Anneleigh: Hello

Anneleigh: Jay, u here?
Anneleigh: I think i am very punctual
Jay: Helllooooooooooooooooo
LoverKaren: Okay Jay, Loved Loved Loved, Jet
LoverKaren: Well hopefully you read my review
Jay: Yay..I loved him too..I did it was great
Jay: Any review that didn't yell about him not being Rule was great in my
LoverKaren: So what was you inspiration for Jet, real Dude
LoverKaren: See when I read him, I did not even think about Rule, nothing against Rule love him
too, but Jet was unique to himself.
Jay: No, well yeah but not real dudes in my life. I know a lot of Jet's or guys that want to be Jet,
friends, guys in bands...
Jay: See that's why you're the best.
Jay: Quiet, do we stay the whole hour if it's just us?
Anneleigh: Lol
LoverKaren: It won't be just us. People are stragglers and I've got Guinness & Heineken, Jose
too, so we could stay the whole hour
Anneleigh: i think everyone is watching basketball or sumthin
Jay: Well I do talk at you and Karen on the regular so it seems silly to have a entire chat room for
the 3 of us
Anneleigh: ohhh...i got a question!!!
Jay: What up Nursey?
Anneleigh: where is the piercing that would hurt the most?!!!
Jay: I got an answer...
LoverKaren: Hi Chrissy and Anneleigh
chrissy: Hello!
Anneleigh: Hello
LoverKaren: OMG hurt the most I can imagine
Jay: Lol....well I'm not a guy so I can't answer for them....on a girl nips don't feel so hot!
LoverKaren: I don't want to
Jay: Yes you do, it's fun
Anneleigh: oh man, gosh i can only imagine...
LoverKaren: I would think down south would be painful.
Jay: For a chick no, for a dude I can only imagine!
Anneleigh: Me down there and in between sahtuff
LoverKaren: Really not for a girl. Make my eyes water to even think about it
chrissy: Jay, it's the piercing on the tip all that that is described in the book?
Jay: Nope...not at all actually
Jay: What the apa or the pa? hThe one that goes through or the hoop?
Yesi: Hi everyone!
Jay: Hellooooo
chrissy: Both? lol
LoverKaren: Welcome everyone this is a totally open forum, so jump in and ask Jay a question.
We are currently talking about Nipples and the nether region of the body getting pierced
Anneleigh: How many piercings did jet have?!!
Jay: Uh his PA, his nipps, his tongue, the spikes on each ear...that many
Jay: The only guy that doesn't have them will be Rome
LoverKaren: Jay had me googling stuff when I read Rule
LoverKaren: I would think the spikes in his ears would make it difficult to sleep.
Jay: 84 year old gma as well....imagine that face
LoverKaren: We need to find a pierced dude and have a Q and A.
Yesi: LOVED JET!!! Rule is still my favorite but Jet totally brought it! Thank you for giving us these
yummy "Marked Men"
Anneleigh: I tried to count but i got dizzy
Jay: It's my pleasure to bring them into the world, they all have interesting stories to tell
Jay: It's hard to get past a first love I'm finding out...Rule left big shoes to fill
Anneleigh: will u ever write about "unmarked men"?
Jay: Prolly not.
Jay: I leave up to you
chrissy: There is enough of romances about unmarked men already
LoverKaren: Okay Jay question, about Ayden, how feel about the reception some have had to her
Jay: I agree Chrissy!
Jay: I have to be careful cause I can go off on a tangent when it comes to Ayden
LoverKaren: Go Off
Jay: I love her, she's tough, she's independent, she didn't think Jet needed to help her and she got
beat up for all the characterisitcs that made her unique
LoverKaren: I want to her you thoughts on Ayden, who I understood.
Atta Girl - Australia: I'm here!!! Woot hey everyone.....I was running a tad late
Jay: Things EVERY GUY in EVERY other romance has
Yesi: I have to admit I wanted to smack Ayden on more than one occasion!
Yesi: That or shake some sense into her!
Jay: Secrets, a troubled past, makes the guys cool and made her
apparently annoying and hard to like...ack
Anneleigh: I think becoz shaw was so sweet maybe people were comparing ayden?
LoverKaren: See I so got Ayden, Yesi: she was so emotionally screwed up she thought she was
actually protecting him.
Jay: A double standard if there ever was one!
Atta Girl - Australia: Jet!!!!
Anneleigh: i looovvedd ayden!!!
Jay: Hi MIch!!!! yaya
Atta Girl - Australia: I'm trying to think of something to say......
Atta Girl - Australia: Hey Jay xxxx
Yesi: Oh I got that but still...she frustrated me! Jet certainly put up with a lot...bless his heart as
we say in the south
Atta Girl - Australia: I was up the river sunning 'mini me' = Willow the kidlet
LoverKaren: Okay question for the group, who beside me see's the Marked part of marked men,
more than Ink, That they have been marked emotionally by their past.
