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Newsletter of Magen David Adom Australia

Its a Matter of Life

MDAs Pivotal Role during Operation Pillar of Defense

Magen David Adom, Israels national rescue organisation, operated at the home front during operation Pillar of Defense. MDA teams went out to care for the wounded, often risking their own lives, hearing the sounds of nearby alarms and explosions. Integratedteams of employees and volunteers, residents of the south and reinforcements from all over the country including Israelis and volunteers from abroad, went out without any hesitation to handle every incident and cared for hundreds of casualties and attended hundreds of incidents.

MDAs Pivotal Role during Operation

As an auxiliary organisation for the IDF in times of emergency, and an organisation performing life-saving operations in daily routine. MDA has been engaged in the past in life-saving operations and evacuation of casualties in all of Israels wars, in military operations and mass casualty attacks. In addition, the organisation operates, onan ongoing basis, to improve, preserve and practice preparedness for times of emergency. Consequently, MDAs quick response to operation Pillar of Defense was impeccable, and when the first sirens sounded, on November 14th, 2012 the teams were ready forevery scenario. MDA managed to reach the wounded quickly, equipped with bulletproof vests, helmets and all the required equipment. For MDAs Director-General, Eli Bin, this is not the first war. Both in the Second Lebanon War and in operation Cast Lead Eli has led the teams in the home front and closely managed the organisations effective functioning. To him, operation Pillar of Defense begun even before it was officially declared. The barrages of rockets from the Gaza Strip to the communities in the south, preempted a decision to take preventive measures. Already on Saturday, November 10th, 2012, EliBin conducted a Situation Assessment, in which it was decided to raise the alert level in threatened sectors within the range of 40km from the Gaza Strip. Raising the alert level was activated gradually: the South regions of MDA, Lachish and Negev, raised the alert level to LevelC which is the highest level. The Ayalon region increased its alert level to Level B which is one level from the top, in order to provide additional assistance and reinforcement to the southern regions, should it become necessary. In addition, the Operational Centres in the southern regions were moved to locations inside bomb shelters, and emphasis was put on operations to maintain and increase the blood supply in MDAs Blood Services.

Pillar of Defense

Retrospectively, the decision proved to be vital, because during those days, about 120 rockets were fired into Israel. Upon receiving reports regarding the commencement of operation Pillar of Defense, MDAs management opened the special Situation Room and convened to assess the situation, with MDAs Director-General, on the phone (as he was, at that time, at the Jewish Federations Convention abroad) and in the presence of MDAs officials from across the country. During the Situation Assessment, it was reported that there is an escalation of rocket fire on the communities in the south and beyond. Instructions were issued concerning readiness and preparedness to any scenarios. Directors of the various departments and regions and several functionaries reported about acts being performed under their responsibility. In conclusion of the Situation Assessment, MDAs Director-General decided to shorten his visit abroad, and returned immediately toIsrael.

MDAs Pivotal Role during Operation

Pillar of Defense
In a survey conducted by the Home Front Command, during operation Pillar of Defense, concerning public confidence in the ability of MDA to handle a situation of war and missile attacks, MDA received the highest of accolades. Many Ministers, Members of Knesset and public figures arrived at MDA stations in the south, and praised the organisations activity. While recognising the importance of publicising the activities of MDA by the media in Israel and abroad, MDAs International Department established an International Information Center at MDAheadquarters. The Information Centers goals were to collect, prepare and distribute promotional material regarding the activities of Magen David Adom. Such information was distributed to various agencies around the world so they could contribute to the advocacy efforts of the State of Israel. The Center was operated by many young individuals who came from various countries around the world: Germany, Switzerland, USA,Canada, France and South America. The Organisations emergency activities are not funded by the Israeli Government, and because of the actions to enhance the emergency preparedness and readiness for the various regions, the organisation sustained extremely high expenses. Friends Societies of Magen David Adom worldwide launched emergency campaigns to raise funds for the operation. They spared no efforts in delivering to their members the message of International partnership and solidaritywith the activity of saving lives which is routine for Magen David Adom in Israel.

