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− 3 horas, para resolução da prova, mais 15 minutos para o preenchimento do Cartão de Respostas.


− prancheta, caneta esferográfica azul ou preta, lápis preto nº 2 ou
tipo B, borracha, apontador e Cartão de Identificação do candidato.
− Observação: é proibido o uso de qualquer instrumento como: régua, calculadora,
relógio-calculadora, dicionário eletrônico, telefone celular ou qualquer outro aparelho eletrônico.


− confira o Caderno de Questões quanto a possíveis falhas na impressão e, no caso de ser encontrada
qualquer falha que prejudique a leitura ou compreensão, comunique imediatamente ao fiscal;
− o Caderno de Questões deverá ser identificado com os dados do candidato;
− todas as 40 questões têm o mesmo valor (0,25 pontos) e, para efeito de correção e apuração
do resultado, valerão somente as alternativas marcadas no Cartão de Respostas.


− use somente caneta esferográfica azul ou preta;

− o número de inscrição do candidato e o código da prova
deverão ser marcados no Cartão de Respostas, conforme o
exemplo ao lado;
− as respostas deverão ser marcadas no Cartão de Respostas,
preenchendo-se todo o espaço do círculo que contém a
alternativa, conforme o exemplo abaixo;

− serão consideradas válidas, na correção, somente as questões com apenas uma alternativa
(a, b, c ou d) assinalada no Cartão de Respostas, computando-se como erradas as que fugirem
dessa norma.



Instructions for questions 01 through 06. 5. Choose the alternative in which there are only
uncountable nouns:
Choose the correct alternative to fill in the blanks:
Yesterday I went to the supermarket and
1. Sliding boards are fun bought _________, __________, __________,
I like climbing higher and higher ______________________.
__________ the sky,
and when I slide __________ the bottom a) tea , cream, paper, beer and ice
I laugh when I feel the air
b) fruit, salmon, rice, sugar and oil
rush __________me.
c) lettuce, milk, jam, egg and cucumber
a) to / up to / against
d) beans, cabbage, fish, carrot and water
b) toward / down to / past
c) forward / back to / toward
6. __________ milk and __________ meat are
d) toward / past to / down on
good for __________ our health.

a)  /  / 
2. After complaining about the bus driver’s
behavior during the trip, the students reported b)  / the / 
everything they had observed to the principal. c) The / the / 
As a matter of fact, he drove __________ but
__________. d) The / the / the

a) faster / safe
b) fastly / well Instructions for questions 7 and 8:
Choose the alternative with words that have
c) fast / safety the same sound of the underlined letters:
d) fast / safely
7. SIT (medial):

a) bee / sea / file / bite

3. All stars have similar life cycles. They form,
use up their energy as heat and light and b) bic / pit / dim / dime
finally die. c) dim / sigh / lean / line
The simple tense is used in this sentence
because it talks about __________. d) kid / bitch / pill / thick

a) things that happened at an indefinite time

b) a fact that is ever in progress in the 8. BOMB (final):
universe a) same / dumb / dim / dam
c) general truth or laws of nature in the b) gamb / team / map / might
c) time / some / ambush / became
universe d) succumb / come / muck / autumn
d) a fact that will have happened at a certain
future time 9. “It seems impossible to love people who hurt
and disappoint us. Yet there are no other kinds
of people.” That is why it’s not easy to love.
4. No one could avoid noticing my __________ Haven’t you realized that yet? Have you ever
or __________dress during the party. loved?
In the paragraph above there are _________.
a) wives / daughter
b) wife / daughter’s a) two relative pronouns
c) wife’s / daughter’s b) one interrogative pronoun
c) three adverbs of frequency
d) wive’s / daughter’s d) two demonstrative pronouns


10. Considering the sentence: “That is why it’s not 12. According to the excerpt, second wind is _______.
easy to love” from the paragraph above, “that”
refers to the __________. a) a painful exercise
b) a good sensation
a) fact that everybody hurts everybody
b) impossibility of people loving all kinds of c) an exercise training
d) the aerobic metabolism
c) kind of people who love to hurt and
disappoint us
d) disappointments that other kind of people
can bring 13. When does second wind happen?