Jay: It just bugs me that the qualities in a man character can make him hot but give them to a girl
and people don't like her....He did put up with a lot because he KNEW she was worth it in the
end...just like I did
Mary Elizabeth: Totally!
LoverKaren: Yesi, I think if Jet had pushed Ayden too much she would have done a runner.
Anneleigh: So true...they each have their own marks!!!
Atta Girl - Australia: Marked Men the title to me means many things...sure they are MArked Men
when it comes to a cjickie babe, they work at the tattoo place of the name and they are marked
with their past
LoverKaren: I loved that the girl was screwed up and broody.
chrissy: And he understood what was too had a "dark" past and not wanting to share it with
other, i think
Jay: When we get to Rome the MArking of the other kind comes into play more clearly I think
since he is all virgin skin and whtnot
LoverKaren: Can't even imagine having to do the things Ayden did to survive.
Yesi: I am not bashing her...she is a great character and I love that she was not weak but that
didn't mean I didn't get frustrated from time to time. She was totally worth fighting for and Jet was
right in not giving up.
chrissy: *to have
Jay: She was frustrating...I wanted to smack her are not
Atta Girl - Australia: OOOO Weeeeeeee!! I was wondering, cause I have been corrupted by Miss
Jay ... anyhoo, about if Cora was going to be doing something to Rome's hotdog
Mary Elizabeth: I loved how protective he was
LoverKaren: Yesi, I think if Ayden would have had us for girlfriends she may have gotten a wake
up call.
Yesi: She was different and that was totally cool!!!
Jay: Hot dog...really Mich?
LoverKaren: I Love CORA
Yesi: Haha!!! Absolutely Karen!
Atta Girl - Australia: I didn't want to smack Ayd, I felt she had shiz she was dealing with.....I
think Asa is a bit of a character I am keen to know more about
Anneleigh: i can't wait for rome and cora! I can only feel the sparks between them flyin off!
LoverKaren: Can you imagine having to remake who you are? That would be so hard
Yesi: Will Nash get a book as well? After Rome? I want to know his story.
Jay: People do it all the time...
LoverKaren: I want all the dudes stories
Atta Girl - Australia: Errr, Jay we speak in a different tongue here in my neck of the woods....his
ding dong, Mr slong, weener...the list goes on
Yesi: Me too Karen!!! I want another one just for Rule! Is that too much to ask???
Jay: I hope so, my contact is up with Rome but you never know...I want to write Nash, Rowdy and
end with Asa
LoverKaren: People remake themselves but the conflict that Ayden felt that no one would really
accept the real her broke my heart
Jay: No one calls it a hot dog unless they are five!! Goofy
Yesi: That would be fantastic!!! We want ALL the boys!
Atta Girl - Australia: Me thought Asa may get a bookie ...he has me intrigued!!
Jay: He's one of my favs to write...all the best kinds of trouble with that one
Anneleigh: I really want rowdy!!!
Yesi: Which one? Rule??
LoverKaren: All the guys have me intrigued. Asa I would have throttle, as his Mama should have
the first time he got into trouble.
Atta Girl - Australia: I loved getting more ROWDY!! H
Jay: I don't have plans to give Rule and Shaw another stand alone
Atta Girl - Australia: I have a thing for Rowdy and I don't quite know why?
LoverKaren: Can we bribe you Jay??
Yesi: Yeah Asa would need some major redemption but I'll rad anything you put out Jay!
Jay: No Asa is all kinds of can try I'm pretty stubborn though
Maria D: Hi..sorry I'm late
Jay: Thanks girly that's sweet
Yesi: Read
Jay: Welcome to the fun
Jay: !
Atta Girl - Australia: I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you pop Rule in with his Obi Wan kanobi words of
wisdom ...for his lads
Yesi: Maria!!!!!
LoverKaren: Well, Jay we fit , so am I. LOL
LoverKaren: Obi Wan
Jay: I he had a clue about relationships until's fun to make him THAT GUY
LoverKaren: Love that, Rule has the force of Shaw
Maria D: I made it!!
LoverKaren: Hi Maria
Maria D: hi Karen!!
Maria D: LOVE Rule!!
LoverKaren: Welcome Newcomers Jump in and join the fun, Guinness, Heineken and Jose at the
Jay: I just want to write fun stuff that doesn't ever sound the same. The same as my other stuff or
the stuff other writers are putting out.
Atta Girl - Australia: I love how you made him the grill cooking guy with the words of wisdom for
Jet, now young Rowdy he was a smart lad too
LoverMichelle: HI Jay!!!!!! Hi everyone.
Atta Girl - Australia: Hey!
Jay: Hi
Maria D: hi Michelle
chrissy: Jay, will Rome end up with piercings like the rest of the guys? Cora said that she had
personally pierced all them, except Rome..
Atta Girl - Australia: Do we think Rome will get a tatt?
LoverMichelle: Hi Maria.
