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A. R. Bordon
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n actionable vector formation (human group) for the management of the upcoming events requires a corps of seven human action-vectors in resonance, with actionable vectored-intentions pair-matched to a focus, all of whom are located in a common physical timeline, ambient environment, transparent common intention in each pair, sustaining ambient energetics, and a protected physical cocoon (when in the presence of radiation dangerous to human life). There are two interlocked aspects to the performance of the required processes in the geometry of vector-intention that is necessary for engaging the events and conditions to be targeted. One aspect is the role performed by humans in pairs with a guide to target, who also performs a connect function with the other aspect: assisting consciousness densities in the galactic and extragalactic range. So a geometry of actionable choice making is a sophisticated engagement with what Western human religions know as deity consciousness density, while acting within the geometry to establish, exert and achieve actionresponse acknowledgment from the consciousness densities by acting from inside the membership of all pair and guide participants in the Earth Human Overfunction. The Earth Human Overfunction is the sum

total of all embodied spirits (integrals and fractional) who ever existed, exist, and will exist on Earth since its formation until its demise. The geometry to be used in the case at hand then fits into a larger set of connected consciousness densities. The objective of using this geometry then is to call forth the necessary handshakes between elements in the chain of consciousness for the performance and achievement of a purpose that is made common along all chain participants by the call to action generated by the pairs in the initiating geometry.

Why and how it works

This configuration of participating consciousness density chains works by responding to the call upon the whole chain by the human actionable pair-geometry of vector-intention proposed in this essay. When an upward call is made to the whole chain by two or more in paired geometry of vectored-intention, the chain (being a literal chain of life) responds to its kind. It wont act to save, for it is not its function, but it will assist in the petitioners actionable alignment by connecting in handshaking of resonance across the entire chain. When the petitioner on Earth acts solely on behalf of the pair, there is less chance of the actionable asked for being responded to by a connecting in handshaking resonances across the entire chain. But when the petition is made from within the overfunction membership to which the petitioner(s) is/are part of, it is the entire overfunction membership asking, especially if and when the petition is made for and on behalf of the entire human race. Thus, the actionable in this case must be an act of encompassing the all-one of the overfunction membership. The focus must then be the continuation of life of the entire overfunction membership whether on Earth or in any other medium suitable to human life to which the entire willing membership (whose who wish to continue membership in the overfunction tree of life) may be assisted to transition to under direct sanction of the whole chain. Pair participants must also thoroughly 3

understand that, at the biological level of existence on Earth, members of the all-one as information clouds (i.e., souls or spirits) must become connective (heart) in order to be included in the effects generated by the mobilization of vectored-intention initiated by one or more pairs in an actionable geometry. At the biological level, then, nothing is given or granted; in creation, at this level, everything is earned. And the earning take many forms, but must be lead by the heart (again, connectivity).

A. One/2-Geometry x 3

The basic formation of vectored-intention needed for actionable performance in the case at hand is whats called One/2-Geometry x 3 of vector-intention. Two human beings connected and sharing the same 4

objective. Three pairs acting in near-unison in the same timeline and space. And one who guides the vector-intentional wavefront to target and handshakes the geometry to the chain of consciousness densities (including the human overfunction). Let me explain. It is not difficult at all to grasp the mechanics. Once you get it, the dynamics of making things happen also become easier.

The process into which each pair is engaged and involved is gnosive, internal and topologically expansive. It is internal in that all practices and procedures are mental/emotional/ spiritual/visual-internal, with use of broad-internal attention focused on a common desired outcome carefully defined and understood by each member of each pair. It is gnosive in that there is a requirement of common connectivity between pairs and across all pairs present in the ambient action environment. It is also topologically expansive in that the topology of the internal action is extension, and can neither projective (sovereign integral self inducing an effect on the actionable object or target) nor subjective (reliance on personal energetics only in order to acquire the desired target, exert effect[s] on it, or act upon target without the required handshake).

Each of the three pairs become actionable through the acting from within by extension onto the actionable target by mental/visual/emotional envelopment and inclusion of the target in the internal processes required to lead to desired results. Extension simply means extending ones clear channel awareness (extremely low physical stress [as in a meditative state] onto and unto the external object target, event or process). 5

Paired extension of two human operators requires a local handshake between them (i.e., an extension of awareness to the other pair member by becoming bodily aware of the person without any physical contact). This is the heart-centered handshake. This handshake is the basis of all subsequent internal action. When there is bodily awareness of the other without physical contact, the pair is at the start of an acting or actionable internal state. This is a state that must be sought and entered into in order to proceed internally as consonant holomoving vectors of directed common intention [i.e., two humans in a paired state of intention starting at the common space and time shared where they are, with a common, joined heart-handshake].

