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Selections of Ancient Egyptian Prayer Copyright 2009 Michael J.

Costa ( M7), All rights reserved

Contents: 1. Hymn to Djehuti 2. Hymn to Ra 3. A Prayer to Toth 4. A Prayer to Amun-Ra 5. A Prayer to Osiris 6. A Prayer to Horus 7. A Prayer to the Goddesses 8. A Prayer to Ptah the Creator 9. A Prayer to Anubis 10. A Prayer to Tefnut 11. A Prayer to Haroeris M7s Akh [End]

Hymn to Djehuti (Toth):

An adoration of Djehuti, beloved of Seshat, O Moon rising from the East, Scribe of the Gods at Judgement; by permission of the Divine Scribe, Haroeris M7, I humbly beseech your presence. Hail to you, O Benefactor of Eternity, Djehuti, Scribe to the Ennead. O Father of Numbers, Guardian of the Four Noble Winds, open a path for me on the way to Yaaru, that I may be blessed with your authority, for I am a good soul, justified before Osiris-Ra. Allow us praise to the good god, O Djehuti, called Toth of the Moon; he who remembers the Seasons by the creation of the Calendar. You were there when the fiend, Seth, was captured and beheaded by Isis on behalf of her son, Horus, to restore his divine right as King of the Two Lands. May my enemies suffer the fate of the followers of Seth, that they fall headlong into the Lake of Fire in lower Duat. O Djehuti, O Moon who rises to give light during the darkness, cast your light upon the souls of the dead, that they may find sanctuary. To those who know this chapter, they will be transported to the Domain of Osiris-Ra, and be given a home with (swimming) pools, irrigated gardens, granaries and fields, and equipped Ushabtis workers. Hymn to Ra: Adoration of Ra, everliving, O Solar God who creates by utterance. O Lord of the Sky, giver of light, Lord of the unplundered tomb, who gives life to those who acknowledge him; O Heavenly Father, may I enter your Kingdom of Light, having been justified before the Tribunal. The birds in the trees exalt your name, the bulls of the field dine on your radiance that causes grasses to germinate. Distant lands echo your intellect, and are envious of your followers. O Ra, Lord of Light, Giver of Life and taker of it, cast your light of peace unto the world. So commands the Chief Lector Priest, Haroeris M7, everliving in Maat. Whoever knows this chapter shall go forth from Earth and into Duat in peace.

A Prayer to Toth: A royal offering to Toth, Lord of Scribes and of letters, who writes Maat in his volumes; be Maaxeru in life and in the Judgement. I made offerings in your Temple; I cleansed it from the sands and dust of the desert. I was generous on Earth, giving revenue to the deserving. I was kind to animals and plants. I obeyed the Divine Laws, and negotiated among the kinsmen of Osiris-Ra. I fought the enemies of the crown; I created obelisks to celebrate our victory over the fiends who would do us harm. O Toth, grant me a pardon against my actions, should they offend you. For I am your servant in the domain of the gods. Those who know this chapter are forgiven their sins provided they serve Toth in his domain; they are given Maat and offerings in his honor. A Prayer to Amun-Ra: Amun-Ra, Lord of Crowns, the Hidden One behind the clouds, God of Prosperity, King of the Noble Winds, Lord of Light & Life; grant prosperity unto your followers, let them rejoice in your breath. O Amun-Ra, Creator of Life, your children come forth at the dawn of a new sun. They stand up on their hind legs to adore and worship you. O God of the Poor, shower them with riches, those who are deserving rejoice in your presence. For your Temples are filled with golden treasures and costly stone. And your obelisks, made of lapis lazuli and fine granite, line the walkways in your courtyard. Criosphinxes line the hallways to the House of Life. And your idols are fashioned of gold and titanium, lasting forever in the House of the Sun. So says, the Chief Lector Priest, Haroeris M7, everliving. Whoever knows this chapter is of good standing in Duat and the Kingdom of Ra, and will enter and exit the Duat without error, justified before Ra. A Prayer to Osiris: Hail Osiris, Wennefer (Unnefer), the good god, the justified, Divine King of Heaven, Lord of Maat, Lord of Rejuvenation, Master of Rebirth, the Immortal One, King of the Dead. Praises fill the temples in your honor, O Great One the Son of a Great One. O Osiris, who was almost destroyed by Seth and reunited by your faithful son, Horus, reunite my parts and grant immortality to my Akh. I say this in the name of your servant, Pharaoh Horus Michael I , justified and eternal. Whoever knows this chapter shall not be repulsed in the Duat.

