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Alexandru I.

Drumul Taberei Street, 94, Apartment Building 519, Apartment 103, Bucharest E-Mail: hornea_alexandru@yahoo.com; Mobile Phone: (+40)726.751.383

Dynamic and persuasive, creative, with excellent integration skills and a passion for comprehensive execution. Proven stamina and decisiveness in crisis situations; Highly focused on numbers and stocks, with a firm grip on item inventory, a skill I perfected during two of my former positions implying full responsibility on inventory management; Highly aware of factors such as client specifications, market requirements, competition influences; I developed a client oriented approach during difficult situations and focused on results, to obtain the needed parameters overcoming difficulties; Interrogative individual with the capacity to scrutinize relevant parameters; I always keep my eye on details while evaluating the big picture so I can confirm that Im always on top of things; Market research experience, doubled by engineering research enhanced my qualities as an employee with a multidisciplinary overview and approach, methodical manner of finalizing objectives; Marketing and engineering research experience; Willingness to travel or relocate.

Prove, apply and develop the comprehensive engineering capabilities coupled with complex management skills acquired during the diverse professional experience towards obtaining significant, measurable and flawless results to suit the common objectives.

December 2013 present
Project Manager Ipsos Interactive Services Bucharest Responsibilities: General Project overview & brief (technical and timeline specifications) with deciding take on project strategy Full client communication responsibilities throughout the study, while observing KPI objectives focus. Interdepartmental specific resource availabilities feasibility check and communication Projects specifications establishing for Programming and Data Processing departments Responsibility of sample distribution and validations Validate and approve research tool output Launching validations and approvals Financial evaluation, revisions and negotiations, persuasive communication to this end Validate final deliveries against input requirements

April 2011 December 2012

January 2011 January 2012

February 2008 August 2010

August 2007February 2008

Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania Research engineer Responsibilities: Prepare test samples; Perform dielectric spectroscopy on the tested samples (before and after water treeing). Achievement: I designed and fabricated a fitting device used to align the upper and lower electrode placed over and under the sample. This device shortened the test sample cell assembly time to a quarter of the initial time; Start and monitor water tree developing test. Achievement: I designed and fabricated a dedicated signal amplifier that can withstand specific working conditions imposed by the test and testing installation; Measure water tree dimensions. Achievement: I created a specific virtual tool that downscales the measured dimensions to real dimensions, calculates water tree volumes and dielectric strength of the tested material; Determine Dielectric Strength of the tested material using electric breakdown method. Achievement: I designed and fabricated a specialized electric breakdown cell that can carry out the test, avoiding flashover phenomena, on thin plaque samples; Analyze and interpret obtained results that characterize the tested material in order to provide relevant and comprehensive feedback to the client. Computer Generated Solutions Inc., Bucharest, Romania Customer Care Agent in Activation Error Queue department of Sprint Telecom America Responsibilities: Identify process failure, proceed with specific reparatory actions and contact the client if lack of key information is identified as the source of the issue. Receive inbound calls from connective departments or directly from the customer, identify and solve the problem that pointed out by the customer. Achievement: obtained excellent reviews for a majority of calls. City Promotions, Bucharest, Romania Subcontracted in Marketing and Sales department, in a Consumer Engagement Team Leader position with Philip Morris. Responsibilities: Select & recruit, teach & train, coach & lead a consumer engagement team. Monitor results and set an optimum efficiency curse of actions for lead consumer engagement team. Achievement: Manage a team of 3 to 10 people depending on the project specificity; Keep track of premiums inventory used in the teams day to day activity; Establish and successfully maintain business partnerships between Philip Morris and contracted service providers in the HoReCa business channel; Execute periodical performance evaluation of all team members, reward good performance or take corrective actions if necessary; Create weekly Highlights feedback report; Manage assigned area; Competition survey (field work and statistic analysis). Wrote weekly dedicated column in Highlights report about our main competitors to emphasize on the latest marketing activities undertaken and branding materials used in the market. Other achievements: Created a new mobile stock management system. Result: This system was adopted by teams covering the entire Bucharest area. Brown Forman, Bucharest, Romania Subcontracted in Marketing and Sales department, filling in Events Team Leader position. Teach & train, coach & lead a consumer engagement team.

Responsibilities: Ensuring consumer engagement team presence at events where Brown Forman co-sponsored; Coordinating branding materials placement. Achievements: Acquiring necessary skills and comprehensive exposure, facilitating the development to a successful, well liked and result achieving team leader; Personal development of communication skills, persuasion, leadership behavior, solving problems in crisis situations.

2000 2004 Graduated 2004 2005 Dropped out 2005 2010 Graduated 2010 2012 Graduated Technical College "Gheorghe Airinei" Bucharest, Romania Specialization: Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications Naval Academy "Mircea cel Batran, Constanta, Romania Specialization: Naval Electrical Engineering Polytechnic University of Bucharest Bucharest, Romania Faculty: Electrical Engineering; Specialization: Power Electronics and Electric Drives Degree: Engineering Degree Polytechnic University of Bucharest Bucharest, Romania Faculty: Electrical Engineering; Specialization: Electrical Engineering Products; Degree: Master Degree

Team leader workshop; Consumer interaction training; Supervisory skills training; Indirect persuasive communication and successful objection handling training.

Published works
AC Breakdown Strength and Dielectric Response of Water-treed Low Density Polyethylene The 8th International Symposium on Advanced Topics In Electrical Engineering May 23-25, 2013 Bucharest, Romania


Skills and Abilities Negotiation skills, results oriented, highly self-motivated and proactive, positive cando attitude, sociable, adaptable, trustworthy and reliable, strong and ethical leadership, open minded, ability to handle numbers, investigate, analytical, strategic thinker, attention to details, team player. Knowledge: IT (hardware and software), Technical (Electrical, Mechanical); General and Research Marketing; MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point); Microcal Origin.


Romanian Native English Advanced / Advanced French Beginner

Scientific Communication Sessions 2011. Third place. Water treeing influence on the dielectric behavior of polyethylene samples

Scientific Communication Sessions 2012, First place. Analysis on water tree degradation of polyethylene compounds samples, using dielectric spectroscopy and electric breakdown tests

Age: 28 years old; Nationality: Romanian; Drivers License: B, Military service: Completed; Hobbies: DIY, Hiking, Sports, Literature, Music.

Catalin Secosan, AEQ Manager, CGS Mobile: (+40) 730 019 542 Razvan Mihai, PM Manager, Ipsos Interactive Services Mobile: (+40) 743 048 434