The Waveguide is the virtual connector, much like a computer (with appropriate and necessary software sets already installed) is a virtual connector to the internet. This Waveguide is an equivalent of the computer but in human form. He/she already, by function and choice, has the needed lifeware installed within and know how to use it. When the pairs begin to operate and reach echoic resonance [resonance of shared message that echoes throughout the chain as clear channel message/petition]. There are already Waveguides embodied in the world, who may or may not know with any degree of clarity that they are here to fulfill this function at the time it is needed to be performed. The function of the Waveguide is to offer his mental/emotional/visual platform to the pairs in the resonance chamber [the place where the paired-performance is taking place] as a kind of laser light beam that is directed at the Pleiades system keyhole point and then to another in the Orion system to specific cosmic addresses he/she already has inscribed in the lifeware with which he/she already came into the world, or acquired by download sometime thereafter. The Waveguide holomoves (travels) with all pairs, establishing hearthandshakes at all keyhole points. All of these are already known by the Waveguide, and knows the protocol needed for the 3-pair + 1 to 6

continue holomoving as clear channel all the way to the throne function. The throne function is the harmonic resonance position of the containing consciousness density, also recognized as local harmonic of the deity. The containing consciousness density as deity extends local harmonic to just about every galaxy in the universe. As a whole, this containing consciousness density is creator function and idiomaterial counterpart of What Is beyond the T-boundary (the limit beyond which there is Nothing, also known as the Silence).1 Life is preserved and protected by the containing consciousness density in its creator function. This preservation and protection is delegated finely and carefully and the Waveguide, to fulfill the function, must be aware of all of this, and of the protocols involved in invoking the preservation and protection functions of the creator function consciousness density all throughout the link of consciousness densities traversed along the way. The Waveguide must, and does, know these things, and know the protocols by which to guide the wavefront created by the combined pairs conducting the petition event.

B. One/8-Geometry x 9
A second geometry is also considered necessary and appropriate in the case of the event cascades expected to happen. This is a geometry of eight by nine four pairs of two plus one Waveguide per each team of eight, plus one active consciousness entity which performs the resonance

-----------1. For a far more clear explanation of the idiomaterial physics of the Unum/universe, see Part 6 of ESSAY ONE: Idiomaterial Physics A life physics of a bicausal Universe/UNUM (A. R. Bordon, K Strzyzewski, J.C. Graham, J. N. Traveler, J. A. Sanchez, and R. B. Solingen), 2012.

harmonics and the intercessory function between the HOF (human overfunction or Krist) and the geometric pairs-plus-one, and between the HOF and the galactic O2 or Order Superfunction (what human religions regard as deity). The intercessory connecting function performed by the consciousness entity referred to above is a function performed by an Ethereal Guidance Function (or what Judeo-Christian religions regard as archangels)2.

The Objectives, the Procedures, the Process, and the Handshake that Initiates the Petition Event
When the pairs come together in the power place, the Process begins. The objectives of this Petition Event are the following: A. The Incoming Planet that behaves like a comet The first focus of this Petition Event is to apply the power of the combined vectored-intentions of the chain of consciousness densities to change the trajectory of the planet by .0012th of a degree of arc. The timeline and cosmic address from where it is being initiated is a power place on Earth. A power place is a physical environment in which the magnetic field of the Earth is stronger and denser, and the electromagnetic/electrostatic ambient fields are palpable to those able to detect it. Problems. The period of time the incoming takes to move from one Nibiru point to the other is when Earth and the inner planets of the solar system experience great tribulation. At least, this is the case under normal conditions (as we defined normal above). --------2. See Part 6 of ESSAY ONE: Idiomaterial Physics A life physics of a bicausal Universe/UNUM (A. R. Bordon, K Strzyzewski, J.C. Graham, J. N. Traveler, J. A. Sanchez, and R. B. Solingen), 2012, pp. 51-54.

