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Car Collector Chronicles

Volume VI, Issue 8 Ca s August 2013

Car Collecting Today Classic Rides Reports From the Field Oldsmobile (1897-2004) Cadillac (1902- ) Allant (1987-1993)

High RPMs
The weather just warmed up and it already is turning cool. Fall cant be coming this early, can it? I sure hope not! Our Olds convert, Saved 62, was hand washed and waxed by yours truly in prep for our first car show of the season. Then, the day of the show dawned cold, overcast and threatening rain. At least I had good intentions? I need to back flush and refill the cooling system on the Olds. Everything needed to do it has been purchased and assembled. Does anyone besides me remember the engine back flush kits made by Prestone? They had the garden hose T-adapter and necessary clamps to splice it into a heater hose line. I will use the kit, but shall not permanently splice it into my heater hose. Instead, I shall undo the heater hose, install one end of tee into it and run a small piece of new heater hose to the old connection and the tee. When done, I will be able to return the heater hose configuration back to the factory set up. Last month I made mention of, and pictured, what is reputed to be a 1-of-1 1979 Pontiac Grand Am(ino). I have subsequently verified that it is in fact a 1-of-1. A Pontiac Tech Adviser informed me that it is in fact a 1-of-1, built by Pontiac as a prototype to be considered for possible production. Needless to say, it never made it into production. The unanswered question remains: What is this 1-of-1 worth today? I wonder what the insured value is and how it was determined?

Corvair (1960-1969)

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GDYNets On the Web The Gray Lady

8/12/08: 1st Model T rolled off the assembly line 8/15/56: Packard closes 8/17/15: Electric starter patented by Chas. Kettering 8/22/01: Cadillac Motor Car

August Automotive Milestones

Company established 8/22/02: T.R. 1st U.S. President to ride in a motor car 8/26/57: Ford debuts the Edsel 8/26/50: Ransom E. Olds dies 8/29/1885: World's 1st motorcycle patented by Daimler - Stay cool & enjoy your ride(s)!

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SAVED 62: A website devoted
CCC -THE FORUM -A web site to discuss the newsletter, the hobby and our cars. Car Collector Chronicles Saved 62 -Our 1962 Olds convertible, Ransom Eli Olds and things Oldsmobile related web site. The Gray Lady -1955 Cadillac Coup de Ville web site. to our 1962 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 convertible. The site also has a lot of information on Oldsmobile cars and the company founder, Ransom Eli Olds. DAVES DEN: -A site devoted to a myriad of interests. Foremost is extensive information on the Steel City of Gary, IN. There are also offerings on steel making, U.S. Steel-Gary Works, U.S. Marine Corps, M14 assault rifle, of course Oldsmobile, and the tragic story of the murder of Gary, IN Police Lt. George Yaros.

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THE GRAY LADY: This website features our 1955 Cadillac Coup de Ville, lots of Caddy information and an extensive repair library.


Car Collector Chronicles

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The Gray Lady

46 days and counting. That is how long The Gray Lady has been gone from the car barn. Even though I was seldom able to drive her, I do miss not seeing her in her stall! The work being done involves a number of items: 1- Engine cutting out at over 40 m.p.h. 2- Brakes not functioning properly. 3- Heater wont shut off. 4Vacuum wipers do not shut off and 5Gas tank sending unit gasket leaking. Having heard nada/zilch from the repair facility, I sent an email inquiry seeking a status report. Much to my surprise and pleasure, the very next day the shop owner called with an update. The preliminary diagnosis has yielded the following conclusions: 1- Engine problems may be caused by faulty spark plug wires combined with the wrong, or at the very least a loose, distributor cap. While I do not pretend to be an expert, I do know enough to question whether the distributor cap is the right one for the car. I simply cannot imagine a wrong cap having been on the car from the day I acquired the ride 4 years ago. Loose maybe, wrong not likely? Also, I made it clear I did not want to pop the hood and see red, orange or purple spark plug wires on my engine! 2- Brakes have rust in the system. That could very well explain why they work so poorly. System will be flushed and the master/wheel cylinders rebuilt. 3- Heater is staying on due to a faulty heater control valve. 4- Vacuum lines all need replacing. When that is done the wipers should/will work properly. 5- Gas tank sending unit has missing screws. In order to install the missing screws, along with a new gasket, the tank must be dropped. Four days after the call the shop sent me an email. It was inquiring whether I had a source for either a replacement heater control valve or its repair. At first I thought to myself, You guys are the experts. Why are you asking me? Then, giving the matter more thought I was glad they asked. After all, everyone cannot know everything. Nor should they be expected to know all. It is far more efficient to draw on the resources of a classic Cadillac owner, than to recreate the wheel so to speak, solely for appearances sake, in trying to locate Cadillac parts or rebuilding services. In the end, with respect to the heater control valve, the shop was able to rebuild it on their own, and not have to replace it or resort to shipping it out to a 3rd party for rebuilding. Back in mid-June I thought I would have the car back by now? So much for that thought! Hopefully, it shall not be too much longer and we and we shall be reunited with The Gray Lady. Of late I have been watching a program on satellite television called Fantom Works. It chronicles the goings on at an automobile restoration shop. In the last show I watched the shop owner had a face-to-face with the car owner coming to pick up his car to make sure he understood what was done, why and the cost for so doing. This conversation took place before the owner was allowed to see his car. I fear I may find myself in the very same situation in the not too distant future! Perhaps, no not perhaps but definitely, I should have set a dollar cap on the cost of repairs to be performed on my car? Lesson learned. When all is said and done, and provided I get back a reliable, trustworthy ride, I contend the time and expense shall have been worth it. Time will tell? And what time does tell shall be told to you by me. To be continued .

