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Assignment - (II)

Atomic Structure
1) What is the basic difference between photon and quantum? 2) State Aufbaus principle, Heisenbergs uncertainty principle, Paulis exclusion principle, Hunds rule of maximum multiplicity, Bohrs bury rule, de Broglie relation. 3) Difference between i) Orbit and orbital ii) Emission and absorption spectra. 4) Why Paulis exclusion principle is called so? 5) What do you understand by a) degenerate orbitals b) quantization of energy. 6) What is the difference between Plancks quantum theory and EM wave theory? 7) Explain why Black clothes not advised in summer? 8) How the behavior in a cathode ray tube changes on changing the pressure of the gas filled inside the tube? 9) How do the origins of cathode rays and anode rays differ? 10) What are stationary states? 11) Which transition in hydrogen spectrum corresponds to third line of transition series? 12) Name the metals which are used in commercial photoelectric cells. 13) How does the kinetic energy of photoelectrons changes when the vatenity of radiation is increased? 14) When is the energy of electrons regarded as zero? 15) Why is electronic energy negative? Comment on the spacing between the energy levels. 16) What inference can be drawn from the observation that an electron beam after hitting ZnS screen produces scintillation on it? 17) What will happen to the wave length associated with a moving particle if its velocity is doubled? 18) Which quantum number is not obtained by schronduger wave equation? 19) Explain why the uncertainty principle is insignificant for macroscopic particle such as a moving car or a ball? 20) Write electronic configuration and calculate the number of unpaired electrons in Zn2+ , Cr , Mn2+ , Sc3+ 21) draw shapes of 1s , 2px , 2py , 2pz , dx2 y2 , dz2 , dxy , dyz and dzx orbitals.. 22) What are the similarities and differences b/w 1s and 2s - orbitals? 23) What is the difference b/w the notations l and L?

24) Which d orbital does not have four lobes? Curve its shape. 25) Which out of Cu2+ , Fe3+ , Cr3+ has highest paramagnet and why? 26) Represent mathematically (a) Energy of one quantum of light (b) Electron angular momentum as postulates by Bohr (c) Equation used to calculate wave numbers of spectral lines in hydrogen spectrum. (d) Radius of Bohrs orbit in H atom. 27) What are the three observations of Rutherfords experiment? What are the drawbacks of Rutherfords model? 28) Write the demerits of Bohrs model. 29) What observations in Rutherfords experiment led Rutherford to make the following conclusion ? (a) Most of the space in an atom is empty. (b) The size of the atom is very large in comparison to nucleus where +ve charge and whole of the mass of the atom is present. 30) Explain why half filled and fully filled subshells have extra stability? 31) What are cathode rays? State their three properties.