Nibiru point to the other is when Earth and the inner planets of the solar system experience great tribulation. At least, this is the case under normal conditions (as we defined normal above). What are the distressful conditions, events and situations that can be great ordeals to us? Lets make a list of all possible results from the proximity and passage of this astronomical object near Earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury. The following effects are likely and possible under normal conditions. Violent storms with excessive lightning, wind and water (drawn in from space in the manner comets do) Degradation or complete destruction of infrastructures and facilities Groups of cyclones, destroying housing Torrential rains and mudslides, causing mass flooding Strong winds and land hurricanes, tearing up Earth and vegetation (which will later form coal) Erratic weather, like snow in the tropics Influx of chemicals such as water, ammonia, and hydrocarbons Contaminated water supplies Visible electric discharges between planets and moons Colorful auroras, trumpet- and whistle-like sounds caused by discharging Frequent magnetic reversals allowing radioactive particles to enter our atmosphere, causing gene mutations and new species Blotting out of the Sun leading to mini-Ice Age Meteor stream impacts Plagues as electric currents force insects and vermin out of the ground "Pillar of fire" as Earth forms an electrical connection with Planet X, scorching the Earth and producing deafening noise If the object is larger than Earth, the loss of atmosphere and oceans; if smaller, massive pollution events Physical pole-shift, displacing continents and causing the flashfreezing of animals (e.g., the Wooly Mammoths) and causing earthquakes and the eruption of old and new volcanoes 9

The above resulting in an altered orbit, rotation, and tilt of the Earth, requiring a re-calibrating of our calendar.

By 1993, we were aware that the incoming was a planet, and not a meteor as many in scientific community thought it was. However, it would behave like a meteor and be only visible in the infrared (IR) range (see picture to the left) until it reached the incoming Nibiru point, as some scientists suspected back in the 1980s. The incoming Nibiru point is the place along the hypothetical surface of the ecliptic (the plane of the orbits of the planets in our solar system) where the incoming planet crosses it. See picture on the next page. Study it very carefully. On it, you will see the solar system, including Pluto (which no longer considered a planet; instead, it is classified as a planetoid not quite a planet in size and orbit). On the picture, you see Sol (the Sun) at the center of the solar system, around which nine planets orbit. From Sol, in an outward order, there are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, (the Asteroid Belt), Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus. These are the planets recognized as such by the International Astronomical Union. Now, lets explain what it is you are looking at. The first thing you may notice is the red line that runs at an angle to the ecliptic the plane of the planetary orbits. This is the ephemeris, or the orbital path of the astronomical object on its way to our solar system. The picture above shows its estimated position in mid-October of 2011; this is roughly a little over one astronomical unit, or 93,000,000 miles, plus an estimated 17,000 to 18,000 miles more. Next, notice that the places where this object will go through the ecliptic (or the Nibiru points) are inside the inner solar system this time around. It is interesting to also note that the archeoanthropological evidence (the writings of Zecharia Sitchin in


particular) indicates that the presence of this astronomical object in the far past (as much as three and four billion years ago) has had broader

Astronomical object near Nibiru Point on 17 September 2012 perihelia; that is, the passage through the solar system had incoming Nibiru points as far out as the orbits of Uranus and Pluto. As we said above, the perihelion is the point reached by the object when it is closest to Sol. As it goes around the Sun to return to deep space, it slingshots. The object increases velocity as it approaches perihelion, reaching maximum at the perihelion point and then decreasing from then on. As you see on the picture, the exit Nibiru point is between Mars and Earth. One last comment before continuing: here, we referred to normal conditions of what happens during the passage; this refers to the conditions which exist under conditions that do not include any form


of assist from sources from outside the Earth. On this passage, there is assist. But there are questions as to how well will this assist will work. Sitchin insinuates, but does not present anthropological evidence, that this astronomical object he named NI.BI.RU. (or any of its multiple satellites [as many as nine]) may have been responsible for the tipping of Uranus on its side and for the dramatic change of the orbit of Pluto, from even on the ecliptic to one slightly inclined to it. The second focus is a petition for the energetics to form, keep, and maintain a Dyson shell around the Earth during the passage of superwaves of any magnitude emitted by the galactic center of our Milky Way during the next 400 years, or until such time that we, humans, may do so by our own advancement or with extraterrestrial assist. It could look like this, looking at Earth from the Moon please look at picture to the left.
An artist conception of a Dyson Shell around the Earth NOTE: The images here are representations of the real events to give you an idea of how they would be. The actual events as phenomena may be quite different. So do not use these images as targets. Well get to targeting below.

