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Scanlan House

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West 7 Community Center History Tours Dave Bredemus, Tour Guide

Dear Friends,
We are so excited that you made the transition with us to the West 7th Community Center! You are very good travelers! The staff people are eager to support the tours, so they have changed the phone system for registration to make things go even smoother. Please note the new phone number 651-2985493. Also, Id like you to know about two people in particular at the Community Center who are important contacts for the tours and can be reached at 651-298-5493: Grace Heinrich accounting (credit cards, checks, money questions) Marilee Blake mailing list (change of address, new additions/deletions to list) Thanks to both of them and all others on the West 7th staff! Dave Bredemus


Registration begins at 9:00 AM Saturday, August 10, 2013 Call 651-298-5493

Phone registration only. Continues
until tours are full. Fee always includes admissions, deluxe motorcoach, lodging, all guides and historical narration. Food and beverages are included as specified in the description. Payment: Visa, Discover, or Mastercard. If paying by check, make payable to: West 7th Community Center, and mail to: West 7th Community Center Tours 265 Oneida Street Saint Paul, MN 55102 Pick-up sites for most tours are: Shoreview Hampton Inn (overnight parking) 1000 Gramsie Road, Shoreview or West 7th Community Center 265 Oneida Street, Saint Paul

Cancellation Policy for Overnight Tours: Must give notice of 30 or more business days before departure for a refund less any nonrecoverable costs (tickets, hotels, meals, air).

Germans and Corn Dogs - 1

Wednesday, September 11
Travel into Iowa on a late summer day to experience two very unique attractions near our Minnesota border. We will tour the worlds greatest county fair the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa, which is in its 94th year. This fair has been visited by former Presidents and presidential candidates George Bush, John Kerry, and Al Gore, as well as entertainers Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, and many more celebrities. It is unique in that it has seven full-menu restaurants plus many food booths. We will see cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, llamas, dogs, rabbits, and poultry. Horse shows, hundreds of unique vendors and exhibits, antique cars, the largest farm machinery display in the U.S., chainsaw artists, and many hands-on activities will make this visit a fun day. Well have a trolley tour of the fairgrounds so we can enjoy the uniqueness of this fair. The other major site on this tour is the Camp Algona POW Museum in Algona, Iowa. During World War II, Algona was the site of a POW camp, home to a total of 10,000 German prisoners. This camp has displays that will help us understand the treatment of German POWs during the war. Well see a Nativity scene created by the POWs at that time.

Fee: $94

Pick-up times and sites: 7:00 a.m. Shoreview Hampton Inn 7:30 a.m. West 7th Community Center Return at 9:00 p.m. Cost includes a bakery stop and light dinner.

Guide: Dave Bredemus

Saints and Suds - 2

Thursday, September 26
Spend the day exploring saintly locations and people while sampling different foods, especially beer (thats a food, right?). Visit a unique Wisconsin cheese store that specializes in Colby cheese, a special bakery in rural Wisconsin, plus a brewhouse where well sample different types of beer. Well stop at a Mennonite market for a brief presentation on the Mennonite religion and a chance to purchase a wide variety of bulk foods. We will also tour two churches and a special religious grotto. This grotto in Rudolph, Wisconsin, is modeled after the Lourdes shrine in France. It is in a beautiful area of trees, flowers, and rock surroundings. The Wonder Cave is a catacomb-like passage through the grotto which features 26 shrines. While at the grotto, well visit St. Judys Chapel and have time to go into the gift shop. Another church we will visit will be St. John the Baptist Church, a 175-year-old church with steeples that tower over Marshfield, Wisconsin. In Marshfield, well also tour historic neighborhoods and see properties that are listed on the Wisconsin Historic Register. In Neillsville, we will visit the Midwest and Wisconsins most impressive veterans park to honor the saints who fought for this country. This memorial provides one of the most spectacular natural views in Wisconsin. Traveling home well follow the Yellowstone Trail, a 1919 early road in America that went from Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound, via Yellowstone Park in Wyoming.

Rudolph Grotto Gardens

Fee: $89

Pick-up Times and Sites: 7:30 a.m. Shoreview Hampton Inn 8:00 a.m. West 7th Community Center Return at 9:00 p.m. Cost includes lunch and bakery stop, church donations

Guide: Dave Bredemus

Farm Day in Lake Wobegon Country - 3

Tuesday, September 17
Travel to Stearns County which many people consider the most productive farmland in Minnesota -- a land of rolling hills, scenic lakes, and woodlands of deciduous trees. Hear stories of early pioneers life and what they struggled with to make this such a productive land. Today Stearns County is predominantly agricultural with small and medium-size farms. Many of these farms have stayed in the families of the original owners. We will visit two of these century farms. Here the corn is strong and the soybeans are above average. A local resident from this area will join us for the day as we visit a feedmill, a turkey farm, a working dairy farm and milking parlor, two century-old farmsteads, and a meat-processing farm.

