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"God's Thoughts" as Revealed by Grace

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better". Albert Einstein "I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details." Albert Einstein

Any reality of Nature, Life and God, eventually should account and explain the two laws of energy sensibly 1] Conservation of energy and matter 2] The loss of energy and time direction and how it is conquered. If we "look deep into nature" we note that Nature and life strives to conserve certain energy and matter. It has a parallel and multiple world design. This is evident from simultaneous dual cycle. One that is unwinding or energy cycle [ light or day cycle] and the other is winding or matter cycle [ Night cycle]. When ratio favors energy in one cycle in the other it favors the matter cycle simultaneously and thus balancing the system. The design sustains itself. There is a "Perceiver and Controller" to the system that resist the unilateral direction by changing the direction of the cycle giving life to it. A time direction and death to this system invariably means there is a principle that causes it and it can take two possible directions 1] towards increased direction of energy or heat of the system 2] towards increased direction of matter or cooling of the system.

The first law of conservation of energy and matter invariably means there is a "Principle that resist this direction and thus controls the system and gives life" The second law means there is a "Principle that causes the time direction and death". Understanding the "Principle that controls and gives life" and the "Principle that causes the time direction and death" will bring us to the reality of nature of "God's Thought" rest are details.

"God's Thought" from Philosophical, Spiritual, Sensible and Logical Point.

From above we note nature is a interaction of two principles; a principle that conserves life and the other that destroys and lead to death. The principle that conserves the energy to matter and controls the whole system is a Perceiver or Master Soul [God] of the system, who is the maker of the system and has complete knowledge of it. The principle that causes time direction and death is lesser beings who exist under the Master as His people. They are supposed to live for Him holding the Living Light or Knowledge leading others in the right path. The lesser beings communion with Master is lost and the Knowledge is withdrawn by the Master when they break the law. In short life and its control exist in one Master and death comes from lesser souls and humans who become self centered, breaks the law and turns away from God the Father and Mother with Ego and become slave to material world and its force. It also means the cyclic existence of the whole Universal being, is a process of giving and taking back knowledge

or Light by the Master to His people. It is God opening His heart and Mind to Humans and closing it on them, rest are details

"God's thought" in the context of modern science and the cause for the endangered world and solutions to it
Modern science is seeking Truth, God or knowledge in matter. They discovered a attractive property between all matter and which binds everything into one by a force called gravity that is centripetal in nature. The communication of force between matter was instantaneous. Later they discovered a field around matter through which it communicates in time. Science also discovered that matter is energy or heat and developed technologies to exploit energy of the matter. By virtue of the second law of energy, it means they began to release more energy into the environment. The efficiency of the technologies we have discovered is only 30% and rest is being lost as heat into the environment. This is increasing the heat of the environment and causing unwinding or shearing pressure on ecological system and all life enclosed in it. From industrial era we have been exponentially increasing the heat of the environment. We have been cutting down greenery to develop concrete Jungles. Plants we know absorbs sunlight and heat and converts it into biological mass. With Globalization we have intervened into the night cycle in which she cools and thus struggles to maintain certain balance of energy to matter. What this means the field is getting heated or energized. No thermometer or instruments can pick this increase because all matter tries inherently to readjust to this change. The system as a whole also strives to create new order to

survive and sustain the balance but begins to break down to reorganize when it reaches a critical point. Now from this simple thought revealed by Grace of God we have the cause or "God's thought" as far a nature and all the destruction we are witnessing. The rest are details [As Einstein said], that can be understood from common sense. This can run into hundreds of pages. Let me bring up the salient ones. 1] It is commonsense that that when we unilaterally and exponentially increase the heat or energy of the environment and intervene into the night cycle decreasing the time given to Mother Nature order herself, then the change of phase and its force is accelerated. Thus we witness accelerated climate change that is becoming increasingly destructive. We are seeing increased destruction from fire/wind, flash floods, flash snows. When material earth looses energy it winds. The winding of material earth is stressing the tectonic plates causing huge chains of earth quakes, eventually it is bound to stress the inner core activating volcanoes. If unchecked this can even turn earth inside out. We have proofs of many civililization buried underneath sea and earth. Volcanic dust is known to suddenly cool earth inducing ice-age. The sign that we are pushing earth to this state is evident everywhere - the fallowing documentary is worth seeing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqsRD4HPtH0 - Global Warming or a New Ice Age: Documentary Film Here is another common sense point of view. We know when heat increases, disorder increases. Earth and plants strives by evaporating and transpiring water. With every season when we

