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Volume 1, Issue 7 June 2013

The PRO-Gram
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PRO6/PRO9 HHB and Alpha Battery Bravo Battery and Golf Co. Calendar /Chaplain/FRSA

2-321 Field Artillery Regiment (ABN) Bldg B-1329 Salerno Road Fort Bragg, NC 28310 BN Staff Duty Phone: 910-396-0896

PRO6 - LTC Jason Jones

this exercise your Troopers flawlessly distributed ammunition, transported over 2000 Paratroopers, and moved countless pieces of equipment around the Division training area making this exercise a complete success. This month the Professionals also hosted a 13B and 13F ALC Mobile Training Team (MTT) from Fort Sill. This MTT was a unique opportunity for our leaders to continue to enhance their leadership skills without leaving the confines of Fort Bragg. The MTT ended with thirty-eight 13B and thirty 13F graduates from across the Division. The Battalion received accolades from the instructors who stated that this was the best MTT that they have ever seen. I would like to personally congratulate our new graduates and thank those who had a hand in making this MTT a success. I would especially like to thank Staff Sergeant Rodelo from Bravo Battery who served as the Battalion POC and was lead coordinator for the event. Lastly, over the last month we have witnessed an outpouring of support for our Battery and Company FRGs however more is needed. Positions for volunteers to serve as Key Callers, Care Team members, and to support general fundraising and activity support still exist across the formation. If you are interested in serving in any capacity please contact your respective Battery/Company FRG leader. GO PRO!

Greetings to the Troopers, Families, and friends of the Professionals.

I hope everyone is enjoying their first days of summer. Over the last month the weather is not the only thing that has warmed up. The Professionals have been getting hot conducting quality training and supporting multiple Division level activities. Unfortunately this column is just too short to highlight all the great work your Troopers have been doing so I will do my best to capture the highlights. We began the month providing indirect fires in support of our maneuver brothers during the Brigade Fire Support Coordination Exercise (FSCX). Throughout this exercise the Assassins and Barbarians safely fired over 500 rounds. In addition, we had the pleasure of receiving Reinforcing fires from C/3-321 FAR (Cobras) who added an increased sense of realism to the exercise by firing over 400 rounds of 155mm Artillery in support of the operation. The Grizzlies also provided flawless world class sustainment to the force while the Hurricanes established the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) to facilitate mission command of the delivery of fires for this training event. This month the 82nd Airborne Division conducted a JOAX during which the Professionals provided Troopers from across the formation to augment the Division Outload Support Battalion (OSB). The OSB is responsible for supporting the Divisions Global Response Force (GRF) and ensuring that the GRF Brigade is deployed in a timely manner when called upon. Throughout

PRO6: LTC Jason Jones

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PRO: 2-321st (ABN) FA 4BCT: 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division

PRO9 - CSM John Condliffe

Friends and Families of PRO, I trust each of you is having a wonderful summer (especially since the kids are home and they are always so quiet and calm!) Well, things have been going 100 mph around here as per the usual standard. We are jumping from planes, marching on the parade fields and training takes place everywhere. PT is how we kick off our high adventure days and it is almost too fast around here to remember to drink water. That being said, please ensure your loved ones are hydrating with the right kinds of fluids, we do not want anyone to fall out from a lack of water! Our leaders are getting stronger each day with each new experience and we continue to make your loved ones better at what they do. Of course, we promote all those that excel and have met all the requirements. You have great PRO9: CSM John reason to be proud of your Condliffe Troopers, each day they do something amazing, they don the maroon Beret!

Ft Bragg Info: www.bragg.army.mil Army Community Services (ACS): 910-396-8682 or 8683 Military One Source : 800-342-8847 4BCT Military Family Life Consultant (MFLC): 910-709-4093 The Watters Center Counseling): 910-396-6564 MWR: www.fortbraggmwr.com Military Acronym's: militaryacronyms.net National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 (Chaplain


Volume 1, Issue 7

Page 2

Headquarters and Headquarters BatteryHurricanes

HHB Upcoming Events
FRG Meeting : 9 July

CPT Jones/1SG Martinez

Greetings Hurricane Family!