a) During endurance efforts

11. Complete the sentences below:
b) In the beginning of a layoff
She sang beautifully __________ he played. c) When athletes reduce efforts
I won’t go __________ they insist on it.
d) When doing anaerobic exercises
You had better eat something __________ you
__________ he lived in Germany for 8 years,
he did not acquire a good German accent. 14. __________ do not feel second wind often.
You can go by plane. __________, if that
scares you, you can take the train. a) Athletes who have a good preparation
b) Athletes who have strenuous breathing
a) unless / except / if / Therefore / Although
c) Athletes who have increased the use of
b) while / unless / before / Although /
anaerobic consumption
d) Athletes who have a good experience with
c) as / however / before / Until /
this kind of phenomenom
d) why / whereas / despite of / Neither / In
spite of Instructions for questions 15 through 24:
Fill the blanks by choosing the correct answer.
Read the text to answer questions 12 through
15. I like being happy because I feel big inside
__________ a balloon that gets __________.
“Second Wind – This is a feeling of relief
that occurs after exercise has become
a) in a way / as big as
strenuous. Whereas breathing was labored
and the work felt painful before, breathing b) just how / big and bigs
becomes easier and the work more tolerable
c) as well / rather bigger than
after athletes experience a second wind. The
reasons for this reduction in effort are not d) just like / bigger and bigger
known. The early distress may be associated
with the temporary use of anaerobic
metabolism until oxygen consumption has
16. “When eating fruit, think of the person who
increased and aerobic metabolism is providing
planted the tree.”
a larger percentage of the energy for work.
The saying contains __________.
There is some support for this notion in the fact
that second wind only occurs during
a) a conditional clause and a reflexive clause
endurance efforts.
b) an imperative clause and an adverbial
Second wind usually occurs when athletes
are just beginning their training program after a
c) two adverbial clauses and one relative
long layoff. Well-trained athletes rarely
experience this phenomenon, probably
d) two relative clauses and one imperative
because their circulatory system adjust more
rapidly after they become conditioned.”
(“Swimming even faster”, Ernest Maglisho)


17. Although the pressure in the trial at that 21. When I told him he should visit his brother
moment was very high, they didn’t Thomas he told me he __________ there and
__________ and won in the end, when the Albert __________ a great problem with his
man who seemed to be the only innocent ex-wife then.
__________ to be the murderer.
a) was gone / has already
a) stop by / took out b) shall pass / would have
c) had already been / had had
b) run into / come off
d) was going after / will have had
c) give in / turned out
d) come off / got over
22. “Can we throw a party in here, Jill?”

Albert asked Jill __________.

18.  Hey Jackie are you there?! Jackie?!
 I’m here! a) to throw the party
 The phone is ringing! b) if they can throw a party here
 __________ it. c) where they can throw the party
d) whether they could throw a party there
a) I’ll get
b) I’ve rung 23. Five years ago this issue __________
c) I ought answer seriously but now that damage __________ in
large areas of forest, our politicians
d) I’d been taking __________ to take actions.

a) was been taken / has been reported / are

19. I hate __________ up early in the morning. been forced
Mary suggested __________ to the country
club next week. b) hasn’t being taken / has being reported /
I’m trying __________. Please stop has being forced
I don’t mind __________ by train sometimes. c) was not being taken / has been reported /
Goodbye. I hope __________ you again. are being forced

a) to get / to go / to work / to quarrel / to travel d) hadn’t being taken / had been reported /

/ to see have being forced

b) to get / going / working / to quarrel /

24. We __________ early for our flight.
traveling / seeing I __________ because my shoes were too big
c) getting / going / to work / quarreling / for me.
She doesn’t know how to __________
traveling / to see children.
d) getting / to go / to work / to quarrel / to Can you __________ the kids while I’m away?
I ___________ Chemistry because I didn’t like
travel / to seeing it, but I __________ Physics instead.

a) switched in / fall for / bring off / look down /

20. Things are going really well for him, he gave in / took in
__________ be so worried. No one
__________ think that his luck will let him b) checked in / fell over / bring up / look after /
down. gave up / took up

a) shall / might c) signed for / fell to / bring away / look back /

b) shan’t / could gave off / took into

c) ought not / will d) put up / fell away / bring back / look out of /

d) shouldn’t / would gave away / took away


Read the text below to answer questions 25 28. Which is the meaning of the underlined words
through 28. in these sentences from the text?

“I can empathize with the person who has his Improperly set up, it can go off.
home violated and seeks both revenge on You will be the “booby” who ultimately gets
burglars in general, and a painfully deterring trapped.
experience for the next burglar in particular who
chooses him for a victim. But booby traps are a) fix / be injured
not the way.(...) b) imagined / tune in
Under American law you can only hurt the c) deployed / be caught
burglar if he threatens the life and limb of d) tuned in / be confused
innocent persons inside. A booby trap,
something that physically harms an intruder,
can maim or kill a fire fighter breaking in to 29. “You won’t discover the limits of your soul,
rescue your home and possessions from a however far you go” (Heraclitus)
blaze. It can spring shut on your spouse or What do you infer from this saying?
child, or even on you if you come home
preoccupied with something else and forget to a) You must go far to discover your limits.
circumvent your trap. Improperly set up, it can b) As a matter of fact, your soul has no limits.
go off accidentally and injure or kill you or a c) The limits of your soul aren’t however very
member of your family, or your household far.
pet.(...) d) Walk a long way through and you shall find
Booby traps are for guerrilla soldiers. They do your limits.
not belong in American homes and business. If
you try to use them you will be the “booby” who
ultimately gets “trapped”. (“The truth about 30. Choose the correct question for the context:
booby traps”, Massad F. Ayoob) You are speaking to your daughter. You want
to make sure that she turned off the stove. You
25. According to American laws a citizen has the ask her:
right to __________.
a) You turned off the stove, did you?
a) run away only during a fire b) You do turn off the stove, didn’t you?
b) kill only to protect his house c) You didn’t turn off the stove, did you?
c) revenge only particular intruders d) You did turn off the stove, didn’t you?
d) hurt only if he receives threatens in his
31. What’s the right answer for the numerical
expressions below?
26. “Booby trap” is a (an) ___________.
a) proper weapon for revenges 1 3 16
; 2 ;
b) proper device for guerrillas 5 5 15
c) home device safe against robbers
d) excellent mechanism of protection a) One fives / two thirty-five / sixteen fifteen
b) One five / two and third fifth / sixteen
According to the text: c) One fifth / two and three fifths / sixteen
I. Booby traps only hurt innocents. d) First fifths / second thirty-five / sixteenth
II. Your own family can be hurt. fifteenths
III. You can be your own victim.
IV. An accident may hurt your house in fire. 32. Choose the alternative that is correct:

