wrap a slice of bacon around each one. Secure bacon with toothpicks. Place patties on the grill, and cook for 5 minutes per side, or until well done. Remove toothpicks before serving on hamburger buns. OUT OF THE SLOW COOKER: Slow Cooker Kielbasa and beer 2 lbs kielbasa sliced into 1 inch pieces 1 20 oz. can sauerkraut, drained 12 oz. beer, any kind (we prefer dark) In a slow cooker combine sausage, beer and sauerkraut. Cook on low for 5 to 6 hours, until the meat is tender and plump. Slow Cooker Hawaiian Pig (AKA Kalua Pig) 6 lb. Pork butt roast 1 1\2 Tbsp. Hawaiian sea salt 1 Tbsp. liquid smoke Pierce pork all over with a carving fork. Rub salt then liquid smoke over meat. Place roast in a slow cooker. Cover, and cook on Low for 16 to 20 hours, turning once during cooking time. Remove meat from slow cooker, and shred, adding drippings as needed to moisten. Slow Cooker Venison 2 lbs. venison roast 1 large onion sliced 1 Tbsp. soy sauce 1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce 1 Tbsp garlic salt

tsp black pepper 1 1 oz pkt dry onion soup mix 1 10 oz can cream of mushroom soup mix (can substitute for other cream soup if you prefer) Put cleaned meat in slow cooker and cover with onion. Sprinkle with soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, garlic salt and pepper. In a small bowl combine the soup mix and the soup; mix together and pour mixture over venison. Cook on Low setting for 6 hours. Slow Cooker Chili (with beans) Serve with pasta and you have a quick healthy meal. Save leftovers for toppings for hot dogs and burgers 1 lb ground beef, browned, drained c. diced onion c. diced celery c. diced celery c. diced green pepper 2 cloves garlic minced 2 10.75 oz. cans tomato puree 2 15 oz. cans kidney beans, keep liquid from only one 1 can cannelloni beans with liquid Tbsp. chili powder tsp. dried parsley 1 tsp. salt tsp. dried basil tsp. dried oregano tsp. black pepper 1/8 tsp. hot pepper sauce Place the cooked beef in a slow cooker, and mix in onion, celery, green bell pepper, garlic, tomato puree, kidney beans, and cannelloni beans. Season with chili powder, parsley, salt, basil, oregano, black pepper and hot pepper sauce. Cover, and cook 8 hours on Low. Serve with noodles, cheese, sour cream or by itself. Plenty of fiber, protein and vegetables for a complete meal. SOUPS FROM THE SLOW COOKER: Everyone quickly dismisses soup as a summer food, but they are light, easy and can easily be served as a side or as dinner. You can thicken them and serve them over pasta, potatoes or rice and make dinner in minutes while keeping everyone on a healthy diet. Here are a few we think you will like: Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup 3 chicken thighs, skin removed 10-oz. can diced tomatoes with green chiles 1 1/2 cups cooked black beans 1 1/2 cups chicken broth 1 1/2 cups water 1 yellow onion, finely chopped 3 garlic cloves, finely minced 1 jalapeno, finely chopped 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1/2 teaspoon chili powder Juice of 1/2 lemon 20 tortilla chips 3 tablespoons finely chopped fresh cilantro 1/2 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese Place the chicken, tomatoes (and juices), beans, broth, water, onion, garlic, jalapeno, cumin, and chili powder in a slow cooker. Cover and cook on high for 3 to 4 hours or on low for 6 to 8 hours. Uncover the slow cooker and use tongs to remove the chicken from the pot. Once cool enough to handle, remove the meat from the bones and shred, then return the meat to the pot. Stir in the lemon juice. Crumble a few tortilla chips into each bowl and cover with some soup. Serve sprinkled with cilantro and grated cheese. Weve tried this served over rice and it is good that way too. Add cheddar cheese and sour cream if you like. (See www.mypulsemag.com for more easy summer recipe ideas)



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JUNE 2013
June 7:

June 2013
June 1:
Antique and Collectible Fair & Sale, Dewey Diamond Daze, Sallisaw Downtown First Night, Claremore Green Country Water Garden Society Pond Tour, Tulsa Jim Shoulders Spring Rodeo, Okmulgee Kids Fishing Derby, Okmulgee Miami Nation Powwow, Miami Okie from Muskogee Poker Run, Muskogee Renaissance Festival, Muskogee Route 66 Blow-Out, Sallisaw Sunfest, Bartlesville Symphony in the Park, Muskogee TATUR Mud Run, Tulsa

