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Family Nursing Care Plan

-Dagasdas FamilyIntervention Plan Health Problem Family Nursing Problem Goal of Care Objectives of Care Nursing Interventions Method of NurseFamily Contact Resources Required

Presence of Breeding Sites of Vectors of Diseases and Pets that could cause diseases

Inability to provide a home environment conducive to health maintenance and personal development due to: 1. Ignorance of the importance of hygiene and sanitation 2. Inadequate knowledge regarding the condition

After nursing intervention the family will be able: 1. To eradicate the presence of these unwanted sites of vectors causing diseases and therefore will maintain a home environment conducive to health. 2. Impart knowledge to the family regarding the danger cause of Rabies

After nursing intervention the family will: a. be aware and be more knowledgeable about the importance of proper sanitation especially at their surroundings; b. be able to eliminate the presence of these 1. breeding sites of vectors c. recognize the causes of breeding sites such as to prevent the occurence of diseases. d. For the family to be cautious on the 4.e hazards of animals with rabies.

1. Discuss the importance and purposes of proper sanitation 2. Cite the causes and effects of the prevalence of these unwanted pests around the home like dogs amd cats. 3. Suggest alternatives/methods that would eliminate the breeding sites of vectors. 4. Explain to the family the danger of animals with rabies 5. Provide them samples of the affect of rabies that may acquire from infected animals. 6. Provide health teaching about the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation

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- Material Resources: Visual Aids, materials and low-cost supplies needed for demonstration - Time and effort on the part of the nurse and family

Family Nursing Care Plan

Health Nursing Health Family Family Nursing Goal Goal Problem Problem of Problem Problem of Care Care

Objectives Objectives of of Care Care

Intervention Plan Intervention Plan

Nursing Nursing Interventions Interventions Method of Method of NurseNurseFamily Contact Family Contact Resources Resources Required Required

Poor to make After the nursing After nursing 1. Discuss with the family the Poor Inability Inability to After nursing After the nursing 1. Assess the ventilation decisions with intervention the intervention the family causes, effects and complications Environmen maintain intervention severity of the related to respect to taking family will be able will: intervention theof cough and cold. the the family will acquire problem possibletal appropriate to: a. acquire adequate 2. Provide adequate knowledge Sanitation family will be proper cause of healthsurroundings actions a. Provide a information about the on the various ways of diseases due to: comfortable living disease, including maintaining cleanliness and clean that able information 2. Assess a. Low salience copndition inside signs symptoms of ventilation in their surroundings. affects to maintain a and regarding the familys coping of the their house. the disease, immediate 3. Explain the importance of the family clean said strategies regarding problem/conditio a. eliminate the health care assistance proper food preparation, good because cough and environment problem the rest problem n colds and preventive nutrition, and sleep in it may be a and will prevent b. Lack measures; strengthening ones resistance breeding the recurrence of b. be aware on how to against 3.illness, Explain the of/inadequate so as to prevent knowledge/insigh the disease in the reduce the chances of occurence of cough and colds ground for underlying problem t as tomicroorganism alternative future. spreading 4. Cite ways in eliminating the or consequences courses of action communicable disease and limiting the that that may arise open to them. diseases to other occurence of transmission by may cause a family members; suggesting courses of action such disease 4. Explain the c. utilize community as medications (e.g. measures like benefit it health resources openly the application ofon alternative available in resolving medicines like lagundi if the condition resources in the community 5. Provide health is experienced. inadequate) and preventive teachings such as measures such as covering the cleaning the or mouth when sneezing surroundings everyof coughing and proper disposal nasal day or oral discharges. 5. Promote proper personal and environmental hygiene among all members of the family.

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Material -- Material Resources: Resources: Visual Aids and Visual Aids, low-cost materials materials and needed for low-cost demonstration supplies needed for - Time and demonstration effort on the part of the - Time and nurse and family effort on the

part of the nurse and family