The mid-way point of the year is here and it feels like yesterday that we celebrated the New Year. This happens when you are in the 82nd Airborne Division--time flies. At this juncture, we can look back at how the unit has changed- leadership has changed at the 1SG and several platoon sergeant positions, as well as within the FRG. We have trained to operate in our more traditional role in accordance with doctrine; assumed additional roles such as mission command for all pick-up zone operations and are prepared to receive an additional platoon of forward observers. We have CH Jones says a prayer before PRO done all of this without missing a beat, thanks to the Troopers conduct a Motorcycle Safety Ride professionalism and hard work of the Hurricane Paratroopers and your support. However, the pace will continue to be rapid as we enter the second half of the year. Your continued support is vital to our success as we close out the year. As mentioned earlier, the Battery has new FRG leadership. Sherrie Rodriguez and Sandra Scott have volunteered to be the FRG Leader and CoLeader, respectively. We look forward to their contributions as we strive to maintain a strong FRG in support of the Hurricane family.
Departures SGT Figueroa SGT Downs 1LT Malero SFC Rivera SSG Hampson SGT Prenatt MAJ Cogger SFC Griffin SPC Mata Birthdays SPC Alexander SPC Bell
HHB XO, LT Matammu thoroughly enjoys CBRN defense training after exiting the Gas Chamber

HHB conducting SHARP training

PRO Couples gain some valuable relationship skills at a Strong Bonds Training Event

HHB Troopers receive a class on CBRN Defense

Arrivals 2LT Jackson PV2 Holmes PV2 Wilcox PV2 Rose PFC Lynch PFC Stetter PV2 Luckie SPC Roy

Trooper of The Month PFC Rodriguez

CH (CPT) Jones SPC Larson SPC Ramos SFC Reagan

PV2 Henry

Volume 1, Issue 7

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Alpha BatteryAssassins
Alpha Battery Upcoming Events

CPT Turner/1SG Dean

Next FRG Meeting: 17 JULY - Location TBA (3rd Thursday Each Month)
Family and Friends of The Assassins Through the fast-paced timeline and frequent summer downpours in the month of June, the Assassins performance was outstanding, spearheading the Brigade level Fire Support Coordination Exercise (FSCX). The FSCX showed the collaboration of artillery capability with an infantry mission like most of us had not yet experienced. Assassin Paratroopers led from the front every step of the way, ranging from the joint brief presented to the 4 th BCT and the 18th Fires Brigade Commanders, to firing over 200 live rounds in close proximity of our maneuver brothers. The week long exercise and the units performance is a true testament to their hard work and effort. Upon returning from the FSCX, the Battery took a knee to raise awareness of the Armys SHARP program and its role in keeping the bedrock of trust strong within our ranks. The Battery then, yet again, played a major role in a Brigade level operation, firing 20 live rounds off of the Drop Zone after exiting a high performance aircraft. Additionally, we continue to see our leaders excel at various schools, having SFC Walker graduate the Senior Leaders Course at Fort Sill, SSG Brantstrator complete the Master Gunner Course, and 7 NCOs graduate the Advanced Leader Course! Job well done to all! Look for the Assassins on Main Post Flag Pole Field on July 2nd as we stand tall as the Salute Battery for the 18th Airborne Corps Change of Command. To all the Dads out there, we hope you enjoyed your Fathers Day and to all of you, thanks for what you do for Alpha Battery!

A Btry conducting CBRN Defense Training

SPC Deleons reenlistment ceremony

A Btry Drop Zone Live Fire

Promotions SSG Kirkpatrick SPC Esguerra SPC Samuel SPC Wood Birthdays 1LT Fiore: 1 JUL SSG Carden: 5 JUL 1LT Agee: 9 JUL SPC Abbott: 16 JUL SPC Peabody: 16 JUL CPL Moorehead: 26 JUL PFC Fruge: 28 JUL

1LT Fiore & SSG Carden War Game

Trooper of the Month

PFC Cermeno

SPC Love: 1 JUL, ETS SPC Franklin: 22 JUL, Green to Gold

Baby Births
CPL and Mrs. Moorehead: Dakota, born 22 JUN 2013 SSG Brantstrator graduating Master Gunners Course

Volume 1, Issue 7
Bravo BatteryBarbarians

Page 4

Bravo BatteryBarbarians
Bravo Battery Upcoming Events

CPT Gilstrap/1SG Carter

CPT Gilstrap/1SG Carter

Next FRG FRG Meeting Meeting : 17 : 16 JULY January (Time/Location 2013 TBA)

Hello Barbarian Family!