Jay: I'm not telling...I will say he is a pretty rigid guy and set in his ways but you'll have to read to
see what happens between them
Yesi: Does Rome have tattoos now?
Atta Girl - Australia: Miss Jay I have to talk to you about an interview too. I have been
concocting one in my head, a little different
LoverKaren: Oh Rome has to have a peen piercing. No that might not work because of time to
Yesi: Has he forgiven Shaw?
Maria D: he has to forgive Shaw
chrissy: I think Cora will sway him.. Shaw ended up pierced and tatted up
Jay: The idea is that eventually everyone falls in love with the best version of who they can be, so
Shaw wanted ink because she thought it was beautiful....not everyone will end up marked in the
same literal way
Yesi: Cool! I like that!
Atta Girl - Australia: Even me the uber uber nerd wants a tatt!
Jay: Alright Mich..I got you just lemme know!
Atta Girl - Australia: I was doing some noting last night, I have a plan...I will get it to you
Jay: Like Ayden didn't become a metal head for Jet....
Jay: I think Rome is a lot to handle just the way he is...right Anne?"
Atta Girl - Australia: Rome he was like the big brother I wanted in he has Cora's
knickers in a looking forward to reading him. Woot!!
Jay: All his relationships in his book need some work when it starts
Anneleigh: Lol! Jay u asking me?!
Jay: I was....brat pay attention!!
Yesi: Is there a release date for Rome?
Jay: Early Jan
Anneleigh: I can already feel the boom boom, bang bang!!!
LoverKaren: So what does Rome have to handle Anneleigh
Maria D: I think his story is gonna be great
Jay: But working with a publisher is unpredictable, they change things on me A LOT
Anneleigh: Cora
Yesi: Ah man that is a long wait but I am sure he'll be worth it!
Atta Girl - Australia: Do you think Harper Collins suits will let Aussies and Uk in on the release
this time, or else I shall have to stalk you Jay !!!
Yesi: My 20th rearead of Rule will hold me over!
Maria D: LOL Yesi
Jay: I'll know it but Harper UK and Harper US operate independently of one another so they don't
really click on dates and stuff
Jay: Well I'm glad he's there for you
Anneleigh: I cora gonna have like piercings?
Yesi: He totally is!
LoverKaren: Okay who of you thought Ayden and Jet had sex when she stayed at the bar, when
they first met?
Yesi: I didn't...I thought that is why she was depressed in Rule?
LoverKaren: Or if they did would they have not had the attraction that developed
Jay: Cora is a body modification expert, seems silly to not practice what you preach doesn't it?
Yesi: Well he was instantly attracted according to Ruk
Atta Girl - Australia: I didn't
Yesi: Rule's assessment, no?
Maria D: I didn't ....but i thought she wanted to
Anneleigh: Who knows? Some people don'r practice what they literally
Atta Girl - Australia: Jay are you always gonna write Contemporary has anther genre intereested
Jay: One night stands are easy...something more is hard...if she had hit it and quit it there would
have been nothing for Jet to build on once they realized they had feelers for each other
Anneleigh: But cora is a bad ass so i can only see what body parts u "modify" her
Atta Girl - Australia: I LOVE Cora she had such a great vibe in Rule, she will give as good as she
gets ...I think??
LoverKaren: But Anneleigh who does the body pierce maven trust with her goods
Atta Girl - Australia: Poo I can't spell
Jay: umm..I dunno...I just write. Whatever interests me I put on the screen...I guess I could get
struck by inspiration and branch out some day
Anneleigh: I know rite? Who will pierce her?
LoverKaren: Who thought the scoring of the Girls was too funny.
Atta Girl - Australia: So in your reading time, it has always been contemporary or do you like
reading other genres?
Jay: Well she worked at a shop for a long time before The Marked...She had an apprentice that's
how it works in the real world
Jay: I thought it was HI-LArious
Jay: lol
Atta Girl - Australia: I giggled a lot at the scoring of girls, but at the same time, I felt bad for
Ayd living under the same roof with Jet and the chicks passing into his lovers den
Jay: I read whatever strikes me at the time...I'm not huge into paranormal or dystopian but even
then I like some of it
Atta Girl - Australia: I loved Jet calling them 'knuckleheads' hehe
Jay: I'm busy right now, I haven't had the most time to read...I miss it a lot
LoverKaren: Okay a topic I want to ask Jay about. Jet's Mom?? What inspired her.
