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La Familia Beck

We are only 2 months away from Casa de Fe. We have a house in Shell!
Q U I T O , E C U A D O R J U N E 2 0 1 3

Being with Mallory was such a blessing. You are in our lives!

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is a joy for us to write to you. This month was filled with many blessings. First, we hosted Mallory Evans for three weeks. Mallory came to Ecuador to get a sense of learning and teaching cross-culturally. She took Spanish classes with us and got to study abroad before she begins teaching abroad. We talked with her about our ministry in Shell and about her coming back next year to get teaching experience at the orphanage. We took trips to different cities so she could experience Ecuadorian history and culture. We cant wait until she returns next summer. What a blessing she will be to the people she serves. Please pray for the Lords continued blessings and guidance in her life. Second, we have a house in Shell! We never doubted that we would have a place to live but it is good to finally know. It is nicer than we deserve so praise the Lord for always providing more than we need. It is funny that that our classmates here in language school will see the house in person before we do. They are taking a trip to Shell next month so we told them to check it out for us!

That we would grow more and more in Spanish! That we continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ To be fully prepared for transition to Shell

Our home in Shell. Thankful that Maria (the owner) lives downstairs so we can continue practicing our Spanish.

We love to hear from you! Email: akmkvk68@gmail.com Facebook: KyleandApril Beck

The Lord continues to bless us with your loving support. As the months pass, we grow ever mindful of how the Lord uses us all to fulfill his purposes around the world. We have two months left before we transition to Shell the third of August. Pray for us these last two months of language school that we will finish with a sense of purpose and arrive in Shell ready to serve. Please pray for our growth in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and that He continues to prepare us and the children at the orphanage for our arrival.

The Becks
Kyle, April, Mary Kellen & Vivi Kate

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