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Nawaz Sharif Swearing-In chart

By M. Imran, Pakistan

A television producer by profession and
an astrologer by passion, Muhammad Imran born and brought up in Pakistan , where people rarely espouse Jyotish. In 1994, he first encountered astrology at the age of 16 and later been an active member on various online astrological forums. Imran earned M.Sc. (Statistics) and M.S. (Applied Economics) from Karachi University. Besides astrology, he loves reading literature and philosophy. He can be contacted at astroimran@yahoo.com

elation between singhasan and jyotish is not new. History informs that wise men of courts

had been suggested auspicious time for the coronation ceremonies of kings and queens. In todays world, this practice has seemingly been obsolete, except in few cases where an elected representative himself believes in astrology and tries to follow his personal astrologer. However, curious astrologers and interested people are always eager to know the future of newly elected prime minister or president. Recently, Mr. Nawaz Sharifs political party (PML-N) won the general elections of Pakistan held on May 11, 2013. This is the third time when Nawaz Sharif has assumed premiership of the country. In mundane astrology swearing-in time is considered a pregnant event for its legal and political grounds. It should be borne

in mind that oath-taking chart can NOT supersede prime ministers birth chart. This fundamental principle also applies on other mahurtha (electional time). Unfortunately, reliable birth chart of Nawaz Sharif is not available. Last month, scribe endeavoured to find Nawaz Sharif birth details and came to know three different horoscopes. They are as follows: 1) Nawaz Sharif Birth Chart-1 Date: December 25, 1948, Time: 12:07 am, Zone: +5:30, Place: Lahore Virgo Lagna in Aquarius Navamsa 2) Nawaz Sharif Birth Chart-2 Date: December 25, 1947, Time: 12:00 am, Zone: +5:30, Place: Lahore Virgo Lagna in Capricorn Navamsa 3) Nawaz Sharif Birth Chart-3 Date: December 25, 1946, Time: 9:00 am, Zone: +5:30, Place: Lahore Capricorn Lagna in Capricorn Navamsa There is a possibility of some more charts ascribed to Nawaz Sharif. Whether politicians and celebrities intentionally hide their natal chart or spread misleading birth details, is a big question mark. In this case, predicting political future of Sharif from his birth chart can be risky. Better safe than sorry.

The Swearing-in Chart

awaz Sharif has assumed the prime minister office for the third time in 2013. He was sworn in on Wednesday June 5, 2013 at 05:33:50 pm in federal capital Islamabad. The present time zone of Pakistan is +5:00 ahead of GMT.

Swearing-in chart based on sidereal zodiac (Lahiri Ayanamsa) is given below.

Dasa and Swearing-in Chart

pplying dasa scheme on mundane chart has recently gained currency among astrological fraternity. Traditional texts appear mute on this issue. They neither encourage nor discourage dasa scheme on swearing-in charts.

Common sense says dasa can be applied on an oath-taking horoscope or coronation chart. Here is the 5-year compressed vimshottari dasa output for swearing-in chart (Moon in Bhararni nakshatra, ruled by Venus).

Vimshottari Dasa From Moon Nakshatra Bharani 5 years compressed Maha Dasa Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Dasa Start --25-Jan-2014 25-Apr-2014 28-Sep-2014 10-Jan-2015 Dasa End 25-Jan-2014 25-Apr-2014 28-Sep-2014 10-Jan-2015 13-Oct-2015

Jup Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus

13-Oct-2015 10-Jun-2016 25-Mar-2017 11-Dec-2017 25-Mar-2018

10-Jun-2016 25-Mar-2017 11-Dec-2017 25-Mar-2018 5-Jun-2018

Experience teaches compressed vimshottari dasa from lagnas nakshatra also yields better result. Following is the vimshottari dasa table for the swearing-in chart on the basis of lagna nakshatra Vishakha (ruled by Jupiter).

Vimshottari Dasa From Lagna Nakshatra Vishakha 5 years compressed Maha Dasa Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Dasa Start --23-Jul-2013 6-May-2014 21-Jan-2015 6-May-2015 6-Mar-2016 6-Jun-2016 8-Nov-2016 19-Feb-2017 23-Nov-2017 Dasa End 23-Jul-2013 6-May-2014 21-Jan-2015 6-May-2015 6-Mar-2016 6-Jun-2016 8-Nov-2016 19-Feb-2017 23-Nov-2017 5-May-2018

Readers should wary of the fact that lagna nakshatra is a sensitive point and quickly changes. It should not rely upon unless time of chart erection is precisely accurate. However, this write-up is not solely relied upon vimshottari dasa. Above dasa tables are given for the reference of interested readers.

