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Impromptu Bold ACAAN

Effect: One of the most famous card mentalism routines, any card at any number, but much simpler
than most other methods out there. To describe its effect in simplicity, the mentalists lays a deck of cards face down on the table and asks a spectator to think of a number. The mentalist then has another spectator name a card. The spectator thinking of a number counts down to their thought of number in the deck, and finds that the corresponding card is the one named.

Method: The first element of this effect is incredibly simple, the deck itself is a one way force deck
of a specific card. Either you can switch a normal deck after a few tricks or simply pull out the force deck.

The second element is forcing the repeated card mentally on the second spectator. To do this I would suggest equivoque, for further information I advise looking at Colin McLeods Opening Minds DVD.