PFC Keaton & SPC Rivera prepare ammo for a fire mission during the BCT FSCX

June was full of excitement for the Barbarians. As we head into summer and the upcoming change of mission, we continue to train on our core competencies while we still have the opportunity. During the month of June the Battery had the opportunity to train and certify some of our Howitzer Sections, FDC Sections, as well as some of our leaders. We also had several leaders attend and graduate the Advanced Leaders Course MTT Good work SSG Castillo, SGT Bruner, and SGT Duarte! SFC Yeager, SSG Rodelo, and SSG Bader also passed the coveted Master Gunners Course, providing a much needed professional development for the Battery leadership. Also a special thanks to our Spouses for providing additional volunteers to support the Battery FRG, bringing us up to 7 Key Callers and also providing volunteers for Care Teams. As we get closer to the deployment, we will have to rely more heavily on our Families and continue to build our FRG to provide the needed support for the team. That being said, we need quality volunteers to help out in all capacities. If you want to volunteer, contact Brittany Gilstrap, at bravobattery2321@yahoo.com. Barbarian 6/9

After conducting a mask filter change, each Trooper conducts individual decontamination procedures

SPC Rivera relays information from the FDC to 3rd Section, 2nd PLT

Bravo Troopers conduct Gas Chamber training

PFC Williams SGT Briggins SGT Curry PFC Venuto PV2 Mcentee PV2 Collier Farewells SSG Hlibenski SGT Euton SGT Braswell SPC Pagan SPC Bourne Birthdays PFC Butler - 13 JUN SSG Furler - 28 JUN SPC Haas - 12 JUN 2LT Logan16 JUN SGT Schoppe7 JUN 1LT Woolwine2 JUN

PV2Grimm, PVT Millman, PFC Wallace, and PFC Vatrone receive the Army Achievement Medal for outstanding work in the field.

Trooper of the Month PFC Butner

Volume 1, Issue 7

Page 5

Golf CompanyGrizzlies
Golf Company Upcoming Events
FRG Meeting: 25 JULY (BN Classroom) Combatives Level I & II: 8-19 JULY 2013
Greetings from Team Grizzly!
Another outstanding month has come and gone for the Grizzly Paratroopers. We were able to exercise our logistical systems in support of our Artillery brothers during their Fire Support and Coordination Exercise (FSCX) the first two weeks of the month. This training exercise provided us with a great opportunity to continue honing our skills as logisticians and building a stronger team. On top of the flawless support we provide internally to the Battalion, we were also granted the opportunity to form and continue training our Outload Support Team. The third week of June was extremely busy, but everyones efforts and motivation directly impacted our success. During that week we were able to focus on our core Paratrooper skills by participating in two night combat jumps and also assist in the recovery of all heavy-drop equipment. The last week in June, we shifted gears and focused on all administrative training that is so crucial to the health, welfare, and safety of our Paratroopers. Thank you for your dedicated support to all of our Paratroopers. We have some busy weeks ahead as we prepare for our much deserved Block Leave in August!

CPT Ferretti/1SG Cox

SGT Reyes getting promoted to SSG

CPT Ferretti plays tug-a-war with the kids at G Co. Family Day

SGT Deville receives an ARCOM

SPC Mojicamoto receives his PCS award & SPC Raza for her performance during field training

PFC Cartier: 2 JUNE SGT Troncoso: 3 JUNE SGT Oelbracht: 25 JUNE PFC Salazar: 26 JUNE

SSG Reyes PFC Thomas
G Co. Standing tall as Troopers are recognized for their hard work over the past few weeks

Trooper of the Month SPC Christopher Waiters

Training Schedule and Important Upcoming Events

Distinguished Members of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment - 2013