B. With our feet on the ground Problems. The most recent time that a major superwave affected the Earth, and the entire solar system, was during the period from about 12

16,000 to 11,000 years ago. Through its ultimate energizing effect on the Sun, it was responsible for bringing an end to the last ice age. Through these solar effects, the superwave was also responsible for the mass extinction which occurred 12,900 years ago in which 95 percent of the large mammal species on the North American continent were wiped out. Gazing out at the night sky, it is easy to assume that what we see is the way things have been for millions of years: a star-studded heaven, beautiful moon, and a sun that in the morning will rise in its full glory. Unfortunately, this has not always been the case. Overnight this peaceful scene could be transformed into a grotesque display that could best be described as "all hell breaking loose." The hibernating, dust-shrouded core of our Galaxy, which long has remained hidden from view nestled between the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpius, will on that fateful day be seen to have awakened, to shine forth a strange brilliant bluewhite light. It will appear as a guest star far brighter than the planet Venus at full phase, signaling the arrival of the cosmic ray particle volley that had been relentlessly traveling towards us for 23,000 years as it inconspicuously crossed the void separating us from the galactic center. The galactic superwave will have arrived. M-51 Galaxy, also known as the These cosmic rays are ultra Whirlpool galaxy relativistic, that is, they are traveling so close to the speed of light. This will give rise to superluminal visual effects: the light will appear bluish-white. The synchrotron radiation they emit in the course of their 23,000 year travel through space will appear to unfold towards Earth in a matter of days, showering us with everything from low frequency radio waves, to visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays, not to mention the penetrating particle volley 13

itself. The core explosion phenomenon first became known to astronomy in the 1960's with the discovery of the Seyfert galaxies with their luminous cores, radio galaxies, and at the more extreme end of the energetic spectrum, objects called quasars and blazars. LaViolettes doctoral dissertation, Galactic Core Explosions, Cosmic Dust Invasions, and Climatic Change," presented evidence suggesting that our Galaxy's core explodes ten thousand times more frequently than had been previously thought, about every ten thousand years, rather than every 100 million years as was then commonly thought. What happens when a superwave arrives? And, most importantly, when is the next one due to arrive? First, lets talk about the answer to the first question. When a superwave arrive, our most immediate worry would be the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that it would carry at its forefront. This high intensity electromagnetic shock front would send high voltages running through any electrically conductive object. When it arrives on Earth surface and Earth space, it would: create high-voltage surges on the power line grid, shorting out power line transformers and ripping line circuit breakers, resulting in global power blackouts. fry satellites and destroy all nonhardened electronic equipment connected to the electric power grid, resulting in loss of electronic communications (TV, telephone, GPS system, etc.) -- airplane crashes would be inevitable; accidentally electrocute people who happened to be touching a large metal surface. ionize the Earth's atmosphere and consequently destroy the ozone layer, thereby increasing the Earth's exposure to harmful UV rays and ionizing radiation. The atmospheric electron shower


produced by the superwave cosmic rays and the consequent increased penetration of solar UV would have the effect of raising the incidence of skin cancer and the rate of genetic mutation. [6] Just in January of this year, 20 years after the Starburst Foundation made an effort to alert of the dangers of an unexpected superwave arrival, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council issued a report entitled Severe space weather events: Understanding societal and economic impacts [6] See the article in New Scientist at: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20127001.300-spacestorm-alert-90-seconds-from-catastrophe.html?full=true. The report enumerates catastrophes very similar to these occurring as a result of the sudden arrival of a very large solar coronal mass ejection, or what scientists call a "Carrington Event." This is named after the super-sized solar storm studied in 1859 by British astronomer Richard Carrington. Fortunately, because society was then still in the age of the horse and buggy, there was minimal social impact. But they say that there is a high likelihood that a Carrington Event could occur again in that not too distant future, maybe even in 2012 at the height of the next solar cycle. But if a solar storm of this magnitude were to occur today, during our present age of electric utility dependence, the results would be catastrophic. It would result in a complete frying of all step-up and stepdown transformers used to convert power to and from the high-voltage transport grid. The result would be that industrialized societies worldwide would be bring to a grinding halt. Electric utilities do not keep many spare transformers in stock and without electric power the manufacture of new transformers would be seriously hampered. In short, they say that it could take as much as a year to remanufacture the needed replacement units, provided that the manufacturing plants could be made to function. Meanwhile customers would be left to fend for themselves, surviving with candles and wood burning stoves. Even gas pumps require electricity. So if gas stations have not taken precautionary measures to have standby portable generators, perhaps horse and 15