A Prayer to Horus: Hail Falcon, Son of Osiris, Son of Ra, Haroeris, beloved one, of golden crown and diadem, Conqueror of Evil, destroyer of the wicked, Conqueror of the Living, justified before your Divine Father Osiris. I have come forth, justified in your presence, for I have conquered our enemy who invaded our lands. His chariot is broken, his bow cast down, his dagger sheathed, and his head is beneath your sandals (severed). His army is destroyed and those who worship him have fled into the wilderness. Hail Horus, god of light, Lord of Divine Vengeance, god of the just, Knight of Victory, O Caesar of the Populace. Hail Horus of the Horizon, Horus of the Two Lands, Horus of the Womb, Horus the Child, Horus the Greater, Horus of the Moment (of conception), Horus the Christ; Hail unto you. O Horus, guardian of the people, grant us divine protection for we are your followers and provide sustenance in your temples. So declares, Haroeris M7, justified and eternal. Those who know this chapter will have divine protection when danger is present.

A Prayer to the Goddesses: Adoration of Isis, Maat, Nut, Serqet, Nephthys, Sakhmet, Mut, Hathor, Nekhbet, Tefnut, Bast, Seshet, Shai, and Neith; O ye goddesses, protectresses of the living and dead, protect us when we call upon you. Hail All Goddesses of Kemt! O Mistresses of the House, O Ladies of the Loom and the Winepress, giver of sustenance in the Sycamore Tree, I honor you today. May we prosper as you prosper, may we be at peace when you are at peace, and may we live as you live, forever. So declares the Divine Scribe, Haroeris M7, living forever and Maaxeru forever. Whoever knows this chapter will prosper economically. A Prayer to Ptah the Creator: Hail O Ptah, Architect of the Universe, who creates life by dreaming it. O Ptah, the Supreme & Eternal One, Creator of Toth who created Time, Father of all creation. Homage unto you, Lord of Shadows, patron god of artists & craftsmen, may you be at peace when your eternal boat arrives. Opener of Daybreak, opener of the mouths of the dead, vindicator of justice as Lord of Maat, vindicate me in judgement; for I am Ptah, the Son of Nu. Whoever knows this chapter will be inspired and enlightened.

A Prayer to Anubis: Hail Anubis, Guardian of the Duat, Keeper of the Dead, the Divine Lawyer, Weigher of Hearts, Master of Ammit, beloved son of Osiris, leader of the souls to the light, Protector of the Living, patron of canines (dogs), I honor you. O Anpu, Anubis, Divine Sem or Kheri-Heb, he who establishes the column of the Djed pillar, Physician of Osiris on his bed, you who restores life to the lifeless, hear me. Fulfill whatever I ask of you, for it shall not be evil or timeconsuming, within reason. I ask of this in the name of the benevolent Kheri-Heb Master, Horus Michael I, everliving and justified. This is a general prayer for all occasions. A Prayer to Tefnut: Hail O Tefnut, Goddess of Moisture, goddess of the rain and dew that forms in the morning. Beloved of Seb (Geb), provider of clean water, goddess of the rain storm and floods, fill our desert with clouds and water from the rains, when needed. Lo O goddess of the Seven Rivers. Your origin is a mystery. Grant us water from the divine waterfalls in the garden of our God. I say this in the name of Horus Michael the Christ, justified and eternal. This prayer will summon rain clouds and possibly a storm, to be used during a drought. A Prayer to Haroeris M7s Akh: Hail unto you O Divine Scribe, O Kheri-Heb Master, O Pharaoh of the Empire of Kemt! Your Temples are functional, filled with knowledge and offerings. May you walk upon the sandy beaches of Niihau and Kauai, O patron of Kahuna Priests. May you be victorious against all enemies, foreign and domestic. May you be Maaxeru at all times. May your blood circulate in your veins without error, may you live life, & may you prosper economically. May you dwell in a palace with exquisite furnishings & possessions, dine on excellent cuisine, be clothed in gold embroidered silk robes, and never forget that AmunRa is watching over you, O High Priest of all the Noble Gods of Duat & Kemt! For I ask you this in your name, for I am Haroeris M7, the one whom I am addressing herein. This prayer will allow one to be invisible to some people for duration of time.

Selections of Ancient Egyptian Prayer Copyright 2009 Michael J. Costa (M7), All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or redistributed without permission of the author, except for services rendered.
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