Sustainability of Government

agna Scorpio and lagna lord Mars are falling into fixed sign. Significator of government and ruler (Sun) has high shadbal score and good ashtakavarga point. Prima facie, this is a good omen for sustainability of government. Lagna

lord Mars is associated with 10th lord Sun in kendra bhava. As a result, premature

termination of government is overruled. Weekday (budhwara) lord Mercury is in 8th house, but in own sign Gemini with two benefics. There are few weakening factors as well, including degree of ascendant at zero degree Scorpio, and Moon in dusthana in the clutches of Rahu-Ketu axis. However, other positive factors ensure that government of Nawaz Sharif will sustain more than 4 years. Lord of lagna Mars is in kendra, but its rashi dispositor (Venus) and navamsa dispositor (Jupiter) is in 8th house from Janma lagna Scorpio. As a whole, this foretells sustainability of government during initial 3 years but vulnerability and weakening then after. Nawaz government will face a sudden blow when transit Saturn reaches at zero degree Scorpio in November 2014. On dasa scheme, Mars-Saturn sub period will be running at that time. Another dent will hit the government when transit Saturn will make opposition aspect with radical Mars in February 2015. It will be beginning of Rahu dasa.

Prime Minister and his Governance


ssociation of 1st and 10th lords shows prime minister deep urge to have a tight grip on rein of power. No other planet cast good or bad aspect upon Sun + Mars combination. It mirrors that prime minister will not share his power

with any other person or institution. He will try to execute in an all-in-all manner. But at the same time, lagna is falling at zero degree of Scorpio. This sandhi position of Scorpio lagna denies desired materialization of government writ on ground. In Jyotish, planets markedly represent people while signs and houses stand for area of life, places and behavior. Here planets (Mars and Sun) are strong but 1st house (Scorpio) is not equally powerful (sandhi and in mrit-avastha). Consequently, prime ministers proclamations and policies will be forceful and uncompromising, but implementation will be frail and

In this swearing-in horoscope, ascendant ruler Mars is slightly combust due to proximity of Sun, but this conjunction lead-to combustion is of separating nature and hence deemed feeble affliction. As a result, Mars should consider considerably free from being combust. Furthermore, Mars is robust, since it is aspecting 10th house (Leo) and its own sign Scorpio (1st house). There is another important factor to note. Sun is chara atmakarka (AK) and Mars is chara putra karaka (PK). There association (AK + PK) in kendra bhava is forming a powerful Raja Yoga.

Government-Military Relationship

n case of Pakistan, this is a frequently asked question, for the history of Pakistani politics has been revolved around seesaw relationship between military and civilian government.

Mars square aspect upon 10th house denotes overbearing and unyielding style of running the prime minister office, and some rash and unpleasing steps as well. Mars involvement with lagna and 10th house reveals restructuring of the Pakistan Army in Nawaz Sharif regime. It should not consider tug-of-war between his office and military top brass, despite that fact Mars is opposite to lagna. Sharifs decisions and policies related to army will not go against his own government (since Mars also own Ascendant Scorpio and Moons sign Aries). Events described in this paragraph may happen in Sun-Mars sub period (5-Feb-2014 to 11-Feb-2014) and Mars-Sun sub period (27-Dec-2014 to 2-Jan-2015). He will have to take significant decisions, every time when Sun makes transit of Leo rashi (mid-August to mid-September of every year). So is the case when Mars makes transit of Leo, Libra and Scorpio rashi. Mars will sojourn in Scorpio longer than usual during summer 2016. This will bring dispute with a neighbouring country, internal insurgency, and conflict with institution of army.

Government-Judiciary Relationship

he 9th house (Cancer), its ruler Moon, and karaka of judiciary Jupiter all three are powerless. There is no good or bad association/aspect of these planets with lagna lord Mars or Sun. Hence, there is no likelihood of conflict

between new government and judiciary. For the afflicted 9th lord Moon, institution of judiciary will lose its significance in the eyes of public. In sum, judiciary and government will remain indifferent and sometime hidden leg-puller to each other (because of 2nd-12th relationship between 1st lord and 9th lord, and between Sun and Jupiter). Here Moon (9th lord) is the only planet that is out of Rahu-Ketu axis. But Moon has no relation except with Saturn and nodes. A judicial scandal or unpopular verdict will bring bad name to the judiciary after 4 to 5 months (around October-November 2013).

Economic Condition of the Country

he 2nd house (Sagittarius) and its ruler Jupiter are quite weak. Saturn and Mars are casting direct aspect on 2nd house, whereas its lord Jupiter is relegated to 8th house from Janma lagna Scorpio and 3rd from Chandra lagna