Perhaps, no not perhaps but definitely, I should have set a dollar cap on the cost of repairs to be performed on my car?

Car Collector Chronicles

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Collector Car Insurance

My collector car insurance came up for renewal at the beginning of July. For the last 8 years I have been insured by American Collectors Insurance Co. I have never had a claim, knock on wood. My only contact with American Collectors is to send them the annual premium. That being so, I really have no complaints as to their service. Additionally, I would note that the bill for the June tow of The Gray Lady (pictured on Page 2), was reimbursed by it within a week of the tow itself. That speaks well of their customer service. Notwithstanding the lack of complaint and the decent customer service, I decided to switch my insurer. The genesis for this switch was my concern over the presence of coverage when taking a plain, ol, simple pleasure drive. Seems like that should not be a problem, but is that the case? Pleasure drives are not undertaken in connection with any collector car activity, be it a show, cruise-in or whatever. The fine print in some insurance policies suggests the possibly that one may not be covered while out for a pleasure drive. I decided I did not want to live with that ambiguity. I have seen Hagerty ads on tv. I spoke with some folks from Hagerty when attending Spring Carlisle in April. I also studied their representations, as set out on their internet site. One such representation is: What are your usage restrictions/guidelines? Simply put, we want you to enjoy your classic vehicle. While there are some restrictions in the policy, youre covered for pleasure use, whether it's a drive on a gorgeous summer day, a trip to the ice cream shop, attending club events or going to shows. That seems to eliminate all question of whether I am covered when going for a ride with no particular place to go? I want to say, I am not a lawyer, but it would seem to be pretty darn hard for Hagerty to make such a statement and then try to deny a claim on the grounds of it arising while out for a pleasure drive. I want to say that but cant. I cant because I am a lawyer! And precisely because I am, I defy them to try and deny my claim on the basis of pleasure driving not being a permitted activity. There is comfort in knowing that I am protected from loss while out for spin in either The Gray Lady or Saved 62,. The fact that the accompanying towing insurance covers all my vehicles, not just the classics made a favorable impression on me. That it does eliminates the need to pay for an AAA membership. Also, at Hagerty you are made to feel part of a group of like-minded individuals, instead of a mere customer. This feeling is reinforced by receipt of the magazine Hagerty Classic Cars. True, it is a small thing, but it counts. Lastly, and maybe firstly as it always seems to come down to money, the premium was less than what I was paying before. Not a whole lot less, but less. What I am not enamored with is the towing plan constraint. A tow bill is paid by Hagerty only if made by an authorized towing service. You get an authorized tow service provider by calling a 1-800 number. With American Collectors I called whomever I desired, paid the bill and was reimbursed. I can live with this constraint. After all, it is no different than calling the Triple A for roadside services. Of course, the proof in the pudding is in the tasting. Lets hope I do not have to test Hagertys claim services, and that if I do they are all they lead one to believe they are. Speaking of claims, I learned that a 1959 Cadillac from Sweden taking part in the Lincoln Highway U.S. 30 tour was badly wrecked. I wonder how that claim is being handled? Will the insurance company cover transit costs back to Sweden in order to have the needed repairs performed? Will it pay the expense of shipping needed parts to Sweden for installation? Will it require the car to be repaired here in the U.S.? If so, will it pay for the owner to stay here while the car is being repaired or to fly the owner back to the U.S. at a later date to inspect the repairs and pick up the car? What a hassle! I would love to know which company has the insurance and what is/is not being paid?

Simply put, we want you to enjoy your classic vehicle. [Y]oure covered for pleasure use, whether its a drive on a gorgeous summer day, a trip to the ice cream shop, attending club events or going to shows.

Car Collector Chronicles

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CCC Calling
Of late I have taken up walking. Daily I cover anywhere from 4 to 6 miles. How much ground I cover depends on how I feel and the weather. During these walks I often come upon old rides. I flatter myself to think these folks might find our publication of interest. How do I go about letting them know of its existence? A b us i nes s c a rd proved to be the answer. It conveys the info needed to find and read CCC and is easily placed on a car windshield. This is what the business card looks like.

If you are in the SE Wisconsin area and find one of these cards under your wiper, you now know who the culprit is that left it. You are cordially invited to join the CCC family of readers.

Where in the World is Ollie?

Readers met Olllie Sinden a year ago. He is the English bloke who was touring the U. S. of A. in his 1972 442. Both Ollie and the Olds are back home in England. Ollie reports that he does not drive it much of late, due to the high price of gas. However, he did take the car to France, to watch the 24 Hours of Le Mans. His Olds now has the distinction of having beed driven in four countries (U.S.A., Canada, England and France). I found Ollies critique of the television show Counting Cars in a recent email interesting: Must say I've been enjoying reading CCC. Particularly the recent article about the car shows - we get all the same ones here. I do watch them all but often find myself shouting at the telly (as we say). Counting Cars in particular annoys me because we don't see any of the actual spannerwielding - it's all waffle.

Ok, Ive had my say for the month. Now its your turn! I invite/encourage submission of your comments, opinions and article contributions. I also ask that you please help spread the word about our publication. Everything sent shall indeed be reviewed by me. Submissions should be sent to CCC at OldsD88@gmail.com. Now that you have finished reading this months issue of the newsletter, come start/ join an ongoing dialog with other CCC readers and like-minded car collector folk on the CCC Forum. Stop by, check us out and share your views . ______________________________________



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