Upon his arrival, Eli went to the south to encourage the operational teams and to inspect the preparedness, readiness and availability of MDA forces to every scenario. Eli continued to stay with the forces during the intense period, arrived on the scene, closely supervisedthe rescue operations and commanded the handling of various incidents. Situation Assessments were conducted daily, sometimes several times a day, depending on the developments and events in the area, in order to provide professional and immediate response to the challenges which faced us. From the beginning of operation Pillar of Defense, the rocket and mortar fire in the southern area increased and many civilians were injured. Situation Assessments were sometimes conducted inside bomb shelters as well as on the scenes of the incidents. Coordination was conducted with the various emergency and rescue agencies. Magen David Adom prepared for the possibility of the operation being expanded. During the operation, MDA forces continued to maintain the highest level of alert and responded to every call, sometimes risking their lives. MDAs regions in the center and north of Israel maintained a high level of alert. From Kiryat Shmona to Eilat, 885 rescue vehicles and 114 motorcycles were operational. MDAs forces treated roughly 400 casualties, including five fatalities. For MDA team members living in the south, the task was far more difficult, as they had to leave their family members, go out to the field and save lives during alarms and rocket attacks. Therefore, MDAs management helped to move the families of MDA employees and volunteers, who live in communities under attack, to a safe place in the town of Mitzpe Ramon, allowing the employees and volunteers to operate while having peace of mind, free of worries about their family members at home. The Organisations professional activities during this operation werehighly praised.

MDAs Pivotal Role during Operation

Pillar of Defense

MDA, as the national rescue organisation, continued to respond to routine calls as well as to emergency calls. The many MDA forces which were participating in operation Pillar of Defense, knew that they were not alone in this battle. Many employees and volunteers from all over the country came and asked to assist with the activities. MDAs army reserve unit was also drafted in order to provide additional assistance. Many delegations from around the world arrived to assist the operational teams in the field. Among them, paramedic delegations from the U.S.A., Belgium and Canada upon arrival joined MDAs forces in the south, engaged in life-saving activities. MDAs Blood Services operated around the clock throughout the operation, to maintain the countrys supply of blood and to provide a full response to the needs of the IDF and all hospitals. Blood donations were collected all over Israel, including in the bombarded souths bomb shelters and military bases. During the operation, terrorist organisations tirelessly attempted to carry out attacks, and indeed, upon receiving the initial report about an attack on a bus, at Shaul HaMelech Street in Tel Aviv, MDA forces in the area, joined the intensive response. MDA declared a Mass Casualty Incident, mobile intensive care units, ambulances, paramedics, and medics were rushed to the scene. MDAstandby personnel and volunteers were called from their homes, and provided care for 17 injured persons, including people with moderate and severe injuries. Throughout the eight days of the operation, MDA was in close contact with officials from the IDF, the Israel Police Force and Government Offices, in order to provide the most complete solution for the home front, and provide the best possible care for the civilians of Israel and MDA forces during this crisis.

After the operation ended, MDA teams received many praises from the high ranking officials in the Israeli government. Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, referred to MDA activities during the operation and said: I wish to thank you on behalf of all the citizens of Israel. I want to thank the Commander of the firefighting forces and the fire fighters, and to MDAs personnel, led by Eli Bin. Handling the home front looks different, and for that, we give you our blessing. Minister of Internal Security, Yitzhak Aharonovitch, also praised all of MDAs forces. MDAs Director-General stated: MDA forces doing their duty around the clock, throughout the year, showed that even during the last week, both employees and volunteers, put all their efforts in saving lives within the targeted areas, both in the South and Center. Theres no doubt that for their sacrifice, their dedication and their amazing abilities, all of MDAs employees and volunteers deserve much gratitude.

MDA Victorias 2012 Appeal Launch A Record Night!

