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Monitoring Stations

DENR-EMB maintains five (5) monitoring stations in the Region. Three (3) of these stations have TSP high volume samplers, two (2) stations have PM 10 high volume samplers and one (1) station with OPSIS Telemetry. The method of sampling for TSP and PM10 are measured by the high volume samplers. The sampler consists of a vacuum system and filter housed in a shelter and operates on the same principle as a vacuum cleaner. The particulate matter in the atmosphere is collected by drawing a known volume of air through a pre-weighed filter for a 24-hour period every sixth day according to the EMB-7 field monitoring schedule. The filter is then re-weighed to determine the mass of the particles collected. OPSIS Telemetry measures in real time in a 24-hour period from Monday to Sunday. The results will directly be transmitted to the computer for data management system. i. DENR-7 Station The DENR-7 is located in Greenplains Subdivision, Banilad, Mandaue City with geographical coordinates of 1020'31"N 12354'51"E. The DENR-7 compound is about 50 meters from A.S. Fortuna St. and about 200 meters from Banilad Street connecting Banilad and Talamban flyover.

The monitoring equipment installed in this station is a Total Suspended Particulates (TSP) high volume sampler. Previously, the equipment was set-up at the roof top of the DENR grounds near the main gate but since there is a building construction going on at present, it is currently situated at the roof of the DENR-7 Motor pool (see photo A).

The station is surrounded by mixed commercial and residential establishments. Major air pollution contributor in this station could be attributed to the movement of government and private vehicles passing by the entrance gate and vying within the subdivision as well as the vehicular emissions passing the Ban-Tal Flyover.

Photo A - DENR-7 compound Monitoring Station

ii. Cebu Business Park Ayala Station Cebu Business Park Ayala station is located in Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City with geographical coordinates of 10194N 1235418E. The monitoring equipments installed in this station are Total Suspended Particulates (TSP) and Particulate Matter(10) high volume samplers. Previously, these equipments were situated in Citom station however, starting April 2011, it would be permanently installed in Cebu Business Park Ayala Center Cebu for monetary reason (see photo B). The station is surrounded by mostly residential. Major air pollution contributor in this station could be attributed by area sources and vehicular emissions passing by along the Archbishop Reyes street.

iii. Mabolo Police Station

Mabolo Police Station is located in Mabolo, Cebu City with geographical coordinates of 1018'44"N 12354'56"E.This station is near to SM City Cebu, Mabolo Church and other commercial establishments. The monitoring equipment installed in this station is PM10 high volume sampler. Major potential contributor of air pollution in this station is the vehicular emissions vying the cross sectional access road and the national highway as shown in the aerial view (photo C).

Photo B - Cebu Business Park Photo C - Mabolo Police Monitoring Station Ayala Monitoring Station

installed in this area, which is owned by APOCEMCO. The sampler is situated in a 13-meter high location near the residents water reservoir (see photo D).

Photo D - Naga Cebu Monitoring Station

iv. Naga Cebu Station Naga Cebu station is located at Cornella Lao residence boundary of Inuburan and Langtad, Naga City, Cebu. Its geographical coordinate is 1011'18"N 12344'2"E. The residence is about 50100 meters from the national highway and about 150-200 meters from APOCEMCO, a cement plant. Northeast and southeast part of the station is the location of Kepco-SPC Power Plant .
TSP high volume sampler is the monitoring equipment

Major air pollution contributors in this station are emissions/dust from cement and power plants; vehicular emissions esp. from dump trucks, buses, etc.


Photo E - OPSIS Telemetry Monitoring Station

v. OPSIS Telemetry OPSIS Telemetry System measures concentrations of SOx, NOx, Toluene, P-xylene and Ozone in real time. Since 2003 up to present, the telemetry is still located within the compound of University of San Carlos-Technological Center in

Nasipit, Talamban, Cebu City with geographical coordinates of 1021'5"N 12354'48"E. USC-TC is a secluded part of the city, simulating the conditions of a suburban setting and accessible by a single road, which is congested even during off-peak hours of the day . Mobile source is the major air pollution contributor vying to and from the area (see photo E).

Photo F - Actual photo of OPSIS Telemetry

Climatological Data
The weather plays a significant role in air quality, it can either help increase or decrease the amount of pollution in the air. For the following figures below, it show the monthly recorded temperatures from the three provinces in the Region by the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAG-ASA) for the year 2011.

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