Aries. It spells scarcity of finances for running state affairs. This condition has turned grave for the association of 2nd + 11th lords with 12th lord (Venus). This is similar to nirdhana yoga (i.e. combination for poverty). Jupiter in vayayamsa (i.e. in Libra navamsa

for Scorpio lagna) is again a bad indication. Limited financial resources and budget deficit will remain a major problem of his regime. The country will experience accumulating debt crises and unsatisfactory tax collections. Feebleness of 2nd house and Jupiter suggests incomplete developing projects and wavering implementation of promised targets. Monetary and fiscal condition of country will improve only partially after June 2014 (when Jupiter transits into Cancer). Lord of 4th house in 12th house and cluster of benefic planets in 8th house denote that government will sell out an important state asset or privatize a big public institution. In mundane chart, potent and benefic 8th house often bestows financial supports from foreign sources, international monetary organization and support from coalition partners. On the other hand, cadent placement of Moon and 4th lord (Saturn) is a fateful omen for agricultural output. Both the planets are associated with Rahu-Ketu that produces excesses of good or bad. Here the involvement of 6th and 12th house indicates losses. During Moon dasa (25-Apr-2014 to 28-Sep-2014) and Saturn dasa (10-Jun-2016 to 25-Mar2017), drought, flood or pesticides may destroy the crops. In contrast to Scorpio lagna, the paka lagna (i.e. the Taurus sign where lagna lord Mars is occupied) is exceptionally strong regarding wealth. Three first class natural benefics are sitting in 2nd and two natural malefics are placed in 6th house from paka lagna Taurus. This planetary disposition causes exponential rise in prime ministers personal assets, and growing wealth of his own family members and cabinet ministers.

The Energy Crises

akistan has been badly suffering from electricity shortage for last few years. For newly elected Nawaz government, resolving energy crises is one of the top priorities.

In mundane chart, 2nd house stands for energy (electricity, water supply, natural gas, petroleum etc.) as a whole. Energy for countrys industry and people is analogous to food for a man. Although, varied energy sources are ascribed to different houses and different

planets; for instance Rahu (or Uranus) stands for electricity, Moon for Water, 4th house for natural resources. In swearing-in chart, significator of electricity Rahu is sitting in 12th house with roga karaka Saturn. It reveals ailing condition of electricity generation, as well as heavy expenditure on rehabilitating this sector. There is a weak trine aspect of Jupiter on Rahu (because of wide gap between their longitudinal degrees). The difference is around 20 degree. Taking 1 degree = 1 month, it makes 20 months from May 2013. Hence electricity problem of the country will partially resolve in first quarter of year 2016. Coincidently, it will be start of Rahu dasa (compressed for 5 years). On account or Rahus placement in 12th house, there are strong chances of importing electricity from other countries.

People in General

ord of 4th house (Saturn) and significator of masses (Moon) are in mutual opposition, and meshed up with Rahu-Ketu axis. Unfortunately, both Saturn and Moon are in cadent houses without association of benefic planets. This is a

terrible signature as far as peoples welfare and wellbeing are concerned. Peoples suffering will not abate let alone getting rid of them. It is almost impossible for the prime minister to give real relief to the masses in 2013 and 2014. Jupiters transit in Cancer and Leo will cause abatement in peoples problems. The latter half of year 2015 will yield foundation stone of some mega development projects.

Troublesome Areas
Two malefics in 7th house is forming ashubha sukha argala on 4th house. Sun represents Easts, Mars points South, and the sign Taurus (in 7th house) also indicates South direction. Province of Balochistan, Gwadar Port, Karachi and Arabian Sea are situated in South of Pakistan. There is strong likelihood of increasing militant activities and bad law-and-order situations in said areas. Whenever, Mars, Rahu, Saturn mutual major and

sub periods operate, separatists and militants will carry out terrorist activities. It also shows governments direct concern on these areas (because Mars itself owns lagna). The tribal areas (also known as FATA) situated on west and north-west of Pakistan has been suffering due to guerrilla war between Pakistan Army and Taliban. In understudied swearing-in horoscope, three natural benefic planets are sitting in Gemini a western direction sign. But Rahu and Saturn are also placed in Libra another western direction sign. Rahu in transit will leave Libra and ingress into Virgo on July 12, 2014. There is a hope that war between Pakistan Army and Taliban forces will come to end after July 2014. However, Rahus ingress into southern direction sign (Virgo) will add fuel to the fire in Balochistan region and Karachi.

The Secret Enemies

aturn with Rahu in 12th house indicates presence of secret enemies. And these enemies are not belonged to military junta. In fact, dethroned and dismissed politicians and rulers will act as secret enemies of the government. By getting

veiled support of foreign forces and media-person, they will keep intriguing against the prime minister office. However, such endeavours will not successful during first 2 years of tenure. These enemies will come into day light only when transit Saturn will make direct opposition with radical Mars (i.e. year 2015-16).

Foreign Relations

n mundane chart, 7th house stands for foreign relations. Here 7th lord Venus scores unsatisfactory shadbala (minimum among all planets). The 7th house is occupied two krura grahas (Sun and Mars) that do not believe in diplomacy and


Sun and Mars in 7th house, 3rd lord Saturn in 12th house, and 9th lord Moon is in 6th house. These all are bad signatures for international affairs. Hopes for normalization of relations with USA, India and Afghanistan will go sour. There is no second opinion that this government will fail to build peaceful relations with neighbouring countries. From the seat of 12th house, Rahu is influencing 3rd lord, 7th lord and 9th lord.