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That All for details please googled ok, my neck hurts, english is not my mother language I'm a Malay

from Malaysia, Terima Kasih kerana bagi ruang untuk komen.. translation Thank U for giving a space to comment

argument 24 - Agreement (Ijmak) about the Real Age Off Khadijah-the first wife of the Prophet When she got married to the Prophet, *story off the aged when she got married to the prophet at the age off 40 was unfounded, not concrete unproven argument 23 - Are there Girls Under Age that are Married in Arabia and in a civilized society? argument 22 - Aishah being a stepmother to a 7 year old boy named Bashar After the Battle of Uhud argument 21 - The desire to have children and maternal instinct is Impossible to Arised From a Children Under Age (On Aisha issue) argument 20 - Aisha haved Skills In Literature, Genealogy and History of Prior Knowledge of Islam argument 19 - Aisha Extraordinary Ability to Remember poems that came before the Time Of Mohammed become a prophet argument 18 - A Hadith told That a girl must be asked about her own Consent Obtained on her marriage , the virgin girl shall not be married until her consent is obtained. The Prophet did revoke the marriage of a girl who complained to him that her father had married her against her wishes argument 17 - Prophet Muhammad Not Living With Aisha after married her when she was 16 because of Dowry Problem, on paying the dowry - a right to received one valuable thing from a husband, Not because off The Very Young Age of Aishah argument to-16 - Aisha been referred, addressed as a Girl And not a Children when she was Recommended to be.. the wife of the prophet (on a talk between the prophet) 15 argument - Abu Bakar Planned to get his daughther Aisha to get married

Before Emigration to Habshah, Abu Bakr planned on migrating to Habshah (8 years before Hijrah) Argument 14 - A fact, Aisha is among the Earliest person Converted to Islam, became a muslim 13 argument - "Tabari" A Historians say that Aisha was Born in the Age off jahiliyyah (Before Apostolic), that is before Mohammed been choosed to be a prophet of god 12 argument - Aisha is 10 Years younger From His sister Asma, Asma was Aged between 27 Or 28 Years on the time of Hijrah,Hijrah is the time when Muslim was Moved from Makkah to Madinah after been told by god 11 argument- Aisha Participated in the Battle of Uhud, while Children aged below Fourteen Years War Not Allowed Participate Tenth argument - Aisha Participated In The Battle of Badr , because no one below the age of fifteen was allowed Ninth Argument - Aishah Wiped the wound and nasal on Usamah Bin Zaid who is accused is the same age as her, Usamah bin Zaid was his stepson Eighth argument - Aisha remembered the event, on the things, the story that happened when Abu Bakar when to "Habsyah" (a place) Seventh argument - Aisha Remember verse from the Al Quran that was revealed to the prophet Mohammed on the fourth year. The Fourth year after been choose as a prophet a revelation came.. *when receiveing a hadith ,that is the saying of the prophet, is is important to know where,how,who,when to recognize the originality of a hadith or a story that got something to do with the prophet and islamic teaching.. Sixth argument - only the narrator from Iraq quoted about this hadith, reffering to the age of marriage of aisya Fifth argument - history is narrated by Hisham After His mind was Clutter.. Fourth argument- the story is not a Hadith in other word it is not the word of

the Prophet itself, yes! it narrated in The Book Of Hadith But if you read hybridly it was a story from Hisyam (nephew of aisya) telling about the marriage of Aisya and Prophet Mohammed Third argument - No Sample Found At the Arab Countries on that time or At any other hot weather countries Second argument - Contrary to the common sense First argument - It Againt's with the human normality.. human rights I'm A Muslim and I will list here 24 reasons why i believe that Aisya was 19 when she stayed with the prophet after been married at the age off 16.. reminder years with no sexual intercouse between 16 an 19 ok