are exponentially increasing heat, the quantity and speed at which water is lost increases. When climate changes, these water condenses and the speed at which it fall increases. This is manifesting into flash floods/snows and cloud burst and so on. This was predicted and is happening. There are other associated danger such as water stress with depletion of available water to life, increasing soil erosion ----. The sudden peaking and falling of energy of the environment can open holes in the protective environment of earth creating gravity holes, that can suck energy from outer space thus leading to increasing meteor strikes, fire ball from space. The disturbance in the inner space of earth can create sinkholes and so on. All this are unfolding. What is happening around the world is interlinked. 2] It is also common sense that when climatic energy shows such sudden peaks and fall and become unstable, all the life in it, including humans are affected. It forces the life to transform and initialize. Many species get wiped out many get mutated to survive. The instability of human mind manifesting into violence, war and terrorism could be related to it. This unstable mind of humans is sitting duck for religious institutions who strive to grow in number and materially than by quality. The members of many of these institution, who are supposed to grow spiritually and lead humanity from darkness to light actually exist as slaves to material world. Much of the war, terrorism, bloodshed on earth are silently influenced by these religious institutions. They have formed into the biggest threat to humanity.

The first problem by Grace and "Though of God" or "Mind of God" revealed has simple details to survive. All we need to do is to develop a global energy management of earth's environment. Use the high energy state of environment as means of energy resource. Make use of sun, wind, tidal energies and increase the efficiency of energy use. Develop new technologies that release less heat and so on. Life can give ample clues for this. The Second problem however is more critical and in trueness is the first problem. This calls God not only to reveal His thoughts, but His whole being, the heart, the mind and his relationship with every souls. He has to reveal this as a simple science. That is the only way He can liberate souls from multitude of religious institutions that has bound human mind as slaves and initialize them back to "Kingdom of God" or "Golden Age" to start a "New Time Cycle". This is the only way humanity can be liberated from pathological criminal mind that seek self at all cost. The root of criminal mind seems to exist in "self" and spiritual ignorance manifesting into religion. This is the only way for peace and true prosperity on earth. The God the Lord has already revealed His Heart giving free will to humanity. What is left to be known is His Mind and thought on how He functions how He is related to all other souls and sustains the system conquering time. Here is the "God's Thought Revealed" by Grace in brief, rest are detail that our minds can roll out once it is liberated from clutches of religious institutes.

God is a field/spirit/energy, call it conscious field/spirit/energy that is intertwined with material field/energy and works opposing the material field and the time direction in it. In short it is anti-gravitational force that works against material field and the time direction in it. As Einstein said "Look deep into nature ---", you will see God in life. Look through your window to see a seed sprout, plant grow, you will see God working. Every life, from the living matter in life or the cell or the whole being, has a inner space. Here in the inner space of life, the gravity force and field is converted into anti-gravity. Life thus acts as parallel world opposing the material world and the time direction to singularity or collapse to death. From a simple virus to complex animal life including young ones of humans instinctively opposes the gravity of material world and works against it, supporting God's force. But this self sustaining nature of the universe breaks down when we include adult humans. Adult humans lives by their mind and becomes self centered. They become slaves to material world thus point to the gravitational collapse or death point. We must note that God after Creation of Humans in His image, while giving humans the dominion over earth [Knowledge to rule over His kingdom], puts one resistive law - do not eat from the tree at the center [death] - It simply means do not turn your face from God and become slave to material world and its force. In other words it meant do not disconnect from your consciousness and turn your face from your Father and Mother. But in time humanity falls. He turns his face away from God and His force. The God now retrieves the knowledge and light

