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SIDDHIS: Poderes Atributos de perfeio faculdades psquicas, poderes extraordinrios, segundo o glossrio teosfico de Helena P.

Blavastky, so consquistados pelo homem yogi atravs de sua SANTIDADE. Os mais refinados so adquiridos pela EDUCAO DOS PODERES ESPIRITUAIS, por vrias vidas. Aquele que vive consagrado prtica do Yoga, que subjugou seus sentidos e concentrou sua mente em Mim (Krishna), um Yog, no qual todos os Siddhis esto prontos para servir (Zrmad Bhagavad). SIDHI tambm significa: PERFEIO, XITO, BEM-ESTAR, PROSPERIDADE, VENTURA, REALIZAR O DESEJADO, EFEITO, CONSEQUNCIA, CONSUMAO, CUMPRIMENTO, EXECUO, FIM FRUTO, PRODUTO, RECOMPENSA, So eles: ANIM (assimilar-se a um tomo), MAHIM (dilatar-se no espao), LAGHIM (tornr-se leve), GARIM (tornr-se pesado), PRPTI (chegar a qualquer parte), PRKMYA (ver todos os desejos realizaodos), ICHATVA (faculdade de criar) e VAZITVA (dominar tudo). SIDDHA, so os semi-deuses, que pelo seu grau de santidade, perfeio e saber so conhecidos como Santos, afortunados, ADEPTOS ELEVADOS, MAHTMAS ou ainda DHYN CHOHANS. So tambm videntes, que detem poderes extraordinrios, dominam a arte da magia. TODAS OS SEUS SIGNIFICADOS SO FRUTOS DE AUSTERIDADE, TRABALHO, DEDICAO. SO CONQUISTAS, AOS QUE VIVERAM ALM DOS DESEJOS. SO AS GLRIAS DE QUEM ABRIU MO DE TODAS OS LUXOS DO MUNDO. A CONSAGRAO DA CAMINHADA DEDICADA AO SEU ATMAN. O SEU EU PERFEITO.

ABOUT SIDDHARS A siddhar is one who has attained "Ashtama Siddhis". The ashtama siddhis areas follows:1. Anima (shrinking) -- Power of becoming the size of an atom and enteringthe smallest beings.2. Mahima (illimitability) -- Power of becoming mighty and co-extensivewith the universe. The power of increasing one's size without limit.3. Lagima (lightness) -- Capacity to be quite light though big in size.4. Garima (weight) -- Capacity to weigh heavy, though seemingly small size.5. Prapthi (fulfillment of desires) -- Capacity to enter all the worlds fromBrahma Loga to the neither world. It is the power of attaining everythingdesired.6. Prakasysm (irresistable will) -- Power of disembodying and entering intoother bodies (metempsychosis) and going to heaven and enjoying whateveryone aspires for, simply from where he stays.7. Isithavam (supremacy)

-- Have the creative power of God and controlover the Sun, the moon and the elements and8. Vasithavam (dominion over the elements) -- Power of control over Kingand Gods. The power of changing the course of nature and assuming anyform.Generally siddhars are considered to be super human beings who have definedage and other laws of nature to which all human beings are defined to. Thehistorians of Alexander the great, spoke of the existence of a class of mysticscalled Gymnosophists in all countries from Egypt to India .These siddhars werefound in Alexandria in as late as the fourth century A.D.There are 18 siddhars in the Tamil siddha tradition. Each of the siddhars hadlived in varied places under different names. The following are most commonnames of the 18 siddhars. They are listed in the order of their time period.

1. Sri Agasthiyar Siddhar 2. Sri Pathanjali Siddhar 3. Sri Kamalamuni Siddhar 4. Sri Thirumoolar Siddhar 5. Sri Kuthambai Siddhar 6. Sri Korakkar Siddhar 7. Sri Thanvandri Siddhar 8. Sri Sundaranandar Siddhar 9. Sri Konganar Siddhar 10. Sri Sattamuni Siddhar 11. Sri Vanmeegar Siddhar 12. Sri Ramadevar Siddhar 13. Sri Nandeeswarar Siddhar 14. Sri Edaikkadar Siddhar 15. Sri Machamuni Siddhar 16. Sri Karuvoorar Siddhar 17. Sri Bogar Siddhar 18. Sri Pambatti Siddhar