The ballroom of St Kilda Town Hall was filled to capacity with over 500 MDA supporters who listened in absolute silence. Guest of Honour, Dan Alon, a former Israeli Olympic fencer, recounted the horrific events of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games massacre of Israeli athletes and officials. Dan Alon, Israels top fencer, was a member of the 30-strong Israeli delegation at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. They came to Germany to participate in the worlds largest display of international peace, solidarity and goodwill, to live out their childhood dreams to compete on the worlds largest stage and to bring home the glory. That never happened. Just 36 years after Hitler hosted the Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany was keen to prove it had severed all ties with its Nazi past. Itwas a new era of hope and expectation. After experiencing one of the happiest moments of his life, marching behind the Israeli flag at the opening ceremony, Dan was confronted by the unspeakable horror of the death of 11 of his closest friends and his dreams shattered. On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, 1972, Dan Alon and his teammates flew back to Israel with ten coffins draped in Israeli flags, as the country watched with broken hearts. The eleventh coffin, that of DavidBerger, was flown to the USA. Dan Alon, who had been passionate about the sport since the age of 3, quit fencing following the attack. His father, a championship fencer in Hungary who came to Palestine in 1938, was Dan Alons first coach. Dan began fencing at the age of 12 and within three years he was winning youth championships in Israel. After his army service he served in both the 1967 and 1973 wars in Israel.

About two decades later, Dan Alon began teaching and coaching younger fencers. They persuaded him to start competing again. After intensive training for two months, at the age of 46, he won an Israeli fencing championship and then quit again. Besides attending an annual memorial ceremony in Israel for the Olympic martyrs, he put September 1972 behind him but still maintained contact with the families of the fallen athletes. For nearly 40 years Dan lived with his inner turmoil unable to talk about what had happened and unable to fully comprehend how the world had stood by and let this happen. Steven Spielbergs film Munich finally gave Dan the strength and courage to tell his story. As the focus of the massacre was on the victims, little acknowledgement was given to the traumatic experience of those who survived. Dan Alon has since spoken at dozens of university campuses across the US and Europe. As hundreds of Jewish students come out to hear him, wherever he speaks, he decided to dedicate his life to speaking about this historic and tragic event, across the world. So often, in the wake of tragedy, we concentrate on those lost, rather than on the survivors. Yet Dan Alon and others like him have a vital message to convey that Israel is here to stay and even terrorists cannot extinguish Israels proud spirit.

MDA Victorias 2012

The event, held on 11thSeptember 2012, marked the launch of MDA Victorias 2012 Annual Appeal. The audience heard from Russell McPhedran, the Sydney photo-journalist who took the iconic photograph of the terrorist on the balcony The evening also featured the lighting of a candle for each of those who died in Munich, plus an additional memorial candle was lit for the victims of the 9/11tragedy in the USA. As well as Dan Alon and Russell McPhedran, our sincere thanks go to Mount Scopus Memorial College Principal Rabbi James Kennard who introduced the event, ABC Radios Dr Norman Swan who was Master of Ceremonies and to JCCV President Nina Bassat who officially launched our 2012Appeal. Thank you to Rabbi Dovid Rubinfeld who led the memorial prayers and who, together with Ronny Kowadlo, provided the stunning musical entertainment thank you to you both. Thank you to all the MDA Board Members, staff and volunteers who helped make this event such a record success. And, last but certainly not least, thank you to all our supporters for your generosity and for making the night a most memorable one! Dan Alons book is available to purchase at the MDA office.

Appeal Launch A Record Night!

Rabbi James Kennard.

ABC Radios Dr Norman Swan as MC.

Russell McPhedran.

Bruce Wolpe spoke on behalf of Prime Minister Gillard.

Nina Bassat, JCCV President launching the appeal.

Co-Presidents Bernice Stub and Glynis Lipson with Guest of Honour, Dan Alon. 11

MDA Victorias 2012

Appeal Launch A Record Night!

Rabbi James Kennard, Norman Swan, Dan Alon & Russell McPhedran.

Shayndel & Ian Samuel, Julie & Greg Blashki and Judy Raleigh.

