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Mobile Phone E-GSM 900/1800

4096 Colour screen

• New display "Contrast +"
• FotoCall: "See who's calling" Contrast

• Picture exchange via Bluetooth

• New game engine Infusio V2
• New W@P browser & EMS rel. 4©
• New colour collection
• New white backlight Cross

• GPRS class 10 / e-mail

Mobile Phone E-GSM 900/1800
PHONE FEATURES: > Downloadable melodies General Information
(Network dependent)
> Colour games Select the melodies you prefer on the Internet Specifications
With Infusio V2 (Operator dependent) and download them in your phone. > Mode: E-GSM 900/1800 Mhz
a wide choice of new downloadable colour EFR/FR/AMR vocoder
games at your disposal. > File manager Performances Std Vibra battery:
When you play a game, publish your score via You can choose how to allocate the available > up to 5h30 Talk Time
SMS, challenge the other players and win prizes! memory in the phone between voice tags, voice > up to 400 hours Standby Time
memo, names, pictures, games, melodies, ...
> EMS rel. 4 © Size:
Allow you to receive and send formatted > T9TM Text Input > 98 x 47 x 21 mm
texts, melodies, images and use received Predictive text input to write E mail & SMS,
Chinese and most of the European languages Volume & Weight:
melodies as ringer. > 77cc / 85gr
are available.
> Fotocall Handset Colour Options:
With a picture or/and melody associated > Volume > Diamand Black
to a defined group you will be able to see/hear Ringer: high, medium, low, silent, increasing mode.
Earpiece: adjust for comfort while calling. > Ceramic White
who's calling. > Steel Blue
> Picture applications > Audio equaliser > Sterling Silver
Colour pictures, screen saver, wall paper. Select between 5 in-build settings
Available Languages:
A PC engine called "Mobilephone tool" is available for a higher comfort of use. > Native MMI:
in order to resize /create pictures before sending > Audio quality English, Bahasia*, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish,
them to the phone. The mobile has an Enhanced Full rate (EFR), French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian,
Lithuanian*, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese,
> GPRS Class 10 Full Rate (FR) and an Adaptative Multi Rate (AMR)
Romanian, Russian, Chinese simplex, Chinese tradi-
General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) transmission vocoders to obtain a better audio
quality and a coverage compatibility, network tional, Slovakian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai*, Turkish.
is a transmission protocol which allows
you to send/receive data at higher speeds dependent services. * : not available in wap MMI.
> T9 available with:
compared to GSM. > New colour Display English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French,
> Email “Contrast +” German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish,
Direct access to email service from the phone. High contrast and luminosity, 4096 colours, Portuguese, Chinese simplex, Chinese traditional,
You will be able to address two email accounts 112*112 pixels, 9 lines of text. Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish.
from your phone and attach pictures.
> Colour Carousel Standard Package includes:
> Bluetooth integrated The optimised unique carousel concept with > Handset
The mobile can communicate wireless coloured animated icons allows intuitive navigation. > Std battery
with every compatible bluetooth devices > Std charger
in a 10 meter range. > User Manual
SERVICES: > CD Rom with Data Connect suite
> PC synchronisation > Caller ID > International Guarantee
Synchronise your phonebook and your agenda > SAR value
with those of your PC and PDA. It works > Call Waiting
with Lotus Notes, Lotus Organiser and Microsoft Accessories:
Outlook. > Call forwarding
> WAP 1.2.1 > Call on hold > Batteries: Standard 750 mAh
Wireless Application Protocol. Access a world
of services wherever you are. The latest W@P
> Short Message Service (SMS) > Chargers: Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Desktop charger
version with additional security for mobile tran- > Voice Mail Travel charger
sactions. > Car Kits: Deluxe Hands-free Car Kit
> Multi-party call Compact Car Kit
> Voice recognition
& Voice recording > Explicit Call transfer > Personal Accessory: Deluxe Headset
USB cable
Voice dial/command: just say a name > Call Time and Cost Meters Carry Case
or a word to dial a number from the names list > Bluetooth accessory: Bluetooth Ultimate Headset
or to activate a specific function of your phone. > Emergency Call > Data : USB docking station
Memo & Voice Recording are also available. (including desktop charger)
> Smart Phonebook
Under each name, up to 5 phone numbers, OPERATOR FEATURES:
1 e-mail and a note can be stored. You can > GPRS * : Battery life measurements are approximate
synchronise it with the one on your PC. Class 10, Class B, SMG 31 bis, CS1,2,3&4 and depend on the operator’s network configuration.
> Personal Organiser > WAP 1.2.1
Specifications Provided based on Pmax, No DTx, DRx = 9
Plan all your meetings and events in your calendar 5.0.3 open wave browser. 2000 Philips France. All rights reserved.
and set your phone to remind you of them. The information and specifications included are
Synchronise it with your PC! > EMS release 4 © subject to change without prior notice. Philips
tries to ensure that all information in this document
> Concatenated SMS > SIM lock is correct, but does not accept liability for any
error or omission.
Write long SMS by connecting up Keeps consumer on network for dedicated
to 10 messages together. operators and service providers. © 2002 Philips Consumer Electronics
Division of Philips France. All right reserved.
> SIM TOOLKIT Printed in France
Release 99