Upcoming Training Events

4th of July DONSA: 4-7 Jul DONSA: 12-15 July CORPS DONSA: 29 July Rear D Activation: 31 July Block Leave: 2-18 August Upcoming Events Summer Family Festivus: 26 July
SPC Jonathan Batista
SPC Jonathan Batista, a Paratrooper from Alpha Battery, was posthumously recognized as a Distinguished Member of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment during All American Week 2013. SPC Batista served with distinction in Alpha Battery from August 2011 to July 2012. SPC Batista deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom XII, where his primary duty was as dismounted point man, responsible for carrying a hand-held mine detection system. SPC Batista was involved in over 30 direct fire engagements while on patrol in the Maiwand District. SPC Batista was Killed in Action on 8 July 2012 from wounds suffered while his dismounted squad was in sustained and effective enemy small arms contact from as close as 75 meters away. Up until his last breath, SPC Batista was doing everything in his power to protect the men to his right and left while bringing the fight to the enemy. SPC Batista made the ultimate sacrifice defending his nation, his brothers-in-arms, and the Paratroopers of the Battalion. We will never forget his sacrifice. SSG Eric Myers, a Wounded Warrior from Alpha Battery, was recognized as a Distinguished Member of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment by Fury 6 during All American Week 2013. SSG Myers served with distinction in Alpha Battery from January 2004 to May 2012. While on deployment to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom XII, SSG Myers was injured by an insurgent pressure plate IED. That injury led to the amputation of both of his legs, and he was awarded a Purple Heart. SSG Myers displayed a great amount of personal courage and commitment to the Battalion when he led the redeployment main body off the flight line at Pope Field less than 6 months after he was injured. SSG Myers continues to be a mentor and source of inspiration for the members of Alpha Battery and the Battalion. We honor, support and respect this great American and great PRO Paratrooper!

SSG Eric Myers FRSA Corner

All PRO volunteers and accepting officials for APF activities will sign DD Form 2793 (Volunteer Agreement for Appropriated Fund Activities). A copy of the signed volunteer agreement will be given to the volunteer prior to commencement of voluntary services. A written position description will be maintained for each volunteer and will include the position and title, first-line supervisor, second-line supervisor (if applicable), description of duties, time required, qualifications of the job, training required and provided by the program accepting the voluntary services, and evaluation and feedback by the supervisor. The supervisor of the volunteer will write the position description, and the accepting official will be the approval authority.

Chaplains Corner
Life is precious, wouldnt you agree? Yet, in our culture, many people are in a deep struggle within (and often without) to maintain a balance and sense of normalcy or purpose. Many around us are addicted to alcohol, drugs, porn, food or a myriad of other controlling items. Some look to these items to cover over problems with finances, work, spouses, extended family, health or other problems that seem insurmountable at times. Sadly, some try to end their lives due to the pain they feel is impossible to overcome. Unfortunately, this is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Let me encourage you, no matter what is going on in your life, it will pass and you are not alone on the path of life. If you dont know what to do, call out for helpcall the UMT, a friend or clergy, Military One Source, the MFLC or even a national hotline @ 1-800-2738255. Scripture reminds us in Psalm 46:1- God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Never forget that you are loved!
List of Chapel Services on Ft. Bragg: http://www.bragg.army.mil/directorates/ chaplain/chapels/Pages/Default.aspx

Mr. Leon Walden (FRSA) Leon.l.walden.civ@mail.mil 910-396-0956

HHB: SSG DeanIndefinite G Co : SGT DiazCurrent Station Stabilization G Co: SPC NicholsFort Riley Bravo: SSG RodeloAlaska Bravo: SGT KerrCurrent Station Stabilization Bravo: SPC SmithFt. Carson Alpha: SGT AmbroseIndefinite Alpha: SSG De La CruzRecruiting Alpha: SPC Deleon: Europe

FRG Representatives
FRSA: Mr. Leon Walden: 910-396-0956 HHB: Sherry Rodriguez (Leader): 718-715-3769 Sandra Scott (Co-leader): 360-489-8285 Alpha: Mrs. Christina Turner: 859-433-1627 Mrs. Mellissa Dean: 910-574-3664 Bravo: Mrs. Brittany Gilstrap: 912-401-1546 Golf: Mrs. Amy McKenzie: 978-580-6576

Here to Serve, CH (CPT) Cliff Jones Clifford.l.jones16.mil@mail.mil 910-396-0909 SPC Grant Van Brimmer (CH Assistant)