Allan Bermeister, Jack Lipson & Bruce Wolpe.

Harry & Debbie Mrocki, Glynis Lipson and Helena & Steve Huberman.

June & Simon Lubansky, Eva & Fred Lawrence and Miriam & Ted Berman. 12

Zoe Sherr, Norman Swan and Lani Sherr. 13

International MDA Conference Tel Aviv October 2012

Sunday 14th: Welcoming Delegates from Friends Societies featuringguestspeaker, Dan Alon. The 2012 IMDAC saw delegates from eleven countries come to Israel, all with the common goal of supporting the work of Magen David Adom Israel. There were a few new faces amongst the many dedicated people, many of whom have been attending IMDAC for many years. It was great to hear their stories and to catch up on all the news. The Conference began with an informal get-together at MagenDavid Adoms headquarters, built by MDA Australia in the 1970s and named the Sir John Monash Building. Delegates were welcomed by Avi Zohar, MDA President and listened in total silence as Dan Alon, survivor from 1972 Munich Olympics massacre, told his very emotional story. Monday 15th: Dedication of the new MDA Holon Station, visitto historic Shiloh, Judea and Samaria, and a visit to MDAArielStation in the West Bank. Leaving Tel Aviv early in the morning, we headed to Holon for the dedication of the new MDA station constructed by the British MDA Friends Society. The planning for this project began about eight years ago and, finally, there is a new MDA Medical Emergency station serving the people of Holon and the surrounding areas. A new box-shaped MICU, presented to Israel by the USA Friends Society, was dedicated and now joins the fleet of emergency vehicles. From Holon we went into the West Bank, to Shilo, the ancient capital of Israel. We drove to Ariel and, there, listened to an overview of MDAs activities in Judea and Samaria. MDA operates 14 stations in the Judea and Samaria region, looking after the needs of all the Israeli citizens who live in the West Bank. Tuesday 16th: Assembly Day 1 included reports by MDADirector-General Eli Bin and Blood Services Director Prof. Eilat Shinar. Guest speakers included Israels Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, MK Danny Aylon and Mark Regev, the spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister.

The morning started with a report from MDAs Director-General, EliBin, regarding the organisations activities over the past 12 months. It was interesting to hear of the advancements within MDA, and of the humanitarian aid MDA has provided around the world in the past year. Listening to a report such as this gives you an understanding of MDAs vast capabilities. Israels Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, MK Danny Aylon then addressed the forum, providing us with an update on the current situation in Israel. Then came the turn of all the Friends Societies to report on their activities during the past year. Professor Eilat Shinar presented an update on MDAs Blood Services division. Many questions were asked regarding the building of the new facility. Hopefully this project will begin towards the end of 2013. Mark Regev, an Aussie-expat, spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister, was the afternoons guest speaker. Mark spoke extremely eloquently on many subjects concerning Israel. Being an Aussie, I was very proud to hear him speak. His knowledge of Israel and the political arena was enthralling to hear. Wednesday 17th: Assembly Day 2 included an address by Christopher Lamb, advisor to MDA Israel, reports by Christian Friends of MDA and by the Israeli Friends Society. The dedication of numerous First-Responder motorcycles and several personal stories from MDA volunteers an early start for a very busy day! We were fortunate to have, as a speaker, Christopher Lamb, aconsultant to the International Red Cross Committee and to MDAIsrael. Chris has been, and still is, a great friend to MDA. He updated us on the relationship with MDA Israel and the ICRC. It was wonderful to hear from MDAs Fundraising department regarding the establishment of a new Israeli Friends of MDA Society, and on their activities within Israel. Ann Ayalon, from the Christian Friends of MDA, explained the work taking place within the Christian community both in Israel and abroad. Report by Glynis Lipson, IMDAC Vice-Chairperson

