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DPES - Medical Leadership Competency Framework (MLCF)

Medical Leadership Competency Framework describes the leadership competences doctors need to become more actively involved in the planning, delivery, and transformation of health services. It helps to inform the curricula and development programs, highlights individual strength, and personal development training and career development. Its application will differ according to the career stage of the doctor and the type of the role they fulfil. An undergraduate student will have different framework with postgraduate student and continuing practice doctor because they have different career stage and the role they should fulfil. There are five domains of MLCF, they are personal qualities, working with others, managing services, improving services, and setting directions. These domains will be in a different importance in ourselves as our career developing and the role we should fulfil changing. Ten years from now, I will have different personal framework from me now. I think about me in ten years from now, I will be a plastic surgeon and have my on clinics. Hence my priorities framework will be professional. As I am the owner of the clinic, I should keep my clinic goes well to treating and managing patient needs. I should be the plastic surgeon who appreciates my patients as a whole person not just a subject who gives me money. Then the second importance in me will be financial. I should be the best financial manager for myself as I am the owner thus I should keep my financial balance. If my clinic is not bankrupt, I still can serve my patient as maximum as I can be. The next important framework in my life will be academic. As I am a doctor, a doctor is the profession who needs long life study, I will keep studying and attending workshops that keep my knowledge renew. The other important framework for me in the next ten years will be my personal life and spiritual life. My parents, husband, and children will always be my priority in life above of all my career, because they are the most important in my life. They are my supporter in life. The last but not least is spiritual life. It stands the highest place in my life. Maybe in the ten years I will be very busy because of everything in my life, such as family and career, but the base of my life still Jesus Christ. My personal qualities that will be needed are

a. Self Awareness is the awareness of my own values, our strengths and weaknesses, principles assumptions, and by being able to learn from experiences. For me as an undergraduate student : I should identify my strengths like I can use my logic to understand the concepts of basic medicine and treatment, so I dont need to memorize all, because if I just memorize it, I will easily forget it. Then I should identify my weaknesses, for example I need a long time to study by myself, so I should manage my time well then I can have a lot of time to study by myself. For me ten years from now : I learn to be the best physician. Identify my own strengths and weakness. If my best qualities is in surgery, then I should keep practicing in it so that I can be better each day. If I find my weaknesses, I should try to manage it. b. Self Management is organising and managing myself while I still think about others needs and priorities. For me as an undergraduate student : I should keep my commitment to do my study as a medical student For me ten years from now : I should keep my commitment to do the best for patient what is best and what is not for my patient. I should think about my patient as a whole person not just an object to work. c. Self development : learning from continuing personal development, experiences, and feedback. For me as an undergraduate student : I should keep studying and learning from lectures, PBL, and clinical exposures as they help me to improve my knowledge and skills. For me ten years from now : I should keep studying and learning from workshop and another that gain and renew my knowledge and skills. d. Acting with integrity : I should behave in an honest and ethical manner. I should appreciate peoples diversity from their religion, culture, and ethnic. For me as an undergraduate student : I appreciate my friends who comes from another ethnic and culture, and who has different religion

with me. For me ten years from now : I appreciate all of my patients and workers who has different religion, ethnic, and culture from me. I should keep my best manner for them.