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Jeff Erickson, Principal

Sandy Ohara, Assistant Principal

April 25, 2013 To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure that I recommend Aubid Rabani for a position with your respected company. As his English teacher, I have been witness to the numerous skills he has to offer. During his senior year, he has shown his ability to be driven, responsible and a critical thinker. Aubid has continually displayed an effort to accomplish whatever goals he seeks. I have known Aubid for two years and I have been privileged to witness the amazing work that he puts forth. During his senior year, Aubid has been a model student for his peers at BCMHS. His thoughtfulness and determination are also exhibited in the community as he volunteered to make the senior montage for his service learning class. Mr. Rabani has excellent technological skills and our school is lucky to have someone like Aubid around to create a montage for the senior graduation. Aubid is self-motivated and he realizes that these accomplishments are incredibly valuable. In addition, he works at GMC, Pontiac, Buick, where he details cars. Mr. Rabani is a hard worker that excels in everything he does. Being part of his community and displaying leadership roles point to the fact that Aubid is an excellent critical thinker and peer assistant. Whether assisting peers or discussing topics in English, he always provides a wealth of knowledge and support that is different than his peers. His willingness to volunteer his knowledge and share it with others is something that any teacher would cherish. All his teachers and supervisors have seen his critical thinking abilities. His ability to be an affective problem solver who finds beneficial solutions to all parties involved is something that Aubid has used to benefit his peers here at BCMHS. I would say as a whole that Aubid is the type of individual that any business or company would love to have. Mr. Rabani is an extraordinary person that will positively affect the community we live in with his hard work and ability to encourage others. The relationship that we have formed throughout his junior and senior years at BCMHS has been vast. I recommend without reservation Aubid Rabani a position with your business or company. Sincerely,

Daniel Landeros English Teacher Buckingham Charter Magnet High School

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