Magen David Adom Responds to Terrorist Attack inBulgaria

Because many of the wounds were caused by shrapnel and burns, an assessment needed to be made to determine the severity and the best course of treatment. The Bulgarian Red Cross had a team of doctors and volunteers at the airport to offer aid to the victims within thirty minutes of the attack. On arrival in Burgas, members of the MDA team were dispatched to two local hospitals where Israelis were being treated to ensure they were receiving appropriate care and co-ordinate their prompt return to Israel. Another team flew with three seriously injured patients to Sofia to receive treatment. Eli Bin took on the task of co-ordinating the many uninjured but seriously traumatised Israelis still at the airport, andorganised their return home to Israel. Many of these tourists were suffering shock and trauma and greeted the MDA representatives with calls of White Angels. By Thursday afternoon all but the three seriously injured Israelis landed at Ben Gurion Airport where they were met by a fleet of more than 30 MDA ambulances and Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICA). The three seriously injured patients arrived later that day, and the five dead were met by individual ambulance teams and following a memorial ceremony were transferred to the Tel Aviv Forensic Institute.

MDA sent a special emergency delegation to Bulgaria following the devastating terrorist attack on Israeli tourists at the Bourgas airport. Just before 6pm in the evening, Eli Bin, Director-General of MDA, received a call informing him of an attack on a bus transporting a group of Israeli tourists in the Bulgarian city of Burgas, a beach resort on the Black Sea popular with holiday makers. The attack occurred at the Burgas International Airport. It was reported that at least five Israelis and the Bulgarian bus driver were dead and more than 30 were wounded. Bringing home the victims and the survivors as quickly as possible was our goal, said Eli Bin. Within minutes MDA was working together with the Israeli Foreign Ministry to get help to the Israeli wounded and repatriate them as soon as possible. At 11pm two planes carrying MDA personnel took off for Bulgaria and reached their destination at 1.30am. The delegation was headed by MDA Director-General, Eli Bin and the Director of Ichilov Hospital, Professor Gabi Barbabash. It comprised MDA employees and volunteers, and a medical team from Ichilov. The doctors, paramedics and psychologists were accompanied by representatives of the Foreign Ministry, Zaka, Israeli journalists and TV crews. Medical supplies needed to treat the wounded including blood units, oxygen, defibrillators, ALS Bags and medication were taken on board. Eli Bin was receiving constant updates on the number of dead and wounded, types of injuries and the state of the noninjured Israeli tourists.

MDA Victorias Trivia Night

MDA Victorias inaugural Trivia Night was a completely sold out success! Over 250 people of all ages packed the Armadale Bowling Club on June 16th and had a great night of trivia, prizes, food and fun (not to mention a display of swing dancing). The Trivia Quiz, prepared by Quiz Master Stephen Reynolds had the crowd thinking, laughing and showing off their competitive spirit. Many great prizes were won throughout the evening and the audience was treated to a special guest performance by the dance troupe Swing Patrols BRAT PACK while feasting on Kosherfish and chips from Off The Hook. Almost $10,000 was raised which will go towards MDAs Survive 45 project to train as many people as possible in first aid, in the southern region of Israel. Our sincere thanks to Stephen Reynolds (quizmaster), Reuben Benkel (M.C.), donors of all the wonderful prizes, our sponsors and all those volunteers who gave of their time tomake the night such a huge success. And to answer the question already asked several times, Yes, the MDA Victoria Trivia Night is set to become an annualevent! Watch the MDA website: www.magendavidadom.org.au for details.




MDA Victorias Trivia Night

Cyclone Evan Samoa & Fiji

On December 13, 2012, Cyclone Evan struck Samoa before hitting Fiji four days later, causing widespread devastation to these island nations. At least five people were confirmed dead in Samoa and the extent of the damage caused is greater than that of the 2009 Tsunami. In Fiji, more than 8000 people fled to evacuation centres and thousands of homes were destroyed. Communication systems were severely compromised and many were left without running water or electricity. In response to this crisis, the Israeli Embassy in Canberra, through its newly established Pacific Island Bureau, coordinated with Magen David Adom Victoria and two local businesses to provide medical and emergency supplies to the Pacific. After identifying a specific area of need, 15 cartons of nappies, five cartons of baby wipes and one carton of nappy bags were donated by Magen David Adom Victoria. Fifty first aid kits were also generously donated by Safety Dave along with clothing and blankets from Action Premium Products run by the Sherr brothers. The Israeli Embassy then arranged and paid for the consignment to be flown directly to Fiji. This response has been a further example of Magen David Adoms ongoing commitment to providing humanitarian aid where and when it is needed said Glynis Lipson, Co-President of Magen David Adom Victoria.



