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K Swap Bolt-In Short Shifter

Install Guide:

Below you will find tips on how to install your new Hybrid Racing K Swap Bolt-In Short Shifter. *This shifter
may not be legal for highway use. Hybrid Racing is not responsible for any direct or indirect, actual or inci-
dental expense attributed to the use of any performance parts sold by Hybrid Racing LLC. Purchasers agree
to all of the terms of this agreement upon the purchase of parts. More information can be found at

Package Contents:
 Stainless Steel shifter rods
 Short shifter assembly with  Black Nickel Plated Steel Rockers
aluminum dust shield  Chrome Plated Spherical Bearings
 (4) M8 bolts, nuts, and  Aluminum Dust Shield
washers (for mounting  3 left/right throw settings
shifter to chassis)  2 front/back throw settings
 Adjustable offset block and  Splined center shaft for adjustable shift
shifter rod knob position
 Bolts, washers, and cotter  Shift knob height adjustable to 5
pins for mounting cables different settings
 Rubber Gasket  Rubber seal to keep out road noise,
debris, and exhaust heat

The Hybrid Racing K Swap Bolt-In Short Shifter is capable of being adjusted to a throw much
shorter than that of most production vehicles. For this reason, adjusting it to the shortest throw
settings initially may cause a driver who is not experienced with such a short shift throw to
accidentally “misshift”. Misshifts can potentially result in transmission or engine damage. For this
reason, Hybrid Racing strongly recommends that all users drive with the shifter set to its longest
throw settings until they are more comfortable with the shifter. It should be noted that even at
its longest throw, Hybrid Racing’s shifter will still have a noticeably shorter throw than a stock K-
series shifter, and even most aftermarket k series short shifters.

Also, the shifter features several adjustments to position the knob in the most comfortable
position. Hybrid Racing recommends that when initially mounting the black anodized offset block
(this has the “hr” logo machined into it), the user positions it so that it is at the 6 0’clock position
(i.e. such that it’s pointing towards the rear of the vehicle. This will cause the shifter to feel more
like a traditional, non-adjustable shifter. Once you have acclimated to the unique feel of the
shifter, then you can feel free to position it in whatever manner best suits your ergonomics.
Install Guide:
Installing this shifter is pretty straight forward. The guide below covers virtually every step
involved in installing the shifter.

Section 1: Drilling the bolt holes (note: if a Karcepts shifter adapter plate was previously
installed in your vehicle, no holes need to be drilled. The Hybrid Racing shifter will
bolt up to the same 4 holes that were used by the Karcepts shifter adapter plate.)

Step 1a Unscrew the 4 M5 dust cover bolts (indicated by the white arrows in figure
1.a1) using a 3mm allen wrench, and remove the aluminum debris shield.
Figure 1.a2 shows the underside of the shifter after the dust shield has been

Step 1b Place the shifter in the center tunnel from under car, and install 2 of the
included M8 mounting bolts that go through the 2 rear holes in the shifter
and into your chassis’ stock shifter mounting holes. The M8 bolts require a
6mm allen wrench. Torque until the shifter is flush with the chassis.

Step 1c Locate the two front mounting holes for the shifter, and use a marker to
mark the centers of the holes on the chassis. It may be necessary to use a
metallic gel-type permanent marker or even chalk if you have dark paint or the
center tunnel is dirty.
Step 1d Unbolt and remove the shifter from the chassis

Step 1e Drill two holes in the center tunnel (Drill a 1/8” pilot hole, then open the
holes up with a 3/8” bit).

Section 2: Installing the Shifter

Step 2a Because of clearance issues in the center tunnel, if OEM shifter cables are
being used, they must be installed before the shifter is mounted to the
chassis. (If Hybrid Racing Shifter Cables are being used, they can be installed
before or after the shifter is mounted to the chassis

i. The front/back cable should be installed with the spring clip inserted
from the bottom.

ii. For OEM cables, the left/right cable should be installed with the tab
pointing down and then rotated 45 degrees (as illustrated in figures
2.a1 and 2.a2). For Hybrid Racing cables, install the left/right cable
in the same manner the front/back cable was installed.

