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Charles Tucker, III, Standing In Erratum: This cards title is Charles Tucker III * Cluttering Irrelevancies Erratum: When

en your Hologram is facing a dilemma, name a skill. That Hologram gains that skill and is attributes +2 until the end of that dilemma. At the end of this mission attempt, return that Hologram to its owners hand. commanding stopped personnel When your personnel are stopped, you do not lose command of those personnel. * cost When the cost of a card is looked for and that card does not have a cost printed on it, that card's cost is zero. * Data, Tempted by Flesh Erratum: This personnel has the following attributes: Integrity 3 Cunning 10 Strength 10. Deanna Troi, Guide and Conscience Erratum: When an opponent discards, examines, or reveals a card in your hand or deck, you may draw a card. You may do this only once each turn.

Current Rulings (9/21/07)

Current Rulings are periodic updates to the Second Edition Rulebook, including changes, clarifications, and situations it does not address. Current Rulings are an official supplement to the Rulebook and should be used by tournament directors in making tournament rulings. Answers given by official Decipher representatives are not official until included in a Current Rulings document. Such answers are highly recommended for use by tournament directors, but the Tournament Director always has the final authority on rulings. This document contains all Current Rulings issued since the Call to Arms Rulebook (August 2003). Entries that are new, changed, or expanded since the last Current Rulings document are marked with an asterisk (*) before the topic. These rulings are effective immediately. RULINGS A Klingon Matter Whether someone dies or not, if you do not meet the requirements, all your other personnel are stopped. Bustling With Activity Erratum: When you play a personnel at Mouth of the Wormhole, each player may discard a card from hand to download a personnel of the same affiliation as the played personnel. ability Aside from skills, any game text on a personnel is an ability. This includes keywords. actions, costs Losing points can sometimes be a cost for an action. As with all costs, if you are not able to pay it, you cannot use the action. For example, All-Out War reads: Lose 5 points to play in your core. Losing 5 points is a cost; if you have no points to lose, you cannot play the card. actions, effect When a single action affects multiple players, each player performs that action in turn order starting with the owner of the card. For example: When Player A plays Riva, Respected Mediator, she would draw a card before any of the other players would draw a card for this effect. Then the player on her left would draw a card for this effect before any of the other players and so-forth until each player has performed the action. When resolving effects including stopped personnel or ships, those personnel or ships are still included if those cards were selected by the effect when those cards were not stopped. For example, if one commands a stopped Ikatika, Honorable Warrior at the end of his turn, Ikatika will be killed by his ability if it was used earlier that turn. all when a card refers to all of a certain group of cards, this includes cards that are stopped. For example, When Genesis Planet's ability is used, is would kill each personnel on that mission, including stopped personnel. alternate universe icon The icon identified on the back cover of the rulebook as the alternate universe icon is now called the past icon. Analyze Erratum: When an opponents dilemma that your personnel is facing is about to be returned to its owners dilemma pile, overcome that dilemma instead. At An Impasse Erratum: At the end of the opponent on your rights turn, remove this event from the game. Avert Solar Implosion Erratum: The or in this missions game text is not bold. * becomes When hen a card becomes a certain affiliation, that card loses its previous affiliation. For example, when Clark Terrell becomes , he is no longer . Bio-neural Computer Core That opponent only takes command of the personnel that are placed on his or her headquarters mission. Erratum: If your opponent does not command that personnel and you still have nine personnel remaining, place him or her on your opponents headquarters mission instead, then randomly select a second personnel that your opponent does not command to be placed on your opponents headquarters mission. building a deck When playing in a limited format tournament, players may use as many copies of each card as they received in their decks.

