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List of Adobe Photoshop CS5 shortcut keys

Shortcuts for selecting Tools

- Hold down "Shift" on the keyboard for each shortcut. - Pressing the letter more than once will switch through the different tools in that icon. * Hold down "Shift" on the keyboard and then press the letter "w" the "Magic Wand Tool" will be selected. Press "w" again and it will change it to the "Quck Selection Tool". V M L W C K J B S Y E G R O P T A U N Move tool Rectangular Marquee tool, EllipticalMarquee tool Lasso tool, Polygonal Lasso tool, MagneticLasso tool Magic Wand tool,Quick Selection tool Crop tool Slice tool, Slice Select tool Spot Healing Brush tool, Healing Brushtool, Patch tool, Red Eye tool Brush tool, Pencil tool, ColorReplacement tool Clone Stamp tool, Pattern Stamp tool History Brush tool, Art History Brushtool Eraser tool, BackgroundEraser tool, Magic Eraser tool (in Photoshop) Gradient tool, Paint Bucket tool Blur tool, Sharpen tool, Smudgetool Dodge tool, Burn tool, Spongetool Pen tool, Freeform Pen tool Horizontal Type tool, Vertical Typetool , Horizontal Type mask tool, Vertical Type mask tool Path Selection tool,Direct Selectiontool Rectangle tool, Rounded Rectangle tool, Ellipsetool, Polygon tool, Line tool , Custom Shape tool Notes tool, Audio Annotation tool (in Photoshop)

Any selection tool + Alt-drag selection Any selection tool (except Quick Selection tool) + Shft-Alt-drag Shft-drag marquee to square or circle (ifno other selections are active)* Alt-drag marquee from center (if no other selectionsare active)* Shft + Alt-drag and draw marquee from center* Ctrl (except when Hand, Slice, Path, Shape, or any Pen tool is selected) Adobe Photoshop Alt-drag Magnetic Lasso tool to Lasso tool Alt-click Magnetic Lasso tool to polygonalLasso tool Enter/Esc or Ctrl + . (period) operation of the Magnetic Lasso Move tool + Alt-drag selection* selection Any selection + Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down Arrow 1 pixel Move tool + Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down Arrow pixel Ctrl + Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down Arrow when nothing selected on layer Magnetic Lasso tool + [ or ] Increase/decrease detection width Crop tool Enter or Esc or exit cropping in Adobe Photoshop / (forward slash) shield off and on Ruler tool + Alt-drag end point Shft-drag guide ruler ticks (except when View >Snap is unchecked) Alt-drag guide horizontal and vertical guide

Subtract from a Intersect a selection Constrain Draw Constrain shape Switch to Move tool in Switch from Switch from Apply/cancel an Move copy of Move selection area Move selection 1 Move layer 1 pixel

Accept cropping Toggle crop Make protractor Snap guide to Convert between

Alt + Merge Visible cmnd from the Palette pop*'up menu above the currently selected layer Right-click the eye icon only or all layers/layer groups Alt-click the eye icon visible layers / (forward slash) target layer, or last applied lock Double-click layer effect/style Alt-double-click layer effect/style Double-click layer Shft-click vector mask thumbnail Photoshop Double-click layer mask thumbnail dialog box Shft-click layer mask thumbnail Shft-click filter mask thumbnail Alt-click layer mask thumbnail mask/composite image Alt-click filter mask thumbnail mask/composite image \ (backslash), or Shft + Alt-click mask on/off Double-click type layer thumbnail type tool Alt-click the line dividing two layers Double-click the layer name Double-click the filter effect Double-click the Filter Blending icon Ctrl-click New Layer Set button layer/layer set Alt-click New Layer Set button box Alt-click Add Layer Mask button all/selection Ctrl-click Add Layer Mask button all/selection Ctrl + Alt-click Add Layer Mask button all/selection Right-click layer group or double-click group Shft-click

Merge all visible layers to a new layer Show/hide this layer/layer group Show/hide all other currently Toggle lock transparency for Edit layer effect/style, options Hide layer effect/style Edit layer style Disable/enable vector mask in Open Layer Mask Display Options Toggle layer mask on/off Toggle filter mask on/off Toggle between layer Toggle between filter Toggle rubylith mode for layer Select all type; temporarily select Create a clipping mask Rename layer Edit filter settings Edit the Filter Blending options Create new layer set below current Create new layer set with dialog Create layer mask that hides Create vector mask that reveals Create vector mask that hides Display layer group properties Select/deselect multiple