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We see what we have eyes to see; hear what we have ears to hear; feel what we have

capacity to feel. Suppose four listeners to the same piece of music. To one, with a
critical ear, it is a rendering, good or ill, of the musician’s composition; to a second, a
strain of national music; to a third, full of memories of childhood; to a fourth, who has no
ear for music, a tedious noise.
Suppose a group watching a lamb skipping in a field. One is a painter; another, a
naturalist; another a shepherd; another a butcher. Each sees something the rest cannot
see. Perhaps a simple Christian coming by sees what none of them perceives – a
reminder of the good Shepherd, who gathers the lambs in his arms.
As in outward things, so in spiritual. As with bodily sight, hearing, feeling, so with
spiritual perception. … God’s revelation of himself is suited to men’s spiritual capacity.
Different souls get different views of God. …
Visit two homes, perhaps in the same street, in which there is similar trouble –
sickness, or bereavement, or failure in business, or sore poverty. In one, all is gloom,
repining, comfortless perplexity. In the other, there is light in the darkness, a rainbow on
the storm. …
Come to the Scriptures in a caviling, critical, hostile spirit, and they will teem with
difficulties. Read them carelessly, scornfully; they will be dull and lifeless. Search them,
with an earnest desire to know the truth … with candour and humility; they will “talk
with thee”, and unfold their secrets. …
Scrupulously religious persons, but blinded by self-righteousness, could no more see
his glory than skeptics, hypocrites, or scoffing triflers. But his disciples – those who first
believed on him, and then lived in close converse with him – could say, “We beheld his
glory”. …
So it is to-day. This is a universal law – What God is to you – what Christ is to you,
shows what you are, and determines what you shall be. The gospel is an open secret, but
still a secret, from proud, worldly hearts. The physician is for those who are sick and
know it. The Saviour is for sinners who feel themselves sinners. The living water will
not flow into a vessel turned upside down. Heaven itself would be no heaven to a heart
full of love of the world, of self, of sin, and void of love to God.

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See also: Hebrews 12:6ff, I Thessalonians 2:13, Isaiah 53:2, Matthew 13:14-15, John

Gold Nugget 184

Spiritual Capacity