Delegated Assignment Erratum: When one of your unique personnel is about to be stopped by a dilemma, stop two of your personnel present to make that personnel attributes +2 until the end of turn instead. Deliver Ancient Artifact Erratum: The or in this missions game text is not bold. Deliver Evidence Erratum: The or in this missions game text is not bold. * dilemmas Some dilemmas describe one effect, followed by an alternate effect if you cannot perform the first. In such cases, if the first effect is not performed completely, you must perform the second. For example, Command Decisions reads: Choose a personnel who has Leadership or Officer to be stopped. If you cannot, randomly select a personnel to be killed. Relam reads: When this personnel is about to be stopped by a dilemma, you may discard an event from hand to prevent that. If you choose Relam to be stopped by Command Decisions, then use his text to prevent that, you have not completely performed the first effect, and must then randomly select a personnel to be killed. A dilemma being placed beneath a mission for any reason is being overcome. Each dilemma beneath a mission is an overcome dilemma. For example, Cave-In reads: Consume: 1. (Your opponent places the top card of his or her dilemma pile face up beneath this mission.) That top card is being overcome as it is placed beneath the mission, and is an overcome dilemma once there. An effect which allows you to add a dilemma to your dilemma stack does not change any restrictions on what you can put in your dilemma stack. For example, adding a dilemma does not change the total cost you can spend on dilemmas, and you cannot add a copy of a dilemma which has already been faced during the same mission attempt. Some dilemmas causes more than one personnel to be killed, stopped, or placed in a brig. A dilemma that does this, will kill, stop, or place those personnel in a birg as one action. Any resonce actions to that action cannot respond to each personnel being killed, stopped, or placed in a brig. For example, if Tragic Turn is on a mission and three personnel are selected to be killed by one action, only one additional personnel will be killed. dilemma stack On p17 of the Call to Arms Rulebook the dilemma stack is referred to but is not defined. The fifth paragraph on that page is replaced with the following clarification: "Your opponent takes the dilemmas he or she has chosen and places them in a face down stack on the order or his or her choice. This is his or her dilemma stack. Your opponent then reveals the top card of his or her dilemma stack to you. You must read and follow the instructions on the dilemma." Your dilemma stack is only active while the opponent on your right is attempting a mission. Your dilemma stack is a dilemma stack that has your dilemma(s) on it. facing dilemmas Ignore the third paragraph on p17 of the Call to Arms Rulebook and replace the second paragraph on p20 of the Call to Arms Rulebook with the following clarification: "If your opponent selects more than one copy of the same dilemma, you do not face that dilemma and it is overcome. If your opponent selects a space dilemma for a planet mission (or a planet dilemma for a space mission), you do not face that dilemma and it is overcome. If your opponent selects a dilemma that would make the total cost of dilemmas greater than he or she was allowed, you do not face that dilemma and it is overcome, along with any remaining dilemmas (regardless of their cost). Dual dilemmas may be used at either planet or space missions." Gal Gaththong Erratum: Cloaking Device. To play this ship, you must command two personnel. When you move this ship from an opponents mission, if this ships Commander is aboard, that opponent must discard two cards from hand. You may do this only once each turn. IxtanaRax, Honored Elder Erratum: When this personnel uses one of his skills to complete a mission, he is killed. Jadzia Dax, Problem Solver This personnel does not prevent an event from being destroyed. If her ability is used, it changes where the event is placed after it is destroyed or discarded. Jake Sisko, Temporal Anchor Erratum: Replace his icon with a icon. James T. Kirk, Original Thinker If James T. Kirk, Original Thinkers ability is used and the dilemma revealed cannot be faced, that effect is suspended until a dilemma that can be faced is revealed. If no such dilemma is revealed, James T. Kirk, Original Thinkers ability remains paid and he is still returned to his owners hand.