Young MDA

MDA Young MDA had a massive 2012! Under the leadership of Co-Presidents Olivia Ross and Julia Caplan, the committee ran the following five events, raising over $8000.


Young MDA
The heroic story of a dictator who risks Sharon Malecki, Olivia Ross & Dorit Murray his life to ensure David Majtlis, Lauren Spitalnic, that democracy Carlie Cohen & Tim Casper would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed. The Dictator, co-written and starring Jewish actor Sacha Baron Cohen, was a popular choice for YMDAs movie night, held at the Classic Cinema in Elsternwick. The sold out event had more than one hundred movie goers laughing and cringing in equal measure! Stay tuned for YMDAs blockbuster movie night choice this year!


It is not often you get to find out the inside gossip on your favourite reality TV show but thats exactly what happened at YMDAs Cooking Dorit Murray, Clinton Yudelman, with Clinton Sharon Malecki & LiviaRoss function onSunday 22 April. With 50 eager ladies (and a few men!) looking on, Clinton Yudelman, finalist on the popular My Kitchen Rules TV show, shared some of his incredible talent and some top tips on spicing up a dinnerparty. With many of the guests used to cooking big Friday night dinners, it was clear that Clinton was facing one of his toughest audiences yet! But his youthful charm and simple but delicious recipes quickly won everyone over, and his behind the scenes gossip had the audienceenthralled. Having made enough food for everyone to try, Clintons recipes were a huge hit, especially his dessert, which was possibly the most decadent chocolate cake around!

42 dates in under 2hours that was the challenge YMDA put out at its annual Speed Dating fundraiser. With close to 90 people packing out Revolver Upstairs on Chapel Street, the night was a huge success, raising over $1600 for urgently needed medical supplies. Now in its third year, speed dating (which was originally created by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo as a way to help Jewish singles meet and marry), has become a popular event on the YMDA calendar. A big thanks to Revolver for the venue and the ambience; to Rubys Gifts for the raffle prizes; and of course to all of the daters who got their flirt on in support of MDAs lifesaving work! (We heard that much dating resulted from this event and nearly six months later, a number of relationships are still going strong!).
23 [Continued]

YMDA prepared for Rosh Hashana by joining the biggest fitness craze around Zumba! A fantastic group of ladies came together to get fit and have fun and in the process raised enough money for 20 childbirth delivery kits! Much thanks to fabulous main instructor Jinelle Davidson for getting the party started and to Liana Brener and Dorit Murray for helping her make it a Zumbatastic morning!

Young MDA


Plastered VIII

Q: Where are you guaranteed to find hundreds of young Jewish adults on AFL Grand Final night? A: At the Esplanade Hotel for Young Magen David Adom Victorias annual fundraiser PLASTERED! Now in its eighth year, Plastered has become an institution and a much-loved part of the Melbourne Jewish social calendar. The event, which raises money for the vital work of Magen David Adom in Israel, gives people the opportunity to meet and mix, showcases local bands and DJs and is one of the biggest parties of the year. This year, nearly 500 revellers were entertained by the band TheLone Tygers, as well as DJs Dan and Benny B, with thousands of dollars raised for urgently needed medical supplies. MASA again provided a chill-out lounge, complete with slippers, where party-goers could rest their feet and consider their next Israel experience. Thanks to everyone for creating a great vibe on the night and we will see you all next year at Plastered IX!!! (A big thanks also to The Espy for being such hospitable hosts eight years running; to Oaklands Productions for their sound and lighting expertise on the night; the bands and DJs for sharing their talent; MASA and Old Time Premium Lager for their sponsorship and to the YMDA committee and volunteers for their commitment to making the event a success!).


