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Sydney Morning Herald

17th of November, 2011

Explain how your study of your focus text shaped your understanding of Belonging. Include discussion of two texts of your own choosing as well as the text you have studied.

Tom is choosing to be a fruit for a vegetable.

Do We Choose to Belong or Does It Choose Us?

Aizhen Chen HSC Student, NSW




play, As You Like It, is a chosen core text from the Department of Education. In the play, Rosalind was banished from the dukedom, Celia said to her, To bear your griefs yourself and leave me out Say what thou canst, Ill go along with thee (i,iii,100-102). clearly This

The word Belonging is often used in the HSC Area of Studies, however what the NSW of


You cannot belong to

anyone else, until you belong to yourself.


Education aiming at is to help student

Celias sisterhood and friendship with

understand belonging to their connection within the people, and the places, larger groups, world.

Rosalind and her choice of attachment to Rosalinds abandoned lifestyle than the desolated life in the splendorous court. My interpretation of the paradox used here is to emphasise that in order to have our own satisfiable identity we need to abandon our undesirable given identity. 1


Personally, I have interpreted belonging as a reflection of our own identity that we construct and adjust for perfection like a masterpiece of architecture.

Sydney Morning Herald In the play, the characters

17th of November, 2011 repeating the pronouns; we (30 times), our (17 times) and you (8 times), King builds a relationship with his audience allowing us to experience the hardship of the Negros and advocate his idea of freedom and unity of all Americans. The audience will then choose a side of argument associate to their ideas.

connection is excluded from the larger world, however Shakespeare explores concept of natural order being disturb which allows his audience in Elizabethan period to relate to the larger world. The resolution of Duke Fredrick overthrowing Duke Seniors dukedom was converted both from his enterprise and from the world, his crown bequeathing to his banished brother.(v,iv,154-155) The

parable tone of this extract conveys the audience to accept a society according to natural order as it will be favourable at the time. Now days, ironically, I can affirm you that this concept of belonging cannot apply to the larger world, where there are the existence of power struggle, seeking of freedom and bias judgments. The speech, I Have A Dream by Martin Luther King Jr. is an example of a died when she was eight years old and positive result of disturbed natural order. ever since she had not given up search her The Negro slaves at the South American in father, but unfortunately she turn that hope 1963 struggle for freedom and right of into belonging to their own nation. The surroundings. In the poem, Plath describe repetition of the key words emphasise his theme throughout the speech. Especially lived like a foot/ for thirty years, poor and 2 her life as, black shoe/ in which I have hatred and rejection of her
Summarized of I Have a Dream, associates the size of the word with its frequency.

In As You Like It, the character Jaques rejects belonging to Duke Seniors community and joined with Duke Fredrick. This type of rejection link with Sylvia Plaths poem, Daddy; the poem itself is an autobiography of her life written 4 month before her suicidal death. Plaths father

Sydney Morning Herald white,/ barely daring to breath or Achoo. The black shoe is a metaphor of her fathers shadow and symbolising death and isolation, foot is used as a simile to stress herself being trapped for thirty years and the use of childish worlds like Achoo suggesting she had not developed from her childhood and created a barrier for herself. Plath chose to reject the society around her and lived in her past which had driven her crazy. The core text, As You Like It as well as my other chosen text; I Have A Dream and Daddy has analysed the connection within the people, places, groups, communities and the larger world. The characters or persona in the texts all had chosen to belonging or rejecting belonging. This can be summarized with Pearl Baileys famous quote; You cannot belong to anyone else, until you belong to yourself. I have learnt in the Area of Studies is in order to belong, you need to belong to yourself and in order to belong to yourself, you need to choose that you do belong. Now, its your time to choose!

17th of November, 2011

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