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DD Basu Commentary on the Constitution of India, 8/e

Treatise on comparative constitutional jurisprudence Key Highlights
Covers all important decisions of the Supreme Court and the High Courts Includes comprehensive and lucid explanation of complex issues Makes a critical and comparative analysis of the provisions of Indian Constitution Systematically analyses the relevance of English legal concepts Detailed synopses for easy navigation and reference is provided along with a comprehensive subject index

978-81-8038-704-3 | ` 1,995/- | 8th Edition 2011 | Vol. 9 | Hardcover

Volume 9 includes extensive analysis of a wide range of topics including: Services under the Union and the States Constitution and functions of Public Service Commissions for the Union and the States Establishment of Administrative Tribunals

A comparative treatise on the universal principles of Justice and Constitutional Government with special reference to the organic instrument of India

Standard reference for

Legal Professionals, Constitutional Law Experts, Officials of Central and State Government Law Departments, Judiciary, Academicians, Administrators, Libraries of all higher courts, The Parliamentary Library, State Government Secretariat Libraries, Law Universities, Political Science Departments, National and State Judicial Training Academies

Elections to Parliament, State Legislatures and to the offices of President and Vice President Special provisions relating to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Official language of the Union and States Emergency provisions

About the Author

The late Acharya Durga Das Basu was among the worlds most highly regarded legal scholars. In India, his name is said to be synonymous with the Constitution of the country.

About the Book

The commentary was first published within nine months of the commencement of the Constitution in 1950. A pioneering work on the Indian Constitution, the series is not merely a digest of cases. It is the first authoritative work on the Constitution of India that adopted an interdisciplinary approach, examining this great document from the philosophical, sociological, political as well as legal perspectives. D D Basus Commentary on the Constitution of India is the first Indian work on the Constitutional law to be studied from one end of the world to the other, including countries that do not belong to the Anglo-American jurisprudential tradition.

About the Revising Editor

Honble Mr. Justice S S Subramani is a former Judge of the Madras High Court and ex-Vice Chairman of the Central Administrative Tribunal, Madras.

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D D Basus Commentary on the Constitution of India, 8/e
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Releasing June12

Vol.10 of DD Basu Commentary on the Constitution of India, 8/e

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