YMDA Victoria continues to work with YMDA New South Wales on the Facebook Build a Motorbike Campaign. Through an innovative app created by Red Gaffa, social network users can donate as little or as much as they like to buy the parts necessary to build a first responder motorbike. These motorbikes make MDA response times faster and allow for greater access. The campaign can be found on Facebook at http://ymda.org.au/faceup/ YMDA is gearing up for another big year of fun events in 2013 and continues in its aim to support the vital lifesaving work of Magen David Adom in Israel. To get involved with YMDA, e-mail ymdavic@gmail.com or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/magendavidadom


South Australian Ambulance Paramedic Grant Gallagher attends Research Tour of MDAs Emergency Service Operations
Its not that we are training our own people only, we are trying to train the population. If we have more first responders in the community, then I know we can save more lives. AviHorn MDA Paramedic & Trainer. This quote from Avi Horn comes 3:00 minutes into a YouTube clip titled Seven Minutes with Magen David Adom in Israel and it has changed my whole perspective on my role as a paramedic. I must have watched this clip a dozen times, marveling at its brilliant simplicity my role is to save more lives. It is almost absurd to think that this quote shocked my idea of paramedic practice, arewe not about saving lives? However, as I learned by going to visit Israels Magen David Adom in November of 2012, there is a major difference between their emergency medical service operations and ours inAustralia. When looking for the reasons behind the impressive 12,000 volunteers who give their time to Magen David Adom, I was asking myself Whats the attraction? Finding this quote from an MDA trainer perfectly explains that reason Magen David Adom is not just an ambulance service, it is a humanitarian organization. MDA is a humanitarian organisation which operates via an ambulance service. This subtle difference taps into the very nature of volunteerism, to serve ones community, which in turn makes this organisation a shining example of how to inspire and equip a population to be ready to lend a hand when their community needs them. I applied and won a scholarship from Paramedics Australasia and SA Ambulance Service to travel to Israel in November of 2012 for a research tour of Magen David Adom emergency service operations, with a particular interest in volunteer operations. I was in Israel for 22days, which does not make me an expert on anything. Myimpressions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my ambulance service or the university that I work for. I did not know what to expect before traveling to Israel, and I believe Igot more than I bargained for. I was eating wonderful hummus in Haifa when the rockets were falling. As I was staying with an MDA paramedic and his family, we all crowded on

the couch to watch in horror at the event unfolding rockets hitting Tel Aviv, rockets heading for Jerusalem! I felt a small portion of their anxiety at the thought of their friends and family stationed outside Gaza with the Israeli Defense Force troops, preparing for a possible invasion. This is their reality, one minute you are a mechanic doing your regular suburban job; then the next you take up your IDF reserve duties and are stationed in a military zone, armed to the teeth. All the while the MDA paramedics and volunteers are doing their job, running under the paths of rockets to save the lives of their community. Then you have the volunteers from overseas, individuals like the New Jersey paramedics who flew from the USA when the conflict began. Here were a bunch of guys from New York and New Jersey that saw what was happening in Israel, told their bosses they were taking their vacation early, booked an expensive ticket to Tel Aviv and presented themselves to MDA and said, where do you wantus? In the majority of emergency service disaster response, people volunteer post-event. The tsunami has come and gone, or the earthquake has already flattened the city. There are not many who volunteer to run into the war zone or into the area of a tornado. This makes me ask the question again of why? Why would someone volunteer to go into a warzone? I guess the foundational principle is that a person must feel connected to this particular community under threat AND they must feel confident that the organisation for whom they will place their lives with, are trustworthy. At the base of all principles the risk must over-ride the reward or else it is nothing more than adventurism or some type of adrenaline junkie mentality, not volunteerism. From the distance of a thousand miles away, these American paramedics weighed the risks and acted upon it. For me, I was in Haifa. Was I going to get on a bus and go down south to volunteer my paramedic experience? No. And I was not without a pang of guilt in that decision, but in the end my family, my community comes first. My family in Australia would have been nervous wrecks if they knew I was anywhere near Gaza. Was I willing to run under the path of a rocket? What a question to be presented with! Suburban Australia does not present you with such questions. This internal conflict presented one aspect of the psychology behind the nature of those who volunteer for MDA.
27 [Continued]

