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Theyre not happy about it. Could we increase the dosage? No, that would only cause more problems. Weve pushed them as far as theyll go. Scaling back then, sir? Indeed. Scaling back. There dont seem to be any lingering issues. The vitals are all normal. Stasis? Stasis. Beginning stasis protocols. Tertiary and secondary locks active. Primary lock free to disengage. Confirmation? Wait. Anomalous readings in subject 29. 17 isnt looking good either. Sedation? Sedation. 14 units, linear ramp until stable.

Sedating 29 and 17. 14 units. 21 units. Subject 29 resuming stability. 28 units. 35 units. 42 49 units. There doesnt seem to be too much change in 17. Switch to corollary sedative? Probably not necessary. Resume stasis protocols. 17 still isnt under, sir. 17 has historically reacted poorly to the corollary sedative. Aggression? No, blood clots in the extremities. We need them all intact. We cant afford any losses now. Ah. Continuing stasis protocols. Primary, secondary and tertiary locks active, primary lock still free to disengage. Confirmation? Confirmed. Primary lock disengaging and disengaged. Control group cell block free to move. Put them back in. Returning Control Group to stasis enclosure. Next block? I know A and T arent assigned to us today let me get the notebook. Stasis completed for Control block, sir. 17 entered stasis conscious but within acceptable parameters. Very good. Make a note of it in the logs. Okay, today we have E, J, and R. First block? Lets start with the weakest strength J. Understood. Admin, this is Laboratory 12. Requesting access permissions for J group cell block Thank you, Admin. You too. Alright, J is pretty light. According to these records theyre only in two trials at the moment. Well need to get the chem lab to send up some more GS-47 and TY-74-2? I didnt know we were still working on that one.

I think we started it about a week ago, sir. One of the chemmies figured he could combine it with some kind of analgesic. Get the dosage a bit higher before they pass out, sir. Well, glad to see theyre making progress at any rate. Alright, send out the request. Actually, we already have some of them both in, sir. We had the GS from Block A yesterday, and I pulled the TY in this morning. Ah! So thats why you know about this batch. Well done, er Simmons, sir. Well done, Simmons. Good initiative. Thank you, sir. J Blocks permissions seem to have gone through. Retrieve from Stasis? Ah, yes. Go ahead, Simmons. Retrieving J Block now. Secondary and tertiary locks still engaged. Pathfinding now In position. Engage primary lock? Engage. Primary lock engaged. Tertiary lock disengaging EY CANNOT HEAR ME Disengaged. Stasis seal broken. Vitals on all subjects stable. Which trial first, sir? The GS, I think. Ease them into it; start pre-sedation. JANE CAN YOU HEAR ME THEY NEVER LET ME OUT Administering primary sedative, 6 units, linear ramp. SOMETIMES MY EYES BLEED AND ALL IS RED Vitals? it never ends jane it is just me and the drugs and the pain Dropping within acceptable regions. Marginal discrepancies on subjects 12, 34 and 43. Increasing ramp speed to 10 units. i hear the others scream and beg and weep

All subjects within acceptable parameters, sir. Begin test? Indeed. Linear ramp of 12 units of GS-47 until point of unconsciousness. Administering GS-47, 12 unit ramp. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Standard EEG response on most subjects, sir. 20% are under. Reduce ramp to 6 units. 45% under. Rising to 65 85%. Increase ramp to 24 units. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 95%. 98%... 99%, sir. One still awake? Subject 86, sir. She appears to have built up a resistance to the drug. Well, were not testing the outliers here, and we have our population data. 86 is another labs problem. Cut GS-47 supply, then administer standard painkillers. Administering. just let it end oh please it has no meaning any more All subjects within expected parameters, sir. Purging GS-47 from bloodstreams now. Addend these results to the GS reports. Information saved. GS-47 purged from subjects. Shall I begin the TY test now, sir? please just kill me i do not even care At will, Simmons. Youd know the requirements for this one better than I would, I imagine. Thank you, sir. Administering TY-74-2 at 12 unit ramp. this

These responses, Simmons are these EEG readings normal for TY? I think I tested TY-32 back in the day, isnt it a hallucinogen? I believe the project has changed over time, sir. They appear to have turned it into a nootropic. We test nootropics these days? what even is this I believe so, sir. The chemmies seem to think it might be useful in the long term. What the hell for? what Not quite sure, sir. Knocks people out just like the rest, anyway. Whatever it is, theyre trying to bottle it. A little weak at the moment, I think. Research direction isnt really up to us, though, is it sir? I suppose not. Continue testing. i dont get it EEG readings increasing in Alpha and Beta phases throughout all subjects. So what end point do we test to here, Younger? why am I even bothering Seems to be when blood oxygen levels drop below 10% of normal. An odd sort of thing to test for a nootropic, isnt it? why dont i just stop Seems to be caused by ah, here, see for yourself, sir. Subject 86 again. Everything seems to be reasonably normal wait, is that? What? why didnt i realize i was doing this TY seems to turn involuntary bodily functions into voluntary ones, sir. Which ones?

why not just All of them, sir. sto Ah, there we go, sir. Hearts not pumping any more. Recovery procedures a TY purge and a shot of adrenaline, as well as a short defibrillation if necessary. Blood oxygen dropping to 60 30 and weve hit 10%. AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh Of course, all the subjects kill themselves, sir. Continue, Simmons.