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ATTORNEYS AT LAW A. GREGORY ROME 619 Europe Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802 Telephone: (225) 334-9300 Fax: (225) 334-9301 C. GLENN WESTMORELAND 29877 S. Magnolia Street/P.O. BOX 519 Livingston, LA 70754 Telephone: (225) 686-9800 Fax: (225) 686-9805


MARY THERESA GUTIERREZ, hereinafter referred as CLIENT, does hereby employ A. Gregory Rome and C. Glenn Westmoreland, a professional law partnership d/b/a/ROME & WESTMORELAND and their associates, hereinafter referred to as ATTORNEY, as legal counsel for all purposes in connection with the referenced matter under the following circumstances. 1. You agree that the Attorney will represent you in the Family Law dispute between you and SAMUEL ERIC GUTIERREZ, involving the issue of MARY THERESA GUTIERREZ vs. SAMUEL ERIC GUTIERREZ involving the issues of divorce, child custody, child support, and preliminary injunctions. The legal work includes all necessary court

appearances, research, investigation, correspondence, preparation and drafting of pleadings and other legal documents, trial preparation, conferences, in person and telephone, with you and others related to this matter as well as other related work to properly represent your case.


Your Attorney will begin work on your case upon receipt of the retainer fee in the amount of $0.00 which shall be placed in the Attorneys Trust Account and billed at the hourly rate of $125.00 per hour. You will receive a monthly statement as to the work done on your case and the current balance of your account. Payments are to be made as soon as statement is received. Your Attorney reserves the right to terminate our attorneyclient relationship for non-cooperation and/or non-payment of fees or costs. Client is primarily responsible for payment of the Attorney fee.


The client will be responsible for all costs of court in advance. However, any cost for investigators, depositions or experts will only be with prior approval of the client. ALL COURT COSTS TO BE MADE PRIOR TO FILING.

Your attorney agrees to provide conscientious and diligent services and will seek to achieve solutions which are just and reasonable for you. However, because of the uncertainty of legal proceedings, interpretation and changes in the law and many

unknown factors, your Attorney cannot and does not warrant, predict nor guarantee results or the final outcome of any case.

You will be well informed of the progress of your case. All attempts will be made to return your telephone calls on a same-day basis.

You have read and agreed to this Legal Service Agreement. The attorney has answered all of your questions and fully explained this Agreement to your complete satisfaction. You have been given a copy of this Agreement.