Atta Girl - Australia: My fave quote of the book was from Rule when he gave his words of
wisdom to Jet
Atta Girl - Australia: My fave quote of the book was from Rule when he gave his words of
wisdom to Jet
Anneleigh: That was ingenious - the scoring of girls
Anneleigh: Coz guys do it all the time
Jay: Ahhh I saw someone I love more then life itself go through the worst breakup ever with a
narassitic abuser last summer...I think Jet's mom is how she would've ended up if she hadn't
gotten herself away from it
Atta Girl - Australia: Jet's dad was a piece of work...grrrrr
Jay: She was strong enough to fight for herself and get a better life, but it was awful to watch and
it broke my heart over and over again
Anneleigh: Oh man...that sucks...see that's why i love ur stories
LoverKaren: Because I'm a Mom and I would never allow my son to go to jail in place of Hubby
Anneleigh: Has a lotta heart
Jay: Some men just don't want to grow up and its easy to blame others for their short comings
LoverKaren: Glad you friend made it
Jay: Me too
Atta Girl - Australia: Amen
LoverKaren: Jay honey, no man wants to grow, we all make them
Jay: LOl...I tried hence why I am no divorced!! lol
Jay: now
Atta Girl - Australia: My hubs is 44 , he loves his skinny jeans, I love he loves his skinny
LoverMichelle: Haha!
Anneleigh: Jay...gotta ask not be upset
Jay: I always write someone as the worst case scenario, everyone else in the story is true to life,
dealing with everyday stuff, someone has to be over the top for the dramatic effect
Anneleigh: And not answer my texts later lol
Jay: oh man anne....bring it
LoverKaren: anticipation
Jay: You're lucky at 44 he can still fit in skinny jeans Mich
Atta Girl - Australia: lol! i WAS GONNA SAY THAT!
LoverKaren: my hubby is 50 skinny jeans HaHa Ha
Atta Girl - Australia: Jay, hubs has gone through a dramatic exercise , change the bod.....mid
life, lol!!! The guy has a resting heart beat of 53. He is a bit too lean
Jay: You girls crack me up I love it!!
Jay: Good for him, he'll be around longer for you to love up on!
LoverKaren: Well my hubby is cowboy so skinny jeans were never an option.
LoverMichelle: Jay, I have a question for you!
Anneleigh: Do u like jet's cover?
Atta Girl - Australia: My hubs wears dark sunnies at the shops...Men in!!! it's cause
they are prescription or he can't see, so peeps are thinking , 'who does he thnik he is' but he can't
see far without them. LOL!
Maria D: my hubby will be 40 and doesn't wear skinny jeans...thank God! he couldn't pull them off
Jay: What's up Michelle?
Anneleigh: For the, abt the skinny jeans
Jay: I'm gonna be in ATL in July come have a cocktail with me!!
Atta Girl - Australia: OO you have a cowboy, nice!!
Anneleigh: I love skinny jeans...
Anneleigh: Are u ignoring my ?
LoverMichelle: Two questions actually. One, what is your Master's Degree in? And two, did I read
that you are coming to ATL for RWA?
Jay: Lol Maria...I agree I love a hot cowboy
Anneleigh: Lol!
Jay: I'm tactfully thinkingof how to answer Anne
Yesi: My husband has huge musc
Atta Girl - Australia: OO yes !! Hubs and I are loved up!! I am uber uber lucky <3
Jay: I am in ATL in July...I havea Masters in HR and Program and Training platform building
Anneleigh: Lol!!!
Yesi: Muscular thighs and can't even fit in straight leg jeans so no skinny jeans ever in his future!
LoverMichelle: Dang girl! Okay, I will see you in July. I live in ATL. And I love that that's your
background. My real job was an HR Manager for 12 years!
Atta Girl - Australia: Nice Yesi
Atta Girl - Australia: Soooo do ya think HC will bring you to Australia???
Jay: Jet's cover is nice, I like that it doesn't look like all the rest.....the guy...the guy is not who I
see Jet no it would not be my pick if I had my way
Jay: Yesi...good problem for him to have!!
Yesi: Lol
Jay: I hope so Mich....I'm not that important though
Jay: so we'll have to see!!!
Atta Girl - Australia: My hubs has muscles up top, but skinny down below, hence the skinny
jeans! Kinda the swimmers bod, no ass though, he needs a butt
LoverMichelle: You are important! And I will be there for the book signing to meet you in person!
Atta Girl - Australia: I will travel on a plane to see you my friend, but * whispers* if you ever
commeth to my big island, come to QLD !!
Jay: I have more education and formal training then any girl that just run a bar...or used to run a
bar should have
LoverKaren: I need pictures Michelle of you meeting Jay, Envious
LoverKaren: But Jay did you enjoy running a bar??
Jay: I'll be the one with all the tattoos...pretty easy to find in a crowd of romance writers I
Yesi: Michelle when is RWA?
Atta Girl - Australia: Jay you are important to me....... we shall have that Jalepeno MArtini
Jay: I loved it!! I am very, very good at it
LoverMichelle: I will take pictures ~ the shock of me hanging with someone with tats will be
worth it. I'm not afraid of Jay! (Jay, we've had this conversation about tats before.) )
Jay: You are important to me too girly
LoverMichelle: ^^^ Yesi that's for you! Are you still in ATL?