buggies will end up coming back in fashion. The report estimates that a complete recovery from such a hazard could take 4 to 10 years. The same horrors described for the occurrence of a Carrington Event would occur for the arrival of even a very minor "Magnitude 1" superwave event, and as we will discover below, we are substantially overdue for one such event. But has it happened before, in more recent times? The answer is yes. On August 27, 1998, when a strong gamma ray burst unexpectedly arrived after journeying 20,000 light years from the a distant point in the constellation of Aquila, scientists awoke to the rude reality that a cosmic ray event could upset life on our planet. The event, which lasted five minutes, was strong enough to ionize the upper atmosphere and seriously disrupt satellites. It triggered a defensive instrument shutdown on at least two spacecraft. Fifteen years earlier in 1983, a much briefer gamma ray burst, lasting just four-seconds, had a measurable effect on radio transmissions used for global navigation and communication. As if things werent enough, there is the strong possibility that the superwave EMP (electromagnetic pulse) would also be accompanied by a gravity wave. The tidal force exerted on the Earth as it passed could trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. A cosmic ray outburst whose gamma ray burst blasted our solar system on December 27, 2004 may have been a warning of what could happen. The outburst was produced by a stellar explosion that occurred about 26,000 light years away near the center of our Galaxy. It was the first such gamma ray burst to be observed to originate from within our galaxy and the brightest to be recorded in the entire history of the U.S.European GRB observation program. But just 44.6 hours before it arrived the Earth was rocked by a 9.3 Richter earthquake, ten times stronger than any that occurred in the previous 25 years. This produced the infamous Malaysian tsunami which left 240,000 people either dead or missing. While both the gamma ray burst and its associated gravity wave pulse would travel towards us at close to the speed of light, the gamma ray pulse would lag slightly since it would have undergone some scattering along the way. Over the course of its 26,000 light year journey, 16

it would have traveled an average of 0.2 millionths slower than its associated gravity wave. But this event was far smaller than even the smallest of superwave events. Abrupt changes in climate. In the event of a substantially largesized superwave, a "Magnitude 4" superwave, the worst would be yet to come. The superwave cosmic ray wind would vaporize frozen cometary debris that currently surrounds our solar system and would blow this dust and gas inward. Analysis of Greenland ice has shown that, in fact, the solar system was filled with large concentrations of cosmic dust during the last ice age [8]. As this nebular material entered the inner solar system, it would scatter sunlight so that a portion of our radiation would come from a uniform glow filling both the daytime and night time sky. The dust would also redden the solar radiation spectrum. Since our atmosphere is opaque to infrared, a greater fraction of the Sun's radiation would become trapped in the upper atmosphere, warming the upper atmosphere and leaving the ground considerably cooler. This would produce inversion Graphic representation of superwave-induced cosmic dust incursion conditions that would induce severe storm activity and rapid precipitation of sleet and ice. Moreover as this nebular material crashed onto the Sun's surface, it would energize the Sun, increasing its luminosity and its cosmic ray output. The warm climate that we have been enjoying during the current 11,600 year-long interglacial has been accompanied by an equally long respite from the occurrence of major superwaves. However, interglacials, and respites between major superwave onslaughts, have rarely been as prolonged as the one we are fortunate enough to be experiencing. The next superwave, which appears to be overdue, could throw us headlong into a new ice age. 17

The Galactic center may also flare up frequently between major superwave events. Astronomical observation indicates that during the past 5,300 years, the Galactic center has expelled 14 clouds of ionized gas. The dates estimated for these expulsions are shown on the timeline in the figure below. Such minor superwaves were not intense enough to generate beryllium-10 peaks visible above background levels. However, the electromagnetic pulse associated with these events could have been

From LaViolette [6]. History of minor Galactic Center explosions during the past 6000 years; dates approximate times when radiation pulses arrived from the Galactic Center.

