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The Dangers of Nematode Damage

Nut trees infested with nematodes experience reduced growth and yield, according to The University of California. These microscopic pests feed on plants roots, prohibiting the plant from absorbing the nutrients and water out of the ground. With nematode pressure, trees cannot grow and produce at their full potential. Growers cannot see the nematodes, but the damage and gradual reduction in production that occurs with nematode pressure are both hard to miss. Tim Weststeyn, a PCA with Crop Production Services out of Vernalis, California, currently consults on 4,000 to 5,000 acres of tree nuts. Weststeyn is currently treating for high ring nematode pressure in some of the almond crops. Nematodes reduce the vigor of trees by attacking their root systems, making the tree more vulnerable to disease. Damaging diseases such as bacterial canker can be transmitted by nematodes. Weststeyn explained that the disease not only impacts the trees with nematode damage, but it is also highly contagious, posing a threat to previously healthy trees. z tds the type of nematode damage and bacterial canker pressure / Experience with Nematode Management Many growers fumigate at planting to reduce nematode numbers, but Weststeyn explains that the fumigation only lasts for so long. Eventually, the nematode populations return, causing issues in the established crops. tmany post-Dugo, a PCA from the Escalon branch of Mid Valley Ag ServicesI see Movento as being the only solution   Movento from Bayer CropScience is an insecticide that can be applied as a foliar spray after crops are established. It is systemic throughout the plant to provide protection. d-way systemic action allows it to move from the leaves to the roots, where it manages nematode populations. Weststeyn and Dugo are both in their third year of treating established almond trees with Movento for nematode management. dve noticed? New growth and healthier trees. dtd Weststeyn also saw a better yield in the established orchards where he used Movento to treat for high nematode pressure. He explained that although it is too early to tell exactly how much larger the yield will be, he expects an improvement from 900 pounds of almonds last year to around 3,000 pounds this year.

//Dugotthird year and we are seeing a big  Dugo attributes the healthier tree to a stronger root system, which he believes Movento allows the plant to establish. His experience has taught him that stronger roots grow healthier trees, which are more resistant to diseases. Answers for Growers These field observations confirm what we have seen in our research and the research from Dr. Mike McKenry, a nematologist with the University of California - Riverside Department of Nematology explained Kevin Adam, Movento product manager. Research has consistently shown Movento provides a 50 percent reduction in nematode populations for five to six months after application. Additionally, testing in tree nuts has shown that Movento controls aphid and scale pests while suppressing mites and codling moth Nematode damage is often overlooked because foliar symptoms from nematode infestations are not as dramatic as leaf loss due to mite feeding or nut damage from navel orange worm, but the damage can be just as severeAs growers manage their nematode populations, they will see a stronger, larger, healthier crop