LoverKaren: My dad was a bartender, and Air Traffic controller. bartender was how he destressed
Atta Girl - Australia: Cyberspace lurrvvveeee, hehe
Jay: It'll be like wheres Waldo, I'll be waldo
LoverMichelle: Please wear that cute pink bow in your hair too!
Atta Girl - Australia: Jay, I would be the Waldo....hehe
LoverKaren: Of Where in the world is Jay Crownover
Atta Girl - Australia: I love !!! that black and white pic of you - author one!!!! love it!!!
Jay: lol...I can olny wear it now because I'm blond, it clashes when it's red!!
Jay: only
Anneleigh: Lol!! I betcha i can always locate u amid every romance writer
Yesi: Let me check
LoverKaren: So Jay are you working on anything right now??
Jay: I bet..I've seen some pictures of the famous NA authors...I don't look like none of them
Jay: I'm working on something SO AWESOME!!!
Atta Girl - Australia: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!! SAUCE!!!!
Anneleigh: Omg!!! Another awesome story?!!!
Anneleigh: do we get dibs?
Jay: I'm in serious loooooooove with what I am working on right now!!!
Anneleigh: hello, we're hanging out with u tonite
Anneleigh: instead of making dinner
Jay: They are not marked men I will say that...
Atta Girl - Australia: Do I have to pretend my address is a USA restaurant so I won't be face
planting and screaming at my monitor...
Atta Girl - Australia: OOO not Marked Men.....whahhhhh!!
Jay: lol...
Jay: No something else that blindsided me while I was tangling with Rome
LoverMichelle: Is this book going to be Indie published?
Atta Girl - Australia: Ahhhhh!! OOOOOO!! Weeeeeee!! That is me excited!
Yesi: Same genre?
Jay: I was frustrated everyone wanted more Rule and didn't get Jet the way I intended so my new
guy snuck up on me like a thief in the night
Atta Girl - Australia: I got Jet! I love Jet! I want Jet!
Anneleigh: omg!!!!
Jay: I have to run my next 3 by HC and then if they don't want them I can Indie publish
Anneleigh: u just made me wet....
Atta Girl - Australia: No matter which way it is Win Win for us !!
Atta Girl - Australia: Crikey Anne lol
LoverKaren: So if HC declines you can pub Indie
Jay: As you should be you should be
Anneleigh: i want rule too but i am so glad u didn't make a sequel or trilogy instead incorporated
him and shaw in the other people's stories
Jay: Yes..well yes but Stacey my very lovely agent would probably want to shop it around
first...we'll see. I like to write boys that are bad, not just bad boys and that can be a rough sell
Anneleigh: yumm!
Atta Girl - Australia: sigh
Yesi: People didn't get Jet? Why? I loved Jet!!!
Jay: Working with a major publisher is tricky...
Jay: I did too!!
Atta Girl - Australia: So would ya ever throw in an Aussie lad?
Jay: But his reception was more lukewarm then boiling hot like Rules was.
Maria D: what do you mean by boys that are bad? Darker?
Jay: Prolly not, I don't know how to write the accent
Atta Girl - Australia: Jet is a beautiful , smokin' , purple jeans wearing, pierced honey!
LoverMichelle joined the chat 36 minutes ago
Jay: Bad...darker....trouble, not troubled but
Anneleigh: u can totally write an accent
Yesi: Well that sucks! Jet ROCKED and the story was great!
LoverKaren: But JET got you to the NYTIMES.
Anneleigh: all u say is he has an accent
Anneleigh: lol!!!
Maria D: I like the sound of that!!!
Jay: Thank you I liked him too!
Atta Girl - Australia: What accent??? lol!! yeah but I don't think of USa characters with an accent
when I read, Southerners I do cause authors throw in a Y'all, which has bme going all southerner
in my head when reading
Jay: lol Anne no...that is not how I roll
LoverKaren: What you Aussies don't say y'all
Yesi: I think Rule shocked the hell out of people and they fell in love with the HOT bad boy!
Anneleigh: he more trouble than rule?
Jay: I know he did Karen, and really I'm my own worst critic
Anneleigh: the new guy?
Atta Girl - Australia: Nah!! we don't say y'all, but I can adapt now, I after reading Abbi Glines I
run about going y'all all the time now, lol
Jay: He's on a different playing field then Rule. Rule was an upright, law abiding citizen, the same
cannot be said for new guy
chrissy: Jay, "Bad...darker....TROUBLE" me likes the way you think!
LoverKaren: I think they are both brilliantly written, books. Loved that you had the guts not to
just recycle Rule, Loved that Jet had an independent voice and so did Ayden.
Jay: He bonked me up the head and wouldn't go away...Rule and his boys did the same thing so
we'll see what happens!
chrissy: Awesome!
Jay: I just want to write good stories, that's all that matters to me...
Anneleigh: love!!!!
LoverKaren: I was surprised that Ayden was willing to go bareback with Jet. That was a real
shocker, and would have given her reason to run.
