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Sun Ruler For Sign Leo Keywords Identity, Vitality, Goals Positive Traits He can be good or evil depending upon the planets in configurati on with him. The sun is considered to be the centre and the giver of all life; and as such, t his very planet is considered to be the backbone of astrology. When this planet is strongly placed in a person's horoscope , he is generally well built, has strong and broad shoulders, piercing eyes and a broad and high forehead. The natives are basically strong willed, determinant, outspoken and skillful ind ividuals. Negative Traits This is the parent of the solar system. It is the planet which i s known to co-operate sympathetically with all the other planets of the solar system, except Saturn. I t is temperately hot, dry and masculine. He can be good or evil depending upon the planets in configuration with him. Anatomy Heart, Back, Arteries, Eyes Time To Complete One Cycle None Ruler For House 5th House - The House of Pleasures

Moon Ruler For Sign Cancer Keywords Emotions, Intuition, Home Positive Traits Unlike the Sun, this planet is a feminine planet which is cold, moist, watery, nocturnal and phlegmatic. Natives are known to be very beautiful with a fair stature, pale complexion, rou nd face, bright eyes, short arms and a phlegmatic body. Natives are also very mild, soft, tender, and warm and kind heated people. It i s the 'Star of Destiny' of an individual which helps him to achieve all his goals and fulfils all inner desire and needs . These natives are very much adaptable and charming. They are not in any way destined to lead an obscure and an uneventful life. Negative Traits It is very easily influenced by other forces and this planet is very sensitive to the influence of the signs of the zodiac than any other planet. It also rules over the home and health of an individual and in her malefic aspects, this planet turns out to be the most undisputed threat to health. Anatomy Brain, Stomach, Bowels, Bladder, Left Eye Time To Complete One Cycle 27 days Ruler For House 4th House - The House of Family

Jupiter Ruler For Sign Sagittarius Keywords Expansion, Good Luck, Ideals Positive Traits This is the fifth planet of the solar system and is considered t o be a hot, airy, sanguine, beneficent and social planet with masculine qualities. It is the planet of temp erance, justice and moderation. At times, it is referred to as the planet with 'Greater Fortune'. Natives are ge

nerally tall, well built, proportioned and balanced individuals. Being the planet of wisdom, Jupiter is the largest planet of the solar system. I t is the instinct of creation, hospitality, generosity and spiritual emotions. Negative Traits The natives may be over optimistic about the wrong things. This may lead to them being very boastful too. Laziness is another inherent negative character. Extravagance and overspending w ill have to be controlled. Anatomy Liver, Lungs, Veins, Blood Circulation Time To Complete One Cycle 12 years Ruler For House 9th House - The House of Travel & 12th House - The House of Shor tcomings

Mercury Ruler For Sign Gemini, Virgo Keywords Communication, Intelligence, Reasoning Positive Traits This is the first and foremost planet of the solar system and is believed to be the chief ruler of the nerve forces and the mental faculties of mankind. The natives are tall and straight figured individuals who have thin lips, strai ght nose, narrow chin and slender arms. The dignified aspect of this planet provides its natives with a strong, active a nd a subtle mind along with a retentive memory. It is said to be the most sensitive of all the other planets of the solar system . It responds to each and every impression. Negative Traits The mental qualities become subservient and slavish when overpow ered by Venus. Your argumentative nature may get you into trouble. Fooling people and being sar castic will never prove to be successful. Anatomy Memory, Speech, Nostrils, Hands, Feet, Nervous System Time To Complete One Cycle 88 days Ruler For House 3rd House - The House of Communication & 6th House - The House o f Health