sufficiently strong that, had one such event occurred today, it could have had a catastrophic effect on modern electronics and communication systems unlike anything we have witnessed thus far. Such minor superwaves were not intense enough to generate beryllium-10 peaks visible above background levels. However, the electromagnetic pulse associated with these events could have been sufficiently strong that, had one such event occurred today, it could From LaViolette [6] Amount of time have had a catastrophic effect on between successive gas expulsions from the modern electronics and Galactic center, plotted as a frequency histogram. communication systems unlike 18

anything we have witnessed thus far. In other words, it might produce effects similar to a Carrington Event solar flare of the sort described in the U.S. National Academy of Sciences report. About 80% of these Galactic center gas emissions took place within 500 years of one another (figure to the right). Yet, it has been 700 years since the last event. So, again we come to the conclusion that we are currently overdue for the recurrence of such an event. The Maya may have designed their calendar not only to mark the date of arrival of this past superwave, but also to predict when the next one might come. The 5,124 year cycle of their calendar approximates the 5,750 100 year cycle evident in the 10Be (Beryllium) polar ice record. A shorter 5,400 year-long cycle is also marginally present in the data, but its existence is far less certain. Based on the Mayan calendar cycle we are presently overdue for the arrival of the next superwave. Based on the 5,750 year cycle evident in polar ice data, we should expect a superwave from now to within the next four centuries. What to expect: Knowing the past shows us the future. Ice core data published in the 1990's indicated that, in fact, the Earth was exposed to a high cosmic ray flux at that time. When cosmic rays strike nitrogen molecules in our atmosphere they produce the isotope beryllium-10. A record of the past rate of beryllium-10 production is recorded in the polar ice caps, and as seen in the figure on the next page (arrow marker), atmospheric beryllium-10 production rate rose sharply around 16,000 years ago, finally subsiding about 11,000 years ago. Gas expulsions from the center of our Galaxy, as well as other astronomical evidence, indicate that the cosmic ray barrage ending the last ice age indeed originated from a major explosion at our Galaxy's core. As we already pointed out, the incoming cosmic dust would have significantly energized the Sun, increasing its radiation output, and reddening its spectrum. The resulting increase in solar radiation, and the addition of a greater percentage of infrared radiation along with radiation scattered from the surrounding zodiacal dust would have altered caused a global warming and could explain why the ice age came to an end some 11,000 years ago. 19

Scientists have been warning that the sun's solar cycle which peaks in 2012, could cause powerful solar storms that could leave many places on earth without communication and electricity for months. Recent advances in technology have given scientists a look at what goes on inside the sun. The findings from this research predict we may be in for a chaotic 2012. This is due to the massive solar storms predicted to occur in 2012. The sun goes through an 11 year cycle where sunspots come and go on the suns surface. During the peak of the cycle, solar storms occur. Solar storms start with powerful magnetic fields in the sun which can snap at any time releasing immense amounts of energy into space. Some of the solar particles from the explosion could hit earth at about a million miles an hour. Usually the magnetosphere, a protective shield created by the earth's magnetic field, blocks most of the solar particles keeping damage to a minimum. Unfortunately the magnetosphere has been weakening recently and its ability to protect earth has been reduced. Another concern is that researchers predict the next solar peak will be 50% to 75% stronger than the last one which occurred in 2001. Solar flares have done considerable damage to the earth in the past, even when our magnetosphere was strong. In 1859 a strong solar storm caused telegraph wires to short out in the United States and in Europe. This caused widespread fires around the affected areas. Other Solar storms in 1989 and 2003 caused major blackouts in Canada and United States. If a major solar storm were to occur, power grids could be knocked out leaving millions of people without electricity. Also cell phones, GPS, weather satellites and many other electronic systems that depend on satellites could stop working. Worst Case Scenario. If the solar storm is stronger than predicted, the solar particles released into the magnetosphere could boost the gravitational pull on satellites and cause them to crash down to earth. This could cause some types of long distance communications to be lost.


Countless power grids could fail and electricity could be lost for over 150 million people in United States alone. In the case of interdependent infrastructures, people could lose their air conditioning, potable water, phone service and transportation. Also drinking water distribution systems could break down in a couple of hours. It could take months to fix all these problems leading to serious social and economic disruptions. Potentially these effects could lead to a loss of governmental control over the situation. Some believe that the solar storms could hit the magnetosphere strongly enough to flip the earth's magnetic poles. If this were to occur, the Yellowstone Super Volcano which is already overdue to erupt could explode with the power of ten atomic bombs. This could cover United States with ash and block sunlight for months, seriously affecting the growth of all plant life, and thus disrupting the food chain. Best Case Scenario. Satellites could be damaged and communications between countries would only be disrupted for a couple months. Trading in affected countries, could come to a halt for a couple weeks. For now, it's advisable to stay away from the northern and northeastern portions of North America which are more vulnerable to system outages caused by solar storms than California and many of the Western states. Feet on the ground. In early August, an enormous filament was seen stretching across the Sun's disk. This image through a hydrogen-alpha filter reveals the filament which is actually a prominence seen in front of the Suns surface. The image is 21

