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SimTech Certified RF Engineer ( SCRFE )

TRAINING [ Certified Trainings for Individuals ] SCRFE ( SimTech Certified RF Engineer ) Course Code : SC09A1 Training Overview: This training program is designed to give comprehensive overview of Communication system, GSM system & CDMA system to the candidates. On the later modules, program is slightly entering into the practical approach of Telecommunication industry with giving the brief ideas of telecom terminologies . The course discusses the differences between various access technologies and standards, including TDMA, IS-95 based CDMA, GSM architecture, air interface standards, BTS installation procedure and discusses the wireless broadband networks with their applications and standards, wireless technology development from 2G to 3G like IMT-2000, WCDMA, EVDO & EVDV and an overview to 4G. After completition of Module 4, candidates will fimiliarize with various RF Segment such as RF survey, Civil work, Installation and Commissioning, Drive Test techniques etc. Telecom management solutions and the grooming sessions of the training program, enhances the capability of the candidates for getting easy approach for management level. The course ends with the 2 days practical site exposure so that candidates will get live on-site working experience. Time Duration: 2.5 Months

Instructional Methods Interactive lecture sessions by experienced faculties and Telecom industry experts. All participants will receive comprehensive course materials specially prepared by SimTech and Telecom industry experts. Students will be taken to SimTech live on-site practical program. Entry Eligiblity B.Tech (E&C, Electronics, Computer Science, IT, Electical) B.E (E&C, Electronics, Computer Science, IT, Electical) Diploma (E&C, Electronics, Computer Science, IT, Electical) Course Content M01 - Communication Basics History of communication - generations of communication - modulation Techniques, Multiplexing process Multiple Access method, Wireless system architecture, RF propogation, Routers, switches, amplifiers, repeaters, data communication in wireless network, LAN,MAN,WAN and other network topologies, OSI model, upper layer protocol, Satellite communication, ip packet switching, IPv4 , IPv6. M02 - GSM System What is GSM, Evolution of GSM, Fundamentals of GSM, GSM Architecture, GSM specification, GSM subscriber services, GSM signalling, Understanding GSM channels, Call flow in GSM system, Radio interface, Example of GSM system in todays world, advantages of GSM, GSM Technical specification, GSM traffic management, GSM transmission, Network planning, GSM 900/1800/1900, GSM Key functions. M03 - CDMA System What is CDMA, Evolution of CDMA, spread spectrum techniques, CDMA codes, CDMA system architecture, CDMA channels, CDMA phone architecture, call processing, CDMA power control, CDMA standards (IS-95,CDMA-2000 etc.), Critical CDMA issues and solutions, Example of CDMA system in

todays world, Difference between CDMA and GSM, PN sequences, Synchronization, capacity of a CDMA system. M04 - Telecom Technologies EV-DO, wimax, wifi, bluetooth, infrared, GPRS, EDGE, IBS, EV-DV, wap, internet, UMTS, CDMA 2000, WLAN, V5 interface, IMT 2000, WCDMA . M05 - Infrastructural equipments and materials Cables ( Co-axial , CAT, RG, RJ, RF Feeder, RF Jumper, Earthing, Electrical cables) Optical Fibers, (Fiber optic Theory, Optical Sources and Detectors, Cable Types and Applications, Cable handling and installation techniques, Splicer, closure, OTDR, Fibre optic splicing and termination, Plant testing using OTDR, Mechanical and fusion splicing) Antennas, Microwave, GPS machine, VSWR, Power meter, Drive test kit (TEMS & Agilent), Remote maintenance Tool, Krone Tool, Krone panel, DDF rack, Battery Bank, IDU/DDU, SMPS, ACDB, Switching centre, Compass, Binoculars, Lugs, Types of tool, Used for installation, Safety belts, Other telecom termologies. M06 - Complete RF Section RF planning , Survey ( Civil, RF, LOS, quality), Optimization, Civil, Earthing, Tower foundation, Electrical, Installation, Commissioning, Integration, VSWR, Drive Test Techniques, O & M or Switch . M07 - Telecom Management Solution Telecom Network Analysis and design, Telecom Management Solutions, Quality of Service, Telecom Investment Analysis, Paper Formalities, Making site layouts and proposals. Personality Grooming Session (Every Friday) Aptitude Test, Technical Test, Group Discussion, Interviews