Venus Ruler For Sign Taurus, Libra Keywords Love, Harmony, Pleasure Positive Traits This is a planet which is considered as the planet of 'Lesser Fo rtune'. The natives are known to be well built and beautiful individuals with round spar kling eyes, smooth face and fair complexion. They also possess a denoting desire, wandering eye and a sweet voice. Love will play an important role in the destiny of the natives and will also be a source of happiness to them either directly or indirectly. It is the planet which rules over the jewels, perfumes, and the beauty of form b oth in human as well as in still lives. Negative Traits Laziness is the key problem of natives ruled by this sign. You may be selfish and too absorbed in your own needs to care about others. Over doing and pampering yourself too much may prove to be fatal. Anatomy Skin, Thyroid Gland, Ovaries, Kidneys, Veins, Throat Time To Complete One Cycle 225 days Ruler For House 2nd House - The House of Finances & 7th House - The House of Par


Mars Ruler For Sign Aries Keywords Physical Energy, Competition, Will-Power Positive Traits The native of this planet can only be happy, when he feels that he is overcoming obstacles and that he is conquering. It is the only planet in the solar system which represents physical force. It p rovides his native with the courage, vitality and the strength that is required to fight off his enemies and win over a battle. Negative Traits This is the fourth planet of the solar family is very often refe rred to as the 'Bloody Planet'. This is so, because it is hot, fiery, dry and as well as very violent. It is bel ieved that whenever it comes close to Earth, more murders and violence take place on Earth; whereas when in retrograde, all sort of natural calamities and robberies are known to happen. Anatomy Head, Face, Stomach, Kidneys, Knees, Gall Bladder, Reproductive Organs, Groin, Throat Time To Complete One Cycle 687 days Ruler For House 1st House - The House of Identity & 8th House - The House of Spi rituality

Saturn Ruler For Sign Capricorn Keywords Restriction, Obstacles, Stability Positive Traits This is the sixth planet of the solar family is the most distant planet from the Sun, except Uranus and Neptune. It is the planet which signifies prudence and caution. At times, it is also cons tructive and crystallizing. The benefic effect of this planet helps us to reach our highest goals. It is the indicator of the amount of success, the native may achieve in his whole lifetim e. Negative Traits The aspect of this planet in a man implies obstacle and delay, a nd it exerts the force of isolation and concentration. Generally speaking, if we consider it as acting upon the man and influencing his surrounding enviro nment, then it may be called unfortunate. It brings about delay and therefore, this planet makes his native despondent an d hopeless. Deafness is a very common feature of those who are ruled by this planet of the solar system. The influence of this planet is quite corrosive, hindering and ret arding. Anatomy Constipation, Hearing, Teeth, Spleen, Bones Time To Complete One Cycle 29 years Ruler For House 10th House - The House of Career & 11th House - The House of Hop es

Uranus Ruler For Sign Aquarius

Keywords Shock, Change, Independence Positive Traits You have inborn psychic and intuitive powers. You can be a sourc e of inspiration to everyone around you. Your ideas are original and very innovative. You can be very resourceful when i t matters. Negative Traits You have problems achieving your goals though you may start off on new projects. You may be very moody at times. Sometimes you may exhibit very abnormal behavior too. Anatomy Gall Bladder, Mind, Sexual Organs, Ankles Time To Complete One Cycle 84 years Ruler For House 11th House - The House of Hopes

Neptune Ruler For Sign Pisces Keywords Imagination, Spirituality, Confusion Positive Traits You are bound to be spiritually inclined. You have very good int uitive powers. You have very good creative and artistic abilities. You are born spiritual lead ers. You are a genius in the making only if you put your mind to it. Negative Traits Your simple nature can bring you in the company of bad people yo u may make use of you. Be careful not to get addicted to alcohol or drugs. Give up the escapist attitu de. Anatomy Memory, Parathyroid Glands, Feet Time To Complete One Cycle 165 years Ruler For House 12th House - The House of Shortcomings

Pluto Ruler For Sign Scorpio Keywords Elimination, Transformation, Change Positive Traits This is a planet of transformation. The change can be personal o r something that can change the lifestyle of a whole generation. You may make discoveries and de velop new things for the benefit of the world. Negative Traits You can be very aggressive and dominating. Do not resort to viol ence at any cost. Your controlling nature can prove to be too difficult to handle for others. Anatomy Skin, Prostrate, Nails, Hormones Time To Complete One Cycle 248 years Ruler For House 8th House - The House of Spirituality