Machamuni Thirumandiram 800 Machamuni Gyanam 800

Machamuni Vedantham 800 Machamuni Gurunool 800 Machamuni Thitchavidhi 100 Machamuni Thandagam 100 Machamuni Gyana Thitchai 50 Machamuni Sthoola Sukkuma Karana Gyanam 30 Machamuni Suthiram 21 SUNDARANANDAR SIDDHAR Sri Sundaranandar is the disciple of siddhar Sattamuni. It is believed that he gotthe Siva Linga of siddhar Agastiar, established it in Saduragiri and worshipped it.Saduragiri Sundara Mahalingam temple comes under the Thaniparai area of Saptur reserve forests in Tamil Nadu. It is located in Watrap, Viruthunagar district. Srivilliputtur is the big city located near Saduragiri. For thousands of years, realized sages and siddhars lived there worshipping the Siva Linga called" Sundara Mahalingam ". " Sundaram " means, the handsome One, " Maha "means great and lingam means " Siva, the Supreme Self ". This mountain shrineis a considered as a dwelling place of siddhars. This can also be attributed to thenumerous medicinal plants available in the Saduragiri Mountains . There is also acave called " Thavasi Parai " in Saduragiri. Sundaranandar and his GuruSattamuni lived there.Siddhar Bogar sings about Sundaranandar in songs 5828 and 5829 in his book " Bogar 7000 ". He says that Sundarandar was an expert in space travel andsamadhi yoga. In songs 5920 and 5921, Bogar gives the following information.Sundaranandar was born on the Tamil month of Aavani (August - September) onthe star Revathi (3 rd part). He is the grand son of Navakanda Rishi living in theKishkinta hills and that he belonged to Agamudayar (Thevar) class.Siddhar Agasthiar in his book " Amudha Kalai Gyanam " also says thatSundaranandar is a Reddy in song 218. Sundaranandar attained his samadhi atMadurai .The following are the books of Sundaranandar. Sundaranandar Vaithiya Thirattu 1500 Sundaranandar Vaithya Kaviyam 1000 Sundaranandar Merpadi Suthiram 500 Sundaranandar Vagaram 200 Sundaranandar Aathetha Suthiram 104 Sundaranandar Vatha Suthiram 100 Sundaranandar Visha Nivarani 100

Sundaranandar Vakiya Suthiram 66 Sundaranandar Kesari 55 Sundaranandar Suttha Gyanam 51 Sundaranandar Thitchavithi 50 Sundaranandar Thandagam 47 Sundaranandar Kesari Poojavithi 37 Sundaranandar Athisaya Karanam 36 Sundaranandar Sivayoga Gyanam 32 Sundaranandar Muppu 25 Sundaranandar Sivagyana Botham 16 VAANMEEGAR SIDDHAR Sri Vaanmeegar's birth star is Anusham in the Tamil month of Purattasi(September-October). There is an argument that the Valmiki who wrote Valmiki Ramayana is different from the siddhar Vaanmeegar of the south. However,siddhar Bogar in his script "Bogar 7000" proclaims that they are one and thesame. He says that Vaanmeegar is the name of the siddhar who wrote Valmiki Ramayana in song (verse) number 5834. He makes a clear distinction betweenthe names Vaanmeegar and Valmiki. Further, in his next song (verse number 5835), Bogar says that Vaanmeegar's age is 700 and some odd days. He alsosays that he is a learned scholar in Tamil language. He also makes a referenceabout his samadhi. It is also said that Sri Vaanmeegar alias Valmiki wrote theepic Ramaya on getting the spiritual knowledge from Narada. Sri Vaanmeegar'ssamadhi is located at Ettukudi in Tamil Nadu. Table of 18 Siddhars Sl.NoName of theSiddharTamil monthof BirthTamil BirthStarDuration of LifePlace of Samadhi 1 Sri Pathanjali Panguni Moolam5 Yugas 7DaysRameswaram2 Sri Agasthiar Markazhi Aayilyam4 Yugas 48DaysThiruvananthapuram3SriKamalamuniVaikasi Poosam4000 Years 48DaysThiruvarur 4SriThirumoolar Purattathi Avittam3000 Years 13DaysChidambaram5 Sri Kuthambai Aadi Visagam1800 Years 16DaysMayavaram6 Sri Korakkar Karthigai Aayilyam880 Years 11DaysPerur 7 Sri Thanvandri Iyppasi Punarpoosam800 Years 32DaysVaideeswarankoil

8SriSundaranandar Aavani Revathi800 Years 28DaysMadurai9 Sri Konganar Chitthirai Utthiradam800 Years 16DaysTitupathi10 Sri Sattamuni Aavani Mrigasirisham800 Years 14DaysThiruvarangam11SriVaanmeegar /ValmikiPurattasi Anusham700 Years 32DaysEttukudi12 Sri Ramadevar Masi Pooram700 Years

06DaysAzhagarmalai13Sri Nandeeswarar Vaikasi Visagam700 Years 03DaysKasi14 Sri Edaikkadar Purattasi Thiruvadirai600 Years 18DaysTiruvannamalai15 Sri Machamuni Aadi Rohini300 Years 62DaysThiruparankundram16 Sri Karuvoorar Chitthirai Hastham300 Years 42DaysKaruvur 17 Sri Bogar Vaikasi Bharani300 Years 18DaysPazhani18 Sri Pambatti Karthigai Mrigasirisham123 Years 14DaysSankarankoi