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ABC book of rocks and minerals

Alex Nolan 11/29/07 Science

Alabaster is snow white and very beautiful. This mineral has many properties for one it is fine grained, and alabaster is a very massive mineral, and it may contain gypsum. Alabaster is used for carvings and statuary and other ornaments. An interesting fact about alabaster is that if heat treated in may appear to look like granite. Alabaster is found in the country Italy.


Basalt is a very dark color, and is very interesting. The Characteristics of basalt are that it is mafic, fine grained, and it is an igneous rock. An interesting fact about basalt is that active volcanoes in hawii Mauna Loa and volcano Kilauea erupt lavas made of basalt. Is found in Germany, Eastern Africa, Australia, And the United States.


Copper is a very reddish color. Copper has many properties one is that it is very ductile, its a chemical element, and its a good conductor for heat. Copper is used for heat conductors and copper pipes. An interesting fact about copper is that it came almost entirely from Cyprus. Copper is found in Egypt


Diamonds can be colorless to black. The properties of diamonds are that they are very hard, and they are made up of pure carbon, and they are a member of the gem family. An interesting fact about diamonds is that properly cut diamonds sometimes can give an appealing view to the observer. Diamonds are usually found in South Africa.


Emeralds are grass green. An interesting fact about emeralds is that emeralds are highly valued, they also have a wide variety of beryl, and they are very hard. Emeralds are used for jewelry. An interesting fact about emeralds is that they can be used to grow other minerals if they are put in a certain chemical. Emeralds are found in Columbia.


Felsite is very light in color. The characteristics of Felsite are that it is felsic, extrusive, and it is fine grained. Felsfite is used for tiling. An interesting fact about felsite is that it is sometimes referred to as the extrusive equivalent of granite. Felsite is located in Australia.


Gneiss is light colored. The characteristics of Gneiss are that gneiss is metamorphic, coarse grained, and they are felsic. Felsfite is used in building, roads, and curbs. Felsfite is found in mountain ranges all over the world.

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Halite is a very light gray color. The properties of halite are that halite is taste, luster, and streak. Halite is used for table salt. An interesting fact about halite is that it is naturally occurring sodium chloride. Halite is found in the USA China Germany Canada India Australia Mexico United kingdom Brazil.

http://www.saltinfo.com/salt%20production1.htm http://www.galleries.com/minerals/halides/halite/halite.htm

Ignimbrite is a very light creamy color or it can also be a brownish or dark red brown. The properties of ignimbrite are that it is fine-grained, it is very compact, and has parallel streaks w/ black glass. Ignimbrite is used for building construction. An interesting fact about ignimbrite is that explosive volcanoes make it. Ignimbrite is found in Australia.

http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Canopy/1080/ignimbrite.htm http://asiafind.com/p/map.cgi?dcb=asiafind&mid=27650678_47355

Jasper is a brick red and it can also be brownish red. The properties of jasper are that it is fine-grained, it is opaque, and it has a variety of silica minerals. Jasper is used for jewelry. An interesting fact about jasper is that jasper comes from the greek name iapspis. Jasper is found in the ural mountains north Africa Sicily and in Germany.


Kimberlite is a very dark colored rock. The characteristics of kimberlite are that it is mafic, its heavy, and its an igneous rock. Kimberlite is used for experiments. An interesting fact about kimberlite is that it is formed only on lifted centres on continental platforms. Kimberlite is found in Canada.

http://atlas.nrcan.gc.ca/site/english/maps/economic/diamondexploration/locationofkimberlites/1 http://school.eb.com/all/eb/article-9045466?query=kimberlite&ct=

The color of limestone is white. The characteristics of limestone are that it is felsic, fine-grained, and it is a sedimentary rock. Limestone is used for flooring, interior facing, and it used for monuments. An interesting fact about limestone is that when limestone is found it occasionally has fossils engraved in it. Limestone can be found in new Zealand.


Mica is a colorless mineral, but it can be black, brown, green, or violet. The properties of mica are that it has perfect cleavage, it very soft, and the crystal structure is monoclinic Mica is used for electrical and thermal insulation. An interesting fact about mica is that the United States is the leader in scrap mica. Mica is found everywhere.

http://www.antiquestoves.com/mica/properties/index1.htm http://school.eb.com/all/eb/article-9109689?query=mica&ct=

Nickel is a silvery whit color. The properties of nickel are that it is a good conductor for heat, it is flexible, and it can be hard. Nickel is used to make stainless steal. An interesting fact about nickel is that eight billion tons of nickel has been dissolved in the ocean. Nickel can be found in Russia, Australia, and South Africa.