Step 2b Before bolting the shifter to the chassis, the rubber seal that is included with
the shifter should be placed on top of it. This rubber acts as a seal between
the chassis and the shifter, preventing hot air, debris, moisture and excessive
road noise from entering the cabin. Align the rubber on the top of the shifter
so the four holes in it lineup with the four mounting holes on the shifter
Step 2c While holding the shifter against the underside of the center tunnel (as done
in step 1.b), install the 2 supplied M8 bolts along with an M8 flat washer and
lock washer. The lock washer should be sandwiched between the bolt and flat
washer (as shown in figure 2c). Use a 6mm allen wrench to tighten the bolts
(T handle allen wrenches work best here). As you torque down the two bolts,
insure that the shifter is lined up properly with the two holes that were drilled
for the front mounting bolts. Torque down the bolts until the lock washers
have fully compressed.

Step 2d From inside the cabin, install the 2 M8 bolts that thread into the front
mounting holes for the shifter. Again, use the supplied M8 flat washers and
lock washers, making sure the lock washer is sandwiched between the bolt
and flat washer (as shown in figure 2c). Tighten these bolts until the lock
washers have fully compressed.

Step 2e After installing the mounting bolts on the top of the tunnel, the bottom ones
may become loose. The mounting bolts that were installed in Step 2c should
be checked and retightened if necessary.
Section 3: Adjusting Throw

Step 3a First, the shifter cables will need to be be attached to their respective

i. The cable controlled by the front/back motion of the shifter has two
throw settings it can be adjusted to. The shifter has been supplied
with It set to its longest throw setting. Hybrid Racing highly
recommends that the shifter be set to its longest throw until the user
has used the shifter enough to feel comfortable to shorten the throw.
Adjusting the throw to the shortest setting initially may result in
missing gears while shifting due to a lack of familiarity with the setup,
thus possibly resulting in engine or transmission damage.

ii. The cable controlled by the left/right motion of the shifter has three
throw settings that it can be adjusted to. Again, Hybrid Racing highly
recommends that the shifter be set to its longest throw until the user
feels comfortable enough with the shifter’s short throw (compared to
an RSX style shifter) to shorten the throw more.

Step 3b To adjust the shifter’s throw, the bolt that each cable mounts to must be
loosened from the cable’s respective steel rocker. Then reinserted in a
different hole. The lower the cable is placed on the rocker, the shorter the
shifter’s throw will be. The shifter is supplied in its longest throw configuration
(which as mentioned earlier is still considerably shorter than a stock RSX’s
Step 3c The cable should be slid onto the cable retaining bolt before the bolt has been
fully tightened. A delrin washer is supplied on both cable retaining bolts and
should be placed between the cable and the steel rocker for that cable.

Step 3d The cable retaining bolt is installed along with a lock washer. The bolt should
be tightened down until the lock washer has fully compressed.

Step 3e Due to clearance issues, the cable retaining bolt for the cable controlled by
the front/back motion of the shifter must be adjusted using a 5mm allen
wrench, while the cable retaining bolt for the cable controlled by the lef/right
motion of the shifter must be adjusted using a 13mm open or closed-ended

Step 3f Once the cable has been placed on the retaining bolt and the bolt has been
fully tightened, one of the supplied cotter pins should be reinserted into the
hole at the end of the cable retaining bolt.

Step 3g Once the cables are fully attached to the shifter, the debris shield can be
bolted back onto the shifter. Use the 4 M5 bolts and lock washers that were
removed in step 1.a.
Section 4: Adjusting the Shift Knob’s Position

Step 4a The aluminum offset block has been supplied with the upper shift rod already
bolted to it. This offset block can be positioned in 8 different positions, relative
to the lower rod on the shifter. This feature has been included to allow the
user to move the shift knob to a location that better suits them. Hybrid Racing
highly recommends that the offset block be positioned in the 6 0’clock position
until the user has become acclimated to the unique feel that the offset block
gives the shifter. This position gives the shifter a feel much like most non-
adjustable shifters. Using a 5mm allen wrench and the supplied M6 bolt and
lock washer, bolt the black offset block to the lower shift rod. Torque down
until the lock washer has been fully compressed.

Step 4b The offset block was designed so that it could be positioned above or below
the shift boot in most applications. If you wish to have the offset block visible
after installation, the shift boot should be installed before the offset block. If
you would like to cover the offset block with your shift boot, install the shift
boot after installing the offset block.

Step 4c The shift knob is also height adjustable. To adjust the knob's height, remove
the two M4 bolts using a 3mm allen wrench. The knob can be adjusted in
10mm increments. While holding the upper rod in place, reinsert the two
M4 bolts. Torque down the M4 bolts until the lock washers have fully
If you have any questions or comments, please email info@hybrid-racing.com
or call us at 225-932-9588

Legal Disclaimer

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