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4 I Model: Alcohol Industry

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Health Issues
There are a number of diseases and health issues which can arise from chronic heavy consumption of alcohol 1. Anemia- Causes the oxygen carrying red blood cells to be abnormally low 2. Cancer- The sites linked to alcoholism include mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, liver, breast and colorectal regions. 3. Cardiovascular Disease- Alcohol causes blood to clot which can lead to heart attacks and stroke 4. Cirrhosis- Alcohol is toxic to the liver, sometimes a lethal condition where the liver is to scarred and is unable to function. 5. Dementia- Alcohol shrinks certain key regions in the brain resulting in memory loss. 6. Depression- Depression and alcohol have long been related, however it is unsure which is the cause 7. Seizures- Heavy drinking can cause epilepsy and trigger seizures 8. Gout- It is the formation of uric acid crystals in the joints. 9. High Blood pressure- Alcohol disrupts the sympathetic nervous system which controls the constriction and dilation of blood vessels in response to stress. 10. Infectious Disease- Heavy drinking suppresses the immune system 11. Nerve Damage- Heavy drinking can cause a form of nerve damage called alcoholic neuropathy

Individual Issues
Alcohol can have detrimental effects on an individuals personal life 1. Alcoholism leads to major expenditure on alcohol which can adversely effect an individuals savings 2. Can cause a person to say and do things that they did not intend to 3. Consumption of excess alcohol over a long period of time can cause addition to alcohol 4. Domestic violence and rapes have been associated with heavy consumption of alcohol 5. People who drink and drive can cause harm to themselves

Social Issues
Alcohol not only impacts the individual consuming the alcohol but also those around them 1. Many social groups still consider consumption of alcohol as a taboo 2. Families often need to take care and assist with recovery for individuals addicted to alcohol 3. Families are also economically effected if a member is spending large amounts of the family income on alcohol 4. Individuals who drink and drive pose a danger to the public in regards to safety

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Alcohol is a subject in the State List under the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India There is no central law on alcohol consumption Food Safety and Standards Authority of India covers alcohol consumption in India as alcoholic drinks are defined as food under the Food Safety Standards Act(2006) There are several NGOs working to curb the ill effects of alcoholism. Some of these are: o Federation of Indian NGOs for drug abuse prevention: This is a federation that aims at bringing different NGOs that work against alcohol and drug abuse together for effective collaboration on important matters related to these vices o Indian alcohol policy alliance(IAPA): Indian Alcohol Policy Alliance (IAPA) is a Non Governmental Organization, established and registered under the Indian Trust Act in 2004, to prevent alcohol related harm through evidence based policy intervention, advocacy and capacity building

o Alcoholics Anonymous(AA): is an international mutual aid fellowship founded in 1935. AA states that its "primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety. The AA traditions recommend that members and groups remain anonymous in public media, altruistically help other alcoholics, including all who wish to stop drinking, and do not affiliate AA with any other organization

Nearly 15% of individuals who try alcohol develop a dependency to it, and become alcoholics Problems to the stomach: o Slows down functioning and interferes with digestion o Irritates the lining of the food pipe and stomach o Causes gastritis and ulcer o Increases incidence of cancer Problems to the Liver: o Can lead to fatty liver (sluggishness due to accumulation of fatcells)and alcoholic hepatitis (jaundice- like symptoms) o Permanent damage cirrhosis To the Heart: o Interferes with normal heart rhythm o Excessive alcohol use can: damage blood vessels, weaken heart muscles, and cause enlargement. In the last fifteen years Indias alcohol consumption has risen 171%. There are an estimated 62.5 million alcohol users in India, with 14 million being dependent and needing help. 15 to 20% of traumatic brain injuries are related to alcohol use 37% of injuries in a public hospital was due to alcohol 18% of psychiatric emergencies were caused by alcohol

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