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CPT: Quantitative Techniques-Statistics TEST PAPER-2

1. Annual income of a person is (a) a continuous variable (b) a discrete variable 2. Frequency distribution
(a) arranges observations in a increasing (c) relates to a measurable characteristic. (b) arranges observations in terms of a number of groups. (d) all of these.

(c) an attribute

(d) (b) or (c)

3. The average marks of section A are 65 and that of section B are 70. The average of both the sections combined is 67. The ratio of number of students of section A to B is (a) 3 : 1 (b) 2 : 3 (c) 1 : 3 (d) 3 : 2 4. If the minimum value in a set is 9 and its range is 57, the maximum value of the set is (a) 33 (b) 66 (c) 48 (d) None of these 5. If the mean deviation of a distribution is 20.20, the standard deviation of the distribution is (a) 12.15 (b) 25.25 (c) 20.20 (d) None of these
6. In a Bivariate distribution if the rank correlation coefficient R 0.1785, d2 = 46. Then the number of terms n is

(a) 9

(b) 8

(c) 7



7. You are given the following data for the variables and y. AM of x = 36, AM of y = 85, SD of x = 11, SD of y = 8 and r = 0.66. The value of x when y = 75, is (a) 25.93 (b) 26.93 (c) 24.93 (d) 27.93 8. Given the following data on two variables X and Y AM of X = 5, AM of Y = 4, byx= 0.8, the regression equation of Y on X is (a) 4Y = 5X (b) 5X = 4Y (c) 3X = 4Y

(d) 5Y = 4X.

9. Probability of selection varies at each sub- sequent draw in (a) Sampling without replacement (b) Sampling with replacement. (c) Both (A) and (B) (c) Neither (A) and (B). 10. If from a population with 25 members, a random sample without replacement of 2 members is taken, the number of all such samples is: (a) 300 (b)725 (c) 150 (d)540 11. Two dice are thrown at a time. The probability that the numbers shown are equal is (a) 5/6 (b) 2/6 (c) 1/6 (d) None of these 12. Let P be a probability function on S = (x1,x2,x3) if P(x1) = 1/4 and P(x3) = 1/3 then P(x2) is equal to (a) 5/12 (b) 7/12 (c) (d) None of these, 13. If it rains a dealer in umbrella can earn Rs. 300 per day, if it does not rain he can lose Rs. 80 per day. What is his expectation if the probability of a rainy day is 0.57(in rupees) is (a) 136.6 (b) 138.6 (c) 146.6 (d) 146 14. The important characteristic(s) of Bernoulli trials is (a) Trials are independent. (b) Each trial is associated with just two possible outcomes. (c) Trial are infinite. (d) Both (A) and (B). 15. The probability of sample space (a) - 1.00 (b)1.00 (c) 1.10 (d) None of these.

16. It is known from past experience that in a certain plant there are on the average 4 industrial accidents per month. Then, the probability that in a given month there will be less than 4 accidents.[Given: e-4 = 0.0183) (a) 0.3332 (b) 0.4332 (c) 0.5332 (d) 0.632 17. If the quartile deviation of a normal curve is 4.05, then its mean deviation is (a) 5.26 (b) 6.24 (c) 4.24 18. Factor Reversal test is satisfied by (a) Fishers ideal index (b) Paasches index (c) Laspeyres index (d) 4.86 (d) None of these.

19. During a certain period the cost of living index number goes up from 110 to 200 and the salary of the worker is also raised from Rs. 325 to Rs. 500. Does the worker__________. (a) Gain (b) Looses (c) Fully compensated (d) Gain by 18%. 20. Mode is found graphically by (a) Frequency Polygon (b) Ogive (c) Histogram (d)None of these. (d) None of these.

21. When all values occur with equal frequency, there is no (a) Mode (b) Mean (c) Median 22. When the distribution is symmetrical, mean, median and mode (a) Coincide (b) Do not coincide (c) Both 23. Absolute measures of dispersion are unit free (a) True (b) False (c) Partly true

(d) None of these. (d) None of these

24. Sampling distribution is a probability frequency distribution of ________________ (a) Exact values (b) population values (c) Samples (d) Sample Means 25. Binomial distribution is has ____________ Parameters. (a) two (b) Five (c) Three (d) Four