Annual Juneteenth Rodeo, Owasso Arts on the Avenue, Tahlequah Hungry for the Blues, Tulsa Indian Nations Motorcycle Rally, Braggs Leake Collector Car Show & Auction, Tulsa Mud Volleyball Tournament, Muskogee OK Mozart, Bartlesville Oklahoma Chautauqua: The Roaring Twenties, Tulsa Old Settlers Day, Checotah OReilly Monster Truck Rally, Miami Tulsa Tough Ride, Tulsa

Stormwalker Ranch Cowboy Dressage, Claremore Tulsa Tough Ride, Tulsa

June 10:

Annual Owasso Rodeo, Owasso OK Mozart, Bartlesville Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Event, Wyandotte Pinto World, Tulsa

June 11:

June 8:

June 2:

Copperhead Run Rally, Spavinaw Green Country Water Garden Society Pond Tour, Tulsa Miami Nation Powwow, Miami Renaissance Festival, Muskogee Summerwide City Wide Garage Sale, Nowata Sunfest, Bartlesville

June 3:

Oklahoma Chautauqua: The Roaring Twenties, Tulsa

June 4:

Carl Rice Memorial Open Rodeo, Beggs Oklahoma Chautauqua: The Roaring Twenties, Tulsa

June 5:

Carl Rice Memorial Open Rodeo, Beggs Oklahoma Chautauqua: The Roaring Twenties, Tulsa

Adair Area Golf Tournament, Langley Arts on the Avenue, Tahlequah Breast Cancer Assistance Program Arts Festival, Adair Bartlesville Oil Flyer rides, Bartlesville Drumright Discovery Days, Drumright Golden Eagle Poker Run, Eufaula Hogs N Hot Rods, Collinsville Hungry for the Blues, Tulsa Indian Nations Motorcycle Rally, Braggs Juneteenth Rodeo, Owasso Kellyville Heritage Days, Kellyville Leake Collector Car Show & Auction, Tulsa Mahogany & Chrome Antique & Classic Boat Festival, Ketchum Mud Volleyball Tournament, Muskogee OK Mozart, Bartlesville Oklahoma Chautauqua: The Roaring Twenties, Tulsa Old Settlers Day, Checotah OReilly Monster Truck Rally, Miami Ride for the Vets Rally, Muskogee Stormwalker Ranch Cowboy Dressage, Claremore Tulsa Tough Ride, Tulsa Webbers Falls Arts & Crafts Show, Webbers Falls Worlds Largest Calf Fry Festival & Cook-Off, Vinita

Jim Shoulders Round-Up Rodeo, Henryetta OK Mozart, Bartlesville Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Event, Wyandotte Pinto World, Tulsa


June 12:

Adams Golf Pro Tour Series, Peoria Ridge OK Mozart, Bartlesville Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Event, Wyandotte Pinto World, Tulsa

June 13:

Adams Golf Pro Tour Series, Peoria Ridge OK Mozart, Bartlesville Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Event, Wyandotte Pinto World, Tulsa

June 14:

Adams Golf Pro Tour Series, Peoria Ridge Battle of the Big Cats, Claremore Cattlemens Convention, Pawhuska Cherokee Ancestry Conference, Tahlequah Fort Gibson Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show, Fort Gibson Limousin Cattle Show, Miami OK Mozart, Bartlesville Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Event, Wyandotte Oklahoma Freewheel Bike Group, Miami Pinto World, Tulsa Route 66 Car Show, Miami Wood Carvers World, Tulsa

June 6:

Brookside Rumble and Roll, Tulsa Oklahoma Chautauqua: The Roaring Twenties, Tulsa

June 9:

June 15:

Indian Nations Motorcycle Rally, Braggs Leake Collector Car Show & Auction, Tulsa Muskogee Bridal Extravaganza at Kilharens, Muskogee OK Mozart, Bartlesville

Adams Golf Pro Tour Series, Peoria Ridge Battle of the Big Cats, Claremore Ben Johnson Steer Roping, Pawhuska Car Show & Poker Run, Claremore Cattlemens Convention, Pawhuska

Page 60 - June 2013 - The Pulse


Cherokee Ancestry Conference, Tahlequah Fort Gibson Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show, Fort Gibson Limousin Cattle Show, Miami OK Mozart, Bartlesville Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Event, Wyandotte Oklahoma Freewheel Bike Group, Miami Pawnee Bills Wild West Show, Pawnee Pinto World, Tulsa Vintage Gala, Ketchum Wood Carvers World, Tulsa Peoria Powwow, Miami Pinto World, Tulsa

June 29:

June 22:

June 16:

FATHERS DAY 8-Man All Star Football Week, Miami Limousin Cattle Show, Miami Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Event, Wyandotte Pinto World, Tulsa

