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Scan and Data Drivers

Complete Solutions for Plasma Display Panel Applications

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ICs for Plasma Display Panels

STMicroelectronics has been providing ICs for Plasma Display Panel (PDP) applications since 1995. Responding well to the main PDP requirements, these low power and latch-up free devices use ST's proprietary BCD technology. The complete range of solutions that STMicroelectronics can offer its partners in PDP applications includes: Customized COF solutions Data ICs Scan ICs Power saving ICs

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Our scan drivers, data drivers and application specific data power switches were all designed with today's high priority features in mind, namely: High current handling Low power consumption Small die size Low cost

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Scan drivers
STV7697A STV7617D
Since STMicroelectronics introduced its first scan IC in 1995, it has worked continuously in close collaboration with its customers to develop low-cost ICs incorporating the highest levels of technology. ST's scan drivers feature a separate power supply output and 5V logic supply. All command inputs are CMOS compatible. Packaged in a 100-pin QFP, the scan drivers can be supplied with or without an integrated heatsink. The scan ICs can also be delivered in die form according to customer demand.

Data power switch

STMicroelectronics' data power switch has a high load drive capability which typically reduces the number of devices required to drive a PDP (4 to 6 devices for a 42" VGA 16/9 PDP monitor). The number of external components is also limited by the integration of level shifters that are driven by 5V CMOS compatible signals. We have increased the system durability by incorporating measures such as output over-voltage, over-temperature and power-ON protection.

Data drivers
Our data driver ICs are high speed, low power devices designed to drive the column electrodes of a PDP. They are available in package, die or COF form, the latter of which can be customized.

ST7618ST1 STV7618

The ST7618ST1 data driver module includes four STV7618 data driver ICs. Using a 6-bit wide data bus, it controls 4x96 high current and high voltage outputs. The data drivers incorporate a separate 70V power supply output and a 5V logic supply. All command inputs are CMOS and 3.3V logic level compatible. The module structure is designed in close collaboration with customers to find the best solution to match both the technical and cost specifications of their application. ST will be introducing a "low EMI" version of the STV7618, which will address both cost and ease of application issues.

ST drivers for PDP applications

Scan Drivers Product code Plasma Display Driver Source/Sink output MOS High impedance control Data bus architecture STV7617 (1) 64 Outputs Absolute maximum supply 100V Source/Sink output diodes 700mA Yes 1x64 bit Cascadable Operating frequency Logic control level 5V CMOS STV7697A (2) 64 Outputs 170V 700mA No 1x64 bit Cascadable 5V CMOS 96 Outputs 96 Outputs 96 Outputs 130V Yes 6 x 16 bit 100V 60/50mA No 6 x 16 bit 3 x 32 bit 20MHz 5V CMOS 20MHz 5V CMOS 90V 35/35mA No 6 x 16 bit or 3 x 32 bit N.A. 40MHz 40MHz 3.3/5V CMOS 40MHz STV7699 Data Drivers STV7610A STV7618 STV7620 Low EMI 96 Outputs 90V 35/35mA High No 6 x 16 bit or Data Drivers Module ST7618MST1 4xSTV7618 Data Driver ICs 90V 40/30mA 50/50mA No 6 x 16 bit

100/700mA 100/400mA 40/40mA

Cascadable Cascadable Not cascadable Cascadable

3.3/5V CMOS 3.3/5V CMOS

(1) TQFP package Slug (Up/down) available with this package (2) PQFP100 package available in Die for power module assembly Data Power Switch Product code Product family Load drive capability Sink/Source current Control function STV7801SP Low power voltage pulse generator High load drive capability (25nF) High current capability (7A) Built-in timing control, thermal protection

Absolute maximum supply 100V

ST complete solution inside the PDP modules

Control electronics Video processing D.P.S. Video processing

Data Drivers

Power electronics Scan Drivers High voltage power supply Plasma Display Panel

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