oriented with Celestial North up. H-alpha is a narrow line at the red end of the visible spectrum. It is caused by a transition in the hydrogen atom when an electron drops from its third to second lowest energy level. The Sun is composed primarily of hydrogen and its upper atmosphere or chromosphere glows in the red light of h-alpha. A telescope with a specially designed h-alpha filter can reveal amazing structures in the chromosphere that are not visible in white light. Enormous prominences rise above the Sun's surface reaching altitudes of 150,000 km or more. When seen silhouetted against the solar disk prominences are then called filaments. They often underlie coronal mass ejections and are important to the prediction of space weather. Spicules are long thin tubes of luminous gas that can change in a matter of minutes. Powerful magnetic explosions known as solar flares form in the most active regions and eject clouds of electrons, ions, and atoms through the Sun's corona into space.

PART ONE: First Phase - Beta Test

What we must do We must do two things: Beta Test and Dyson Test. These are the two phases of this operation. One follows the other in this sequence: the first (Beta Test) to be conducted between 17 September 2012 and 21 September 2012; the second (Dyson Test) to be conducted between 18 December 2012 and 23 December 2012. Both time periods give us operable windows for the use of the geometries of actionable choicemaking mentioned and briefly described here. The actual 22

mechanics and dynamics of each of them will be imbued by bootstrapping infusion in the course of induction of each member of the pairs between the time this document reaches each such members and the period of actionable choicemaking. This document applies only to the first test (Beta Test) and not the second (Dyson Test). The latter will be using the second geometry mentioned but not fully described in this document, and will require a different deployment than the one used in the first. Below, I will describe in more detail the mechanics and some of the dynamics of the Beta Test application of One/2-geometry x 3. Beta Test: Application of One/2-geometry x 3 Six active participants are selected for self-choosing for participation in this phase. Participants will self-pair in the course of boostrapping. The author will act as Waveguide for this Beta Test application. Bootstrapping is the individual process of integration of products of skills, abilities and natural internal and external predispositions in their allocation, use and integration toward becoming a single degree of freedom individuated Hall fractional human entity (HFHE). An HFHE is a human being occupying a body, whose information cloud (spirit or soul) is a fraction of a larger information consciousness density composed of many fractional entities North embodied not only on Earth but also on many other planetary and life habitats where complex living entities exist. Each individual participant is a Hall fractional, which makes the information cumulus available to the six to be sizeable and accessible under suitably inducible conditions. Beta Tests During a petition event what the three South pairs and the Waveguide perform when using any Beta Test of the use of the geometry participants are organized in 23

pairs and located in a contained open space no smaller than ten to twelve feet by nine feet. A compass is used to find true north in the room. A circle is drawn on the floor and pairs of chairs are placed facing away from each other along the circumference, each pair of chairs equidistant from every other pair in the format shown on the figure on the previous page, with one pair at the true north position on the circumference. Pair members sit facing away from each other, but with their backs and necks within inches of each other. This is very important, as both will share energetic kundalinic upload when pair is in the same space/time. When not in line of sight, kundalini is drawn up from the Earth at will and in preparation for the window-moment of the petition event. Petition ritual in-line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight conditions. When all participants (including the Waveguide) are present in the same location and all are situated on the circle (line-ofsight condition), each trial is ritualistic and coordinated by voice by the Waveguide. Each cycle of actionable choosing (the emission of coordinated vector-intention by each of the three pairs) should last anywhere between 2 minutes to 2 hours. The variance in time is mostly due to the period required to set up entrainment of vectored-intentions by the Waveguide and the connecting upward in the causal chain. In a nonline-of-sight condition, single pairs may or may not have both participants in line of sigh of each, or all participants in all pairs are not in line of sight of each other. Regardless, the ritual is the same. In this ritual, each of the members of each of the pairs need to also draw a circle on the floor of where they choose to be located, ascertain the true north of the circle on which they will locate the chair, agree who will be sitting looking inward (toward the inside of the circle) or looking outward (this must be agreed upon before a ritual begins, and must be kept same throughout all ritual trials); each participant must be entangled with his/her pair long before the first trial begins; when the first or any subsequent trial begins, all pair members must be able to be able to be in phone contact with each other and with the Waveguide by way of a conference call configured by someone outside of the functions 24