June 17:

8-Man All Star Football Week, Miami Pinto World, Tulsa

June 18:

8-Man All Star Football Week, Miami Amaira Region 8 Tour Rodeo, Okmulgee Beware the Beast Obstacle Race, Tulsa Black Gold Days, Glenpool Cookson Jubilee, Cookson Henryetta Carnival, Henryetta Miami Route 66 Cruise Night, Miami Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival, Okmulgee OBHA Buckskin Horse Show, Claremore Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show, Wyandotte Pawnee Bills Wild West Show, Pawnee Peoria Powwow, Miami Pinto World, Tulsa Revvin it Up on Route 66 Car Show & Cruise, Miami Route 66 Car Show & Swap Meet, Claremore Tractor Pull, Miami Tulsa Day of Health, Tulsa Western Trade Day, Broken Arrow

Big Thunder Bob Morgan Memorial Run, Afton Billy Parkers Lucky 13 Fishing Tournament, Taylors Ferry Fort Gibson Sweet Corn Festival, Fort Gibson Green Corn Festival, Bixby Kidsfest, Bartlesville Okie Flyers Fly-In, Claremore Pawnee Bills Wild West Show, Pawnee Super Daves Gun Show, Claremore

June 30:


Fort Gibson Sweet Corn Festival, Fort Gibson Kidsfest, Bartlesville Super Daves Gun Show, Claremore

July 2013
July 3: July 4:
M&M Custom Campers Tour Rodeo, Tahlequah INDEPENDENCE DAY 4th of July Fireworks Extravaganza, Miami 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, Eufaula Arts, Crafts, Music & Cajun Festival, Grove Bartlesville 4th of July Freedom Fest, Bartlesville Duck Creek Fireworks, Ketchum Freedom Celebration Parade, Pawhuska Independence Day Wild Turkey Fest, Nowata Jay Fireworks Display, Jay Jenks Freedomfest, Jenks July 4th Games, Pawnee Summer Oil Patch Festival, Drumright

8-Man All Star Football Week, Miami Pinto World, Tulsa

June 23:

June 19:

8-Man All Star Football Week, Miami Drumright Big Brothers Rodeo, Drumright Fort Gibson PRCA Rodeo, Fort Gibson Henryetta Carnival, Henryetta Juneteenth Multicultural Rodeo, Tulsa Pinto World, Tulsa

Amaira Region 8 Tour Rodeo, Okmulgee Black Gold Days, Glenpool Henryetta Carnival, Henryetta Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival, Okmulgee Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show, Wyandotte Peoria Powwow, Miami

June 25:

June 20:

8-Man All Star Football Week, Miami Art Walk Pryor Arts Council, Pryor Black Gold Days, Glenpool Henryetta Carnival, Henryetta Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival, Okmulgee Pinto World, Tulsa

Critter Tales, Muskogee Library, Muskogee Salvation Army Benefit Rodeo, Coweta

June 26:

Amaira Region 8 Rodeo, Checotah Cher-O-Dair Shrine Club Rodeo, Tahlequah Westville IPRA Rodeo, Westville

June 5: July 6:

4-Way Rodeo, Pryor

June 21:

June 27: June 28:

8-Man All Star Football Week, Miami Black Gold Days, Glenpool Cookson Jubilee, Cookson Henryetta Carnival, Henryetta Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival, Okmulgee

Green Corn Festival, Bixby

Big Thunder Bob Morgan Memorial Run, Afton Green Corn Festival, Bixby

4-Way Rodeo, Pryor Allied Memorial Remembrance Ride, Miami Huckleberry Festival, Jay Living Legends National Junior Rodeo, Henryetta Owasso Round Up Club Open Rodeo, Owasso


The Pulse - June 2013 - Page 61

Coming in July
We survived the May deluge of rain, and we sincerely hope that the upcoming summer isnt a repeat of summers past, but we are also holding out hope for a few happy sunny days where we can enjoy all that Oklahoma has to offer. It looks like July will be plenty of fun and while we like to keep most of it a secret, we also like to give you a nibble of the goodies well be serving up for the month of July: -Well have lots to say about all of the tasty festivals revolving around huckleberries, peaches and such. -Well tell you where to go to stay cool without need of an air conditioner. -Youll find out more about the rodeo circuit, powwows, local county fun, recipes to satisfy your family while reducing your time in the kitchen, AND.. -Believe it or not, itll be time to talk about getting the kids ready to go back to school. Well have ways for you to get them ready, places to get them fashioned, accessorized and ways to keep them reading so their brains dont rust until the bells ring in August. Until then, stay cool, be safe and be good to each other.


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