DIVISION: Students & Enrolment Management DEPARTMENT: Registrar’s Office DATE CREATED: July 17, 2008 CLASSIFICATION: Level VI DATE REVIEWED: August 27, 2008 _____ Term Certain STATUS: _____ Full-Time __X___ Part-Time FTE 0.50 _____ Casual/Seasonal CUPE

SUMMARY STATEMENT: The Administrative Officer is responsible for entering all general and departmental data into Banner and the Infosilem system required to produce the academic timetable and the final examination schedule for each term. The incumbent will enter data provided by the academic departments and the Scheduling Coordinator, create timetable simulations, generate draft schedules and bring conflicts to the attention of the Scheduling Coordinator as required. The incumbent is expected to work collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders including the Academic and non-Academic departments, Campus Management, the Events booking office and the Registrar’s office. RELATIONSHIPS: Reports to: Subordinate Staff: Other internal contacts: External contacts: Scheduling Coordinator None Chairpersons, Divisional Administration Coordinators (DAC’s), Student Services Assistants, IT Services, Faculty and Registrar. Contracted partners, post secondary institutions.

RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES: 1. Enters data required to build academic timetable a) Enters data from loading sheets for each course submitted by the academic and nonacademic departments into Banner and Infosilem as required to build timetables requested by the Scheduling Coordinator. b) Builds all academic final exam schedules. c) Enters data, according to established procedures and rules, for timetabling and simulation purposes. d) Plans and completes timetable and scheduling activities adhering to established deadlines. e) Informs the Coordinator of scheduling conflicts and any issues noted by the departments. f) Generates reports to provide information as requested by the Coordinator. g) Maintains record and non-record filing systems ensuring FOIPP standards are met including archiving and retrieval of documents.

• Experience with Student Information and Scheduling Systems (ie: Banner and Infosilem) are definite assets. the completion of special assignments. annual major objectives. • Advanced skills in Microsoft Office Suite and reporting tools. REQUIREMENTS/QUALIFICATIONS: Education • A post secondary diploma and two to three years of related experience. the following position competencies are also integral to the position: Position Competencies: • Analytical Skills • Computer Skills • Initiative • Innovation and creativity • Flexibility/Adaptability . e) Responds to email. on an ongoing basis. related to scheduling systems. standard practices.2. Implements scheduling process a) Receives confirmation from Chairs regarding course sections. and shall include: Core Performance Competencies for all employees of Red Deer College (RDC): • • • • • • • Building Rapport Client/Customer Awareness Integrity Interpersonal Relations Listening Skills Organizing/Planning Ability Personal Work Ethic In addition to the Core Competencies identified as being required by all RDC staff. Experience • Experience in a post secondary environment is preferred. including meeting requests. and room requirements from loading sheets submitted b) Works collaboratively with the Scheduling Coordinator to assist in the scheduling of the data to develop the most effective schedules in accordance with the established scheduling rules. voicemail. PERFORMANCE COMPETENCIES AND CRITERIA: Performance criteria shall include achievement of tasks set out in the position description. faculty. d) Completes training. f) Ensures a safe and healthy work environment by complying with college health and safety policies. c) Provides coverage for the Scheduling Coordinator in their absence. and mail on behalf of Coordinator in their absence. and programs in keeping with occupational health & safety legislation and regulations g) Other duties as related to the scheduling process.

• • • • • • • Problem Solving/Decision Making Oral Communication Team Skills Safety Awareness Sensitivity Tact Tolerance of Stress Date:_____________________________ Date: _____________________________ Supervisor: ______________________ Incumbent: _______________________ .