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CIVIL SUPERVISOR Phone No.: 0569070429 E-mail: adil_akbar_afridi@yahoo.com Professional Synopsis

I strive to work in an environment that exposes me to a wide spectrum of situation that would contribute to enhance my learning under a continuous process. I have good communication skills. I have the ability to do work under high pressure and competitive environment and achieve the organization goals
Academic Qualification Bcs Fsc DAE (Civil) SSc

Professional Qualification/Computer Skills MS Window Diploma in Office Automation Diploma in Hardware from Dot.com Diploma in Basic Computer Auto cad operating

Working Experience Saudi Arabia Company Projects Designation Duration : : : : Suedrohrbau (SRB ) Sub Contractor of Saudi Aramco SHY I, DR2 , RTDB & Monifa Water Supply System. Civil Supervisor March 2009 to up to date


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Job Profile Monitoring and arrangement of Manpower. Preparation Plan for construction, as per IFC drawing. Installation of HLF Foundation inside plant, and backfilling as per Aramco Stander A-114. Installation of STR foundation, SLF Foundation, Jeeb Crane Foundation and scarper Trap Foundation. Preparation of complete Manifold and Valve Pad at mentioned KM Station Installation of Pipe support foundation and scraper @ receiver foundation. Installation of Full Thrust Anchor . Casting and pre casting foundation inside plant or outside plant. Preparation of slope inside trap area. Preparation of Trenching and excavation for pipe luring. Arrangement of concrete and equipment for casting foundation in workshop. Excavation for full Thrust Anchor and installation of rebars as per IFC drawing. Backfilling of Pipes lines as per Aramco Standard. Familiar of Aramco Standard for Civil Activities, Q-001,Q-006,Q-005 Q-007 A-114,09-SAMSS-097. RTR Piping and installation of Drain System of Plant. Preparation of trench for RTR line. Installation of Gravity line. Installation of eye washer. Installation of Fire Monitor on RTR line. Installation of Hose Reel inside plant and scraper trap area. Fencing of plant and installation of lighting pole inside plant and outside plant. Preparation of Pad for KP and Installation of pipe support foundation. Installation of foundation for Electric Panel and shed. Installation of foundation of electrical transformer. Monitoring overall activities of civil. Preparation of flayer pit and sump pit. Preparation of pad and ROW. Organized plan, direct, advice and managed site staff, Allocate Resources to specific aspects of project. Coordinated tracking and control of project related resources and materials. PTO Page 2

Actively initiate the schedule, plan the required resources, set Quality and safety plans and enforced of the same, perform follow up, analysis and monitoring activities. Prepare interim/completion project progress reports. Quality control, project estimates, and Interim payment invoice. Liaised with sub-contractors, consultant and Clients.

Duties and Responsibilities

Check and verified, revised drawings for notes, school buildings for roads, schools buildings, Hospitals buildings structures, drainage and erosion control structures. Estimate and supervises construction of buildings. Supervised the construction of drainage system, road concreting, graveling. Supervised the frame work, concreting, curing, rebar, site cutting, cladding landscaping, grass planting. Manpower scheduling, organizing & controlling. Done foundation for vessels, pipe racks, sleepers, and anchor blocks. Prepare weekly accomplishment report and monthly accomplishment report. Monitor the daily operation and production and ensured that the target accomplishment is being properly carried out. Ensure proper and safety construction method (Equipment and manpower) Checked and verified scope of work to be done. Acquired familiarity of the conditions of the contracts, plans and specifications, bill of quantities &materials and other relevant documents with regards to the contractors. Monitor the equipment and manpower to use daily. Evaluated and checked the plans and specifications. Including program of work for the proposed project. Closely monitored the daily operation and production and ensured that the target accomplishments re being properly carried out. Evaluated and checked the plans and specification including program of works for the proposed project. Estimated the bill of materials and labor for the proposed project.
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Prepared the daily report and determined the actual cost on every time of works done in the field. Checked and verified, revised drawings for roads and bridges, school building. minor structures, and erosion control structures. Checked and verified of each contractor to oversee the timely and scheduled flow of supplies of appropriate construction equipment and manpower distributors. Responsible for the overall monitoring of the construction progress and reports to the district engineer when any critical path has been delayed and recommended actions required to ensure that the construction progress is maintained.
WORKING IN PAKISTAN Company Project Designation Period : : : : Descon Engineering Lahore Pakistan DEW (Descon Engineering Thonsa ) QC Civil Inspector Feb 2008 to Aug 2008

Attends and Conducts pre-bid and pre-construction conferences to discuss principal construction features and requirements in terms of methods and equipment. Construction Manager representatives at pre-construction conferences and in charge of conference meeting. Conduct and hold status meetings set-up either on a spur of the moment, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis as well as any emergency type meetings to keep project Observes and investigates construction at all stages for compliance with plans and specifications interprets plans and specifications and confers with contractor to resolve differences. Supervision /inspection of all civil construction activities such as Excavation, Back filling ,compaction ,and testing to ensure that the construction are properly implemented as per plan And in accordance with approved drawings Quality control plan, inspection and test plan and method statements relevant for the project. Evaluates the acceptability of workmanship and technical requirements. Prepares and accepts Inspection reports of work performed under the contract.


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Personal Details:

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Adil Akbar Gul Akbar 15/1/1985 Muslim Pakistani Single


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