27. From the statements above, the right one (s) a) I hid the remote control of my son.
are (is)_________. b) We can say that fortune smiled to him at
a) only II c) Whip the eggs and the butter and then add
b) II and III sugar to the mixture.
c) III and IV d) After thinking about the matter for a long
d) I, II and III time, he arrived to decision.


33. What’s the passive voice for “Mr. McCannigan the contrary, it becomes still more hopelessly
left this leather jacket in the back seat of my entangled in itself. Power is like a
car last night”? mathematical number inside a bracket. If the
bracket is preceded by a minus sign, it is not
a) Mr. McCanningan had been leaving this possible to transform into a plus by making the
jacket in the back seat of my car. number bigger and bigger. This simply
b) Last night this leather jacket in the back increases its negativity.
left in my car by Mr. McCannigan. Power is a simple potentializing factor. It
c) This leather jacket was left in the back seat can never go beyond the logic of the structure
of my car by Mr. McCannigan last night. that generates it. This is why dinosaurs had to
d) This leather jacket had been left by the die. Their “arrogance of power” entrapped
back seat of Mr. McCannigan’s car last them in the very absurdity of their organic
night. structure. They were thereby made incapable
of responding in different ways to the new
challenges their environment presented.
34. “If you think of the difficulties, you will realize Our civilizations is behaving just like the
why marriage decisions take time.” dinosaur. Underneath everything it does, one
Another way to express the same idea can be: finds the ultimate certainty that there is no
problem that cannot be solved by means of a
a) Think of the difficulties or else you will little more power. It is not by accident that for
realize the marriage decisions time. years detergent makers have been advertising
b) Think of the difficulties and you will realize “stronger”, “faster”, “more concentrated” and
why marriage decisions take time. improved formulas. They know that these
c) If thinking of the difficulties realized you it’s values control our collective unconscious.
because the marriage decisions time. What is stronger must be better. Love of power
d) If you thought of the difficulties, you would has become our obsession, and power itself
realize why marriage decisions take time. our sole god. (“Tomorrow’s child” Rubem
Read the text below to answer questions 35
through 40. 35. “But this did not prove to be true”. The
underlined word refers to the __________.
We know dinosaurs only by their bones.
The largest, most powerful animals to walk the a) irony of us being dinosaurs
earth are extinct. Their “arrogance of power contemporaries
”was of no use. b) best dinosaurs struggled for a
There is an irony here. If we had been their contemporary existence
contemporaries, we would never have c) fact that we believed we were stronger
suspected that theirs would be such a sad and than dinosaurs
inglorious end. The stronger the better, we d) assumption that the more powerful the
assume, in the struggle for existence. The longer it’ll live
more powerful a species is, the greater should
be its chances of survival.
But this did not prove to be true. Animals of 36. According to the text we can conclude that:
much more fragile structure, whose bodies
were weaker and smaller beyond comparison a) Power is not the best remedy for absurd.
are still around. But dinosaurs are nothing b) A fit body obviously does not belong to a
more than memories of one of life’s sane person.
experiments that failed. c) Frameworks are so absurd that they’re
The dinosaurs disappeared not because basically destroyed.
they were too weak, but because they were d) Insanity ought to be cured by the
too strong. Their fantastic power came from a acquisition of more power.
biological framework which was basically
absurd, and the result was annihilation. Can
you cure an insane person by making his 37. Animals that were much less powerful than
body physically fit? Obviously not. This would dinosaurs ___________ .
add power to insanity, making it more insane
still. The power generated by an irrational a) were experiments that failed
structure only tends to aggravate the very b) did not become extinct at all
irrationality from which it springs. By adding c) couldn’t prove they were true
power to the absurd one does not abolish it; on d) were around the smaller bodies


38. The text tells us that ___________ .

a) human beings are too devoted to power

b) the strongest things have an obligation to
be better
c) God is solely the power that controls our
d) we are solely obsessed with God because
of His power

39. We learn from the text that power _______ .

a) must be logical, well structured and simple

b) can potentialize the absurd, but cannot
solve it
c) becomes more entangled when preceded
by certain signs
d) is negative and cannot be transformed into
something bigger

40. The text tells us that dinosaurs were _____ .

a) present in an environment that was very

b) killed by other species that went beyond
their structure
c) unable to adapt to natural changes that
had occurred
d) arrogant because they entrapped other
organic structures

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