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AxelVasquez Vocabulary Mainboardsparts.

CPU The CPUis a central processor responsible of executing its funcionts and the most of the commands of the software and hardware of the computer.for example arithmetical operations. The CPU is a processor.

RAM The RAM is a type of computer memory that has a randomly access,for example when you open an app or program.RAM is the one charge in running programs.

Expansioncard. The expansion cardsare printed circuit boards that can be inserted into an electrical connectoror an expansion slot on a computer motherboard. Like sound cards. The expansion cards areusually used to add functionality to a computer system via the expansion bus. Power supply The power supplyis a device that supplies electrical power to an electrical load.Like batteries and fuel cells.The term of power supply is commonly applied to electric power converters.

ATX power connector The ATX Power connectoris a connector located on the motherboard that gives power to the motherboard form factor. Like the SFX, TFX AND WTX. ATX was created for personal computers. Hard disk A hard disk drive is a data storage device used for storing and retrieving digital information using rapidly rotating discs (platters) coated with

magnetic material. For example 400 GB hard disk. An Hardisk retains its data even when powered off. Sata connector The sata connectorisa computer bus interface that connects host bus adapters to mass storage devicessuch as hard disk and optical drivers. Sata replaces the older AT Attachment.

IDE connector The IDE connectoris a standard interface for IBM compatible hard drives.Like the connector use to develop programs more efficiently. IDE is different from the ESDI because its controllersare on each drive,

CPU fan connector The CPU fan connectoris a port on the motherboards that allows a fan to connect to it to cool a CPU.Like the ASUS fan.The CPU fan is important to the computer to not overrate the temperature. CPU socket

The CPU socketisamechanical component that provides mechanical and electrical connection between a microprocessor and a printed circuit board. LikeIntelssockets. TheCPUsocketallowstheCPUtobereplacedwithoutsoldering.

CMOS backup battery The CMOS backup batteriesare batteries that provide power to a system when the primary source of power is unavailable.The CMOS is a perfect example of it. Backup Batteries range from small single cells to retain clock time and date in computers


ThePS/2isa6pinMiniDinconnectorusedforconnectingsome keyboardsandmicetoaPCcompatiblecomputersystem.Like theIBMPS/2.ThePS/2snamecomesfromtheIBM

PersonalSystem/2seriesofpersonalcomputers Serialport Aserialportisaserialcommunicationphysicalinterfacethroughwhich informationtransfersinoroutonebitatime.Liketheporttoconnectawireto outputimages.Throughoutmostofthehistoryofpersonalcomputers,data wastransferredthroughserialports

Parallelport Theparallelportisatypeofinterfacefoundoncomputersforconnecting peripheralslikeprinter,etc.Theparallelportinterfacewasoriginallyknownasthe ParallelPrinterAdapter VGA TheVGAisathreerow15pinDE15connectorisusedtoconnectanimageoutput device. LikedeIBMsone.TheVGAinterfaceisnotengineeredtobehotpluggable

Thefirewire Thefirewireisaserialbusinterfacestandardforhighspeedcommunicationand isochronousrealtimedatatransfer.ItisliketheUSB.FirewireisthenamethatApple gavetotheIEEE1394

USB TheUSBisanindustrystandarddevelopedinthemid1990sthatdefinesthecables, connectorsandcommunicationprotocolsusedinabusforconnection.LiketheHPs USBs.USBwasdesignedtostandardizetheconnectionofcomputerperipherals

Ethernet TheEthernetisafamilycomputernetworkingtechnologiesforlocalarea networks.LikeLAN.Ethernetwascommerciallyintroducedin1980.

Audio Theaudioportisaportinthecomputerusedtoplugmicrophone,headphones, speakers,etc.Theaudioportsarelocatedinthemotherboard.