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This is not a pure or true evocation of an element. Later, in advanced grades,
you will learn methods of natural elementals.
Remember, you are a Microcosm of the Universe, thus you have the ability to
direct your will to a specific task or mission. The will is then filtered through the element
and evoked and contained in a specific container. Through Will, you name the
elemental, send it forth to complete a task or mission, and give it a time to disperse.
An artificial elemental is not a talisman or a natural elemental as found in nature.
It is an aspect of your will transformed to a limited, specific and controlled aura, and
filtered through an element.
This ritual requires a divination. Never perform it without the consent of the
person you are sending it to. You should know exactly what the artificial elemental is to
do, and remember to give it the command to disperse when it is finished or at a given
The basic qualities of the four elements as manifested through the sphere of
sensation are:

Fire: Sex, lower emotions, energy, success, war, fighting, building backbone,
competition, athletic endeavors, vitality, terrorism, anger, violence, protection,
consecration, and law.

Water: Deep emotions, tranquillity, compassion, faith, higher forms of love,

devotion, friendship, healing wounds, restoring growth, childbirth, family,
calmness, medicine, comfort, clairvoyance, marriage, partnerships, negotiations,
beauty, rest, meditation, fishing, and loyalty.

Air: Thoughts, memory, learning, teaching, tests, divination, writing, organizing,

theorizing, addictions, intellectualism, travel, and creation of thoughts.

Earth: Jobs, money, farming, fertility, stability, health, foods, ecology,

conservation, old age, construction, physical work, daily necessities such as
food, shelter, etc., and grounding.

The Divine Names Attributed To Each Element

Element Divine Name Archangel Angel

Fire YHVH Tzabaoth Michael Aral
Water Elohim Tzabaoth Gabriel Taliahad
Air Shaddai El Chai Raphael Chassan
Earth Adonai Ha-Aretz Auriel Phorlakh

Step 1

Decide on the purpose and do a divination.

Step 2

Perform the L.B.R.P. and B.R.H..

Step 3

Become the element you wish to use. Hold your hands nine to twelve inches
apart, palms facing each other. Now imagine a bottle or a box between your hands, in
the proper shape of the element. Exhale, visualizing all of the element you are working
with going out with your breath and being trapped in the container between your hands.
Do this until the container is full of the elemental energy.

Step 4

Take your hands away and let the container float in front of you. Vibrate the
Divine name and the Archangel that pertain to the element you wish to create. Then

"I hereby name thee _________. Go now and do (such and such). When
you have completed this task, disperse and reunite with (element) everywhere
and harm none on the way. If thou hast not completed thy task by (date and
time), then disperse nonetheless and reunite with (name element) everywhere
and harm none on the way. As it is desired, so shall it be. Be on thy way."

Step 5

Perform the L.B.R.P., B.R.H. and the final release.

"I now release any spirits that may have been imprisoned by this
ceremony. Go back to thine own abodes and habitations with the blessings of
the Divine One. I now declare this rite duly closed.

The shape of the containers are as follows:

Fire A red triangle.

Water A blue or silver moon shape.
Earth An earth tone or yellow cube.
Air A blue or yellow ball.

You may also use the following shapes:

Fire A red triangle pointing up (as above).
Water A blue triangle pointing down.
Earth A brown triangle pointing down with a line dissecting
halfway between the top and bottom.
Air A yellow triangle as the earth triangle, but pointing up.

Make sure that all the containers are three dimensional!


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