SAAmbulance Paramedic Grant Gallagher

Those in Israel do not always have such clear decisions to choose what they do. Their communities are being bombed. Tomorrow it could be their home or their friends who are hurt. Like the deadly fires that hit the Australian communities, the communal support and call to action is immediate and unquestioned this is our home, what are we going to do, leave?! This our in Israel, is Israel. The most compelling moment of the whole trip for me was walking out of Yad Vashem and the words were ringing in my ears, never again will we allow ourselves to be exterminated. Never again will Israel allow itself to be attacked without awakening an almighty response from the whole of the nation. This sounds all too simplistic and propaganda there is apathy and outright opposition to any thought process, but this is my understanding of the exceptional drive of these volunteers to sacrifice despite such risks. The power of my commitment to my family was larger than my commitment to the communities of southern Israel. Therisk was not worth the reward. To others it is, and always will be. To others it becomes part of their identity and strength. To others Israel is their family, even if they live a thousand miles away, and they will join with their brethren when the need comes, because never again will we be forced away and killed. When you meet with exceptional people and hear their stories and see the hardship they face in daily decisions, you desire their strength and can you can only be compelled to become a better human being. My continued association with Israels Magen David Adom is one that inspires me to become a more complete paramedic professional as well as do my duty to a new found community of friends. Shalom, Grant Gallagher. Grant Gallagher, SA Ambulance Paramedic, Lecturer Paramedic Unit, Flinders University I was awarded the 2012 Rod Kershaw ASM Scholarship from SA Ambulance Service and Paramedics Australasia for the purpose of traveling anywhere in the world to research an aspect of emergency medical services. With Australia and New Zealand ambulance services being heavily reliant on volunteers to service the majority of regional, rural and remote communities, I felt there was a need to learn from the leaders in volunteer ambulance operations. Israels Magen David Adom could be argued to be such a leader. I travelled to Israel in the first weeks of November of 2012 to attend the Seminar: The First International Magen David Adom Emergency Medical Course, and then toured around the West Bank and northern Israel for a further two weeks.

A Marathon Effort for MDA

After hearing the Talmudic saying, Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he has saved an entire world, ZakBrahman decided to run a marathon to fundraise for Magen David Adom in Israel, where he knew the money would be the most needed and appreciated. In 2012, Zak ran four marathons for Magen David Adom, two in the UK in London and Brighton and two in Israel in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. This year, Zak plans to once again run the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv marathons in March. My goal is to keep running marathons until I raise enough money for a new ambulance or motorbike Zaktold MDA teams at the Jerusalem station during his visit in January. Magen David Adom would like to take this opportunity to both congratulate and thank Zak who continues to push himself to the limit to help ensure that MDA saves lives everyday. If any local marathon runners would liketo do something similar here in Australia please call the MDA office on (03) 9272 5633.

Entertainment Book 2013

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Lani Kalman, MDA Volunteer Tel Aviv, Israel

Since completing the MDA Ambulance Volunteer Program two years ago, 20year old Lani Kalman from Melbourne has returned to Israel on multiple occasions to volunteer. Currently in TelAviv, Lani sent us through this amazing story: 5 days ago I did CPR with my ambulance team on a 70 year old violin teacher. We restored pulse and breathing to a man who was technically dead and brought him to hospital in a stable condition. Today I went to visit the man in hospital. He was sitting eating Shabbat dinner with his family and invited us to one of his concerts at the Conservatorium where we revived him. Best feeling ever!

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