The color of obsidian is black. The characteristics of obsidian are that its an igneous rock, another characteristic of obsidian s that it has a glassy texture, and its a mafic rock. Is used as a precious rock that is highly valued. An interesting fact about obsidian is that it was ounce used as a weapon by native American Indians. Igneous is found around active volcanoes.


The color of platinum is gray and it can also be white. The properties of platinum are that it is a very ductile metal, it is also malleable, and its heavy. Platinum is used for commercial production. An interesting fact about platinum is that it has a melting point of 3,216 degrees Fahrenheit! Platinum can b found in Canada and South Africa.


The color of Quartz is transparent. The properties of quartz are that its a chemical element, it is an important constitute to granite, has commercial uses. Quartz is used in glass. An interesting fact about quartz is that it has attracted attention since the earliest time periods. Quartz is found throughout the world.


Rhyolite is a very light gray color. The characteristics of rhyolite are that it has a glassy texture, its an igneous rock, and its an extrusive. Rhyolite is used in black volcanic glass. Some sums of rhyolite are from uncharted islands in the middle of oceans. Rhyolite can be found in all parts of the world.

http://school.eb.com/all/eb/article-9063486?query=rhyolite&ct= http://www.pdac.ca/miningmatters/teachers/resources-rock.html

Shale can be many colors, but the color of shale determines on the composition of the rock. The characteristics of shale are that it is finegrained, its a sedimentary rock, and its flat. Shale is used for tile, brick, and its used for pottery. An interesting fact about Shale is that it consists of 30% clay. Shale can be found in the earths crust.


Talc comes in a good sized variety of colors. The properties of talc are that it is soft, and the texture of talc is very greasy or slimy, and it is a metamorphic mineral. Talc is used for carvings and ornaments and other utensils. An Interesting fact about talc is that it has constant compostition. Talc is found in Japan, the United States, Russia, South Korea, and France.

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The color of umbite is colorless or yellowish white. The properties of umbite are that the clesvage is perfect, the hardness is 4.5, and the streak is white. Umbite is used in tubular supports. An interesting fact about umbite is that it was named after Lake Umb. Umbite is found in Russia.

http://www.medscape.com/medline/abstract/15959576 http://webmineral.com/data/Umbite.shtml

The color of vanadenite is yellow, orange, or, red. The properties of

vanadenite that it is shaped like a hexagon, it has a hardness of three, and its streak is yellowish white. Vanadenite is used to make color in glass. An interesting fact about vanadenite is that it is valued for its luster and color. Vanadenite is found in USA (Arizona), Mexico, and South America.

http://www.minerali.it /mineral/v/vanadeniteenglish.html


The color of wardite can be bluegreen, green, or white. The properties of wardite are that the luster is vitreous, the fracture is conchoidal, and the hardness level is five. Wardite is used for specimens for minerals. An interesting fact about warlite is that it is not a very well known mineral. Wardite is found in Utah, Brazil, and Alaska.

http://galleries.com/minerals/phosphat/ wardite/wardlite.htm


The color of xenotime is brown, gray, or greenish brown. The properties of Xenotime are that it is splintery, and the streak is white, and the hardness can be four or five. Xenotime is used for a specimen for minerals. An interesting fact about Xenotime is that very sdom will you ever find a mineral that starts with the letter X. Xenotime can be found in Brazil, Georgia, and in North Carolina.


Yttrium is a silvery color. The properties of yttrium are that its a metal, its a radioactive mineral, and its melting point is 1500 degrees Celsius. Yttrium is used for cancer therapy. An interesting fact about yttrium is that it was the first ever are earth metal. Yttrium is found in almost all rare earth minerals.

http://www.lenntech.com/Periodic-chart-elements/Y-en.htm http://school.eb.com/all/comptons/article-9314303?query=yttrium&ct=


Zircon is the color clear or colorless. The properties of zircon are that it is a silicate mineral, its felsic, and it an igneous mineral. Zircon is used as a gem for jewelry. An interesting fact about zircon is that It may be heat treated to turn a blue color. Zircon is found in Australia and New Zealand.

http://www.minerals.net/gemstone/gemstone/zircon/zircon.htm http://school.eb.com/all/eb/article-9078403?query=zircon&ct=