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eu cL Bee 4 OXFORD Syllabus checklist 4 Introduction 8 ‘© What do Pre-intermediate students need? «Study Link + Course components Student's Book Files 1-9 Back of the Student’s Book + For students Workbook MultiROM Student's website « For teachers “Teacher's Book Video Class cassettes / audio CDs ‘Test booklets Teacher's website Lesson plans 12 Photocopiable activities 135 Contents Grammar activi Grammar activity masters Communicative activity instructions Communicative activity masters Song activity instructions Song activity masters Tests 228 Quicktest instructions and answers End-of-course test instructions and answers End-of-course test tapescripts Quicktests End-of-course test Syllabus checklist Meer nie 4 BY Who's whe? word order in questions 6 Ey Who knows you better? present simple 8 Gd Atthe Moulin Rouge Present continuous 10 Dy The Devil's Dictionary defining relative dauses (o persoa who... thing tic...) 12 PRACHICAL ENGUSH tthe airport 13 Wang Describing yourself 1a Rewse & Cuscx ‘a youre What can you do? A ED mittpace wrong tine | povtumpleregdacandieguarveris bois 18 EJ Amomentin time past continsous ‘repestons offi and place: einon 20 Fifty years of pop ‘questions with and without antiiaries question words pop music 22 By One October evening ‘0, Because, but, although ‘verb phrases 24 PaacticaL ENGUSH At the conference hotel 25 Waning. Thestory behind a photo 26 Revise & Grex — What do you remember? What can you do? B Tl Whecon yougsing? going fo present continuous (ture arrangements) 30° Ei Thepessimist’s phrase book wil / woot (predictions) ‘opposite verbs 32 Filatways love you will / won't (promises, offers, verb + back decisions) 34 Dy bwasonly dreaming ‘review of tenses: present, past, vets + prepostions and future 36 Practical ENcusM Restaurant problems 37 Wenn: Aninformal letter 38 Revise & Cece = What do youremember? What can you do? a es a He oa 40 resent erect experience «ever never; present perfect or past simple? a present perfect simple yet just, verb phrases aiready 44 Faster, faster! comparatives, as...as/fess... than... time expressions: spend time, wasie time, elc, 4% LE] Theworld’s friendliest city supertatives (+ ever¢ present perfect) opposite adjectives 43 PRACTICAL ENGLISH Lost in San Francisco 43 Wane Describing where ou lve 50 Revise & CmeCK = What do youremember? What can you do? MBG ay eT EEE 52 EX Are youa party animal? uses of | st ED] What makes you feel good? verb ng verbsfolowedby ng 56 [How much con you learn in a month? have to, don't have to, must mustn't —_ modifiers: 0 bit really, etc. 58D] The name of the game ‘expressing movement ‘prepositions of movernent, sport 60° Practicat Enousm Ata department store el Waring ‘Aformal e-mail 62 Revise & Cwecx What do you remember? What can you do?