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CASE WRITE UP OF AUTOMATION TO BOOST SALES AND MARKETING CASE FACTS : Reduction in Labor cost to a small fraction of production

cost ( an average of 8-12%) Marketing and Sales cost average 15 % to 35 % of total corporate cost Sales increases arising from advanced marketing Sales IT have ranged from 10% to more than 30% Installed a sales support for more than 500 sales people Sales force attrition dropped 40 % and Sales force productivity rose 31% MSP system reduces Fixed and Variable cost Various operations performed by MSP are Salesperson productivity tools, Direct mail fulfillment , Telemarketing , Sales and Marketing Management Productivity can be improved in two ways i.e Automation of Selling and direct marketing Automating the collection and analysis of marketing information Marketing automation investments by $7 Billion electronics manufacturer Customer printing company $8 Million

HP Qualified Leads Tracking system electronically transmits and ranks them and electronically returns them to H-P headquarters.

SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH Speed, reliable infrastructure and Ease in Usage They support more intense product or service differentiation. Improved customer service Reduced operating cost More streamline operators WEAKNESS :
Increase in power usage compared to manual operations Huge amount of cost in setting up and installation Technology often outdates.

OPPORTUNITIES : Improve productivity through various sales promotion and other channels Upgrade MSP in order to improve the overall sales and productivity THREATS : Technological changes

Increasing amount of competitive forces eg. IBM, Microsoft, SAP etc.. who can implement cloud computing as a tool against MSPs. PC Hackers, Malware etc HOOK QUESTIONS ? What are the barriers companies facing in implementing MSP systems? What are the benefits in implementing the MSP system in company? What is the purpose of (QUILTS) qualified Lead Tracking System? Pinpoint the roles and responsibilities of those selecting, designing and Operating the system?

MAJOR ISSUES AND ANALYSES : They will not offset a poorly conceived or poorly executed marketing strategy They will not compensate for an inferior sales force. Lead tracking system is a highly effective way to boost customer satisfaction. It makes a dramatic difference in a companys ability t o more effectively maintain all their accounts. It also helps companies plan resources by providing a clear view of the future with respect to their sales forecast. MSP aid e-marketers in effective targeting, efficient marketing communication, and real time monitoring of customer and market trends.

A disciplined approach to the capture, integration, and analysis of customer data i.e. needed to identify and leverage customer relationships and opportunities to their fullest. Marketing automation forms the core of the knowledge engine which drives customer relationship management (CRM). Follow a streamlined guideline for implementing MSP in a company. Help field personnel by automating business tasks and reducing paper work as well as making it possible to enter leads or sales data and get customized quotes or prepare sales contracts, among other capabilities