Fee: $79

Pick-up Times and Sites: 8:00 a.m. West 7th Community Center 8:30 a.m. Shoreview Hampton Inn Return at 6:30 p.m. Cost includes lunch and bakery stop.

Guide: Dave Bredemus

Heartland of America: A Mystery Tour - 4

September 30 - October 5
Leaving Minnesota, we head to a land where we have rarely ventured on our tours. Visit a state capital that is no more, where the greatest of the great served our country. Visit the home of two Presidents and three homes of presidential candidates. Learn about Clem Kadiddlehoppers home town. See an 1836 cathedral and oldest library in one of the states we are visiting. Surround yourself with sights and smells of the American Revolution. Visit the town and factory that Frank Lloyd Wright and Mr. Tiffany loved. Visit a spot immortalized by the Beach Boys. Visit the pig capital of America in the 19th Century where Old Saint Marys Church is still having services in German on the Rhine. See a park that created an American legend. Visit the home of an individual that is considered the greatest American speaker who ran for president but was not successful. Travel across one of the oldest bridges in America. Visit The Save of the Century, a place that is in the running for the eighth wonder of the world. See a famous milk bar located on the route of the train The City of New Orleans, and stay in a world-class hotel. Tour a Frank Lloyd Wright home that is considered his most complete work. Travel on one of the oldest roads in the United States and a river town that Charles Kuralt calls one of the most beautiful in America . See where St. Pauls steamboats originated, and experience French Creole architecture. See the best preserved town in the Midwest with 133 buildings on the National Register of Historic Sites. Travel along picturesque hills and valleys on one of Americas greatest rivers. Stay in a historic state park hotel and visit the site that caught the worlds attention on August 17, 1944 . Learn about a Republican who supported FDR and was an early civil rights leader. Does anyone know where were going for six days on this mystery trip? Only two people could figure out where we were going last year. Join us on this years adventure.

Fee*: Double Occupancy Single Occupancy

Pick-up Times and Sites: $895 7:00 a.m. Shoreview Hampton Inn $1095 7:30 a.m. West 7th Community Center Return at 9:00 p.m. *Total fee is due 2 weeks after registration. Cost includes 3 breakfasts, 1 bakery stop, 1 lunch, and 3 dinners.

Guide: Dave Bredemus

Crocus Hill Walking Tour - 5

Monday, October 7
Walk down the streets of one of St. Pauls most historic and premier neighborhoods that is rarely visited Crocus Hill. Well see blocks of late 19th-Century homes located in the Historic Hill District. This is a neighborhood that has always been made up of movers and shakers in the city. Learn about the architecture of their homes and the stories of their lives. Youll be surprised by the importance of this neighborhood to St. Pauls history. It has continued t o produce some of our greatest leaders in St. Paul and Minnesota. Theres more to St. Pauls elite than Summit Avenue. Our guide will be House Detective and St. Paul Historian Jim Sazevich.

Fee: $28

Meeting Time and Site (no bus) 1:00 p.m. at Linwood Recreation Center, 860 St. Clair Avenue in St. Paul Return at 4:00 p.m.

Guides: Jim Sazevich Dave Bredemus

Fall Color by River Cruise and Coach Bus - 6

Thursday, October 10
On this tour we will take you to locations in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area that have the best of fall color. Many of these places will be hidden and lost treasures of natural beauty, including bluffs and natural overlooks. We will view these special locations by both boat and bus. Our boat will be the Magnolia Blossom which will travel down the Mississippi River, past historic Fort Snelling and up the Minnesota River, where we will enjoy a lunch on board. The rest of the day will be spent traveling by coach bus to see some of the most dramatic color and interesting trees the Twin Cities area has to offer. This trip will also give us the opportunity to possibly see some migrating birds as we will be going by wildlife preserves and lakes on our boat ride.

Fee: $82

Pick-up Times and Sites: 9:30 a.m. Shoreview Hampton Inn 10:00 a.m. West 7th Community Center Return at 4:30 p.m.

Guide: Dave Bredemus

Cost includes boat ride, lunch

Trick or Chocolate: A Halloween History Tour - 7

Tuesday, October 29
This will be a haunted tour of our saintly city to hear stories of murder, mayhem, ghosts, and unexplained activity. Between stories of famous and infamous people in St. Paul who had strange occurrences in their lives we will stop at different local chocolatiers to treat ourselves to their specialties. Also, participants will have ample time to shop and purchase additional treats. So join us for a little bit of history, conjecture, facts, and story-telling. See historic buildings, theaters, and other sites that are believed to be haunted.

Fee: $68

Pick-up Times and Sites: 9:30 a.m. Shoreview Hampton Inn 10:00 a.m. West 7th Community Center Return at approximately 4:00 p.m.

