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Mahesh Reddy
SUMMARY Around 3+ years of IT industry experience in Software Development & SDLC Process. Extensive experience in development of GUI using Core Java, Java Swing. Have experience on Build Management using ANT. Having the experience on Manual Unit Testing. Interaction with the client for requirement gathering. Presently working on Software Development for Embedded systems for automotive and processor Controller Architecture. WORK HISTORY Software Engineer KPIT Cummins InfoSystems Ltd. Hinjewadi, Pune. EDUCATION B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering) May 2006 D.K.T.Es College of Engineering Shivaji University Kolhapur - MH STRENGTHS A quick learner with the ability to make solutions-oriented, creative & innovative contributions in highly demanding situations. Efficient analytical problem solving & decision making skills. Excellent written and oral communication skills with clients. Can take the independent responsibility. Ability to work in a team environment, along with an ability to manage ones own task, lead the team and deliver on goals. Graduation: May 2007 - till date

TECHNICAL SKILLS & TOOLS Languages: Web Technologies: Operating Systems: Build Management: Version Management: Tools: Testing Tool: Databases: Core Java, Java Swings, C, C++, VB, XML JSP(Novices), Servlet(Novices) Windows XP, Windows 98 and Windows 2000 Build Scripting using ANT Win CVS Eclipse Rational Robot MySQL

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Project-I Name: Rapid Application Initialization and Documentation (RAppID) Tool for a Microcontroller Initialization Code Generation. Client: Freescale Semiconductor, USA. Technology Core Java, Swing, XML, Excel Sheet, VB

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Environment: Duration: Role: Description: The project is based on the following: The Tool generates initialization code in C/assembly for Freescales MPC55xx/56xx automotive series of microcontrollers. It is basically used to Initialize all Registers for Controller; configurable (Read/Write) bits in any register are provided GUI components in Tool. The tool has module specific GUIs for configuring the different parameters. Typically tool has GUIs for configuring ADC, LCD, DCU, SGL System Clock Timers, CPU, SCI, CAN, LIN, MMU, Interrupt etc. GUI is basically developed for Configuration of all devices & peripherals for series of controllers, so that the configuration can be saved & can be used repetitively. It also generates HTML reports, detailing the settings done by the user in GUI. Tool was developed for MPC55xx/56xx series of Freescale controller, which are meant for Automotive Control Systems. Java 1.5, Eclipse, Win CVS, Windows XP OS Since May 2007 Software Engineer

Features of RappID Tool: Window based stand-alone tool. GUI based for ease of use and speed. Generates initialization C code for Microcontroller series. C Code can be configured for different compilers. Built in Tool tips for the user. Perform consistency check. Performs report generation. Wizard development. Device Import Export.

Contribution and Responsibilities: Development of GUI for devices & peripherals. Model tie-up with GUI. Integration of the device with the tool. Interactions with the client to understand the functional requirements of the tool, its interfaces with various system units and end users for better development of tool. Designed and developed multiple peripherals in tool like SGL, LCD, DCU, EMIOS, DSPI, INTC, CPU. This involved complex GUI design and data persistence mechanisms. Code Generation in C and Report Generation in html. Active participation in the tool architecture and implemented various Design patterns to increase tool efficiency. (Observer, Singleton implemented.) Preparing of unit test plans, designing unit test cases. Code-Reviews and Optimization of the code. All modules consistency checks implementation and testing. Unit test-case preparation each and every module developed. Unit testing of the tool.

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Project-II Name: Client: Technology Environment: Duration: Role: Description: Pin Configuration Wizard Utility for configuring function assignment to pins for different package and target parts of the MPC56xx semiconductor chips. This utility provides the user interface to configure and see the assigned functions for the individual peripherals. HTML Report is generated to view all pin configurations. Pin Configuration Wizard Utility Freescale Semiconductor, USA. Core Java, Swing, XML, Excel Sheet, VB Java 1.5, Eclipse, Windows XP OS Since May 2007 (currently in support and enhancement stage) Software Engineer

Contribution and Responsibilities: Contributed in Implementation of the tool Prepare unit test cases Prepare the excel sheet and its script for data entry, from which property files are generated for GUI value


PERSONAL PROFILE: Date of Birth Marital Status Passport No : : : 20th Oct 1983 Single G0357953

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