Atta Girl - Australia: I liked Jet had that surprise of not wanting to be famous , he wanted to do
his own thing with bands, that was awesome, different
Jay: Which is why I shouldn't read reviews....ever
Anneleigh: Will u ever write abt athletes?!
Jay: She was sabotaging herself...
Jay: She was setting herself up to run
LoverKaren: Ayden was doing a bang up job at it too.
Anneleigh: Reviews? Huh! Sometimes the people who write them don't know crap
Jay: Rowdy is an ex-college ball player...if I get to tell his story
Anneleigh: omg!!!
Anneleigh: u made me wet...again
Atta Girl - Australia: I always look at all angles when I write a review . I like to take notes and
really look at what the character is telling me
Yesi: Oh I hope you do!!!
Maria D: sounds good to me
Jay: Its hard to write sports...people take that shit you not remember the manual you
got emailed to you?
Anneleigh: u will! Ur stories are great! U will be able to write about all of them
Atta Girl - Australia: YOU HAD BETTER TELL ROWDY'S STORY!!! Girl!!!
Atta Girl - Australia: I am hunkering for him!
Jay: Lol...fingers crossed....pray to the book Gods
Atta Girl - Australia: You don't need anybody but your pen and paper...old school for Rowdy and
just like Rule, you made it happen
Yesi: Yep!!! ^^^
LoverKaren: It is you writing Jay, not any book Gods
Atta Girl - Australia: Amen
Atta Girl - Australia: Rule needed no gods, Jet I LOVED!! Rome ...come to mamma!!
Anneleigh: Yeah! No one writes like u!
Atta Girl - Australia: I love your writing cause it feels like I could know these they
know any nerds...they may want to meet me....I am errrr, delightful!
Jay: Unfortunately no I have sales figures and numbers hunting me
Jay: lol you sure are my freind
Jay: friend
LoverKaren: It's a whole new ball game from January
Jay: it sure is
Atta Girl - Australia: But you have FANS!!!!! I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jay: I have friends not fans...that's weird
Atta Girl - Australia: I mean I am your friend I KNOW a good writer!!!!
Atta Girl - Australia: You have book fans!!!!!
Jay: Lol...maybe...that's a weird idea to try and get your head around when you're just some chick
from Colorado
Jay: Abbi Glines has fans
Jay: Jamie McGuire has fans
LoverKaren: I was so aghast when these reviews were bashing Rule because of editing. That
could be taken care of, didn't they see the brilliance of the writing
Anneleigh: Well, that chick from colorado has some loyal friends, fans
Atta Girl - Australia: Hey Abbi was a chick from Alabama, Colleen Hoover lived in a trailer
Jay: That's a whole different ballpark to me
LoverMichelle: Jay, first word that comes to mind when I say John Elway.
chrissy: your books are cool too, you deserve to have fans too!
Jay: Horse Teeth
LoverKaren: HaHa
LoverKaren: LMAO
Jay: Thank you
LoverKaren: How about Manning
Maria D: LOL
Yesi: Lol
Jay: Frustrated!!!
Atta Girl - Australia: I saw the brilliance of the writing, cause I look at all angles when reviewing,
from 10th of Jan, I was hollering about Rule at the top of my blogger lungs and put loads of
readers onto it!!
LoverMichelle: WTH can of a Broncos fan are you?
Jay: Why not kick a field goal!!!
Anneleigh: Oh manning!!!
Jay: Stupid Baltimore
Anneleigh: ravens suck
Atta Girl - Australia: I have no clue what u lot are talking about
Jay: I know Mich, you and KAren and Michelle have had this gals back since day 1...literally day 1
LoverKaren: Manning was mine for years and years.
Yesi: I second that! Ravens suck!
Anneleigh: u better make sure rowdy wears orange, dark blue an orange
Jay: He's a good fit, I just don't know about his longevity
LoverMichelle: Well, I was only a Broncos fan because I loved John Elway, horse teeth and
Atta Girl - Australia: YUP!! literally day 1!!! Cause we KNOW a good story/characters it was all
there!!! I loved the rawness of your story
Jay: Lol...
Anneleigh: Lol, john elway
LoverKaren: He is old. We had him when he was a youngin
Jay: I thought he could have mentored Tebow now it's Brady's job
Anneleigh: exactly

Jay: I don't know what they think they'll do if he gets hurt!!
Anneleigh: stupid! I hate that model looking quarterback
Jay: And his dumb hir
Jay: hair
LoverKaren: What I like most about Jay's writing is that she is so descriptive in her context. You
care the with the characters every step of the way.
Anneleigh: what qb midels uggs?!
Anneleigh: *models*
LoverKaren: If the old man gets hurt Bronco screwed
Atta Girl - Australia: Yes!!! I am even in the bedroom with vicariously through those
piercings....did I just say that out loud??
Anneleigh:, i've never read abt tattooed people
Atta Girl - Australia: Can't imagine hubs agreeing to a PA...darn it!