and leaves humanity in darkness to resist his march towards death. This brings in disorder but time direction to death persist even in disordered system. This is well proven by science. This means God has to intervene to conquer time and death and initialize the system or His Kingdom. In Short He has to recreate and restore everything back into New Order. Time manifested when we the lesser souls and adult humans who became self centered failed to transform the gravity force totally into anti-gravitational force. We thus begin to store energy in black form Constricting the flow of energy in the universe. This means gravity, singularity and gravitational collapse is earth centered. It should be directed to one living atom, one living cell and one living human system and the space contained in it. The Big Bang Origin and creation should emerge from this Single key Living System or "Primal Soul". The big bang origin now makes sense and unites with spiritual science of the ancient The key to conquer time and death is that this "Primal Soul" should be "Absolutely selfless" and "Totally faithful". This gives the potential power to arrest time and transform all the forces of gravity into antigravity. It can create a little "New Pulse" directed to the outer world, in an ocean of energy where the pulse of all soul are directed to the forbidden center. The Big Bang creation and restoration occurred through self-sacrifice of Creator that occurred at Calvary when Christ sacrificed His Life accepting death fulfilling His Father's will. God through Christ unfolded His whole being, the heart, the mind and the body giving free will to every souls. The crux and beauty of Bible exist in this and this is well supported by the Ancient spiritual scriptures of

India. Yajurveda VS 30-31, tells us that Universe was created through the Self sacrifice of the Creator and this sacrifice was conducted by His own people. God's Soul and its Spirit is giving New life to souls, His mind is revealing Truth beyond religion as science such that His body can be initialized. Science has evolved to discover black hole, world beyond dark hole, black energy, and has discovered parallel worlds. Three scientist Dr. Neil Turok of Perimeter Institute, Prof. Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University, and Prof. Burt Ovrut, has even spoken that at Singularity one world pierces the other to emerge on the other side to begin a New Time Cycle. I am not sure what mathematical constructs led them to such conclusion. But it is how a Living Universe survives time and perpetuates in time. What enters the feminine world is the "Spirit of the Lord" or the "Living light" or the Higher knowledge. What emerges breaking the darkness is the Higher knowledge or the Living Light, what creates spontaneous order out of great disorder is the Spirit of God or Knowledge. Universe and the universal cycle needs to be understood as knowledge cycle or Living Light enfolding and unfolding. The "Good News" is that we are poised to enter the "Golden Age" or "Kingdom of God". We are in transition from "Information era" into "Knowledge era" "God's thought" as revealed to me by Grace is simple. It is neutral. It is Absolute Love that creates with free will. It is Absolute Truth and Justice. It calls us to Love Him as He Loves you. It calls us not to judge, but work to Uphold Light or Truth and walk the path of Justice, rest are

detail and it is explored in detail in my site and in my writings In "Scribd.com" Note - The Reference to Christ and Calvary sacrifice is not a support for a religion called Christianity. In fact it is a struggle bring Christ and Good News beyond the four walls of Churches and bring to Light to huge population who are held as slave in the name of religion. All scriptures are "God's thought". We have failed to read its core formula. All scriptures arise from one root formula - Love and Truth and Justice. We are created in Absolute Love and we are sustained by Truth and Justice. We are called to connect to our consciousness to see the one Creator from whose consciousness and intelligence we all came into being and are called to work to uphold His Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. True spirituality is knowledge of connecting to once consciousness and thus once own Creator the Father and Mother. It is a way of strengthening oneself, one's family, community and nations in the Light of consciousness heralding Justice and Truth. Much of our religious institution are failing in this responsibility of upholding Truth and Justice and lead the world in God and His light. They speak of God but exist as slave to material world engaged in amassing wealth. They are slaves to kings [Small and big Political leaders] of this world who by themselves have becomes slaves of money and are controlled by trading classes - The private banking cartels, corporate business houses. These are "God's thought revealed by Grace" - rest are details

By a Servant of God Date 09/07/2013

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