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Global FX Strategy Thomas AnthonjAC (44-207) 742-7850

thomas.e.anthonj@jpmorgan.com 27 March 2012l

FX Techs London Open

At a glance: Buy now, worry later
A better than expected German IFO, Germanys willingness to increase the Euro zone firewalls and positive Bernanke remarks might have been the decisive reasons yesterday to give risk markets an extra boost, which has at least re-opened the door to re-test previous tops at 7194 in the DAX index or equivalent at 13289 in the DJI while the S & P 500 is aiming at monthly Ichimoku-resistance at 1421with its lagging line. The EUR naturally benefited from this latest development, but would have to break decisively above internal 76.4 % retracements at 1.3373 in EUR/USD, at 110.75 in EUR/JPY, at 0.8454 in EUR/GBP or at 69.456 in EUR/INR on hourly close to escape the threat of accelerating lower. The chances of Cable to extend its recent gains beyond the 1.5990/91 (int. 50 %/last top) resistance barrier have slightly improved with yesterdays break above 1.5929 (left shoulder), but as long as 1.5991 is not taken out, the H & S topping pattern remains intact. In terms of EUR/Commodity FX we are still waiting for decisive breaks above key-resistance barriers at 1.3305/46 (daily trend/int. 76.4 %) in EUR//CAD, between 1.2774 and 1.2880 (int. 38.2 % on 2 scales) in EUR/AUD and at 7.6542 (pivot) in EUR/NOK as only breaks above would support a much broader recovery. Short1 unit NZD/JPY from 67.31, target 63.00, stop at 69.20 Short 1 unit GBP/USD from 1.5875, add 1 unit at 1.6120 or at 1.5650 on stop, targets 1.5450/1.4850, stop 1.6250 Short 2 units NZD/CAD from 0.7921 avg., target 0.6500, stop at 0.8501 (2012 outlook trade) Short 1 units EUR/KRW from 1548, add 1 unit at 1600, target 1300, stop at 1670 (2012 outlook trade) Short 2 units PLN/HUF from 70.307 avg., targets 58.00 & 52.50, stop at 73.35 Short 2 units EUR/INR from 64.90 avg., targets 58.50 & 55.50, stop at 70.85 Long 2 units EUR/NZD from 1.6091 avg., targets 1.7450 & 1.8100, stop at 1.5650 Long 1 unit EUR/SEK from 8.7845, add 1 unit at 9.0300 on stop, target 9.3500, stop at 8.7650 Long 2 units EUR/CZK from 25.210 avg., targets 28.30 & 29.015, stop at 24.15 Long 2 units USD/CZK from 17.255 avg., target 23.50, stop at 18.25 Long 2 units USD/ZAR from 8.125 avg., target 10.61, stop at 6.80 (2012 trade)

EUR/USD hourly The EUR is not giving up yet

The EURs struggle to escape the grip of the bears continues, but as long as 1.3373 (int. 76.4 %) is not broken decisively on hourly close (i.e. above `.3420) key-support at 1.3097/83/74 (pivot/int. 76.4 %/d. trend) remains at risk. Below the latter and ultimately below 1.3014 (d. neckline), EUR bears would be in full control.

GBP/USD daily The latest break above 1.5929 is raising the risk of an extension to 1.6169
Yesterdays break above 1.5929 (left shoulder) has increased the risk of extending the upside towards 1.6169 (int. 61.8 % = Ewave target). Above 1.5991 would confirm the latter, whereas a break below 1.5702/1.5687 (d. trend/int. 76.4 %) would reinforce the H & S top. www.morganmarkets.com/GlobalFXStrategy J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd

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Global FX Strategy March 27, 2012 Thomas Anthonj (44-207) 742-7850 Thomas.e.anthonj@jpmorgan.com J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd.

EUR/GBP daily Unchanged! Range breakout between 0.8425/44 and 0.8288/77/64 required for directions
No change yet as neither the bulls nor the bears have managed to gain a decisive advantage. For the bulls to gain the upper hand it takes a break above 0.8425 (pivot), a decisive hourly close above 0.8454 (int. 76.4 %, i.e. above 0.8480) and/or two consecutive higher daily closes of the red lagging line above the Ichimokucloud (at 0.8444 today). Only above 0.8528 (pivot), the bulls would be safe, whereas a break below 0.8288/77/64 (int. 76.4 %/pivots) would on the other hand challenge 0.8067 (2010 low).

EUR/JPY hourlyA decisive hourly close above 110.75 is required to escape another sell-off
Based on the very obvious 5-wave pattern up from the 97.03 low in January to the recent high at 111.46, we still see a fairly high risk of having entered a broader setback, which should at least reach 106.79 (int. 38.2 %), but could extend to 100.76/43 (left shoulder/int. 76.4 %). Only a decisive hourly close above 110.75 (i.e. above 111.00) would rechallenge 111.45/62 (last tops), whereas a break below 110.05/109.84 (minor 38.2 %/pivot) would re-enforce the broader downconsolidation.

Global FX Strategy March 27, 2012 Thomas Anthonj (44-207) 742-7850 Thomas.e.anthonj@jpmorgan.com J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd.

Global FX Strategy March 27, 2012 Thomas Anthonj (44-207) 742-7850 Thomas.e.anthonj@jpmorgan.com J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd.

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Global FX Strategy March 27, 2012 Thomas Anthonj (44-207) 742-7850 Thomas.e.anthonj@jpmorgan.com J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd.

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