Jay: You know what's weird Karen? I got an email that said I shouldn't do that....that readers need
to feel what the characters are feeling not be told how to feel it....I wasn't sure what to do with
Anneleigh: til that one cold nite in january
LoverKaren: Never googled so much in my life what different male piercings were. Thank gosh for
google and images
LoverMichelle: Jay, when we talked back in February, no one at the bar knew you had written
Rule and at that time you had sold over 85,000 copies. You've since quit your job and are writing
full-time. What was the reaction of your close friends/workers/patrons at the bar?
Yesi: I agree Karen! Rule had me hooked from the very first page! I love that he told the chick
that if she didn't want to be treated like crap then she should stop going home with drunken
dudes! I knew right then and there that I was going to love him!
Jay:'s fun
LoverKaren: Ignore it Jay ignore it
Atta Girl - Australia: The tattoo shop in Coolum I have been in it, I stuck out like a big ol pasty
white canvas, but the guy in there is covered and he looks awesome
Yesi: Haha!
Maria D: Loved that too Yesi!
Anneleigh: i almost feel like i want a tattoo
Jay: Some are happy, most could careless...I think it's hard to understand the scale of what I'm
Anneleigh: then i think of
Anneleigh: sorry
LoverKaren: The part of Rule that moved me so much is the Dad getting the tat for his son who
was killed. OMG,
LoverMichelle: Any shocked?
Jay: Infection only happens if you don't take care of it goof
Jay: Yeah...kinda like "you have talent?"
LoverMichelle: Haha! "In your face buddy!"
Anneleigh: Lol...
LoverKaren: Most tat palors in US are cleaner than hospitals, cause they don't want to get sued.
Maria D: asked my hubby what he thought of Jacobs Ladder, had to google it to show him...his
reaction, priceless
Yesi: Karen I loved that!! And the look he and Shaw shared when she talked about why she
wanted to be an ER doctor.
Jay: I mean who writes a book, and has it explode the way Rule did
LoverMichelle: Jay Crownover does, that's who!
Yesi: Hahaha Maria!!!
Atta Girl - Australia: Now just a question, I am curious.... with the PA does it go all the way
through the hotdog? Please explain
Yesi: I want to shock my hubby now! Lol
Anneleigh: i want to meet rule in real life
LoverKaren: Hotdog again Mich
Yesi: You do!!!
Maria D:
Jay: The pictures on Google are person most of them don't look that apa
all you see is the top and bottom ball
Atta Girl - Australia: Hehe!!
LoverKaren: Aussie term for Penis. Need to file that one
Jay: The PA goes through the pee hole like an earring in an ear
Atta Girl - Australia: Get it hotdog with err sauce...gahhhh
Jay: it's a hoop through the top
Jay: tip
Atta Girl - Australia: ahhh!! so with a magic cross is that all the way through?
Anneleigh: oh man...i wanna see that in real life too
Jay: yeah through the head up and down and then through the head side to side
Yesi: Eeeekkk! That sounds painful!
Jay: Well I bet it isn't fun
Anneleigh: have u seen that in real life jay?
Atta Girl - Australia: Do the lads get some pain killer before hand?
Yesi: Haha!
LoverKaren: So seven Jay Crownover fans go to find a tattooed and pierce hotty.
Jay: Well it is after....
Maria D: Ouch
LoverKaren: ^^^^ Start of a new book
Yesi: For the girl after I am sure it is!
Atta Girl - Australia: I kinda get all weeeee about the Jacobs ladder
Yesi: Haha Karen!
Jay: A cross no...the Apa yes, the ladder yes and a Pa yes
Jay: Lol
chrissy: the jacobs ladder is fun for us girls to play with, ifyaknowwhatimean
LoverKaren: Jay needs visual aids in her books
Anneleigh: Umm...did u see them in the tattoo parlor
Yesi: I am so googling after this chat!
Jay: If you need a painkiller maybe you shouldn't be cramming needles through your junk!!
Anneleigh: or outside?
LoverKaren: Chrissy,
Yesi: Lol
Anneleigh: no holds barred dude
Atta Girl - Australia: OOOOO!! But it seems awfully ouch for the poor lads
Maria D: I did while reading Rule Yesi...some are scary and some are not! LOL
Jay: I've seen them where I've seem them nosy!!
Anneleigh: lol!!!
LoverKaren: I think Jack and Jose are consumed before hand
Yesi: Maria you'll be hearing from me later! Lol
Atta Girl - Australia: Would a Jacobs Lad be a one sitting thing to get done. cause that seems
like a lot of pain
Maria D:
Jay: And I was married for a long time remember!!!!
Jay: I think that would be up to the guy!
Anneleigh: Oh lol!