Guides: Jim Sazevich Dave Bredemus

Cost includes chocolate treats.

Progressive Dinner - 8
Tuesday, November 12
Eat the day away at some of the best but not elegant restaurants in the Twin Cities. We will progress from stop to stop for hors doeuvres, salad, dinner, and dessert. Dining at any one of the restaurants on our tour will offer you a taste of both a foreign cuisine and a different culture. All our stops will be new, so sign up for this annual fall event.

Fee: $85

Pick-up times and sites: 1:30 p.m. Shoreview Hampton Inn 2 p.m. West 7th Community Center Return at 6:00 p.m.

Guide: Dave Bredemus

Cost includes all food.

Tundra Swans and Winona - 9

Thursday, November 14
Formerly known as whistling swans, hundreds of tundra swans are regular visitors to the Winona area. Our tour will visit Weaver Bottoms and the Brownsville Minnesota Wildlife Preserve for the spectacular sights and sounds of the tundra swan. Naturalists will be on board our bus to answer questions and provide information about the tundra swans and the Mississippi River wildlife area. Bring a pair of binoculars if you have them. We will supply some binoculars, spotting scopes, and bird guides for our birding experience. In Winona we will tour the city and focus on historic sites. One highlight will be a visit to a historic 1924 bakery, voted best donut shop in Minnesota by WCCO TV. The final stop on the trip will be in La Crescent, Minnesota, at Webbers Apples, considered the best apples in Minnesota, to sample and purchase a variety of apples.

Fee: $85

Pick-up Times and Sites: 7:00 a.m. Shoreview Hampton Inn 7:30 a.m. West 7th Community Center Return at 8:00 p.m. Cost includes bakery stop and dinner.

Guide: Dave Bredemus

Lanesboros Historic Inns and the Kahler Hotel - 10

Sunday, December 8
Visit Lanesboro when its quaint downtown will be decorated for the holidays and local businesses will feature special promotions. During this festive visit we will tour six bed-and-breakfast inns decorated for the holidays. Yummy treats or snacks will be provided at each one of the homes. Some of the inns that are included are the Habberstadt Inn, Fillmore Inn, Scanlan Inn and three more homes we will tour. Before visiting Lanesboro we will travel to the historic Kahler Hotel in Rochester. At the Kahler, well enjoy a delicious brunch and learn about the history of this famous hotel.


Fee: $96

Pick-up Times and Sites: 8:45 a.m. Shoreview Hampton Inn 9:00 a.m. West 7th Community Center Return at approximately 8:00 p.m. Cost includes brunch at the hotel and snacks at inns.

Guide: Dave Bredemus

Christmas Cookie and Bakery Tour - 11

Tuesday, December 17
Visit some of the newest and most traditional bakeries in the Twin Cities and have a chance to sample unusual breads, rolls, and Christmas cookies. We will visit some ethnic bakeries that have unique holiday traditions, and learn about the neighborhoods that they are located in. Enjoy stories of ethnic holiday traditions en route. So if you need some extra cookies or pastries for your holiday visitors, this trip is for you!

Fee: $48

Pick-up Times and Sites: 10:00 a.m. Shoreview Hampton Inn 10:30 a.m. West 7th Community Center Return at 4:30 p.m.

Guide: Dave Bredemus

Cost includes bakery samples.

2014: The Treasures of Minnesotas North Shore and Gunflint Trail - 12

4 days in June 2014, to be determined Now taking reservations
This tour combines education and spectacular scenery. Take a ride along the cliffs and through the forests of Kitchigami country. Witness the beauty, splendor, and wonders of Lake Superiors magnificent North Shore. Walk along the paths once traversed by Indians and French voyageurs. See scores of lovely waterfalls and state parks, including Minnesotas highest and most spectacular falls, the Pigeon River Falls. Visit Grand Portage National Monument and see authentically reconstructed 18th Century fur-trading post. A few of the sites well see include Naniboujou Lodge, Superior National Forest, Gunflint Lodge (where well have lunch), the Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center, Silver Creek Bluff, Finnish homesteads and historic museum, North Country Folk Museum and school, northwoods art galleries, Justine Kerfoots original cabin, Two Harbors, Grand Portage Indian Reservation, and more. In Grand Marais, well stop at Betsy Bowen Art Studio and take a walk on the famous Artists Point.

Fee*: (Estimated) Double Occupancy Single Occupancy

Pick-up Times and Sites: $625 To be determined $750

Guide: Dave Bredemus

*Deposit of $200 is due upon registration. Balance will be due May 1. Cost includes 2 bakery stops, 3 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners

Other tours in the works for 2014:

Chicago: bus to Chicago and take Amtrak back, arriving at new St. Paul Union Depot Black Hills Newport, Rhode Island Mansions and Historic Homes of the East Coast

Details and dates will be in the next brochure. Watch for it!

265 Oneida Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102

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