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Astrologicall y Venus is known as the goddess of love.

In a male horoscope Venus

represents his to be wife. Mars is the energ y that super charges this love. Rahu
multiplies it to the extre me level.

But desires, pleasure and true love are three different things. Each pla ys a role in
human life and with minute observation one can reall y deduce their level of
intensit y in a human life. For exa mp le I have alwa ys seen Rahu and Venus
combination ending in a sudden love ma rriage, provided Mars is set free fro m
ble mishes.

In other cases I have seen that a dasha of Venus or planet like Rahu with Venus also
results in an affair. (It can also result in an extra ma rital affair as well.). But in
most of the cases Rahu Venus combination also denotes ph ysical level of love
rather than real love. This happens with mo re intensit y when Jupiter is under so me
kind of ble mish. In contrar y to this Venus with Jupiter or Jupiter Venus exchange
also results in love marriage some ti mes. But this is mo re on a subtle level and has
a grace which lacks in Rahu Venus case.

Water y signs bring more extre mit y to the passion and e motions. These
combinations ma y result in e motional bonding and attach ments. So meti mes when
Moon is co mbined to Saturn and Venus Rahu co mbines then results are entirel y
different and someti mes drastic. For a long lasting relationship a ma le horoscope
should alwa ys carr y a strong Venus, both in D-9 and the ascendant chart. The
seventh house should be free from Rahu, Saturn Mars relationship. Ketu should be
free of ble mishes and should not be placed in the seventh house.

In a fe male horoscope Jupiter should be strong and free fro m ble mishes. It can be
checked in both the charts. A debilitated and weak Jupiter is not good for a happ y
ma rried life. With this Ketu, Saturn Mars and Rahu should not influence the
seventh house.

A ma lefic Rahu and its dasha in a fe male horoscope ma y result in a highl y

a mbitious personalit y. Such a lad y ma y collapse her relationships when co mp ared
against her a mbitions.
I have seen people ma tching their horoscope based on Ashtkoot co mpatibilit y.
Some more advanced brains even use na mes for co mpatibilit y. Please note that both
these methods carr y big loopholes and I consider the second method to be the most
unreliable one. After checking for Gunas one should look for condition of seventh
house lords, Venus, Jupiter, current dasha , ble mishes on seventh house, Rashi
relationship and onl y then one can announce the real match. I have a exa mple
where a lad y has a ma tch of 36 Gunas and she got divorced. She is living all alone
in USA. Her seventh house carried a debilitated Mars with Saturn aspect fro m tenth
house. Her Jupiter was also debilitated.(A debilitated Jupiter in the ascendant
combined to fourth, seventh, ninth or twelfth house lord in d-4, often results in a
foreign travel)

I have noticed through experience that the place ment of seventh house lord in a
dual sign ma y also result in a second ma rriage provided the ma rriage was done at
an earl y age of twent y one to twent y four. Ble mishes created b y Mars and Saturn
can be avoided b y si mpl y avoiding an earl y marriage.

People are also concerned about Magalike Dosha. While Mangal me ans Shubha in
Vedic ter ms, it is often associated to a dosha. Mars actuall y denotes energ y. A
channelization of energ y is denoted b y ascendant lord, Moon and associations to
Mars. If energ y is not channelized in a proper ma nner it can often results in malefic
outbursts and hence can result in a separation.
Mere place ment of Mars in ascendant (Narad Shanita), second house or so cannot
and should not be considered a dosha.
There are few other point which mu st be noticed while anal yz ing so me one for

1. Male or fe male, both horoscopes should be checked for condition of Jupiter in

D-9 and D-1.
2. Seventh house, twelfth house and Moon should be checked for mentalit y.
3. Rahu, Venus and Mars combination in twelfth house or an y other house should
be checked thoroughl y. Consider Mercur y and Jupiter and yo u can esti mate the
a mount of cheating this person can do.
4. Check for the last finger of both the hands, A bend in the opposite direction or
certain ble mishes should be checked.
5. Mars, Saturn+Mars, weak Ketu, Rahu+Venus+M ars, Rahu+Mars are certain
combinations which indicate some bad habits. Check for influences of Mercur y and
Jupiter and you can ascertain what a person is upto.

Alok Jagawat