* Kira Nerys, Resourceful Prisoner Clarification: This personnel cannot remove herself from the game to place herself on a headquarters mission. Kressari Rendevous Erratum: This cards title is Kressari Rendezvous Locutus, Voice of the Borg Erratum: Commander: Locutus Borg Cube. While this personnel is facing a dilemma, if he uses his Diplomacy, Leadership, Officer, or Treachery to meet its requirements, score 10 points. Lyndsay Ballard Erratum: "Physics" is misspelled as "Pysics" on this card. mission attempt If a personnel leaves a mission being attempted (no longer on a planet mission, no longer aboard a ship attempting a space mission, or aboard a ship no longer at that mission), then that personnel is removed from the mission attempt. An unstopped personnel removed from a mission attempt in this manner is not stopped unless an effect explicitly says so. mission requirements Game texts that are used to complete a mission are considered mission requirements for the mission that you are attempting. Examples are For the Cause, Expand the Collective, and Destroy Transwarp Hub. If anything were to add to the mission requirements, if you are using these game texts, then that addition would apply to these texts. When referencing mission requirements and there are two to choose from (like on Amnesty Talks), treat it as though the entire text is referenced as the mission requirements. Example, if you are encountering the dilemma Lack of Preparation at Amnesty Talks, it would read as follows: Unless you have [Anthropology, 2 Diplomacy, Law] or [Leadership, Security, 2 Treachery], this dilemma and all remaining dilemmas you have not yet faced return to their owners dilemma. Another example would be, if Cargo Run is played on Amnesty Talks, it would add Acquisition to both sides of the or in the requirements. missions Some game text creates alternate requirements for a mission (e.g., Destroy Transwarp Hubs game text, For the Cause). If you use such game text to attempt a mission, you must use that same game text in order to complete it. Outclassed Erratum: Unless you have unused Range>8 or Weapons>8 all your personnel are stopped. Party Atmosphere Erratum: This event is now unique. place Some game text instructs you to place cards on an event in your core. They are always placed face up on the event. If a card you place on an event comes from anywhere under a players command, it remains under that players command; otherwise, it is under no players command. For example, Engage Cloak reads: Order If there is no ship on this event, place your staffed ship that has a Cloaking Device on this event. The ship and the personnel aboard it remain under your command. For example, Trial of Faith reads: Order Examine an opponents discard pile. Place one of those cards on this event. The chosen card does not come under any players command when it is placed on Trial of Faith. Preeminent Precision Erratum: Order Stop your Engineer aboard your ship to make that ship Range +2 until the end of this turn. Quantum Filament Quantum Filaments effect is suspended until it is verified that the dilemma that is about to be faced can actually be faced. Then Quantum Filaments effect happens before any effects from the revealed dilemma happen. Running a Tight Ship Erratum: This event is now unique. replace When one card replaces another, any effects that were about to happen to the original card are transferred to the replacement. For example, your Borg Queen, Guardian of the Hive (While this personnel is facing a dilemma., you may replace your Drone present with a Drone from your discard pile.) is attempting a mission. A dilemma selects your Drone present to be killed, then you decide to use the Borg Queen to replace that Drone. The new replacement Drone joins the mission attempt in progress, and is still killed as the original Drone would have been. Rule of Acquisition #76 This card can only return Rule cards that are in play to their owner's hand. selections When a card is selected to perform an action and that card cannot perform that action, that action is ignored. For example, Koval, Chairman of the Tal Shiar is randomly selected to be stopped by Pinned Down. Since he cannot be stopped by dilemmas, the action of stopping him is ignored. When a card has a player choose a card to perform an action, if that card cannot perform that action, that card cannot be chosen. For example, if a players only Diplomacy or Leadership personnel is Lore, The One, his or her opponent cannot chose him to be stopped by Tense Negotiations. showing your cards Your opponent may examine any card at the time it enters play (whether it was played, placed, exchanged, or replaced). skills Skills that are gained are not "listed skills." When a skill is lost (subtracted), only one level of that skill is lost. However, when all of a personnels skills are lost (subtracted), all levels of those skills are lost. stopped If possible, your stopped cards are included and considered by effects from your opponents cards on his or her turn; during your turn, effects from your opponents cards may not include or consider your stopped personnel. Tpol, Non-believer Erratum: This cards title is TPol.

Tampering With Time Erratum: Temporal. Plays in your core. At the start of each of your turns, you may choose one: stop one of your personnel to examine the top three cards of an opponents dilemma pile; or stop one of your personnel to examine the bottom three cards of an opponents dilemma pile. Place those cards on the top and/or bottom of that dilemma pile in any order. Thon Erratum: Order If you do not command a completed space mission, discard a random card from your hand to place your ship this personnel is aboard at your incomplete space mission. You may do this once each turn. Transport Delegations Erratum: "Anthropology" is misspelled as "Anthropolgy" on this card. * Up the Ante Erratum: You may end this mission attempt to prevent and overcome this dilemma (all your personnel are stopped). If you do not and you complete this mission this turn, you win the game. If you do not and do not complete this mission this turn, you lose the game. U.S.S. Defiant, Stolen Warship Erratum: This ship has Weapons of 10. Vedek Assembly Erratum: V For each Vedek you command, take a card from your discard pile and place it on the bottom of your deck. Remove this event from the game. winning the game If a player would normally win the game, do not check win conditions until all pending card text has been resolved.
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