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SAMPLE CAMPAIGN SCRIPT FOR THE CAMPAIGN MANAGER Campaign Manager: Ladies and gentlemen, our school has

s come to a crossroad, and now you have the power to change the political landscape of our college. As it has been said by many from time and time again, if you elect our officers in the school, there are several things we wanted to happen and realized to ensure our concern in the hands of these officers we will tend to elect. First of all, standing right today is a difficult thing to do difficult in the sense that I am sacrificing myself my honor as a student, in endorsing qualified student leaders to become our future in the college. My fellow student, right in our hands is our concern for our future. Today, here I am to endorse and ask your most wonderful support for that concern we have for our future. And to start off todays presentation and proclamation of our candidates as your own since they are most concerned about us. One by one, I am more that pleased and honoured to introduce them to you. FOR OUR PEACE OFFICERS, I would like you to meet two in our party who always had thought peace and prosperity goes hand in hand. That is why, peace is highly their concern and they have programs on hand to be implemented since their election as peace officers this year. Please welcome our Peace Keepers, MHELDIN SEBASTIAN AND REY PASION. Speech of Mheldin Sebastian and Rey Pasion Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Our candidate for Athletic Manager is indeed a teammate when it comes to his plans for us. With utmost dedication and perseverance, they have come to offer themselves for service. Please welcome out candidate for Athletic Manager, HENIEFORD MARQUEZ. Speech of Henieford Marquez Information is necessary for everyone to be updated and will know what is going on. For us college students, updates are necessary especially when it comes to our own concerns. These is why, our candidate for Public Information Officer can be trusted and reliable for all the information that will concern everyone. To give our candidate a chance to prove himself, let us spare a moment to hear from him and his platform of governance once he assume his office after our election. Please welcome, MARK LESTER SANTOS, for Public Information Officer. Speech of Mark Lester Santos

When the financial aspect of the organization is in good hands, there will be no problems that shall beset the implementation of programs and projects that is due to us all students. This is for sure a quality I should say a virtue that an Auditor must posess to be fair and just in handling the records of the finances of the organization. In this juncture, I can assure you, my dear schoolmates that the person I am next to present you is one person capable of handling the position he is running for. After all, he already had previous experiences that honed and tested his expertise in governance, especially for the position he is running for. That is why, with our trust and confidence to him, great programs will follow after the election of this party they are all representing. My friends, please welcome, our candidate our Auditor for this year, DAMASO CALVENTAS. Speech of Damaso Calventas Certainly, when one of us is looking for a great opportunity to become a big help in the implementation of worthwhile projects and programs that the student organization has to undertake for this school year, the election of the most trusted officers that shall be our voice and partners in school and campus development is much appropriate at this point in time. It is even more proper that we have in our party somebody who seeks election not for fame nor for her glory, but for her concern for every one of us to enjoy what are due. My schoolmates and friends, may I be pleased to endorse an iron lady someone who promises to handle well our organizations finances as well, shall take care in good hands whatever money the organization will be able to raise. I am referring to our candidate for treasurer MARY ANN CABRERA. Speech of Mary Ann Cabrera Given are responsibilities when you run for an office. Given that people are expecting a service-oriented person must be seated in a position to carry out those duties and responsibilities appertaining to the position one is seeking for election. In an organization, a Sub- Secretary often acts as an information and reference point of the Secretary and other officers of the organization especially when the Secretary is not available. As their campaign manager, may I be pleased to introduce you our candidate for Sub-Secretary, the one and only, MARVIN JACINTO. Speech of Marvin Jacinto It is a great responsibility that requires a great personality to be elected into an office. Indeed there is a need for a great quality of individual that has to elected into the office of Secretary. The task to keep records, to keep others informed, to remind everyone there is a need to be attended to in meetings, or even to uphold the dignity of the organization the Secretary is working for, are only a few of the concerns of our party and the Secretary that is running for the position. My schoolmates, I am proud that I am endorsing today one great person with one great personality to become the Secretary of our organization. I do believe in her capacity that is why I cannot help but endorse her election

into office. Let us all be one in giving an opportunity for SARAH LEEN TORDILLO to be elected as Secretary. Speech of Sarah Leen Tordillo Running for the second to the top position in the student government is a big thing to consider since it entails enormous dedication and rule to become effective and efficient in its own sense of the word Vice President. The vice president must be familiar with all the responsibilities of the President and must be ready to preside when called on. At all times the vice president should work in close cooperation with the President. Specifically, the Vice President assist the President, preside for the President at meetings when the President is absent, the President wants to debate, a personal motion about the President is made, assume the duties of the President if the office becomes unoccupied, and perform other duties that are specified in the by-laws of the organization. All these and more can be performed by our very own candidate for the Vice Presidency. Our candidate is a man of action a man full of dedication and perseverance to serve his fellow students. When asked to run for this office to be elected, there was no doubt our candidate wanted the same office. Our candidate is unassuming for a position he will not be able to do his share in uplifting the students organization and the studentry as whole. The reasons why today, he will stand in front of everyone to seek election and make everyone of you believe, IN UNION THERE IS STREGNTH! Please help me welcome, our Vice President for this school year, HENZON JAY DALO. Speech of Henson Jay Dalo A Student Council is a representative structure for students, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, and staff for the benefit of the school and its students. Usually the student council officers work with the President, who is the link person between students and staff and management in the school. Many schools already have excellent student councils. In our election day, we too will have an excellent student council with our candidate for President running with utmost dignity and dedication, no qualms nor reasons not to serve with humility and self-sacrifice. Our candidate for President has all the strengths to be a good example at the same time becomes a great leader. For sure, he has all the time to listen to the issues that we think should be brought up to the school. He wants to make a difference so that together, we and he can make school a more enjoyable place to stay and learn. With no so much introduction, since he has been proving himself to be capable for the position of President in our organization, I am now presenting to you the banner, the bearer, the President, YOUR PRESIDENT OUR PRESIDENT GERALD CAMAQUIN.