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High School Department San Vicente, Gapan City NAME: ___________________________________ YEAR AND SECTION: ______________________ SCORE: _______________ DATE: ________________

1st PRELIMINARY EXAM IN HEALTH 7 GENERAL DIRECTIONS: Write the answers in CAPITAL LETTERS. Any form of erasure/alteration is considered wrong. Pray before taking the exam. I. DIRECTION: Modified True or False. Write TRUE if the statement is correct. If false, change the underlined word or group of words to make the statement correct. __________________1. Health is the dynamic condition of our body. __________________2. Physical health includes the state of the body, its composition, development, functions, and maintenance. __________________3. Moral-spiritual health is ones faith, beliefs and values. __________________4. The term puberty is derived from the Latin word pubertas meaning the age of adulthood. __________________5. Mental health refers to the cognitive ability and skills to improve ones quality of life. __________________6. Adolescence is the stage of maturation between childhood and adulthood. __________________7. Puberty is usually earlier for females than males. __________________8. Emotional health refers to the ability to accept and cope with ones own and others feelings. __________________9. The American anthropologist who proved that emotional stress is brought about many factors like culture, environment, experiences and heredity is Margaret Mead. __________________10. Social health refers to the ability to build and maintain harmonious/ satisfying relationships. II. DIRECTION: Multiple Choice. Write the letter of the correct answer. Choose among the health dimensions below that are described in each situation. A. Emotional B. Mental C. Physical D. Moral/Spiritual E. Social

______2. Cedrixe is often daydreaming about him and his crush having a movie date. ______3. Ronald Andrei always maintains his positive outlook in life. ______4. After she woke up, Mercy immediately opens her laptop to update her Facebook friends and Twitter followers. ______5. Kean Carlo spends more time reviewing his notes on Mathematics because he is having difficulties on it. ______6. Bernard loves doing experiments together with his group mates. ______7. John Elijah thinks over if he will spend his unused money on playing on computer shops together with his friends or if he will use it to buy a simple gift for his mothers birthday. ______8. Jack Daniel joined a bible study group to know more about his faith. ______9. Aimee is asking for some help whenever she cant handle the stress she is facing in. ______10. Ramon realized that he is 2 inches taller than last year. Choose among the following health concerns during puberty below that are caused by the situations below. A. Body odor B. Dental problems C. Lack of physical activity D. Lack of sleep E. Poor eating habits F. Posture problems ______1. Luke usually brings big bag packs because he needs to bring all his 8 books in school every day. ______2. Nikki is fond of eating very spicy foods. ______3. Maya is having a condition called anorexia. ______4. Lloyd loves to use thick socks because he is very comfortable with it. ______5. During weekends, Enrique spends 8 hours in front of the computer, sitting on a chair without back. ______6. Richard typically rides a tricycle even though he is just going to nearby places. ______7. After waking up late, Jodi immediately takes a bath and goes to school. ______8. Sabel normally sits down in front of the television at 6 oclock in the evening and gets a bowl of popcorn. ______9. When Cristina finished drinking an ice-cold drink, she usually enjoys crunching the remaining ice cubes left on the glass. ______10. Jerome plays DOTA up to the wee hours.

______1. Lorenzo Archer noticed that his voice is changing and it usually cracks as he speaks.

III. DIRECTION: Enumeration. Enumerate what is asked in each number. 3 Physical changes during puberty for GIRLS 1. 2. 3. 3 Physical changes during puberty for BOYS 4. 5. 6. 2 Common Dental Problems 7. 8. 2 Scientists who studied Emotional Stress and its effects to our Health 9. 10.


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