(pair-participant and Waveguide). It is best if each pod (group of pairparticipants and Waveguide) is located in the same country, and it highly desirable to have pods in as many countries as possible. The timing of the ritual is then local to the time zone in which the ritual trial is being conducted. Finally, for the Beta Test phase, we need to have a minimum of (20) twenty ritual trial repetitions over one month period prior to 19 November 2012. Trials then must end on 18 November. Pods (participant pairs + Waveguide) need to organize their schedule and keep it strictly on the days chosen to ritual petition. The chief reason for this protocol requirement is that the ritual will involve petition by spacelike extension. Spacelike extension is petitioning on an object or objective not necessarily on the exact real time timeline (exact day and time all pods carry out the petition trial, or unison petition), which means the event or object being targeted is either in the past or in the future. In this case, the target will be in the past; the event focused upon is the crossing of the ecliptic by the incoming. See image below.


The gnosive contact zone is inside the white circle. This is the area of focus of the actionable choicemaking. Now, I ask you to lend me your imagination so that your natural intelligence may grasp what it is we are asking pair participants to do. Petition ritual information and instruction set The approximate positions of all planets at that time are as shown in the picture above. The image is shown to have the incoming just below the Nibiru point (bright white spot) between the orbits of Pluto and Uranus. The Nibiru point is the place on the ecliptic where the incoming crosses it. The ecliptic is the plane on which most of the orbits of the solar system planets are located, with the exception of Pluto, which has an orbit slightly inclined to this plane. The crossing of the ecliptic will begin its slingshot around the sun, reaching perihelion sometime in December. Objective. What we wish to do is to act upon the timeline of the orbital period (unique time onto itself, without any reference to Earth time) of the planet; we want to have it make an infinitesimal change in its slingshot around the sun, such that instead of crossing the ecliptic between Earth and Mars on its outgoing return to space, it changes path to revolve such that its crossing of the ecliptic would be between Mars and Jupiter, or more precisely, between Jupiter and the asteroid belt. This would require approximately .00129 degrees of arc change of the slingshot turn. Actionables A and B. The act to be performed is two-part: the first (A) is a petition-event a clearance to have the desired effect sanctioned by the local consciousness density charged with management of the solar system [the redirect is made by the wave guide]; and the second (B) is an action-at-a-distance upon the astronomical object by each of the three pairs of paired participants (six in total), acting upon it to change course by 0.00129 degrees of arc, i.e., changing course to the right of the course shown in the image above. Each pair, at the time the 26

pair jointly chooses to perform parts A and B (they must be performed in sequence, and not separately) will then conduct the petition first, and then the action-at-a-distance. The petition (Part A) is sent to the Waveguide (me) for submission to the consciousness density. Part A will be performed ten times by all pairs, beginning on 17 September, 2012, at a time agreed upon by members before 2:00 PM PDT [this will be the timesetter that anchors the petition to a specific date and time]; then each pair will perform the same exact petition event as instructed during a conference call bootstrap session but the holomovement or extension will change from being made timelike (on 17th September) to spacelike (moving along the timeline to the past, back to 17th September, and to the position the astronomical object was on that date and time when the petition was made on that date). Protocols for ritual in non-line-of-sight conditions. Pairs. Protocols for a non-line-of-sight pod call for nonlinear connectivity between members of a pair, and handshake/handover to a Waveguide. The procedure is gnosively speaking relatively simple. To wit: (1) Members of a pair find each others signature by location and by emotive set (the overall feel of the individual along with his or her information cloud personality. Once this occurs, pairs are on platform as one, and petition as command may then be directed as vectored-intention to the Waveguide for colocation on targeted physical place. Each pair (both members) declare the petition as command in spoken form three times before declaring the petition terminated by stating the desire to be so happened in the present already. This is key and important to the success of the petitions fulfillment.


Pairs and Waveguide. In non-line-of-sight pod work, the pairs and the Waveguide work together once the pair vectored-intention is placed on the Waveguide for colocation on targeted physical place. This 27

means the pairs follow process by witnessing what and how Waveguide and allies work the colocation and angle of change. Once the process is declared terminated by the Waveguide, pair are then to perform the last activity of this phase: journaling. Journal as Evidence. The final activity is for all members of all pairs to write up and entry into a personal journal of all activities and processes experienced by the participant. This is the externalized exposition of the internal experiences undergone by each. A copy of the entry is then sent to the Waveguide, who enters each submission into an operation database. End of Part One