LoverKaren: See I am thinking about paralysis of the member, if not done right, scare tissue
Jay: It makes writing smexy stuff more interesting...there is only so many ways to say penis
LoverKaren: scar not scare, or it would scare some
Jay: Which is why a pro should do it'
Anneleigh: What is penis anyways?
chrissy: I was told that it hurts... but i don't think they mind afterwards
LoverKaren: Well the girl from downunder has given us hotdog, so that is another one you can
add to you books
Jay: Lol...if you aren't prepared for it I think I could be scary...getting naked and being suprised
Atta Girl - Australia: What made Cora decide that her job was going to be piercing hotdogs??
Like how does one decide that?
Yesi: Lol ^^^
Jay: Lol...Body modification is about changing the outside to match the inside...I think she's all
about that...she is ch her own personvery mu
Atta Girl - Australia: So Jay, there you go, I have given you a name for the penieeee
Jay: person
Jay: uhhhh Thanks?
Jay: lol
LoverKaren: So in Rome Cora can call it hotdog
Atta Girl - Australia: I am here to serve!!
Anneleigh: lol!!!
Anneleigh: omg...that would actually be so appropriate jay
Anneleigh: hordog
LoverKaren: Well Jay is going to be leaving us in 5 minutes so get your hotdog questions asked.
Jay: Rome's a big dude, don't think hotdog adequately covers it
Anneleigh: i mean hotdog
chrissy: it would be a turn off to read hotdog in a sexy scene..
Jay: Yeah bring on the burning questions!!!
Atta Girl - Australia: HOTDOGS!!! anyone!!
Anneleigh: there are GIANT wieners
Yesi: Good to know!!
Yesi: About Rome
Jay: By the way thank you for is always fun
LoverKaren: Give us a hint.
Atta Girl - Australia: I love that it wasn't at 2.00am hehe
LoverKaren: on Rome
Jay: Yeah....Anne says..."Boy can he get IT up." lol
Maria D: Had a feeling I was gonna like Rome even more!
Yesi: Lol
Anneleigh: lol!
Anneleigh: he does get IT all up!
Anneleigh: like a lot?!
Yesi: Yeah Rome seems like a bad ass who doesn't take crap from anyone!
Jay: lol
Atta Girl - Australia: LOL at Chrissy
LoverKaren: Does he swear when he get pierced
LoverKaren: Is Cora first to try it out
Jay: He's a different kind of male character for me....he swears a lot through the entire'll have to see
LoverKaren: Test her workmanship
Jay: They would have to wait forever to try it out....that would be no fun
Anneleigh: i was a good girl til i met jay
Anneleigh: i mean rule
Yesi: Super excited for Rome!!! AND Rowdy AND Nash
Atta Girl - Australia: I was a nun until I met Jays boys, lol
LoverKaren: Jay thank you so much for coming tonight and chatting we truly appreciate it.
Jay: I'm the best bad influence a girl could ever have
Anneleigh: Thanks jay
Atta Girl - Australia: It's a date for next time
Yesi: Thank you for chatting and for giving us these HOT men!
Atta Girl - Australia: Mwahhhh!!!
Jay: Thanks ladies it's always a pleasure...come find me in ATL
LoverKaren: It may have been a small crowd but you won't find one more enthusiastic than us
chrissy: Thank you Jay for taking the time and talking with us (:
Atta Girl - Australia:
LoverKaren: Michelle will be there, wish I was.
Yesi: Absolutely!!!
Jay: I think I spent the last chat talking about ink and piercings most of the time as well!!
Maria D: thank you!!! Good night ladies!!
Atta Girl - Australia: Wish I was!! I might come home with a tattoo
LoverMichelle: I'll bring a Flat Karen with me.
Atta Girl - Australia: I am curious
chrissy: I won't, I don't even live in the us, sadly
LoverKaren: Cardboard cut out
LoverKaren: thanks Michelle
Jay: Oh no.....well maybe one day I'll be world wide!
LoverMichelle: Jay, I'm actually going to my first ever tattoo shop on Saturday. I'm letting my 17-
year-old daughter get her nose pierced (small diamond). Any words of advice as I'm scared to walk
in the place!
LoverKaren: Night all you international Hotdog loving gals
Atta Girl - Australia: YAYAYAYA!!!
Atta Girl - Australia: Night!!!! or arvo in my land
LoverKaren: Arvo
Jay: Walk in like you own it...make sure they have an autoclave and the materials are wrapped
and signle use
Atta Girl - Australia: Afternoon
LoverMichelle: Got it. This place was highly recommended. Did I mention I'm scared of
Atta Girl - Australia: Dang , me walking in like I owned it, lol!!!
LoverKaren: Swagger Michelle Swagger.
Jay: Well she'll be fine...that's an easy one
Atta Girl - Australia: I would be meek....but have fun with your tattoo Michelle
Jay: Gotta feed the pack...nite all
LoverKaren: Night all
Atta Girl - Australia: Nite xxx
LoverMichelle: It's me I'm worried about. No worries Atta Girl! The only tat I have is a birthmark
on the back of my leg.
LoverMichelle: Night Jay. Night everyone!