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Weekly Anuban outline

Teacher: Ingrid Rothmann Class: EP 3 Toadstool Week no: 4 Dates (from / to): 10/06/201314/06/2013

Weekly Outline:
Activity session subject : Animals and their young Vocabulary: This week we are going to learn the following words: kangaroo/ joey fish/ fry sheep/ lamb zebra/ foal giraffe/ calf tiger/ cub frog/ tadpole chicken/ chick Grammar: We are going to practise to say full sentences, example: "a kitten is a baby cat", instead of just saying "kitten". Activities / songs / games: 1. Activities We are going to write the names of some animals and also
match the babies with their parents. We are also going to try and remember how some of these names are spelled, by trying to do some sight recognition. We are also going to finish moulding our paper mach masks this week, prepare to get sticky. By the end of the week, we are going to watch an English video about the "ugly duckling".

2. Songs We are going to continue to learn the words for "5 little
ducks", which you can also follow on You Tube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG6GXdUOR_Y) To ensure our learning is fun and productive, we are going to watch two videos/songs to help us remember what we have learned so far. We are going to watch "Animals and their babies" (http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=cJg4YFtvOp8), and "Animal sounds" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7R_M52EAkI).

3. Games We are going to play charades this week, where a student

should act out the animal given and other students should try and guess what that animal is. We are going to play a game of "fishing", where students will get the ..... to catch the baby animal mentioned.

Phonics This week we are going to start with the 'at' sound family. (map, nap, cap, sap, tap) and also some new sight words (in, on, the, and, a, is, me, you). We are going to use these sight words to read some of the short sentences, example: "The cat is on the mat". Review: This week we are going to review the 'an' and 'at' family sounds. We are also going to review the names of the animals we did in the previous week. We are going to review counting from one to 50. Notes / parent follow up: As we are going to finish moulding our paper mach masks, it could be helpful if you will encourage your child to think about what animal he or she will be making. Looking up some animals paper mach masks can also help with ideas. If you want to help your child to understand and excel in reading, practise writing and recognising the sight words and phonics we are doing this week.