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Edmond L. Prins 18044 Jazz Lane Boca Raton, FL 33496 561.445.9476 eprins@idledassets.


A creative and financially driven Corporate Real Estate Executive with broad-based global corporate real estate portfolio management experience reporting to the C-Suite. A proven entrepreneurial leader, self-starter with decision-making ability. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Successful corporate real estate innovator with focus on continuous improvement, benchmarking, best practices, minimizing costs, maximizing returns and technology platform management. Seasoned global business traveler/road warrior willing to consider relocation options. Skills Strategic and Tactical Planning

Financial and Market Analysis Stakeholder Management Crisis Management Architecture/Urban Planning Transaction Management Global Portfolio Management

Budget Forecasting and Reporting Consultant and Vendor Management Real Estate Packaging, Marketing, Negotiations Fully Computer, Internet and Web Design Literate Database Design and Implementation Language (Fluent Dutch, some French, some Italian) Speaker, Writer, Presenter

ACHIEVEMENTS Generated over $1.16 billion in free cash flow for over 65 of the Fortune 1000 as a corporate real estate department for hire by creatively packaging, marketing and negotiating the sale, sale/leaseback of over 637 closed or surplus corporate real estate fixed assets globally, including Japan, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the United States. Corporate real estate assets included corporate and commercial facilities like steel mills, textile mills, automobile manufacturing facilities, office buildings, retail stores, etc. and land assets including quarries, residential developments, redwood forest, golf courses, waterfront and other vacant parcels. Created savings of over $677 million through the analysis and implementation of programs that included, lease renegotiations, bankruptcy management, co-location, footprint optimization, etc. Went beyond the management of corporate real estate providing strategic and tactical services that included crisis management when plant-closing announcements were made, public relations and managing internal and external stakeholders. Managed all aspects of corporate and commercial properties' life cycles from acquisition, development planning and construction management to disposition. Featured speaker at conferences and educational institutions including Public Private Partnership Conference, Waterfront Development Conference, University of Miami, Catholic University, CoreNet, etc. Published author of articles on corporate real estate and featured in magazines like, Corporate Finance and CFO Magazine.

Edmond L. Prins - Corporate Real Estate Executive Rinker Materials, Inc./CEMEX, Inc. West Palm Beach, FL Director - Real Estate USA

Page 2 2006 - Present

Created a strategic and tactical corporate real estate department from scratch for Rinker Materials reporting directly to the C-Suite. Managed and generated immediate annual savings of $2.1mm and over $20mm in sales and dispositions of surplus properties from the post merger integration process for all corporate real estate assets after the 2007 acquisition of Rinker by CEMEX. Generated over $156 million in surplus corporate real estate sales even during the recession of 2007-2010. Responsible for pro-actively developing and implementing strategic and tactical plans for a corporate real estate portfolio of 1,100 facilities in the United States that includes quarries, ready-mix facilities, cement plants, timberland, and offices. Managed the sustainable logging (Rainforest Alliance Smartwood Certified) of an 8,250 acre redwood forest and successfully protected its old growth trees, Coho Salmon and Mountain Lions through a sale to a land trust. Managed the turnaround of a corporately owned public golf course that was losing over $450,000 annually through cost containment and reduction. Course now produces bottom line returns. Led other green initiatives to create conservation banking opportunities on vacant land and LEED certified office facilities. Responsible for budget and cash flow projections, staff and outside vendor management. 1989 - 2006

Corporate Asset Advisors, Inc./Idled Assets Group, LLC Founder/Principal

Founded and managed financially-driven corporate real estate boutique assisting Fortune 1000 C-suites to align corporate goals with real estate. Consulted to over sixty-five Fortune 1000 companies including Schlumberger, Fruit of the Loom, Sunbeam Corporation, and La-Z-Boy, etc. Identified and captured over $525 million in corporate real estate sales in 44 states and 8 countries by understanding the constraints and opportunities of each unique property and then packaging and marketing to specific industries capable of utilizing those assets. Acquired over $100 mm in land, offices, stores and factories for clients. Teamed with software developer to create and implement web-enabled electronic real estate technology platform for clients.

Howard P. Hoffman Associates a wholly owned subsidiary of Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb/Security Pacific Capital Markets 1980 - 1989 Senior Associate Identified and executed over $200mm in corporate real estate sales in 29 states by leading and collaborating with multi-disciplinary real estate and financial teams as part of a boutique advisory practice to assist Fortune 1000 CSuites to align their need for real estate with their corporate goals. Clients included companies such as Bethlehem Steel Corporation, AMCA International, CBS, Inc., etc..

EDUCATION City University of New York Master of Urban Planning City College of New York Bachelor of Architecture (professional degree) City College of New York Bachelor of Science in Architecture PROFESSIONAL LICENSES and AFFILIATIONS Licensed Architect - (inactive) - New York State Real Estate Sales License (inactive) - Florida